temperance brennan 2


No, I love it. The artist has to live within a set tonal structure and trust his own instincts to find his way out of an infinite maze of musical possibilities and the great ones do. 


Oh nothing, I just…I just never expected that you would, you know. 

That I would love music? Well I don’t usually get to talk about it but since you brought it up I thought…

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rules: tell us one favourite character from ten shows & tag ten people.

1. Temperance Brennan — Bones
2. Gregory House — House, M.D.
3. Lucrezia Donati — Da Vinci’s Demons
4. Sheldon Cooper — The Big Bang Theory
5. Barney Stinson — How I Met Your Mother
6. Alexandra Udinov — Nikita
7. Ned — Pushing Daisies
8. Jess — New Girl
9. Jessica Jones — Jessica Jones
10. Jack Hodgins — Bones

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