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“So you’re not gonna talk to me? ’S that how will it go?”

Harry asked, still a bit irritated from the fight the both of you had that was quite unresolved from last night, also stood in front of the front door for a few moments, looking at your figure on the couch that’s wrapped in a blanket, not a single acknowledgement that he was here being given.

Harry rolled his eyes, putting the car keys on the designated spot and taking off his shoes, about to go turn off the TV out of habit until he realized that it wasn’t even turned on.

His confused eyes went to your figure who was shallowly sleeping because of the flu you think you have at the moment, even the slightest bit of movement enough to remind you that you have a horrible migraine, shivering from the coldness and how thin the blanket is to suit your need, but didn’t have any choice because it pained you to find another one.

His gaze got more concentrated when he realized you were sleeping and a blanket around you, attempting to lift it off that made you immediately wake up and wince because of the bright lights, in a conclusion that it was too shallow to be even considered as sleep, let alone as rest.


Harry got more confused by the second when he heard your voice weak and hoarse which he wasn’t used to.

He hesitantly pressed his hand to the crook of your neck, eyes widening when he couldn’t believe how hot your temperature was just by touching it.

“You’re — you’re burning up.”

Harry said, retracting his hand from your neck and closing it, lips pursing on what he should do next.

“No, no. I could manage.”

You were halfway through finsihing the sentence when you stood up and had your legs give up on you at that moment, your vision blurring from the sudden move.

Harry immediately brought his hands out to catch you out of reflex and as response on what he saw.

“Dear God.”

He muttered under his breath the moment he catched you, a small amount of weight being lifted from his chest when he genuinely thought you were gonna collapse, but was replaced with a bigger one when he realized that there’s a high possibility of you doing so because of your current state.

“Easy does it.”

He said more to himself than to you, being nervous at the close call before carrying you gently, leaving the blanket on the couch because there was a comforter in your shared bedroom you could instead have.

He carried you snugly and securely, knowing that you love it when he does, head pressed to his chest and hands on his back.

Harry opened the door, closing it with his shoulder before going under the sheets with you still on top of him, pulling the comforter until it reached your neck.

His hand stroke your hair out of habit, slight hesitation still left.

“I — I think we should go to the hospital later. Get a-…”



Harry asked, frowning since he knew what he’s supposed to do, but also didn’t know how he was supposed to do it.

Although he does know that there’s a thermometer in one of the cabinets on his dresser, although not sure if there’s any medicine.

“I, uh, I think I don’t know what to do.”

“I noticed.”

Honestly speaking, Harry was nervous on how alarming your temperature was and what you’re feeling, be it minor or major, under the classification of being okay.

He has the thinking that maybe the fight last night is already disregarded, but he couldn’t really assure himself that since he genuinely doesn’t know what to do next.

Harry’s too on edge, stopping his breathing once in a while to feel yours, hand pressed on your back, wanting for moments like this for him to take the pain.

“Please tell me you’re okay. Just want to hear it.”


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here are some things I do for sleep~


▸ I usually use a total of three alarms: a morning alarm, a noon alarm to remind me to turn off my ringer before class, and a night time alarm. When I wake up to turn off my morning alarm, I make sure to turn on my noon and my night alarm, which is set to 30 mins before my ideal bedtime (I set it to 30 mins because that’s usually how long it takes for me to shower / freshen up / wind down but you can set it to however much time it usually takes you)

▸ I also use a free app called ‘to bed’ which calculates the amount of sleep you should be getting according to your age and sends you a reminder to begin getting ready for bed. 

▸ but remember, alarms and reminders can only do that: remind. the rest is up to your self discipline and a lil’ helper called melatonin


this hormone is naturally produced for you by your brain to help you get into sleep mode but due to usage of artificial light around us, the hormone is suppressed. the good news is, you can get melatonin through supplements. but if you have a special condition / are skeptical about it or anything like that please talk to a doc first.

○ I use a brand called ‘KAL’ and there are 60 5mg lozenges in one bottle which is about 8 usd on amazon. Since it’s a lozenge, you don’t have to swallow it + it tastes lemony and good~


▸ this is my usual evening routine (exceptions are sometimes made for when I need to study until late / something like that but this is what I normally do)

○ eat dinner + drink tea and take melatonin (if we have dinner later, we eat something lighter. also, tea at night is usually a herbal tea / a night time tea)

○ tidy and turn on lamp (I like to clean things up a bit before I sleep so that I can wake up to a tidy space. I don’t let things get too messy so this takes 5 minutes. I also turn off all the lights except for a lamp. also, my alarm usually rings right about now)

○ shower / freshen up

○ turn off lamp and turn on diffuser (my diffuser also has a soft light which serves as a nightlight + it turns off automatically after an hour or so) 

○ pray / turn down temperature / turn on morning alarm

○ sleep~

late nights?

▸ Once in a while I have late nights, where I’m up studying / just having trouble falling asleep / something like that. but that’s alright. 

▸ I have to wake up pretty early every morning, and I want to be well rested which is why I go to sleep earlier. but in the case that I do sleep very late, I go on a website called ‘sleepyti.me’ which calculates sleep cycles and set my alarm according to what it tells me. This way, I can still wake up feeling somewhat refreshed and I can take a short power nap later on in the day if I need to.

▸ If you regularly have trouble falling asleep / are always sleepy / something like that please talk to a parent / a doc about it. It might be an effect of an unhealthy lifestyle / another problem or it might be a sleep disorder such as insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, etc. 

I hope this was helpful, and I wish you a healing, soothing sleep~ You can do this!

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Alpha pt. 6

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A/N: E/C = eye color

Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five //

Scott quietly made his way downstairs to get a cool glass of water.
He sighed at the cold liquid running down his throat, his body still hot from his explicit dream.
It happened yet again.
Scott worked out at the gym, finished any homework assignments that were due, then got himself ready for bed.
Usually, they’ll start out normal until they don’t.
In the end, he wakes up with his body temperature at an alarming rate, his skin clinging to the sheets, and a boner so painful that he has to rub one out.
The worse that has ever been was when Allison slept over one time and he practically raped her in the middle of the night during his sleep.
She thought it was the full moon because Scott couldn’t bring himself to say that it was a result of a dream and he thought he was with another woman.
What was worse was the fact that the dreams were about Y/N.
It’s been going on for two weeks since Peter’s resurrection.
Now that he actually thought about it, he’s been dreaming about her when he found out what her name was.
There was something about her that was tantalizing.
He felt like he was drawn to her energy.
Scott wiped his eyes and took a deep breath.

“Dude, you look like shit”
“I feel like it”
The boys walked to their locker and placed things inside.
“What’s wrong with you?”
“I can’t sleep”
“Why not?
This was the hard part.
He respected his best friend and he knew Stiles had a major crush on Y/N. "Strange dreams with snakes”
“Yep, big, giant snakes with pretty eyes and a nice smile”
Scott cursed under his breath as he realized that he had no idea how to go on from there.
“Snakes? With pretty eyes?”
“And a nice smile and hourglass curves”
“Anyway, I can’t sleep and I feel like I’m slowly cascading into a pit of black space”
“Maybe you should watch something before you go to bed to clear your mind”
“Maybe. I just might take you up on that”
Allison came up to Scott and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
“Hey, guys are we doing that movie night tomorrow?”
Stiles twiddled with his thumb and rocked on his heels back and forth as he looked at Scott.
“Allison, Friday’s are generally reserved for boys night…”
“Yeah, why don’t you hang out with Lydia and have a, I don’t know…”
“A girls night! That could be fun, right?” Stiles jumped in to save him.
Allison formed her lips into a thin line, her dimple exposed.
“If you guys don’t want to hang out with me it’s fine. Just because I’m a girl, it doesn’t mean I’ll lash out at you guys”
Stiles opened his arms wide with a toothy grin on his face, “great, because we really did not want you to come”
Allison gave a dry chuckle and turned to look at Scott.
“Is that true?”
“No, in fact, you can come with us tomorrow. We weren’t planning on going out, just a plain old movie night”
Stiles shook his head no and made gestures that would generally mean: stop talking.
“Yeah, you can choose the movie and we’ll watch it”
“Anything for you”

Scott grumbled to himself.
Stiles only agreed to the movie night because he said he’ll do him favors for a whole month.
Right now, the favor was to “fetch” Stiles his lacrosse equipment from the car.
On his way to the parking lot, Scott heard a few shouts.
He recognized the voice from Jackson and the other as Y/N.

“Jackson, for the last time, leave me alone!”
“I don’t want to leave you alone, I love you”
“I don’t care”
“If you mean that, kiss me right now and I’ll know if you’re lying or not”
“Gross, I’m not going to kiss you”
“You know you want to”

Jackson grabbed Y/N’s wrists and tried to pull her in for a kiss.
She struggled against the stubborn boy.
He could smell her fear and frustration from where he stood.
An angering cloud formed itself inside of Scott.
Making him pour out the protective nature of the wolf.
Scott ran toward Jackson and pushed him off of Y/N.
“She asked you to leave her alone”
“Mind your own business McCall,” Jackson shoved him back.
Suddenly, he couldn’t hold back.
Scott lunged for Jackson and the two brawled in the middle of the hallway.
Lockers were dented and banged up from the fight.
The two were hauled away to detention along with Stiles, Allison, and Lydia.


Peter’s hands kneaded your shoulders as you looked at your reflection.
He prided in his puppy.
You were exceptional.
Peter just told you what he wanted and you found a way to get the job done correctly.
Sure your methods were unorthodox, and he had to inform you of a better way, but you were still a damn good investment.
“Why did you choose me?”
“Not now”
“Don’t test me”
He sunk his claws into your neck and bared his fangs.
You let out a shrill, weak cry.
“I will not ask you again”
He ripped his claws out and wiped the blood off of his fingertips.
“Remember your task. I expect top notch results”


Jackson let out a high pitched roar and left the now damaged library.
Scott fought the paralysis and looked for his friends.
Allison was slump on the floor and Stiles was thrashing his head to get out of a book.
Scott fixed them in a much better position the best he could.
“Where do you think he’s going?”
Stiles was dropping to the floor before Scott caught him and pushed him back in a seated position.
“I’m not sure”
“Scott, he was talking about his ex before he turned”
“I’ll be back!”
Scott jogged out the library and ran around trying to find Y/N.
He ran past the gym to find her stretching.
Her ass was raised in the air as she was in a downward dog pose.
His cock twitched at the glorious sight.
Scott snapped out of his trance and interrupted her stretch.
“Hey, you wouldn’t happen to have seen Jackson or anything?”
Instead of replying Y/N took a swig of her water, sweat dripping down from her head and landing on her exposed breasts.
Scott scoffed and smiled when he realized what he did.
“Hi, Y/N”
“Oh, why, hello Scott. How are you?”
“I’m managing, you?”
“Sweaty. Working out makes me hot,” she smeared the sweat on her chest and slowly rubbed it down.
Scott imagined her doing the same thing with his cum as he came on her chest.
“I-I, uh, I bet. You know what?” Scott started to back out, “Jackson doesn’t seem to have come through here so I’ll just be on my way”
As Scott turned away from her, she rushed over to him and turned him back around by grabbing his hand.
“I never got a chance to say but, thank you for intervening earlier”
He tried to focus on her smooth voice, her hot palm sending impulses up his arm to other parts in his body.
“I don’t know what would’ve happened if you hadn’t–”
“Hey, it’s no problem. I was worried that he was going to hurt you,” he squeezed her hand.
“You were worried about me?”
“Well, of course. I care about you”
Damn it.
Scott didn’t mean to say that out loud.
What was happening?
Y/N put her head down trying to hide a smile, she looked back up into his eyes, her E/C orbs twinkling in the light.
“Seems like I’ll have to repay you with a favor,” she stood on her tiptoes to plant a burning kiss on his cheek.
When she pulled back her eyes were transfixed on his lips then drifted back to his eyes, “someday.”
Scott released a breath he’d been holding at the sound of her seductive voice.
She let go and took a step back, “hope you find Jackson”
Scott quickly turned around, his golden yellow eyes glowing at his peaked arousal.
He left without saying goodbye, afraid that he’ll pounce on her and never look back.


“Scott, hurry it’s about to start!”
Scott grabbed the hot popcorn from the microwave and plopped on the couch.
Stiles skipped out on the movie, claiming that he had trig homework to do when he’s in pre-calculus.
Allison chose Fifty Shades of Grey to watch.
That’s what Scott got for letting her choose the movie.
She cuddled up next to him on the couch.
The movie stimulated his mind and he tried to focus on the images, Allison on his chest, his girlfriend that he loved very much, the one he fought so hard for.
Every time he did, it would be replaced with Y/N.
She was so sexy that it hurt— literally.
Scott’s pants strained a painfully hard boner for the girl, her lips still imprinted on his cheek.
He had to have some sort of relief and he needed it now.
Scott shifted so Allison could move in a proper position for him to kiss her.
He tried to be gentle and sweet at first but it was killing him.
The kiss became hungry, his teeth clashing against hers, biting her lips in an attempt to quench his thirst.
Scott pushed her so she laid on the couch while he roughly parted her legs, dragging her jeans off her body.
“Scott, take it easy”
He growled at her voice and pulled aside her underwear, ravaging her cunt in a way that an animal would a meal.
Allison threw her head back and moaned, her body giving into the animal that was supposed to be her loving boyfriend.
He’d never done this before and it took her by surprise.  
Scott practically bit her clit and pulled back on it then flicked his tongue while shoving two fingers inside of her.
She didn’t know what to do at this point. Her body convulsed and jerked with everything he did, a tight sensation filled her stomach and she knew that she was coming.
Usually, Scott would wait for Allison to calm down a little before moving on but not tonight.
Tonight he kept going even when she squirmed around in discomfort.
Allison cried as she ripped through another orgasm, her body was ready to give up.
He got up and pulled her to him, charging into another furious kiss.
His hands traveled up through her hair, letting out a yelp when he grabbed a fistful and forced her on two knees.
She grunted and held onto the edge of the couch, “Scott, what are you doing?”
She tried to move but the werewolf pushed her and held her in place, pinning her to that one spot.
All Allison could hear was the sound of his belt unbuckling and a condom opening and him putting it on.
She was scared but at the same time, her pussy throbbed to be touched again. Not the way he usually does it but by the way he was acting now.
He parted her legs, pushed aside the underwear, and sheathed himself inside.
Allison let out a gasp, her mouth wide open with no sound able to come out.
He held on to her hips and slammed himself in and out, no intention of letting her adjust to his length.
Thoughts of Y/N ran through his mind.
It was her moaning, her sweet curves easy to maneuver as he pumped inside of her, the shape of her lips, and her warm, tight pussy welcoming him.
He grabbed her by the throat to pull her to his chest, his mouth right next to her ear.
The more he thought about her the more he squeezed.
Allison’s vision blurred, her oxygen was being cut off.
The repeated force of him hitting her womb, while strangling her slowly, generated a pleasure that made her understand fifty shades of grey a whole lot better.
Allison clawed at his hand but he didn’t let up.
The fear of dying while being fucked brought her to the edge.
His thrusts were more powerful and just when her vision blackened, his hand dropped giving her a chance to breathe.
Allison dug her nails into his thighs as the strongest orgasm rippled through her body in waves.
Scott growled as he shot six huge loads into the condom, the excess dripping onto the couch and the ground.
His legs wobbled at how much he came, he could barely make it to a bin to throw away the condom.
Allison struggled to catch her breath from the hardcore sex session.
There were no words to be said afterward.
The TV looped over the main menu, playing the same song over.


Lydia held her bag as she looked for her phone.
Allison told her about last night to explain the bruises around her neck
“He was so rough with me. It was like he became this whole other person that I didn’t know”
“Maybe he is”

Scott felt way better than yesterday.
He felt energized and awake. When he went to sleep after screwing Allison into oblivion, he had no dreams. None that kept him hot and bothered.
Once he spotted Stiles, he went over to him, leaning against his locker with a goofy smile on his face.
“How was movie night?”
“I can see that”
“You’re not mad are you?”
Scott narrowed his eyes at Stiles.
He knew him like the back of his hand, when he said he wasn’t he really was.
“I’m serious”
“Sure you are”
“I actually want to thank you”
“For what?
"Well, for one, sparing me to be the third wheel in your sex-escapade”
“You’re welcome”
“And two, I’m going on a date with Y/N!”
Scott dropped his smile and got off the locker, “what? When was this?”
“Yesterday! After you guys left, I stayed back to look over the bestiary, trying to figure out what a Kanima is truly capable of”


I was heading home when I saw a car out by the road

“Y/N, what are you doing here? What happened?”
“My car broke down. Do you think you can help me out a bit?”
“Yeah, sure,” Stiles put the emergency lights on and stepped down to see what the problem was. You shone a flashlight to help him see what was wrong with it.
“Don’t you ride a motorcycle?”
“It’s in the shop so my step-dad let me borrow one of his. You know a lot about cars?”
“Well, I drive one, so…”
“You do? Looks more like a golf cart”
Stiles stood up to look you in the face, he sucked his teeth and pointed at yours, “at least my "golf cart” doesn’t break down in the middle of the road"
You rose your arms in defeat and let out a chuckle, “You win Sassy Stilinski. I admit your jeep is one heck of a soldier”
“Thank you”
Stiles fidgeted under the hood and slipped off his jacket when he got a little sweaty.
You watched as he worked, his muscles flexed every time he used a wrench to tighten a bolt, and even though he was just a lanky kid, you couldn’t deny that he had a nice toned body underneath the thin hoodies he always wore.
Stiles smirked when he looked back at you because while you were admiring him, you moved the flashlight away.
“The radiator is torn, even if you were to get it going, it would just overheat again and break down”
“Great, just great”
“I don’t mind taking you home”
“Yeah, my golf cart can make double the trip”
“Oh, ha ha, very funny”
“I’m here all night folks,” Stiles opened your car door.

I took her home and we started talking in her driveway. I took your advice and apologized for ditching her.

“Not sure if it’s too late but, I’m really sorry for leaving you all alone at the dance”
“A month later is not too late,” you said sarcastically.
“I know, I’m an idiot”
“I was actually going to say asshole but I guess idiot is okay too”
“You didn’t call or text me. You stopped saying hi to me in the hallways and avoided me like the plague–”
“Alright, I see where you’re going with this.  Can I please make it up to you?”
“I want to take you out a real date”
“Think you can handle not ditching me again?”
Stiles chuckled, “I won’t”
“Is that a promise?”
“I swear”
“Kiss me then”
Stiles took a deep breath and looked at your lips.
His heart was pounding at the simple request.
Without wasting time, he cupped your face and kissed you with a purpose and an intention to make you pass out.
Your heart grew heavy, butterflies made your head feel dizzy, and your body instantaneously become hot with desire, making your woman clench with need.
Finally, he pulled away hesitantly, his lips magnetized to yours.
His eyes were now a wild brown color, his pupils dilated, irises blown with lust. The two of you panted softly. In a low whisper, Stiles said, “I promise” You cleared your throat and pulled the handle to get out, “right, okay, well you have my number, you can call, text–” Stiles nodded and agrees with you, “I’ll call. Or I’ll text–”
“Okay. Thanks for taking me home”

“Thank you so much, Scott. I’m not sure I could’ve done this without you.”
Stiles patted Scott on the back and left the angry wolf alone in the hallway.
Blood dripped down from his fist, his claws biting his skin to avoid ripping his best friend’s throat out.
But he shouldn’t think that way.
He was in love with Allison.
This is how it’s supposed to be, right?


Untitled high school omegaverse

For @hannigram-a-b-o-library and SummertimeSlick, here’s a bit of the A/B/O AU where Will is sweet seventeen and goes into–you guessed it–surprise heat. Soshite Koi ga Hajimaru: Hannigram edition, basically.  

Assume this Hannibal is nice-ish, though exactly how nice is unclear. No sex, just age difference, heat, and bodily grossness. 

Edit: completed version now here on AO3.


Quiet in the hallways:  class in session.  The guidance counselor greeted Hannibal outside the nurse’s office with a rueful smile.  

“Thanks for coming on short notice.”

“Not at all,” said Hannibal.  "How’s the late bloomer?“

"Not happy,” said Dr. Bloom.  "We haven’t been able to reach his father—he’s a contractor, does boat repairs.  Mom’s not in the picture.“

”‘Not happy.’  Physical distress?“

"More emotional.  He thought of himself as a beta until today, and I think he felt secure in that identity.  It’s a lot to process.”

“It certainly can be,” said Hannibal.  "A senior, you said?“

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SPIDERMAN AAAAHH i just saw the movie this brings me so much joy okay peter gets a cough or a cold or something not really that major and mr stark notices but doesn't say anything because he's like 'he'll tell me if he needs something' or whatever then when peter goes to get a drink or the bathroom idk FRIDAY is just like 'Mr Parker has a temperature of .... ' or 'needs urgent medical assistance' or smth

(This is a sweet ass prompt, anon. And I’m all for Tony trying to be a suave dad like “I must test him” and that fails horribly lmao bc Peter is a stubborn shit..here’s some more Spiderman! Also u might notice I’ve incorporated the tom holland meme discretely lol)

When Tony first discovered Peter through that YouTube video, he had seen him as a talent. A potential colleague in the future, a team mate and someone he could help along find their footing. But Tony had never anticipated what had come for him instead.

Instead what Tony found was a kid. A kid who was without a doubt, certainly a talent and special, but he was a kid. He was lost, he had issues, he was a misfit who desperately wanted to be like everyone else and didn’t exactly love himself. Peter had been exposed to the horrors of the world too soon; having lost his Uncle, who had been his father figure quite recently. He had daddy issues, and Tony was no stranger to those. In those eyes Tony saw himself years ago, a boy trying to pave his way through a misguided childhood, and trying to come out of it a man.

Tony had people who had helped him along the way, mentors, friends, the like. And for them, Tony would eternally be grateful. Tony could only hope he could be the same for Peter, because he deserved it. He really was a good kid.

A bond had grown between them, and Tony had grown caring and protective. This had not been his plan at all. He was unprepared, making it up as he went. Tony had no clue what it was like, what it took to become a father figure. Hell, how would he know something he never even had? Even so, he had made it a mission to make sure Peter could have something as close as possible. He knew he would come up short, but damn well Tony would try his hardest despite that.

Tony would try and push communication with Peter. What he recognised in Peter was the struggle to reach out to others, in fear of perhaps rejection or belittlement or the fear he would not be understood. When Peter did rarely reach out, he very much held back. Tony wanted Peter to be more open, so he could achieve this connection with others he longed to have.

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Story time for you Band Geeks

Back in high school our concert band was playing a piece with a few movements of star wars music, the first movement being the rather dramatic Duel of Fates (its that choral piece that plays whenever shit gets intense in the movies.) Well of course its one big build up to a very loud ending. Being the only flute who enjoyed playing piccolo in the group, I of course wound up with the part that had me in a register that was ungodly even on flute. The final notes of the piece were truthfully more high pitched squeeling than actual music. Well, the final rhythm bit is just that same note repeated twice, then a break, and repeat that three times. Right after that is the big timpani solo when everyone else goes quiet. Our first actual run through of the piece, our timpani player didn’t come in, though it hadn’t been an issue before then. While our band director was doing his typical “omgwtfbbq” freak out, the kid was apologizing saying he thought the fire alarm was going off and was very confused why weren’t getting ready to leave for a fire drill. Except there was no fire alarm. There hadn’t been any fire alarm. Now the band director was confused and the poor kid thought he was crazy.

And it kind of dawned on me.

I slowly raised my hand and the entire freaking band (and orchestra since we were combined for the piece) turns to look at me.

That is how my piccolo came to be known as the fire alarm.


Orwell’s Nightmare: Temperature Adjustments and Climate Change

Who controls the temperature datasets controls the past, and who controls the past controls the future. Welcome to the Orwellian world of temperature adjustments and climate alarmism. Sit up straight and buckle up tight, because this is consensus science as brought to you by Big Brother.

Hell Hound Part 1

Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: Sadness, a cuss word, and Peter being a cutie

Requested: no, but please do send requests

‘You’re a monster.’

My fists begin to burn.

'You’ll never amount anything,’

Tears brim my (e/c) eyes.

'Just quit pretending, they all know you’re secr-’

“SHUT UP!” I curse loudly into the wind.

I feel faint and my knees buckle, making my fall knees first in the hard dry dirt of a junkyard I visit for solitude and just to clear my thoughts.

My powers have a mind of its own sometimes; at this moment their trying to get me angry. Because when I’m angry I’m at my most powerful, and most destructive. I’m getting better at trapping them deep with in my self, but it’s times like these where I wish I could just be normal.

But I can’t.

The city of New York needs me.

Well actually my alter ego Hell Hound is who they need.

I’m captain of my high school cheer team by day and a fire bending vigilante by night.

I don’t have room to be normal, but a girl can dream.


My phone catches my attention. I slowly open my eyes and sit up from laying on my back gazing at the cloudless sky.

With out looking at the caller ID I answer.

“Hello?” My voice soft and vulnerable

“Um, hey hey (y/n) it’s Peter, you weren’t at school today, and and um I was wondering if you needed today’s Chem notes and homework, I mean only if you want them, you don’t have to though. I’m actually surprised you answered-”

“Parker, not to be rude, but how did you get my number?” I said getting up from the ground dusting my self off.

“Well-I-uh well-”

“You know what it doesn’t matter, and yes I’d actually really appropriate it” smile to my self, my hands seem to cool down at the moment.

“Cool! Awesome, mind if ya know, if I come over and give give them to you, ya know if you want” Peter stuttered over the phone.

“Yeah that sounds great…swing by my place in 20?” I asked as I begin to walk out of the junkyard.

“Swing?! What are you-what do you mean?” he said in panic.

“It was a figure of speech, anyways I gotta go, I need both hands when walking through this neighborhood” I said huffing out a laugh.

“Wait what do you mean by needing both hands?” He said sounding anxious

“Bye Parker” I said with a smile and hung up

'Once you mess up and show him who you really are…he’ll be running for the hills instead of kissing the ground you walk on.’

'Shut it bitch’. I thought to myself as I tread through the dangerous neighborhood to get to mine.

I didn’t know that a certain spider was following me making sure that I don’t need to use 'both hands’.

I pull down my black and dark green plaid skirt while walking these parts and luckily didn’t attract much attention, cause if I did I don’t think Hell Hound would leave anything unscathed.

For a moment I feel a pair of eyes on me, but not perverted eyes, no these were ones of protection.

I turn to where I think it’s source only to find that no one was there.

I heaved a sigh and kept walking.

Once I got home I called for my mom, only to find a note saying that she has the night shift again at the hospital.

Once I placed the note back on the kitchen counter; I looked at the clock in the kitchen and saw that Peter would be here at any moment. I heard a soft knock on my door when it hit the 20 minute mark.

I open the door with a smile, “you’re right on time, I actually got here probably a minute before you” I said stepping a side letting Peter in.

'Stupid, letting him into our place, our sanctuary, out of all people why him?’

'I said shut it.’

I quickly and quietly close the door.

“Yeah I like I like to be on time, you know for for everything.” He said nervously playing with his big hands.

I nodded my head in agreement, and guided him into my room.

Once we made it there I heard him audibly gulp

“What? Never been in a girls room before?” I joked sitting on the floor leaning against my canopy bed.

“No, I’ve actually I’ve actually haven’t” he said his cheeks flare a bright pink

I give the best smile I could and patted the spot next to me, “well there’s a first for everything”

He smiled back and sat down next to me.

The next hour Peter is explaining what I missed when I hear her again.

'Make him leave he’s calming you down…I don’t like that.’

I start tuning out Peter, trying to keep the voice out.

'Come on! We could be out there saving lives and kicking ass, but instead you’re making hearts eyes at boy who can’t even keep his pencil steady when he talks to us!’

“(Y/N)? You okay?” Peter said touching my shoulder

She’s relentless and it’s hurting me, I grab Peter’s hand and grip it tight, my lungs tighten abrasively and my temperature raises at an alarming rate.

“Hey hey stay with me, are you having a panic attack? Asthma? What do you need?” Peter said holding my hand back.

“Cold, ice-ice wa-ater” I mange to sputter out as my temperature raising my powers burning my skin.

Peter sprints at record speed to the kitchen.

'You don’t need him! Don’t fall for that dork! We are enough!’

'You will never be enough’

'Why can’t we be enough’


Peter comes back with ice cold water

'We’re the same person’

And the voice stopped as I gulped down the water. I lean my sweaty forehead against Peter’s shoulder.

“Thank you” I said quietly out of breath

“Of course” he said

After a minute I feel Peter deciding on wrapping his arm around me.

At this moment I need Peter Parker, a boy who seems to want me more than anything in the world, even though he doesn’t know my alter ego.

“Peter please just, just hold me” I said with a shaky whisper

Without hesitation he wrapped his long muscled arms around me. Pulling me to his chest.

“Sorry you had to see that” I blurted out after 15 mins of comfortable silence

“Don’t worry about it, you were burning up, if you ever need me-if you ever want to talk I’m here, I’ll always be here”

If only he knew my true nature.

Cause if he did he’ll run away and never look back.

Hell Hound seems to have that effect when out of control.

Kiss it better

Summary: They say fools don’t catch colds. But Furuichi wasn’t a fool, and only Oga would’ve thought that letting two kids look after a sick person was a good idea. 
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: OgaFuru
Word count: 6.2k
Notes: This is a joint collaboration between cows-quack and me for ogafuru week, day three: Nico. Thank you babe, I would have never gotten this finished without you!

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anonymous asked:

“Somehow cuddling with you is even better than I expected it to be…” Egg & Toaster, plz~?

When Genos got his first S-class annual bonus from the Hero Association, he knew immediately what he wanted to use it on. So while Saitama headed across town for a two-for-one sale on chicken thighs, Genos set up the White Lotus Shikifuton in the living room.

He had had the luxury bed delivered to Mumen’s home (both to maintain the surprise and because getting packages in Z City was even harder than the mail) and as he unpacked it, he became more and more certain that Saitama would be pleased.

“Whoa, Genos! What is this?” Saitama came in twenty minutes later and set his bags in the kitchen before walking into the living room, eyes wide.

“Sensei. In recent months, you have mentioned that you wished that you had a more comfortable bed, but that you did not wish to spend money when yours was perfectly functioning.”

“Uh-huh…” Saitama rolled onto the futon, and Genos watched as he sunk into the five inches of cotton filling, letting a soft noise of contentment.

“So now you have a top-of-the-line futon, and you did not have to use any of your personal funds.” He reached out to straighten the corner of the mattress cover, which he had requested be custom made with the colors of Saitama’s hero costume.

“This is too much, Genos…”

“Not at all, Sensei! I did not use any of my budget for household items or groceries. This is entirely from my bonus, which is outside of the scope of our savings and entirely for my own personal spending!”

“Right! Your spending! And you used it on me?!”

After a bit more cajoling and pleading from Genos, Saitama finally accepted the gift. He even left it out, relaxing on it to read while Genos made dinner for them. After a bit of television, it was finally time for bed.

“I hope that your sleep is sound and refreshing, Sensei!” Genos said as he settled onto Saitama’s old futon, preparing his system to go into standby mode.

“Uh…back at you.”

The next morning, Genos woke to an abnormal reading in his diagnostics. Something had caused his weight to increase during the night. It didn’t require any extensive calibrating, however, to realize that the reason was because Saitama was on top of him, sleeping soundly, arms supporting his head as it rested on Genos’s chest. His legs were tangled between the cyborg’s own. These realizations also triggered a temperature awareness alarm as Genos began to overheat.

Saitama stirred and yawned. “Oh, good morning,” he said, not moving.

“Sensei, I…good…morning.”

The bald hero glanced over at the new futon. “Sorry, man. I couldn’t get comfortable. It was just too soft. So I tried to get back on mine, but you were there, and your metal body really helps my back.” He smiled happily, and the sight made Genos’s core surge. “Somehow cuddling with you is even better than I expected it to be…”

“Sensei had…considered it previously?”

“Well, yeah. Just never really knew how to talk about it.” He squirmed a bit, resting his arms so they dangled off Genos’s sides, cheek pressed against where his collarbone would have been. Tentatively, Genos reached around Saitama’s body, holding him as he let out a long happy sigh. “Yeah, this is the best. Could we just sleep together from now on?”

Luckily for everyone, Mumen Rider had no problem accepting gifts from close friends. Especially when those gifts were brand new, state-of-the-art futons.

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idea for an au: tsuna is the magic channel used to amplify magic(sky flames?). hes kidnapped by a cult that uses him in a ritual to summon a demon lord, reborn, but they mess up and reborn is summoned an hour later when tsuna is in the bathroom. (sort of but not really at all inspired by the awesome webcomic satan and me)

“Ah shit!” Tsuna hissed in pain as he accidentally smacked his head against the sharp corner. Something warm trickled down and he sighed in annoyance. Blood. He had literally cut himself by walking into a wall. And before that, he had been semi-kidnapped by a bunch of crazy idiots claiming that they wanted to summon a demon! A literal demon!!! Of course, it didn’t work because demons didn’t exist. And so, Tsuna simply got up from their strange demonic summon circle – it had candles – and walked off. He didn’t even bother to change his shirt, despite the strange patterns the delusional cultists had drawn on it. 

Could this day get any worse? 

Before the blood could get into his eye, he wiped it off with his hand before cleaning said hand on his shirt. What? It’s not like it was possible to make the shirt any worse. 

He was kinda wrong. Well, it wasn’t that he made the shirt worse, but…

The lights in the bathroom started flickering and the shadows seemed to grow deeper. Darker. More sinister. 

The temperature dropped at an alarming rate as the shadows swirled around a spot on the floor and a figure started emerging out from the shadows. 

“Chaos,” the figure greeted. Tsuna stared at him, in his somewhat ruined shirt and his hand still in the midst of wiping off the blood onto his shirt. 

“Holy shit,” was all that he could say. “Holy shit.” 

Title: Odds Are (We’re Gonna Be Alright)

Pairing: Michael/Gavin

Word Count: ~2,600

Rated: PG-13

Summary: Michael is really going to miss 636

A/N: Named for the Barenaked Ladies song “Odds Are”. This is completely self-indulgent. Basically my own sad feelings about the new office as expressed by Michael. Obviously a lot of artistic license was taken with the new office layout as I have no idea what it’s going to look like. Also this is so cheesy omg



It was just a building, Michael reminded himself as he forcibly directed the car past the usual turning, so ingrained in his psyche that he his hand had been halfway to the turning signal before he remembered. And not even that great a building. It had been impractical and cramped. A labyrinth of rooms that connected at odd places, a building in two halves that meant you had to cross the car park if you wanted to use the microwave. The AH office was an overcrowded mess of machines and bodies that reached alarming temperatures in the warm weather and meant you couldn’t walk two steps with treading on something or someone. Half the team had even been in a separate location, several doors down. And yet. It had been home.

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-Axel was in his room at the moment, doing some fast scans around his system since he’s been tampering a lot with his temperature around the cold weather, and that could easily backfire if he wasn’t careful enough- -a sudden contrast between the over 50 Cº he had set his body at and the who-knows-how-cold temperatures outside could easily cause him to malfunction, so he’s been trying to stay indoors and checking his system as often as possible-

-Suddenly his eyes lighten up with a red light for a few seconds before turning back to their usual green tone-

Alert. Alarm activated.
Remote alarm activated. Source: User_Roxas.

Huh– Roxas?!

-Immediately jolts from the bed, reaching for his coat and a scarf, even if it was a false alarm like the last time, he wasn’t about to doubt it too much if one of his friends was in troubles- -at least he could be sure that, if Roxas was calling for him, it had to be for a good reason- -one thing was the temperature alarm he had set on Naminé, he knew Roxas wouldn’t let him do that, and other was the whistle his friend had, he would only call him in emergencies-

-He goes downstairs to the livingroom and stops a moment, closing his eyes- System locate User_Roxas… -with that command his system focuses on picking onto Rox’s signal and try to calculate the exact location… tho since Rox was moving, it’s probably giving him troubles to point coordinates- -plus, if Rox is really deep into the forest his signal must be going weaker-

Unable to determinate location. Signal in movement.

Ugh, this kid… -runs a hand through his hair- Activate tracking system… 

Signal tracking system activated.

-this would be some kind of GPS thing like, catching on the signal and having his system guide him towards rox for convenience sake- -so, once he knows where to go, he walks out the manor… and feels the cold wind blowing right into his face, making him shudder when the chilly cold and the heat in his body collide like that- Fuck.. why is he out here?! Ugh… System… temperature set at 0.5%…

Lowering core temperature.

-sighs, figure it’d be best to just head outside and the let cold help him lower his temperature, as long as his system could keep it steady it’d be fine- -so he goes out into the forest, trying to follow Rox’s steps-