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“The only thing we can perceive are our perceptions. In other words, consciousness is the matrix upon which the cosmos is apprehended. Color, sound, temperature, and the like exist only as perceptions in our head, not as absolute essences. In the broadest sense, we cannot be sure of an outside universe at all.”

love this !

“Villagers knit jumpers for Indian elephants to protect the large mammals from near-freezing temperatures ”

“Local women make colourful jumpers for formerly abused animals after staff at conservation centre warn of temperatures dipping close to freezing point.”

“Women in a village near the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in the northern city of Mathura reportedly began producing the colourful, pyjama-like garments after staff at the centre warned temperatures were approaching sub-zero at night.”

Read the whole article & watch slide show:



This week I was fortunate enough to receive the brand new simplehuman Wide View Sensor Mirror
I had seen a link to this being shared around on Facebook and it instantly piqued my interest! Being a makeup artist, one of my pet hates is poor lighting when it comes to makeup application - particularly at night. So when I read the features of this mirror, I knew I just HAD to review it!!! 

I nearly snapped off the delivery mans arms when I hastily snatched this beauty from him a few days ago. In fact, I often find myself stood at the door mumbling briefly about the product to warrant my erratic excitement when he knocks - I’m sure he’s used to me by now. I hope! 

Anyway, let me give you a little overview as to why this mirror is magic: 
As you can see from the images above, it has 3 wide view panels that are adjustable so you can view it flat or curved. This means you are able to see yourself panoramically from any angle!
So when it comes to checking if my contouring is completely blended I need no longer crane my neck to see the sides of my face, I can now see both sides with ease. The mirror also tilts back and forth so you can adjust it for a more comfortable view. 
In between the three panels are 2 strips of light, known as the tru-lux light system. What makes this light-up mirror different from many others is that it simulates natural sunlight so you can get a true view of your makeup as if you were outside. More on this in a moment! 

Another key feature of the wide view mirror is that it has a built-in sensor. So as your face approaches the mirror the tru-lux light system automatically illuminates without the need to turn it on. Only once you move away does it turn itself off again. It’s a rechargeable device which gives you 3 weeks battery life. And this also means it’s cordless once charged, so yes, you can easily move it from room to room. 

There is more to the tru-lux lighting system that just a sensor and the ability to check your makeup in natural sunlight… It’s the first of it’s kind to be app-enabled!
As soon as it arrived I downloaded the free simplehuman app and wirelessly I was able to control my mirror! I think Tommy had more fun than I did, you know men love a gadget!
You can adjust not only the lighting, but the sensor timings AND set alarms - incase you get swept away in the moment and don’t realise it’s time to leave for work. To alert you the light starts to flash. Cool eh? 

This next part is what REALLY made me long for this mirror…
You can capture the ambient light from different locations using images from your PHONE. Yes.
You simply choose your desired photo - it could be your office, or your favourite restaurant even, and the mirror will mimic the colour temperature and intensity so you can check your makeup in the lighting of the venue before you even leave the house! Gobsmacked….? Tell me about it. 

I will be consciously snapping photos of my favourite places just so I can see my makeup in those lightings - just incase.  
The app is so simple to use. I put in my WiFi code upon request, enabled bluetooth on my phone, it then searched for my mirror and we were connected.

Here is a little snap shot of some foundation swatches in a typical lighting situation vs in front of the tru-lux light system: 

You can see the colours of the foundation in much more clarity. 

This is what the app looks like upon opening. You can see the name of the mirror, the battery life, and options to click on to access light modes, alarms, and sensor settings.

Here is the light modes page within the app. It contains some pre-set light modes: ‘natural light’ ‘candle light’, ‘restaurant’ and ‘cloudy day’. 
The first 5 symbols are pre-sets, and then you have the ‘plus’ button to add your own custom light settings. Below, you can manually adjust the brightness OR you can press auto brightness. 

The mirror itself is quite weighty and extremely sturdy, you can trust that it will not fall over and break. Although it’s a little weighty it’s still portable. You can see from the images above that it’s super slimline and fits beautifully on a dressing table, or even in the bathroom.

It’s ideal for me as I often teach 1-2-1 classes downstairs, and I have a filming room upstairs, so I can easily cart it back and forth. 

Here is a little mobile snap of me and my magic mirror:

The mirror retail prices are as follows:
£299.99 here in the UK
$400.00 in the US
€399.99 in the EU

It’s currently available on the UK & US sites, and will be available on the German & French websites by the end of the week!

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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So, for art reasons I looked at the temperature and colours of stars. The brightest and hottest stars are blue and I had to think about Tonys arc reactor.

Another cool fact- blue stars are the sort of stars with the shortest life spans. They burn with an intense heat and can be seen from thousands of lightyears away.

But the thing with stars like that, is that they burn their fuel so extravagantly and with such power that in the end, they never last long. 

Although when they do die, it’s one of the most beautiful and intense things in the universe. A supernova. People have documented them for millennia, right back to the Babylonians. They are so powerful- so insanely bright- that they can literally be seen from hundreds of thousands of lightyears away. In fact, their explosions are used as markers of the universe- there to guide the way and help astronomers work out distance. That’s how fucking bright they are.  The atoms and compounds that they release upon explosion are the very thing that created us in the first place. Their deaths meant the birth of the universe as we know it. They founded it. 

Blue stars are the epitome of ‘live fast, die young’. But hell, you should see them shine.

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Yes, please it would help me so much❤️

I really hope this helps! ❤️

During the day:

  • Stress can be a major factor if you’re having a hard time falling asleep. If it’s schoolwork for example, keep it far away from your bed, even outside of your room, if possible.
  • Coffee, sugary beverages, nicotine, and alcohol can also affect your sleep, so avoid those
  • Avoid naps unless it’s absolutely necessary
  • Be active! Exercise, go outside for a walk, or a bike ride

Before/in bed: 

  • Only go to bed when you’re sleepy, because lying in bed awake for an extended amount of time (even during the day) can make your body start to associate your bed with alertness and make it even harder for you to fall asleep, so if you haven’t fallen asleep within half an hour or so of lying in bed at night - get up, do something that is relaxing until you get tired and get back in bed
  • Have a relaxing routine that you follow every night before going to bed (e.g. brush your teeth, stretch)
  • Make sure your room is cool, dark, and quiet
  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day - don’t sleep in on weekends, maybe an hour or so if you wake up at, say, 4am on weekdays, but recognise that it affects your circadian rhythms
  • You can keep a notebook next to your bed and make a list of everything that causes you to stress and/or things you need to remember for the next day as writing these things down can take your mind off them
  • Put your phone away! Screens emit blue light that prevents the release of melatonin (a hormone that, when released, prepares your body for sleep) in your brain. Some phones have a night shift mode that allows you to change your phone light so that it emits a halogen glow. Apple’s mobile products that can be updated past ios 9.3 have that function, and this app for android users seems legit to me, but I have personally never used it so I don’t know if it works well. Experts actually advice you to avoid all screens (regardless of the screen’s colour temperature) for two hours before bed.     
  • You can also do a relaxation exercise, e.g. mindfulness, yoga
  • Headspace is a free app that has really helped me get relaxed in bed, app store google play The free version has several audio clips (and even videos), and they’re a great introduction to mindfulness. It was developed to help people relax during the day, but I find that it works just as well when you’re in bed
  • Another free app that I absolutely love is Rain, Rain. It has a wide collection of sounds, including many types of rain (ranging from dripping rain to thunderstorms), appliances, transportation, nature, and water. I don’t know about android phones, but this app lets me play my own music while the rain sounds play on iphone. app store google play
  • Sleep Time is also a free app, and it helps you keep track of your sleep patterns by calculating how long you’re sleeping, and it analyses your body movements during the night. It also has a cool alarm system; it lets you set an alarm for a certain time, and it can wake you up earlier than that (within a range of your choice - i recommend half an hour) if it recognises that you are rested. app store google play

In the morning:

  • Most people that have a hard time falling asleep at night also have a hard time waking up during the day - some spend several hours in bed after waking up
  • To prevent this, you can keep your alarm device, or several alarm devices, out of your reach so that you have to get up in order to shut that damn thing down
  • I used to just go back to bed after that, so I upgraded by essentially turning my room into an obstacle course using chairs and exercise balls
  • Use a calm alarm tone (unless you’re a deep sleeper and it’s impossible to wake you up with light noise) because it can be scary to wake up to extemely loud and annoyings sounds, and even cause panic attacks
  • DO NOT SNOOZE! Snoozing means you feel safe knowing that another alarm will wake you, but waking up and falling asleep multiple times in the morning interferes with your circadian rhythm. 
  • Make your room bright - turn on the lights and open your curtains/window shades
  • Make commitments for the morning. If you know you have somewhere you absolutely need to be, staying in bed is not an option
  • I am extremely sleepy in the morning and this app called Smash Hit has really helped me wake up because it induces a false fight-or-flight response, so your heart rate goes up and you become alert, because the game requires concentration and attention. It’s also really fun (yes, I bought the full version, but the free one is great too). app store google play 
  • Another app that will force you out of bed is Walk Me Up. It requires you to walk around with your phone for a certain number of steps of your choice in order to turn off your alarm. app store google play 
  • Once you’ve gotten up, make your bed. That little activity can rid you of that morning sleepiness.

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things i have seen binary people associate their genders with; emotions, space-rocks, colours, temperatures, spiritual aspects of the biosphere, "logic", etc. but no, its nb people who are just being silly when they describe their gender in more flowery dialogue and the like...

????? No kidding.

A Bitter Taste, A Sweet Love

A Yuri on Ice sickfic inspired by an absolutely joyful conversation I had with @the-whump-sidelines about fevers where I realized I don’t see much of stubborn sickies being force-fed medicine. Obviously something had to be done about that.

1000~ words

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may i request some jason love? i was thinking about jason learning smth and being excited about it bc he was fifth grade drop out before and now he has the opportunity to learn or just Bruce or alf teaching him smth idk I'm happy with everything!!

‘Ask me what I learned at school today, Bruce,’ Jason said, grinning from ear to ear.

Bruce choked on his drink, coughing violently in an attempt to get the water out of his windpipe. Alfred froze as he was serving Jason another helping of mashed potatoes and looked down at the boy with a mixture of pleasant surprise and incredulity.

‘What?’ Bruce managed in between small sips on water.

Jason rolled his eyes. ‘I said: ask me what I learned at school today.’

Bruce blinked at him, speechless. It was such a “dad” question to ask, and he knew from experience that it was one that absolutely did not work and was to be avoided at all costs. He had tried it only once before in an attempt to get closer to Dick, to seem fatherly, even, and it had not gone well…

‘Did you learn anything interesting in school today Dick?’ he had asked the boy. And Dick had scrunched up his nose, playing around with the mushy peas that Alfred had sternly directed him to finish but a moment before.

‘Um… well today, in math, my teacher asked me what “pi” was… and I said it was “tasty.”’ He had thrown Bruce a sheepish grin, scratching his head with a nervous laugh. ‘Oh, yeah… forgot to tell you, but um… I got sent to the Principle’s office today. Sorry. I was really tired after last night’s patrol’.

Bruce’s eyebrow had twitched as he frowned, disapprovingly from across the table.

Pi is 3.14, Dick,’ he had muttered under his breath, stabbing his steak as Alfred’s laughter drifted from the other room…

This had to be joke, right? This was Jason, after all. He had only just come off of the streets. He was still suspicious, rebellious, easily frustrated and wound up like a tight spring: ready to jump into a fight at the smallest provocation. From what Bruce had been able to find out, Jason had dropped out of the fifth grade when his home life had well and truly fallen apart. His father had been long gone, his mother had died, the system let him down, and he had run away from it all, ending up homeless and fending for himself on the streets of Crime Alley.

This was Jason’s first week back in school.

He’s going to tell me he learned how to land himself in detention. Or how to start a food-fight. Or how to antagonise a whole classroom of students and teachers. Or worse… oh god.

Bruce folded his hands in front of his face and did his best not to panic as he tried to remember when they started teaching kids sex ed.

‘What—what did you learn in school today?’ Bruce ventured, apprehensive.

‘Well,’ Jason started, his eyes burning with enthusiasm. ‘In science, we were studying the solar system and how different planets and stars are classified by their characteristics: like their size, colour, temperature… stuff like that. And our teacher told us that approximately one new star is born in the Milky Way alone every year. Which I didn’t know, by the way. I thought all the stars in the universe were just, you know, there. I had no idea stars could be born or die!’

Jason waved his fork at Alfred and Bruce as he spoke, his voice growing more and more excited as he went on.

‘Anyway. So then I asked our teacher how stars were born. And she said that they’re formed inside these clouds of gas and dust called nebulae. The hydrogen is pulled together by a gravitational force into clumps, and as it compresses together it keeps growing hotter.’ 

And as it gets hotter and the cloud of gas spins faster, the core of the nebula and gravity starts to collapse… until the pressure is large enough to trigger a nuclear fusion, and the star releases energy for millions of years. And that’s how a star is born.’

Satisfied with his own explanation, Jason turned back to his dinner, shovelling spoonfuls of mashed potato and gravy into his mouth. Bruce watched him for a minute, at an utter loss for how he should respond to the barrage of information that Jason, the fourteen-year-old who had tried to steal his tires only two weeks ago, had just unleashed on them.

The mere fact that he had remembered all of that information off the top of his head was incredible to Bruce. And all he could think of was how extraordinary Jason Todd was. How he always seemed to challenge and exceed people’s low expectations of him. How he contradicted the image that most people had of him, that even Bruce had of him.

‘That’s really interesting, Jason,’ Bruce said, attempting to hold back a smile and failing immensely. Alfred wasn’t even trying to hold back, he looked so proud of Jason. ‘I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying school so much.’

‘When Master Bruce was younger, he also developed an interest in cosmology. He would spend hours out on the top-floor balcony, watching the stars with his telescope,’ Alfred said to Jason, raising an eyebrow at Bruce.

‘Really?’ Jason asked, his eyes wide. ‘Do you still have it? The telescope, I mean.’

Bruce thought for a moment. ‘Yes, actually. I think it’s in storage somewhere.’ He caught Alfred’s gaze which by now was practically boring through him, and coughed awkwardly. ‘Do you… want to help me look for it?’

The brightness faltered in Jason’s eyes, replaced by a scowl as he pushed his plate away. ‘Don’t you have to go on patrol or something?’ he said reluctantly.  

And for a moment, Bruce wondered if Jason wanted to be alone. If Jason was actually just trying to avoid him. He had suspected it, of course. The simple fact was that Jason wasn’t used to being given this much care and attention. And he still didn’t trust it. His childhood had been full of neglect, abuse, and abandonment; all things which take a long time to heal from.

Better to give him space then. Bruce decided, and was about to suggest as much to Jason when an old memory suddenly crossed his mind…

A memory of him as a child, sitting out on that balcony in the cold, shivering as he looked up into the bright expanse that was spread out above. Like shimmering crystals spilled out on a deep blue canvas. He remembered sitting out there, alone. The stars becoming a kaleidoscope of colours in the lens as his eyes grew misty with tears, his small hand stroking the engraving on the side of the telescope: “For Bruce on his sixth birthday. All our love, Mom and Dad.”

Bruce remembered how Alfred had come out then, draped a blanket around his small shoulders and hugged him close. How he had begun to list the names of constellations out loud, pointing them out in an effort to distract Bruce from the sadness that still ate away at him to this very day.

Gemini… Orion… Taurus… Perseus… Canis major…

No, Bruce thought firmly. Jason doesn’t want to be alone.    

‘There’s plenty of time for some stargazing before patrol,’ he said, smiling. ‘Unless you would rather do the training exercises I had planned for you?’

Jason smirked. ‘Yeah, right.’

With a small whoop, Jason jumped out of his chair and raced out of the room. 

As he left, Bruce gave Alfred a small, knowing look that the butler returned; both of them sharing the memory of that one night spent replacing their immense sadness with constellations in the sky. Then he turned and went to chase after the boy before he wreaked havoc on all the valuable collectibles that were in storage.

It took me a while to decide on what Jason might get really excited about… and at first I was gonna go with something super simple, but then I thought, no. Jason Todd is a ridiculously smart kid who could take a complicated explanation and remember it by heart just because he can and because it blows his mind that much. And I love it when kids surprise us with their intelligence like that in real life. 

Then I thought of Jason Todd with stars in his eyes sitting out there as Bruce points out all the constellations, and I was done. Hope you enjoy Dick’s cameo too… that scene totally came to me in the shower, and I knew I had to include it. Haha! 

Thank you anon for the prompt!! And to the other anons who have also sent me prompts: not to worry. I’m slowly getting through them after the craziness of this past week. ;) (Also p.s. stars are super cool you guys. I didn’t know how stars were born either, so I looked up a video, and got just about as excited as lil’ Jay). 

Grand Gestures

Fifth installment of the Jacob Black “Home” series (“Home” - “Familiarities”“Reunion” - “Pitching Fits”) requested by so, so many of you. “Just wondering if you are going to continue the jacob black series because im obsessed with it. Seriously i cant wait for more of your amazing writing even if its not the jacob series.” If you’d like a continuation, just drop me an ask. The story is pretty much mapped out, so all I need to see is the interest to punch out the next installment. Hope you like it!

All past and future installments of this series can be found on the “The Story Continues…”page.

Listen to the series playlist on the “Playlist” page.

You were swelling with a victor’s pride as you joined the crowd exiting the lunch room that day, Bella’s irritation hardly putting a dent in your radiant success; you’d conquered the majority of your problems, all in one conversation. It had been such a simple solution, dangling itself in your face… the only downside was that your glimmering trophy was pinched between the over-eager fingers of Mike Newton. Most of your problems were swept underneath the rug, sure, but you’d willingly sacrificed both your peace and Bella’s by entangling yourself within the blond boy’s social snare. There was no doubt in your mind that he’d be pulling moves; first the offering of the front seat, next an arm on the headrest, a knowledgeable comment on the houses passing by, the nature trails, the weather. The car ride would be the worst of it, you knew; once you were on the Beach, you had the promise of Jacob Black as an ever-willing safety net. Even without the protection of your best friend, you knew you’d be able to lose Newton in the woods. He may have the book-smarts to survive a few nights in a tent, but no amount of training in his mother’s store could account for the tangle of roots in the ocean of daunting cedars. You were set. Bella, on the other hand… well, she was less inclined to jaunt off to the beach with her new acquaintance, especially after your rip in the truck that morning. She tackled you, verbally at least, at the end of the school day, her hands slack on the steering wheel with lack of anticipation.

“How quickly are you planning to ditch me for Jacob Black once we make it to La Push?” she inquired, her voice soft and leaking injury like fluid from a shallow wound. Your chest tightened with guilt, your face blazing with heated embarrassment at the thought of being so predictable in your abandonment. She offered a weak smile, her lips pressed into a thin line, turning upwards ever so slightly to indicate her lack of aggression. “I’m not angry with you, Y/n, I’m just saying… I don’t know, let me know when I’m a part of your escape route, okay? I still have to plan mine.” She turned the keys in the ignition, her beast of an automobile raging beneath you, your ears vibrating with the sheer force of the engine’s growl.

“Am I really that obvious?” You questioned, Bella’s warm eyes flickering from your face to the rain-slick road behind you, watching as students tore out of their parking spots at breakneck speeds. She grinned, her body twisting as she began to reverse, the truck’s groan a sign of progress.

“As soon as you started talking to Mike, I knew you were up to something. What could you be interested in at La Push?” She feigned confusion, her eyes narrow as she followed the string of cars as they exited the parking lot. You slapped at her arm, knocking her elbow into her rib cage. She scoffed in mock offense, her jaw dropping dramatically. “First she talks her way to another man via Mike Newton, and now… she dares to distract the driver? No limits.” You rolled your eyes, leaning your head back against your seat, your body melting easily into the worn leather upholstery. Despite your comfort levels, you found your skin prickling with a different sort of heat; the embarrassment you had felt at the thought of abandoning your sister had faded from your face, but a new breed of tingling warmth flooded your body at the thought of Jacob Black, drastically changing the temperature (and likely the colour) of your skin. What was it with your family and matchmaking?

“God, not you too. Charlie’s already rooting for a marriage, or at least he was. I don’t need you two tag-teaming to steer me into a relationship with my best friend.” Bella clicked her tongue in faux defeat, eyeballing your flushed face as she drove, trying her hardest not to appear conspicuous. She had all the stealth of an elephant in high heels, her gaze burning holes in your already scorched face, watching for telltale signs of her sister’s involvement with public enemy number one. After a few moments of silence, save the earsplitting roar of the truck, Bella’s voice filtered over the engine, pricking at your ears. “You should call him tonight, if you can. Let him know you’re coming down so he can pull you from Mike’s clutches. Wouldn’t want you to be stuck with a bunch of boring juniors all day, especially…” she widened her eyes knowingly, capping her sentence in silence, knowing you’d fill her empty ending with your pre-made prejudices about the leader of the outing. She guided the truck into Charlie’s driveway, parking beside your father’s police cruiser, cutting the engine and flooding your world with watery quiet, rain pattering against the metal exterior of the cabin. You exited the vehicle, not bothering with a hood, allowing the few seconds of exposure to dampen your hair as you walked towards the front door, listening for the telltale signs of Charlie’s presence within the house, planning routes to avoid him. He was far from in the clear, unless he’d somehow managed to visit Billy while in uniform and apologize for his explosive departure. You doubted any progress had been made.

Bella held the door for you, her keys jingling against her palm as she moved inside, darting up the stairs to the quiet sanctuary of her bedroom, stumbling audibly as she disappeared from sight. Charlie’s usual clamor was erupting from the kitchen like an active volcano shouting its intentions to the villages below; silverware clattered against each other, cups clinked, and water ran roaringly over sink edges. Even without visibility, you could tell he was creating quite the mess. You wandered over to the phone, your fingertips barely brushing the cradle before Charlie’s footsteps found you, the gravelly bass of his voice humming weakly against your ears.

“Hey, Y/n,” he began, his tone failing to mask his discomfort; he was well aware of your current opinion on his more recent actions. You turned to face him, absorbing his figure; his hands were tucked into the pockets of his police jacket, his badge gleaming softly in the yellow light of the ancient lamps he had inherited from his mother. His brows were raised in greeting, but his eyes were clouded with the familiar smog of guilt, polluting the purity of his usually trustworthy gaze. “How was school?” You nodded you greeting, refusing to answer his innocent inquiry, taking the low road and selecting the silent treatment as your chosen method of petty teenage rebellion. You returned your focus to the phone, punching in the area code for La Push as the Chief cleared his throat, preparing for the oncoming, and inevitable, speech. “I know I’m not your favourite person right now, but… look, what I’m trying to say is… I’m sorry,” he concluded, his hands relocating to perch on his hips, assuming the typical father stance when addressing his child. You chewed your bottom lip, tapping a few more numbers into the phone. You were tempted to reject his apology, but there was no denying the goodness in Charlie; he was sorry for souring your evening, and his apologies were almost always genuine. He sighed, tilting his head in the direction of the kitchen. “My grand gesture burnt on the stove, but if the kids these days are interested in… charred…” his voice trailed off, his brows furrowing. “You have my permission to order pizza if Bella doesn’t feel like cooking.” He turned to walk towards the door, fiddling with his belt as he went. “Might want to let it air out, too.” You twisted the phone’s glossy spiral cord around your index finger, calling out to Charlie as he opened the door to return to his stagnant shift.

“Billy?” Charlie’s lips twisted in an uncomfortable grimace, his dark eyes on yours, countless unspoken apologies dancing in his irises.

“Workin’ on it,” he admitted, stepping onto the doorjamb, his heavy boots scuffing along the ridge as he worked himself out of the house. Before the door closed him off to you for the night, you called out your thanks, watching his mustache twitch as his smile grew more prominent, his happiness at having cleansed the air of all pollutants with the daughter that openly enjoyed spending time with him clear as a Phoenix sky. You returned to the phone as the front door closed, finishing Jacob’s number as the cruiser pulled out of the driveway, disappearing on the ribbon of asphalt to a soundtrack of mechanical ringing. After the third ring, a voice deeper than expected answered your call, your heart sinking into your shoes.

“Billy, hi,” you started, leaning against the wall as your struggled to formulate conversation points with a man who may or may not be extending his grudge to include you. “Is Jacob around? This won’t take long, I just need to talk to him for a minute.” Billy sighed into the receiver, his lungs deflating audibly.

“Y/n, now’s not the best time,” he began, continuing over your weak attempt to jump in between his sentences with a counter argument. “You know it’s tense right now. I’m in hot water with your dad, and he’s in hot water with me. I hate to drag you into this, but I don’t think now is a good time for… whatever it is you’ve got up your sleeve.” You clenched your teeth, disappointed in yourself for once again proving so very predictable. Twice in one day… you needed to step up your game.

“You know me too well. Let me know when things simmer down. We’d love to grab some fish fry.” You parted with polite, if strained, words, hanging the phone on the cradle, your palm slick with salted sweat. With every victory came defeat, and your battlefield was under constant attack. You condemned yourself to your bedroom once again, steering clear of the kitchen entirely, your face growing numb from loss of faith, your features falling into a mask of muted sorrow. You had no other option but to lay in the trenches and pray for a hasty resolution to end the war of old men that hindered your diplomatic meetings with your beloved enemy. Unable to scavenge the willpower to begin your homework, you decided on sleeping your stresses away, or rather pushing your stresses further into the future, tucking yourself beneath a cavern of sheets and settling into a well-deserved nap.

However well-deserved, your slumber was short lived. You were roused from your sleep by the timid tapping of knuckles against glass, your bleary vision clearing in time to notice a handful of rather important details. The first, and most consuming, was that you’d managed to sleep through a good five hours of your day; the afternoon you had kissed goodbye was now shrouded in the pitch darkness of night, your view out of your window aided only by a distant streetlight. Second, the rain had increased greatly, drowning the forest beyond the streaming glass panes, leaves laden with heavy dew droplets. Third, you had a guest. You stumbled uncoordinatedly towards your window, your feet hammering against your floorboards as you fought the confines of the blankets still tangled in your limbs, your fingers struggling with the latch locking poor Jacob Black outside in the pouring rain. You flipped the mechanism, sliding your window open, your hands collecting water as soon as the outside world was made accessible.

“Jacob, what are you doing here? What time is it?” you wondered aloud, your voice docked in volume to avoid alerting Charlie or Bella to the presence of your visitor. No matter how much Charlie liked Jacob, if he found the boy outside of your bedroom window, he’d turn him inside out. The Chief didn’t set aside his duties as a father, not even for Jacob. Jacob’s face illuminated as he smiled, his brows raised with mischievous ambition.

“You rang?” He chuckled, his muffled laughter sending droplets cascading from the hood of his raincoat. You shot him a severe look, cautioning him wordlessly to keep his volume to a minimum. His smile softened, his face radiating warmth even when drenched and exposed to the elements. “Relax, Y/n. I’m here for business reasons. Someone, and by someone I mean myself, ordered a jail break for a Miss Swan.” You stared, dumbfounded, watching the rain streak the planes of his jacket, your just-woken mind too groggy to comprehend so wild a gesture as this. He rolled his eyes, motioning for you to join him outside. “C’mon, the paperwork’s in the car. Someone’s gotta sign for this.” You beamed, closing your window on Jacob’s smiling face, turning to sprint for your bedroom door, your hand snagging your raincoat as you went.

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I've just had this thought about heats and now I'm digging it a lot. Like, every monster turns into a semifire elemental monster (still having their original body), and the colour of the fire gives off the type of magic the monster uses (imagine sans like a fuckin Ghost Rider but blue). The matching colour and temperature are a sign of high compatibility, but different fire are still good to go, if not a little bumpy when there's a temperature difference. I'm going to draw this lol. I'm sorry

that’s cute! don’t be sorry, i’m always happy to indulge someone telling me their headcanons. it’s so interesting, since there isn’t really a “rule” for us to follow in regards to what heat is. so it can be whatever we choose!

i love the idea of the visible compatibility. that’s so cool!

a-and the idea of ghost rider sans is… 👀 👀 👀

me: I’m fine
me actually: the world of The Giver makes so little sense once you try to start pulling it apart, starting with the fact that they’ve somehow managed to remain completely ignorant of pain and death and temperature and colour despite having contact with the outside world. Even with advanced technology that stops the citizens from being able to feel goddamn sunlight they still are implied to have a finite source of food? to have to have a fish hatchery and to have people assigned to it as an “important job to provide for society”, doesn’t that ever raise the question of what would happen if you just stopped eating? and this fish hatchery doesn’t provide for everything, and neither do the Labourers, and we know this because of “cargo planes” that come in with supplies. and another thing, not to assume capitalism, but whenever there is a finite supply of goods (ie fish and whatever else they need in that godforsaken community) then you’re going to need to give something in exchange for those goods, and in this scenario it’ll have to be the Elders who have to somehow collect wealth from their meagre community to barter for basic supplies with. how do they know how to do that if they don’t even know what sunshine feels like? have they ever heard of a market? is there a diamond mine under every “community” that they use to trade? it has to come from the outside, the level of Western-style futuristic technology described can’t be sustained by raw resources procured from an amount of land large enough for more than one “community” but small enough that the Giver can drive between “communities”. what if jonas slapped a high five with someone and accidentally gave them PTSD

Theme #19 / Clothes / H

I documented all my outfits worn over the course of a week and illustrated them in minimal pixel art. Since it was the height of summer it’s mostly thin and short clothing to wear at home.

How to read the graphic
Background gradient top colour: temperature
Background gradient top colour: clothing worn at home or outside

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okay, then - shura. i'm predictable, sh. your favourite swear word/weather/temperature range? and colour, for good measure. what's your most treasured memory, and what do you like best about yourself?

Shura: “Hey, kid.”

“I wasn’t aware you could have a favorite swear. Guess it would be ‘goddamnit’ if I did have one, I say it enough to be a catchphrase. Personally a fan of colder weather as well, but nothing like Ice flight territory’s version of cold. Far too frigid for this old man. Give me something just cold enough to start wearing coats and I’ll be happy.”

“This is about the color I like. It’s good for camouflage in forest and swamp areas, which is handy for.. a profession like mine.”

“Now, you’re asking some real personal questions for someone at acquaintance level with me, aren’t you? How do I know you’re not trying to get some blackmail for later?”

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You're blog helped me self diagnose my bpd. I'm eventually going to attempt therapy again and get an actual diagnosis assuming it's not all in my head. I just wanted to thank you for that, being aware of it and referencing the information you have has done so much for me. Anyway, I digress. I was wondering if there's any correlation between bpd and bouts of hypersomnia/ insomnia, I have so many problems with sleep and that more than anything really hurts my ability to keep a job.

Yes, BPD is strongly associated with symptoms that affect sleep and with comorbid sleep disorders. It can cause:

  • difficulty getting to sleep
  • sleep that is not restful (you wake up still feeling tired)
  • early waking

I’ve experienced episodes of hypersomnia as well, but I’m not sure whether BPD causes that. It’s a symptom of depression, so our depressive moods might come with hypersomnia some of the time. Otherwise, hypersomnia might be caused by another condition (such as a depressive disorder), or it might be a comorbid sleep disorder.

Sleep problems and disorders tend to get worse when you’re stressed or when you’re having an episode. Managing your mental health issues can make sleeping easier.

Your doctor might be willing to prescribe you medication to help your body get used to sleeping at a particular time (they’re reluctant to do this for patients with BPD, unfortunately). There are also a number of over-the-counter drugs and foods that can help with sleep. Here’s one I used to use before I switched to herbal teas. Using these can help you just because it establishes a routine.

Having good sleep hygiene can also help with sleep problems. Here’s a basic introduction. Remember, your body expects food, exercise and daylight during the day, so it will keep you up waiting for them!

Here’s an application that changes the colour temperature of your computer screen, mimicking the day/night cycle and reducing eye strain. I use this app for my phone, I’m sure there’s an iPhone app similar to it as well.

I’ve learned a lot about coping with insomnia, but I never figured out what to do about hypersomnia besides wait for it to pass. The one tip I have is don’t drink a hot cup of coffee when you’re almost passed out, because warm liquid will make you feel comfortable and sleepy much faster than the caffeine is absorbed. Caffeinated soda or iced coffee works better. Can you tell that I have fallen asleep in public before?

Recommended reading: Insomnia worsening symptoms / Sleeping all the time / Is staying up impulsive?

- Exo (who can’t see ‘sleep’ as a word anymore…)

When an octopus touches an object it can feel the temperature, colour and texture and adapt thusly. They are the ultimate experts of camouflage and extremely clever.

Sometimes we like to interact with small ones, but only if they are in the mood. We put out a figure and wait for a response. Normally they reach out a tentacle and wrap it around you to check you out. It is like an octopus handshake!

Just seen ive past 100 followers here!! Thanks guys! Here’s a Flat brush master study after TOM LOVELL. 

This was when things started to really click for me in terms of colour temperatures and how far i can/should exaggerate them. 

I always worry about whether or not my colours are complimenting each other etc. But thinking of colour as a temperature…should the colour be hot or cold here? What colour do i think would look hot or cold here? What about the shape of the colour too?

Just believe and trust in your own ‘sensibilities’ with colour…you might be surprised.