Vegan Reese’s Hearts

Vegan PB filled dark chocolate hearts! I loved Reeses peanut butter cups when I ate dairy, but I figured a Vegan alternative would be easy to make!!

150g Dark Chocolate (make sure it doesn’t contain dairy)
¼ Cup Smooth Peanut butter.

1. Melt 100g of the chocolate in a small bowl.
2. Spoon into moulds (I used a silicone ice tray), making sure the chocolate is spread on the sides.
3. Freeze for 10 minutes or until solid.
4. Spoon just under a teaspoon of peanut butter into each of the chocolate shells.
5. Melt the remaining 50g of chocolate.
6. Spoon the melted chocolate over the peanut butter to seal the chocolate mould.
7. Freeze for 30 minutes until completely solid.
8. Pop out of the moulds and keep chilled!

You can temper the chocolate in a Bain-Marie if you want to give it a glossy finish- my temperature probe is broken so I didn’t bother this time!

Enjoy! xo


The Greatest New Years Eve Party Ever: Jintana’s Mango Caramel Paradise Dome [More from The Greatest New Years Eve Party Ever] [More Dessert]

Almond sponge, caramel mousse, and mango creme brulee, topped with cream caramel glaze and cacao nibs, and tempered dark chocolate 

You’ve seen the mango caramel paradise in it’s glorious layer cake form before, but my mother has reinterpreted into a classy, layered dome and they’ve been made all the more beautiful. It’s not a decadent dessert, because the mango imparts a fragrance that tempers the very thin caramel layer, and the filling is spongy and unlike a cake at all. It really feels like eating a cloud. Paired with the sexiness of dark chocolate, in that one dessert there is a world of experiences. This is my mother’s favorite, and I don’t wonder why.

This, is a Unicorn Hamburger. This magical, mouth-watering creation is a black sesame butter cake bun glazed with spiced nappage & fungetti sprinkles with raspberry, bubblegum, passion fruit Swiss meringue, piped buttercream on a freeze dried raspberry burger patty. AND a slice of pistachio tempered white chocolate cheese & rose Persian fairy floss. We cannot even comprehend the deliciousness of this Burger. Katherine Sabbath you have done it again! 🍔🍔🍔🍔

Tempered Chocolate Fiasco

Oh  man, today was not a good day to temper chocolate -_-‘

Okay, first let me touch on what exactly tempered chocolate is and what it’s for. When you temper chocolate you play with the crystallization of the sugars so you can form different things from the chocolate and have it keep its shape. Like for fancy chocolate show pieces, or even dipped strawberries. The crystallization prevents the chocolate from melting easily. And basically you mess with the temperature of the chocolate to temper it.

Well, today we were tempering dark chocolate to make a few little chocolate pieces for a garnish in our upcoming final practical (Erm, our only practical for that matter) and dark chocolate needs to stay between 82F to 90F to get the crystallization and it’s acceptable to use around 84F or so.

Our lab’s internal temperature was somewhere in the 90’s or higher today, making tempering chocolate physically impossible. I found out that our labs are “cooled” by taking out the air of the lab, and returning the air from outside, without cooling it. Well turns out today was actually hotter than the heat that is produced by the ovens/stoves in our lab, so there was absolutely no relief. Everyone in the class was attempting to temper and nothing was happening. After the first 45 minutes of class Chef A decided to have us use cheap, chemically enhanced chocolate to help with the tempering stage. The chocolate we used was “pre-tempered” so it is specifically made to temper when heated, no matter what.

However, that didn’t mean our chocolates were going to set. Nope, the lab was so hot, the chocolate got somewhat firm, but wouldn’t hold without the assistance of the walk-in…the only problem is we share a small walk in with a neighboring lab, and they just so happened to have prepped out several trays of things for a specialty weekend class tomorrow…thus leaving nearly no room to leave our things to chill.

I only got 2 of the 3 items we were supposed to create done. The chocolate cigarettes wouldn’t form from the heat, and the few I managed to get by dipping my bench scraper in ice water instantly melted when I tried to put them on the sheet tray. My chocolate curls kept uncurling too, so they’re pretty mangled. The only thing I feel confident about are the shapes I cut out. I made three triforces, a bunch of circles and some squares. Hopefully those stay intact.

Today was just overall a rough day, and not a good day to work with chocolate…

External image

These are chocolate cigarettes.

In the student kitchen, Valentino is concentrating on tempering chocolate. Laid on the far end of the table, there is already a batch of truffles freshly made. There is a sign:

Price: One piece of feedback per truffle.

What he didn’t put on the sign is that there was a secret ingredient - pink peppercorns. Pink peppercorns aren’t a true peppercorn like the common household black pepper. They are actually Peruvian berries that when dried, have a slight peppery bite wrapped in a sweet fruity flavor reminiscent of a berry with an attitude. The pairing between the pink peppercorns and dark chocolate helps bring a new depth of flavour that Valentino hopes his classmates can appreciate.