A/N: Hello! I’m back with Bad Temper, ahhh!! I’m so sorry this took three flipping months but last semester of college had me extremely busy and I had no time to write for it–let alone, I had writers block–and I’m so glad to bring it back! Thank you all for being patient and I’m sorry (again) that it has been so long! Enjoy! (also, yes, I realized I use the same gif for Swallowtail…oops)

Word Count: 5.6K+

Warning: None.

It had almost been a week since you first arrived on the Finalizer, four days since you started training and four days since you and Kylo had a civil conversation. Ever since your encounter of leaving your clothes behind, Kylo had been nothing but dry and bland with you–just like day one. You were well aware you deserved this after putting the blame on him for being there (and not treating him equally) but you still couldn’t regain the trust when you still didn’t know if he took part in the ordeal or not. The Knights were his problem, he overmatched them, how was it possible that something his men did slipped under his nose? You wanted to believe he was oblivious to the fact, seeing as he was unaware as to why you were on the ship or how you got there, but you still found it difficult to believe.

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smiley82m  asked:

What do you think of the case filed to stop the inauguration of Trump? They're citing the electoral college should have been abolished with slavery and women's rights victories.

It’ll go nowhere just like every other baseless expensive temper tantrum these people have thrown in the last month.

anonymous asked:

Okay so first of all, I want to let you know that your FAQ link doesn't work on mobile for Android, so maybe don't get so upset with people when they truly can't check your FAQ. I understand that you get a lot of asks and you have a "short temper", but that anon was nothing but sweet and appreciative of the work you do and you had absolutely no right to call them an ass. If you want to be a more popular online figurehead or work in the medical field IRL, work on your attitude. Shame on you.

I was waiting for this, thankfully most people are actually human and kind and think before they speak. So *ahem* anon (I don’t like shaming people usually for remaining anonymous because I understand when you don’t want to insert yourself into your own commentary, but YOU JUST QUESTIONED MY MEDICAL EDUCATION??)

I love reccing. I really do. But do you really know what it constitutes? This isn’t an independent blog with a person asking me a normal question that isn’t asking for a reply that takes a minimum of an hour to form. No one asked me to do this job I realise, I do it out of my own volition and generally release reclists at least once a day like I don’t have anything else to do with my life. This is something I NEVER whine about because it’s my decision and as such, falls under things that I don’t get to whine about. 

But I can get mad when people, for all their well meaning and politeness, do not follow those two things up with basic courtesy, and think that a please and thank you can get them away from anything. Most people are sweet and appreciative which is absolutely lovely, but isn’t a gateway to taking advantage of me either.

So you can’t shame me for getting annoyed when people do not take the time for basic courtesies like reading a couple of lines - like it seems you have forgotten to do as well. You came through an askbox right? Even in my regular askbox (and I’ve checked in a friends Android phone, when you try to go to my askbox the tab for it definitely shows it), there is a line with the written link to my FAQ, with the unspoken request that you are meant to check it out on your mobile browser. 

Also, if you had taken the time (which I highly doubt you would have seeing as you rushed your indignant judgmental self into my askbox as soon as you could anyway) you would have seen that just 1 DAY AGO, I received another similar ask which I retorted to fully and decently (if may be a little snappily) here. Since I replied to it (again, just 24 hours ago), I received 6 other asks from people who refused to read that one line that links to my ask box as well (assuming they were all ANDROID) and just decided that it wasn’t important.

How dare you think that I’m some kind of corporation or service that you can send complaints and negative feedback to? Insulting my attitude and my education? Really? 

The only things I regret about that previous ask is 1) calling them an ass, because you’re right, that kind of language is uncalled for and I realise that and apologise 2) for saying that I’ll stop reccing. Despite all of this melodramatic nonsense, I like what I do because most people are so kind and thoughtful, but mostly because I never did this for y’all, I started this blog for the fanfiction authors who probably deal with much more unjust shit than this.

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what do u think bout aries

I have mixed feelings about Aries tbh. I find them really wild. I admire how confident and energetic they are, their careless “I don’t give a fuck” attitude, but I cannot stand their temper. they’re the most angry, immature, self-centered sign (behind leo’s), which is sometimes really hard to be around. their egos are HUGE. so cocky. they’re really good at getting what they want - they’re super manipulative. personally, I find them a bit cold hearted sometimes, which bothers me because you can see they really are empathetic people on the inside, but they put up this front/facade to be cool/ fit in. they’re a bit deceiving. very very impatient people, which is a big no no for me. I’d find it hard to have a deep conversation with them, but when you just want to have fun and party, they’re the ones to be around. idk, not my cup of tea

sense8wolfpack  asked:

im sorry people are dumb and cant read....just wanted you to know that there are people who love your recs and your whole blog and ill love it even if you do stop doing recs cause people are shitty and you deserve better 💙

Thank you so much for taking the time to send me this! It’s really SO annoying and I have a ridiculously short temper when it comes to this, but it always calms me down and makes me keep reccing when I see support from awesome people like you :) 

*edit* oops didn’t mean to post this publicly… I hope it’s ok!

anonymous asked:

I don't think any of that was melodramatic nonsense! This is really affecting me... I used to be a reccer as well, a popular one if I may say so, and honestly that anon really got to me! Im absolutely, 100% sure that that isn't the first rude judgemental ask you've gotten as well. Keep your head high!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I feel bad for losing my head, but don’t regret it. You’re right it isn’t the first rude message, but it also feels like maybe I failed a bit by losing my temper y’know? 


Going through old photos and found these of the goby. Too bad I have no females left in the tank for him to turn this color. My LFS does not get in gobies anymore and I usually do not look for these when purchasing other fish. He liked semoni females as I did not have the same species female for him. I will have to see if I end up ordering from Wetspot, in the future, so I can get a few females for him. Semoni or his type will do. He did not like the ornatus or maculidorsalis females.


Booth thinks I was deprived, because you never gave me any birthday parties as a child