PS: gardians are from tropical habitats, sooo…. Any tempeture under 26 is cold for them… Yep… But Hachiko duty is to help people, she doesn’t care if she is saving someone

PS2: “nameless” sight works in a really weird way, that why he can see Hachiko through the walls but he couldn’t see Rocky or Blublu, in the future I’m to show it

Sanzu/ @cursetale

Blublu/ @blesstale

Hachiko - ???/ me

Marathon recap!
Tempetures in the 30s with heavy winds.
Mile 1- 9:01 minutes
Mile 2- “HIIIIII MOMMY!!!!!”
Mile 6- ” Oh hey that kid is giving out king sized hershey bars. What’s the worse that can happen?”
Mile 10- You’re an idiot Bassel.
Mile 13.1- 1’35
Mile 15 - Achillies got REALLY tight and painful. Thought about taking the train home.
Mile 16- There was no way I can do another 10.
Mile 17- Saw one of my friend Brad and his wife!
Mile 20- Got hammered by the wall.
Mile 22- I thought I was in hell.
Mile 24- I was def in hell.
Mile 26.2- Priceless.
Finish time- 3’35. Celebrating every finish.