TMNT 2012 Masterpost:

Season One:

1. Rise of the Turtles, Part One
2. Rise of the Turtles, Part Two
3. Turtle Temper
4. New Friend, Old Enemy
5. I Think His Name Is Baxter Stockman
6. Metalhead
7. Monkey Brains
8. Never Say Xever
9. The Gauntlet
10. Panic in the Sewers
11. Mousers Attack!
12. It Came From the Depths
13. I, Monster
14. New Girl In Town
15. The Alien Agenda
16. The Pulverizer
17. TCRI
18. Cockroach Terminator
19. Baxter’s Gambit
20. Enemy of My Enemy
21. Karai’s Vendetta
22. The Pulverizer Returns!
23. Parasitica
24. Operation Break Out
25. Showdown, Part One
26. Showdown, Part Two

Season Two:

1. The Mutation Situation
2. Follow the Leader
3. Invasion of the Squirrelanoids
4. Mutagen Man Unleashed
5. Mikey Gets Shellacne
6. Target: April O’Neil
7. Slash and Destroy
8. The Good, the Bad and Casey Jones
9. The Kraang Conspiracy
10. Fungous Humungous
11. Metalhead Rewired
12. Of Rats and Men
13. The Manhattan Project, Part One
14. The Manhattan Project, Part Two
15. Mazes and Mutants
16. The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman
17. Newtralized!
18. Pizza Face
19. The Wrath of Tiger Claw
20. The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto
21. Plan 10
22. Vengeance is Mine
23. A Chinatown Ghost Story
24. Into Dimension X!
25. The Invasion, Part One
26. The Invasion, Part Two

Season Three:

1. Within the Woods
2. A Foot Too Big
3. Buried Secrets
4. The Croaking
5. In Dreams
6. Race with the Demon
7. Eyes of the Chimera
8. Vision Quest
9. Return to New York
10. Serpent Hunt
11. The Pig and the Rhino
12. Battle For New York, Part One
13. Battle For New York, Part Two
14. Casey Jones VS. The Underworld
15. The Noxious Avenger
16. Clash of the Mutanimals
17. Meet Mondo Gecko
18. The Deadly Venom

can we stop acting like werewolves are stupid because of their strong temper or whatever? because they are known as more the fighters than strategics doesn’t mean they aren’t smart or tricky or manipulative or good at mindgames. 

Blind Dates and Wine.

Title: Addicted series | Mafia AU: Hot Tempered Triad (x

Subtitle: Blind Dates and Wine

Chapter: 1/?

Word count: 1,181

Summary:  After going to horrible and useless blind dates for the past months, Rose Calloway told her father this was the last blind date she would go to. She didn’t expect the man waiting for her would be none other than her childhood nemesis. 

Based on Addicted series by Krista and Becca Ritchie.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! As a child growing up and now, I've always had a temper. Recently it's been getting worse. The slightest things make me want to scream at someone. I thought I was learning to control it, but I'm not. It's to the point where I think I may need to go to a therapist. I know it hurts the people around me and it isn't fun to be around a person who can potentially lash out on you at any moment. Can you recommend ways that I can control this anger and keep my emotions at bay? Thank you x

I used to be really bad at controlling my emotions especially when i’m passionate about something! Taking a step away from situations has been found to be the most effective for myself. Telling someone you need a minute or two to gather yourself is perfectly fine.

Allowing our emotions to control us is not godly. Denying or vilifying our emotions is not godly, either. We should thank God for our ability to feel emotion and steward our emotions as a gift from God. The way to manage our emotions is to grow in our walk with God. We are transformed through the renewal of our minds (Romans 12:1–2) and the power of the Holy Spirit—the One who produces in us self-control (Galatians 5:23). We need daily input of scriptural principles, a desire to grow in the knowledge of God, and time spent meditating on God’s attributes. We should seek to know more of God and share more of our hearts with God through prayer. Christian fellowship is another important part of spiritual growth. We journey with fellow believers and help one another grow in faith as well as in emotional maturity.

supertrisaratops asked:

Hey! You're from the topical area of Ohio as well?

uhhh which part are you considering tropical bc im from the north part which is tropical 90+% humidity during the burning hellhole we call “summer time” and then it’s an arctic wasteland of lake effect snow during the 7 month long annual ice age. with a nice temperate spring and autumn for like 2 and ½ days each in between them.

anonymous asked:

Headcanon: Himawari mostly have Hinata's gentle nature, but on some occasion she will show the traditional Uzumaki temper/energy

I hope so that would be amazingnn

anonymous asked:

Kurt always judgedAxl for someone Axl really isnt and never was.He was talking shit about Axl when he did not know anything about him or his life and his past. Axl really liked nirvana's music and wanted to help them etc, but Kurt was the one who always was the asshole saying things like people on GNR had NO talent and being super disrespectful towards Axl like when he SPIT on the piano. And a lot of other things. I like Kurt but do not try to make him look like an angel cause he is dead.

first off, I have NEVER portrayed kurt cobain as an angel  , either when he was alive or now, after his death.  kurt COULD be charming, and as many people found out , a person with a temper, who never minced words.

Axl,   was disrespectful to women, and ran HIS  mouth as much about kurt and courtney  as they did him.   and the PRESS ate it up.

Wahb Ibn Munabbih rahimahullah said:

A monk asked the devil when he had appeared to him: Which of human manners are most helpful for you to over take humans.’ He replied:’ Hot temperedness. When a servant is hot tempered we play with manipulate him just as kids play with a ball

Source: Ibn Abi Al Dunya in Maka’d Al Shaytān 59/38.


“A little stressy?” I snapped.

“Hello to you too, Riv.” Kieran sounded weary already. 

“I mean sure, I save lives for a living, but what does that matter as long as I’m all bubble pop electric when I come home-” 

“River, you’ve been off work for a week with this bug! You spend all your time sleeping! Are you seriously blaming your foul temper on your incredibly fulfilling job - that you haven’t been doing lately?” I stared open-mouthed. Is he right? Am I being totally unreasonable?