templar cullen

I was invited by Rita (rihouston) to illustrate some cards in her ambitious Wicked Grace project, and this is the piece I finished a few months ago for the Corruption card - I did a lil more work and animated it for Tumbliebumble. Instead of “testing the chains” in pursuit of freedom as Cole says, he is leashing himself. I don’t really like the idea of Cullen suffering any more than he already has, but I decided to invoke the right of artistic license because I thought it fit the theme and because I do enjoy imagining the technical aspects of how Red Lyrium metamorphoses the body. *_* I imagine the major internal organs are the first to go - the Lyrium takes them over, bolstering the metabolism of the host and making their body more resilient to the changes that are about to occur. The circulatory and lymphatic systems are assimilated very quickly because they’re used extensively by the Red Lyrium as transport systems. The brain, too, eventually succumbs at some point, perhaps later depending on the willpower of the host, maybe in a fashion similar to how Ophiocordyceps unilateralis is able to take over the minds of ants and pilot them to propagate itself. The Red Lyrium then proceeds to cannibalize other parts of the body, replacing some of the skeleton to make room for the expanding crystals and substituting its own firm composition to maintain structural integrity and function. It uses the life essence of these cannibalized body parts to continue nourishing its growing crystals. Eventually, a threshold is reached wherein there is no spare tissue left to convert - and that’s when the Red Lyrium cannibalizes the parts of the body it was piggybacking on and crystalizes, becoming immobile and statue-like.

…Oops I wrote too much

My half of the art trade done with Mangakasan of Commander Cullen. 

I worked with his lyrium addiction theme for the concept and also tested some effects I did not work for ages and it gives a nice effect for the overall work.

Personal title could be also “Requiem for a Dream” since I have its soundtrack in my head everytime I look at the completed work.

Reblog if you’re Pro-Mages but you still like Cullen Rutherford
  • You recognize that Cullen joined the Templar Order at the age of 13 for altruistic reasons.
  • You recognized that he was brutally tortured in the line of duty by an abomination and untold horrors, while he was still pretty new to the Order and pretty young.
  • You recognize that the PTSD resulting from said torture made Cullen into a man whose fear resulted in his dehumanization of mages
  • You recognize that Cullen was compliant in some pretty horrible things with the Templar Order and Knight-Commander Meredith in Kirkwall. 
  • You recognize that he eventually realized the Templar Order he had wanted to be a part of since he was a young boy is no longer the Templar Order he is a part of while he’s in Kirkwall. 
  • You recognize that Cullen willingly left the Templar Order, knowing full well that to quit taking lyrium is likely a death sentence.  
  • You recognize that Cullen is still working through his distrust of mages in the beginning of Inquisition. 
  • You recognize that he treats a mage inquisitor with respect.
  • You recognize he is truthful with the inquisitor about his past, even if they are a mage. 
  • You recognize he is fearful of allying with mages if you choose In Hushed Whispers, but he will respect the inquisitor’s decision. 
  • You recognize Cullen can fall in love with a mage. 

I painted another Dragon Age: Inquisition tarot card - this time for Cullen’s Lyrium Addiction which was an interesting theme/thing in the game. These cards have been a lot of fun to paint. If you checked the ones I painted of my Inquisitors before, I’d be happy! There’s also a bunch of Cullen sketched in my art tag! :)


I’m Cole. I came to warn you. To help. People are coming to hurt you. You probably already know.