Barba x Reader
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“Ladies and gentlemen, as we start our descent, please make sure-”

You look out from the window to try and catch a glimpse of the view. The only plus side from these frequent business trips were the chances to gaze upon the Manhattan skyline. It still moved you, and just like all the times before, you shamelessly pressed your nose against the window to absorb everything you possibly could before the plane landed.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to John F. Kennedy International Airport. Local time is 3:25pm and the temperatu-”

You said a silent prayer before unfastening your seat belt. A habit you’ve become accustomed to and now regarded as a lucky charm. You waited for everyone to pass before sliding your way onto the aisle, anxious to get home where a hot shower and your own bed awaited you.

After making it through the crowd of people in the baggage collection area, you stood in the middle of the arrival hall trying to catch your breath. Out of nowhere, you hear a voice calling out your name. Knowing for sure it must be a mistake, you ignore it and head for the nearest revolving door. You hoped that you would be able to get a cab right away.

A tug on your arm caused you to turn abruptly, and your eyes widened when you see who was now behind you.


“Didn’t you hear me calling your name?”

Your felt as though your heart was going to burst as you slowly came to terms with how glad you were to see him. It took a while for you to admit how much you missed him during your trips away.

You told yourself it was illogical and unrealistic to be so hopelessly smitten this early in the relationship, but that’s exactly what you were. It took only a glance at those green eyes for you to ignore all forms of logic and accept all the outrageous emotions you were feeling.

“I- I thought it was someone else.”

You dropped the bags you were carrying and put your arms around him. You feel a jolt from him as you did, but sighed in relief when you feel his arms go around your waist.

“I’ve missed you.” There was no sense in hiding the truth.

He turns his head, and in doing so his lips made brief contact with the side of your neck. You shudder at the ticklish but pleasing sensation.

“So have I. You have no idea.”

You tried to contain your delight at his response, but found yourself only hugging him tighter. However, a thought that came to mind immediately brought you back down from the clouds.

“But wait, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at the office?”

He hesitated before answering, and he pursed his lips into a thin line.

“Since everyone keeps telling me to take some time off… For once I’ve decided to take their advice.”

You questioned whether you heard him right. Rafael was the last person you knew who would take time off from work.

“So what do you say, will you spend a long weekend with me?”

Unable to resist or question such an offer, you knew right there and then that your own bed was going to have to wait.

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Forever with the Devil (Chapter 1)

„What do you mean?“ Lucifer talked nervously, turning his back to Chloe, so she couldn’t hear the phone conversation he was currently having with Maze.

As he took a few steps away from her and started to speak in a more quiet tone, Chloe got curious. Since Trixie was in school and Dan was working, there was no one in Chloe’s house except her and Lucifer. Silence surrounded them. The detective could only hear bits of the conversation, since she wasn’t able to hear what was Maze saying.

She didn’t even manage to see the distress and utter panic that covered Lucifer’s face, since his back was facing her the whole time.

„…Yes, I-I…“, Lucifer sighed heavily.

That was the first time Chloe heard him stutter. If she didn’t know better, she would even say his voice cracked a little.

„I’ll be right there, don’t do anything without me.“, he ordered harshly and hung up hurriedly.

Chloe approached him and put a hand on his shoulder gently. The fabric of the expensive suit was smooth against her soft hand. Her light touch made him turn around and look at her.

„Is everything okay?“ she asked.

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Don’t let your feet dangle over the edge of the bed.

Everything is too hot and too cold at the same time.
The only thing that makes the temperatue just right is by dangling one feet over the side of your bed.
You hesitate, the irrational childhood fear of a monster dragging you away stilling your movement.
Letting out a small sigh you decide that you prefer comfort over the slight bit of safety that your blanket feigns for you.

Of course nothing happens after all its just a story made up by children to scare others their age.
But you’re an adult and you should be more mature than to believe in such sillyness.

Suddenly a gush of wind touches your feet
.. or what feels like wind.. but you closed your window right?
Your heart beat fastens as you shift uncomfortably until finally slowing down when you convince yourself it must’ve been your imagination.

It was clearly not your imagination.
Something or rather someone had grabbed your ankle and holds it tight.
You want to scream or jump out of bed but a sudden spark of curiosity stops you.
There seems to be no one in your room, so what exactly is holding you?

Another hand touches your leg and starts to slide upwards stroking you.
It’s an invisible force and you notice that you have stopped being afraid.
The only logical explanation you have is that this being is a spirit.
The thought is starting to arouse you and you pull the blankets asside inviting it in your bed.

The spirit complies and you can feel it crawling on top of you, its touches feel like feathers on your skin.. warm and cold and everything but always just right.

It seems the tale was true after all… but the ending was certainly unexpected.

Flight Rising months

took another pass at my old months. Just for funsies.

  • Month of Crystal- Creydok

A month set aside for the Icewarden. It’s a month of reflection for both the past year and the one to come. With it often comes fasting and even Ice dragons in other parts of the world may partake in the fasting. It represents the lean times during the middle of the long Icefield winters. At the end of the month the members of Ice Flight throw a grand Gala that also helps celebrate the coming of spring and being reminded of life within the frozen tundra.

  • Month of Tricks- Muror

During this month the largest Shadow clans will get together to put a grand Carnival. While the Carnival itself lasts only a week most Shadow clans spend the entire month preparing for it. It is one of the few times that the darkness of the Wood is parted and allows the sun to shine down to the forest floor. Dragons from all Flights are encouraged to visit but they usually leave with significantly less gold than when they arrived.

  • Month of Whirlwings- Wismari

During Wismari the Twisting Crescendo is said to reverse its spin, the entire storm coming to a strange stand still for several hours as it changes directions. Wind dragons gather far and wide to watch the phenomena and once the Crescendo has finished its new spin they promptly throw a large party. That party usually extends into the Mistal Jamboree where the lights of the festivities are said to be seen clear across the Sea into the Ruins or across the ocean to the Icefields.

  • Month of Seers- Tiondoo

A month of silence and prayer for seers and Water dragons. It is during this month that prophetic gifts are at their strongest. Water dragons born on the first day of Tiondoo are said to be especially gifted seers or have elevated clairvoyant abilities. Even the Saturnalia is reserved compared to other festivals and parties are kept small and quiet instead focused on using what remains of the month to See as far and well as they can before the time has passed.

  • Month of Growing- Gagjinko

While the Labyrinth is in a constant state of growth Gagjinko is when that power leaches out from the northern isle. All across Sorienth but especially in the northern part of the continant they get a second wave of an almost violent spring as fresh growth bursts from the ground as flowers, tall grass, and slender new saplings. Nature dragons walk amid these new forests to tame the wild growth somewhat and gather in places where they hold mysterious rituals that will continue the slower growth through the rest of the year. Gagjinko is the only month out of the year that plants not cultivated by the Plaguebringer himself may grow in the Wasteland.

  • Month of Glittering- Astira

The hottest month of the year. Astira is an unrelenting sunny day that washes out color and turns everything into white and gold. During this month the days are long and the Celebration acts as a grand fair within the forum where Light dragons trade books and research notes. The street fair also offers many opportunities to non Light dragons but few can handle the bright sun and scorching heat.

  • Month of Thunder- Creyor

The harsh sun of Astira makes Creyor the dimmest month. The sun hits the waters of the Sea and surrounding ocean and great thunderclouds gather at the edges of the world but are unable to draw too close because of the work of the Lightweaver. In Creyor they come crashing across the horizon to the delight of the Stormchaser. It may not rain every day but it is usually overcast. Lightning dragons work overtime so that in time for their festival they have some amazing new contraption powered by the storms of Creyor to show off to the rest of their kind.

  • Month of Forgers- Fle’klor

Though many of the storms of Creyor drop all their rain the clouds often still linger into Fle’klor. Must like Astira the heat of Fle’klor is intense but instead of being heated by the sun it is instead heated by ash and heat being trapped under the clouds. Knowing it is her month the Flamecaller demands the forges of the Great Furnace produce double time. The fully stoked forges generate great amount of heat and the Great Furnace erupts constantly. Only after the Festival and the Flamecaller’s power to cause constant eruptions dimmed do the final clouds first created during Astira finally dissipate.

  • Month of Stars- Sta’reon

It is best not to speak of Sta’reon. Keep your hatchlings close at claw. Keep the doors and windows of the lair closed. Those in underground lairs should stay beneath the earth. Strange things walk Sorienth during Sta’reon for the time permitted before the Arcanist is reminded of existance that should not be on this world and brings them back to his observatory. For study he says.

  • Month of Rot- Prasrio

The heat of Fle’klor and the strange creatures of Sta’reon, those not able to handle the great influx of temperatues, often end up festering in the sun. Their dead bodies cause the spread of new diseases and so the Riot begins. While thought of an end of the month event the Riot spans all of Prasrio. During the Riot plague dragons venture away from the Wasteland to gather the dead, rotting, and disease riddled, bodies of the things from Sta’reon and bring them back to the Wasteland. There they create remedies for the diseases caused by the dead creatures. Dragons who might have been afflicted during early Prasrio or late Sta’reon make pilgrimage to the Wasteland to be healed. At the end of Pasrio the Riot is finished with a celebration for the plague healers and geneticists for their work and skill in ensuring the strong continue to be strong.

  • Month of Rocks- Rookkon

The last month dedicated to a god Rookkon is for introspection and spending time with one’s family. It is customary for young Earth dragons to go out into Dragonhome and find a stone that is their own. During the Rockbreaker’s Ceremony they crack the rock open on their heads and see what is within. Depending on the contents of the rock will determine the next year. Geodes are condisered the best luck for next year but agate or semi precious gemstones are also said to lead to a good next year.

  • Month of Migrations- Meirson

An odd month not associated with any god. Meirson is for those who wander, become lost, or become found. It’s said that during Meirson if you have lost a loved one or precious item that you have the best chance of it returning during Meirson. Those who have lost their way often go out to search for themselves or a clan of their own during this month. Guardians on their Search consider this a sacred month where it is the best time to find one’s Charge. Charges found during Meirson are considered to have a deeper connection than those found in other months.