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How does tagging posts prevent you from seeing them? Do you look at every posts tags before looking 1 inch up? (Serious question, I hear people all the time saying “tag your posts”.)

Great question! There is a Chrome browser extension called “Tumblr Savior.” It’s a great little tool where you tell it which tags you’d like to avoid (For instance, Castle when it just aired, nsfw when you’re at work, Benedict Cumberbatch because you’re tired of his face appearing everywhere, or spiders because you have a crippling phobia of spiders). It then hides any post that has that tag and replaces it with a little blue box that says “Hey! We hid a post with the tag X. If you’d like to see it anyway, click here.”

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what exactly is a Mallow?

It’s a lv.100 magnemite which has pokerus and has the OT T /vp/. There’s the Coil [magnemite] Loop thing on the GTS where you put up a magnemite of any level and ask for one in return. This causes the person you trade with to show up in your Join Avenue (in b2w2), and you can rank it up with them.

The Mallow thing was started by a person on /vp/ who just puts up these special (cloned) magnemite.