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An important PSA in regards to the creation of dragon laguz exsonas

Since there was a whole bit of unclearness around this topic, I decided to make a bit of a public service announcement in regards to it.

Most of this information can actually be found and read on the official fire emblem wikia, but I will gather it all in once post for you!

So, you want to make a dragon laguz exsona?

The first thing you need to worry about it their color.

Dragon laguz are parted into three colors which create a natural hierarchy, which follows the right of the strongest:

Red Dragons-
The lowest in in hierarchy, they are the weakest of the three dragon types.
They make up the common folk for the most part.
They usually have red or brown hair.

White Dragons-
The middle part of the hierarchy, they are the middle one, and make up the lower and middle nobility. They are stronger than red dragons.
They usually have light hair, we assume pastel hues as well as light gray.

Black Dragons-
The highest standing in the hierarchy due to their unrivaled strength, even within the laguz overall. They form the higher nobility and a small group makes up the royalty of Goldoa.
Besides Vikjanvall, the ruler of Goldoa, and Reneé, his son
There is only two more slots open for black dragon exsonas.
We put in this rule to prevent the royal family to spread too far, and to keep as few “strongest” characters as possible.
(so it doesn’t become a clusterfuck of one is stronger than the other)
If you want to have a black dragon, we require you to know about the story of path of radiance and radiant dawn, and that you contact either me, finni-blogs, or soundlessroom/anderwelt.

Other than that, colors can mix between red and white dragons, while black dragon genes are always dominant (unless albinisim crosses with it).
That means the child of a red and a white dragon could be a red dragon but have pink hair and lighter scales!

I would also like to remind everyone to read the exsona wiki!
If you design a dragon, they will usually live within Goldoa, which is a desert country inspired by the middle east! You should incooperate the temperatures into your designs when possible!

Also, dragons, in contrast to bird laguz, do not show their draconic features normally!
They will not show wings, tails and horns. Their untransformed look equals that of a beorc/human, just with point ears and a mark somewhere on their body!

Also, do not bring in new races!
There are plenty to choose from.

Aaaand that wraps it up!
If you still have questions, feel free to write me @finni-blogs or in the discord server!

COP21 will be one of the largest international conferences ever held in France, and must result in an international climate agreement enabling us to limit global warming below 2°C.

Preference #22 First Snow Of The Season [Requested]

A/N: I found this on my external hard drive. I figured even though it’s no longer winter I’d post it. :) 

Scott: “Babe, come look outside.” Scott’s deep voice called with a joyous tone entwined in the request for your presence. With a handsome lopsided grin, his cocoa flecked dark chocolate irises admired the snowflake as they flittered from the sky. He released a pleased sigh, cherishing the warmth of your arms wrapped around his slender waist, cheek pressed against his broad shoulder as you peeked around his athletic frame. The scene was beautiful; trees and rooftops dusted in a loose powder of snow, children standing in the streets staring up at the sky with jovial smiles. “Do you wanna go outside? He questioned with a sheepish innocence.

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Using liquid nitrogen in my experiment!

This orb of liquid nitrogen just sits in our lab, happily in room temperature. It’s design is quite clever with a pouring mechanism being built in, plus wheels so you can move the orb. Last time I was amazed by the simplicity of a design was with the soxhlet extractor.  

You see fumes because that is liquid nitrogen boiling at room temperature. 


When viewed in just the right way, Earth is covered in swirling brushstrokes that put Van Gogh’s most famous works to shame. Differences in temperature and pressure, friction and other phenomena cause fluids like water in the ocean and air in the atmosphere to move in mesmerizing patterns. Sometimes it just takes a supercomputer to see the dance. 

These images represent the next generation of ocean current models that reveal some of the hidden action. Produced by the Department of Energy’s Los Alamos National Lab, the top image shows Atlantic Ocean water surface temperatures and the bottom illustrates the Southern Ocean’s currents and eddies flowing eastward around Antarctica. 

Both are part of the lab’s Climate, Ocean and Sea Ice Modeling program to project global alterations to the planet from climate change using the most advanced technologies and methods. Models were built using a supercomputer that operates 8,000 processors simultaneously and verified against real-world satellite and shipboard observations. 

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