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Sharing an old pic that got lost in my drafts. The reason why I haven’t posted it yet was that I wanted to add Lady Veronica because I love her so much. See below :P

In our story, Therese is Gehrman’s childhood friend and former lover (5 years his senior). She’s an innkeeper and the one who taught our trash boi how to be the best house waifu in town.
She plays a secondary role and is somehow meant to represent the kind of woman Gehrman should’ve settled with: about his age, pleasant enough, with motherly tendencies to withstand his (child-like) temper-tantrums and someone who was not in his field of work.
But nope, Therese was smart enough to marry a less troubled man :P even if she was still fond of Gehrman and always encouraged him and offered advice regarding his (quite desolate) love life.

[They were so cute as teenagers :3]

Ser Lucien is one of Maria’s lovers (the other is Lady Veronica, see below) and a fellow member of the Royal Guards. He represents the best that the Cainhurst youth has to offer: good looking, well-mannered and an excellent swordsman, Lucien was Maria’s first crush and the two hooked up together at a very young age up until both of them set their eyes on someone else. They kept in touch throughout the years and often ended up in bed together again for the simple fun of it. Lucien was also the first person to whom Maria confessed her attraction to Gehrman (at the time even she could barely believe it, lol).

Lady Veronica, a cunning politician and one of Patches/Pavel’s most skilled spies, was Maria’s partner for almost two years until the two women parted ways on friendly terms. When Veronica came back to Cainhurst from a long political mission in the Eastern Lands, she introduced Maria to her spouse as Maria did the same with Gehrman. Needless to say that the reunion was quite awkward :P

We all joke about 2019 being the year of the killjoys and danger days but honestly the way that america and north Korea are throwing temper tantrums,,,,,,, it might happen y'all

But where's the fun in that?

someone had a basic temper tantrum under Mark’s vid saying. “Darks’ not taking over Mark. Anti’s not taking over Jack. I’m about to slap all you thirteen year olds who say otherwise!”

We all know this. we aren’t stupid.

But where’s the fun in saying, “oh that’s Jack in makeup.”

“Oh that’s Daniel "playing” Harry Potter.“

"That’s just Mark wearing a pink mustache.”

the best entertainers can get you to believe its another entity. that they are real. and give you emotions for them like fear, anger, hate, etc.

That’s why we love things like Anti, Dark, Chase, Wilford. they feel so real.

and I don’t think we would want it any other way.  

a female president will nuke europe during a period temper tantrum vs trans soldiers will start giving themselves hormone shots in the middle of a shootout

Being able to roll your eyes at the term “cultural appropriation” is a sign of privilege. You think everyone should just do what they want right? Because you’ve never been ridiculed or shamed for your traditions, culture, features, and appearance while at the same time seeing others copy or take those traditions, culture, features, and appearance and be praised for “starting trends” or “being edgy”. Keep that in mind next time you wanna throw a temper tantrum because a black girl told you you shouldn’t wear dreads.

white american supremacists done went and messed around with the devil by genociding people and enslaving people, now they’re afraid that their well-deserved comeuppance approaches closer and they’ll finally lose their insignificant, fragile identities by failing to silence everyone else. wish i could live to see the day when the joy leave their eyes as their petty temper tantrums finally stop having global consequences and the grim reaper of black liberation scythes their emotional ineptitude and sociopathy into oblivion for good and our ancestors can rest peacefully

Class 1-A Children Headcanons

Mina’s acidity developed over time. So the slime she produced when she was little wasn’t acidic. That being said she smeared it all over the house. 
Bakugou  was such a mama’s boy. He loved to help her out around the house with chores, especially folding laundry because he liked to fold his own clothes and feel grown. 
When Ochako was little she made herself float in her sleep so when her parents walked in and there wasn’t a baby in the bed, they’d look up to see her smiling. This happened more than once. 
Aoyama got upset and when he threw a temper tantrum his laser shot out of his belly button when he stopped his foot. 
Kouda got lost in the woods and was really upset until a few animals came to his side and started talking to him. They showed him the way out and he came back to those woods to thank them the next day with some food for them he made. 
Shouto really wanted to have a relationship with his brothers because he normally wasn’t allowed to talk to them, so at night he would sneak out of his room to theirs. They acted a bit indifferently towards him because of how he was treated and they also didn’t want to get scolded by their dad. Sometimes they would read stories and talk about school though together. 
Kirishima loved the sandbox. That kid constantly had sad in his shoes and hair. He loved playing in the sandbox so much that one time he brought buckets and buckets of sand into his room and made his own personal sandbox. 
Kaminari would short circuit the lights in the house often when he didn’t have full control of his quirk.  One time he threw a fit and the lights went out in the entire neighborhood. 
Izuku and Katsuki would go over to Bakugou’s house in the summer when it was hot and his mom always had Popsicles for them. 
Tsuyu would jump onto walls and stick to them to see just how high she could jump. 
Tooru used to run around the house naked and make her parents try to find her. All they had to do was follow the fit of giggles that was usually hidden in the kitchen cabinets.
Ojirou was a quiet and mischievous baby. He would sneakily do things around the house because he knew that he wouldn’t get caught. There are still things the the finds around the house that he hid when he was young.
Shoji’s favorite thing to do was puzzles. He would lay on the floor and put them together in 20 minutes. 
Jirou would plug her jacks into the wall to hear her parents conversations about what they were going to get her for Christmas, her birthday, ect. This had led to her hearing things she didn’t want to hear.
Sero’s siblings would grab his tape and around him, making him a little tape burrito. 
Iida ran into a lot of walls when he was gauging his quirk out. 
Tokoyami drew on the walls in his room because his mom said that he could decorate it how he wanted to. Dark Shadow helped him.
Sato’s always baked the cakes and desserts for special occasions. He refused to let anyone help him.  
Momo was a bit of a tattle tale in grade school. Whenever someone asked her a question on a test, she’d tell the teacher. But she was also fair when it came to the games she played with her friends, so they always came to her when there was a dispute about things. 

anonymous asked:

Why do people like Bakugou? I've not finished the series yet, but does he get a redemption arc or mellow out or something later on? Idk I'd like to know why the guy who told Deku to kill himself and bullied him and others has so much love.

y’know, the mangaka himself, horikoshi, once said in an interview he’s actually surprised at how much people ended up loving bakugou, because he was written to be such a horrible, unlikable person. and well, i mean, he is!! but imo, unlikable people can make for some of the most interesting characters in fiction.

first things first, bakugou is a very problematic individual, there’s simply no denying that. he’s loud, obnoxious, aggressive, extremely rude, and yes, he once even told deku to kill himself, which is a truly despicable thing to do. but something that’s very important to understand about all this is that he’s actually very rarely, if ever, praised or rewarded for this disgusting behaviour. his rude outbursts are, more often than not, played for laughs at his expense, his callous actions have cost him on numerous occasions (and it’s happening more as the story progresses), and almost nobody in the class likes him as a person. everybody thinks he’s horrible and unpleasant to be around, and his old friends from middle-school are even shown calling him out shortly after telling deku to kill himself, saying that he went overboard. (as well as deku remarking to himself that it was a very stupid and awful thing to say).

but in spite of all his terrible, negative traits, this boy is also really strong, and smart as hell. he’s got the 3rd highest grades in the whole class, meaning he’s serious about his school work, and he’s unshakably committed to his goal of becoming the strongest hero, and he’s got the strength, fighting skill, and drive to back it all up. he’s constantly trying his absolute best, and while his UA classmates all think he’s a complete asshole, they DO respect his strength, his keen intellect, his skill for tactics and battle, his passion for victory, and it actually inspires them to get them fired up, wanting to do the best that they can do as well, whether they like him as a person or not.

in answer to your question, i think one of the biggest factors playing into the fans love of his character is his backstory. he doesn’t have your typical tragic backstory that an angry, aggressive character of his archetype usually has. there’s no dark, traumatic past. no villains killed his family or anything like that. 

basically, bakugou is mentally ill.

katsuki bakugou was a gifted child who was told constantly from a young age that his quirk was amazing, that he was amazing, and he grew up believing it, believing he was better than others, and it warped him. he grew into a self obsessed, cruel, obnoxious child with a superiority complex, believing himself to be the best and that everyone else around him was just trash. his ego, so twistedly convinced of his own ability and superiority, he detested the idea of ever needing help from anybody, which fed strongly into his hatred and, yes, fear of deku, the only person in his life who ever treated him differently.

“you looked like you were asking for help”

and then he eventually enrolled at UA, and the little world he’d been living in finally came crashing down around him as he was sucker punched with the reality that this whole time he was really just a big fish in a small pond, and his superiority complex began to violently twist into an extreme inferiority complex. the rug had been pulled out from his feet and he was now surrounded by people who were just as capable as him, if not more so, and who, rather than worshipping him as the coolest kid with the coolest quirk, actually thought he was a kind of a douche.

not to mention deku, who he believed to be quirkless and the one person he hated the most, suddenly had a powerful quirk as well, and was now able to compete with and even surpass him in ways he never imagined. had deku been playing him for a fool this whole time??

all this clashed very harshly with everything he had come to believe in so strongly, and, understandably, caused him a lot of extreme confusion, anxiety, resentment, and most notably… Anger. his whole life has turned upside down and he has no idea how to handle it. so, being the person he is, the person his life up until this point had nurtured him into becoming, his natural instinct is now to blindly act out very… (excuse the pun)… Explosively.

he figuratively (and sometimes literally) blasts away anything and everything that doesnt agree with his perceived image of how things should be. he’s spent his whole life believing he was the best so FUCK IT, now he’s GOING TO BE THE GOD DAMN BEST!! his classmates dont like him/make fun of him/think he’s a dickhead?? WHATEVER, SHUT UP YOU DAMN NERDS!! I DONT WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU ANYWAY!! deku, the useless, annoying kid from his childhood is now standing in the way of his goal of being number one?? DEKU YOU DAMN NERD, I WILL DESTROY YOU!!

but… what has this aggressive and anti-social attitude actually achieved for him so far?? honestly, very little… in fact, this behaviour has been doing him a lot more harm than good in the long run, not just professionally, but for his own safety, and his mental health too. (i’d absolutely go into a lot more detail here but you mentioned you’re not up to date so i don’t want to spoil too much)

some people might say this all just sounds like an spoiled brat throwing a temper tantrum, and i guess on some level, that’s probably true. but in my opinion, the bottom line is it’s not his fault. taking something all might says about him in chapter 121 and expanding on it slightly, i believe bakugou ultimately ended up the way he did through the failure of his upbringing. the failure of the adults in his life. if he hadnt been told so continuously from a young age that he was amazing, and then left unchecked for so long, if maybe people were more firm with him about his behaviour from a young age, perhaps he may not have grown into such an angry, messed up person.

but in spite of all of this, as i mentioned earlier, this boy ain’t dumb. he’s smart as hell. it’s taking him a long time to realise it, blinded as he is by all his confusing emotions, and it’s taking him a long time to work through his issues and do anything about it, but he is changing. slowly. slowly, but believably.

bakugou, in my personal opinion, is one of the most interestingly written characters in the series, and it’s been very fascinating and rewarding to watch his gradual development over the course of the story so far. he certainly hasnt done a 180 or anything, he’s still a very loud and very angry boy, but he’s slowly beginning to change in a number of subtle, nuanced ways. bakugou now is remarkably different than bakugou as you see him in chapter 1.

one last thing to consider, is how relatively early we are in the story compared to the grand scheme of things. i believe i heard somewhere that horikoshi once said a while back that the story was roughly 20% done, which lead people to project the manga would run for approximately 500+ chapters, at least, and we’re only at 146 now at the time of this writing. 

bakugou is the 2nd most important character in the story after deku, the protagonist. so much of their development is built around each other, and it wouldnt make sense, narratively or realistically, for a character like bakugou, the way he is and his overall importance to both the story and dekus own development, to change too much in too short amount of time. a character arc like bakugou’s is one that will be played out slowly, but surely, and most importantly, satisfyingly. he will change. little by little. he is changing. he has changed already, and he will continue to change.

sorry this got really long, i just really like bakugou. i understand where some people are coming from when they say they don’t like him. that’s completely fair, liking a character is completely subjective, especially a character as prickly as bakugou is. but i just hope those people know he’s more than what he seems.

im pretty sure pennywise throws temper-tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. like, in the movie, for example he gets pouty when bev says she isn’t afraid of him anymore. he almost looks like he was going to cry out of frustration.

i mean, he acts like a child in general, just the way he treated eddie in the Neibolt house scene.

i love my 6'5 tall man child.