“Bones” is one of the most feminist shows I have ever seen, and yet I don’t remember anyone ever calling it “feminist show”.

It might end up being a long post but this show is so good just LISTEN.

2 out of 3 main female characters are WOC. But let’s start with Dr Brennan.

Dr Temperance Brennan. #1 forensic anthropologist in the world, literally takes no one’s bullshit. Lost her family, was in foster homes, but worked her ass off to be where she is now. She’s rich, famous, smarter than almost anyone. Aside from her job as forensic anthropologist working with the FBI, she also wrote successful books (awarded even, if I remember correctly?). When she’s not working for the FBI she helps identify victims of genocides. Temperance has a problem connecting with people, talking to people, but over the years/seasons she gets much better at creating relationships with the help of her best friend Angela, her partner (husband, later) and other people. She didn’t just wake up one day and suddenly wasn’t “socially awkward.” No. She still struggles sometimes, but it’s a part of her personality and it doesn’t make her any less of a good female character. Aside from her career, she’s also a mother. A very good one. She didn’t think she’d be, bc she’s a scientist and talking to children isn’t her forte, but her daughter looks up to her and they talk about science etc. And when her daughter said she wanted to sell cars when she grows up, Brennan and her husband were like “okay then” and bought toy cars for her! (this is so important to me, personally, bc I hated being forced to play with barbies as a kid) Brennan also speaks 6 (or 7?) languages and knows martial arts. Whenever someone says they’re honored to meet Brennan she’s like “I’m sure you are” lmao bc fuck false modesty that this society teaches girls, she knows who she is. She gives zero fucks about dumb social constructs, talks about religion, polygamy, gender roles, argues her husband that it’s nonsense that he doesn’t wanna use her money bc she clearly has a shitton more than he does, but still respects his feelings about it, and he respects her and admires her in every way. She also punched a meninist in the face.

Now, Dr Camille Saroyan. A black woman who is the head of forensics division, aka EVERYONE’S BOSS. The ultimate boss. She used to be a cop for 11 years, but now she’s a forensic pathologist at the Jeffersonian. Also a very smart woman, but unlike Brennan she has great social skills, she’s great. Has the best outfits 10/10. Pretends to be a strict boss but actually loves doing experiments at the lab. Aside from catching the killers (you know, nbd, just casual friday stuff) she’s a single mother. She adopted a child of her ex fiance who died. She proposed to her boyfriend. Cam is also religious but they don’t overdo that storyline, it’s well-written. She reads erotic novels in her free time. The reason I’m mentioning this is bc all the women’s sexualities are quite well-written. They talk freely about it, no one is called a slut, they date people etc.  And when a woman told Camille that she heard of her, Cam was like “from Booth?” and the woman said “no, from your work”.

Angela Montenegro, asian woman (mixed-race actually, her father is white and her mother is Chinese I think) she’s a forensic artist, she does facial reconstruction. She gives the victims their identities back bc she paints their faces to be able to identify them better. Angela is the heart of the Jeffersonian, she’s the actual human among all the scientists. At first she was a painter, but she needed the money so she came to the institute and then never left. She wanted to go to Paris later, but she came to love her work so she stayed. She’s Brennan’s best friend, she’s the heart while Temperance is the brains, so they’re a perfect match. That doesn’t mean that Angela isn’t smart, bc she really really is, but she’s guided by her emotions and sees deeper than just the facts. She has a degree in computer science, so she also does all the hacking for the team. There’s literally nothing that Angela can’t do. Her father is a rock star, so naturally Angela is also fabulous af. She takes photography as her hobby later on. She gives great sex tips and helps her friends get laid lmao. Speaking of sexuality, Angela is bisexual. Some would argue that it’s not really bisexual rep bc she marries a guy, but I thought it was worth mentioning that that part of her character is well-handled. Her old girlfriend comes back in early seasons and the storyline is so well-written. Some dude makes a shitty comment about her swinging both ways and Booth slams his head against the table and says “If you’re gonna hit on Angela, you should do it with a little respect.” She’s a romantic person and always sees hope in everything and is full of love and she’s just the best person, but don’t be fooled bc she’s also a badass. She also has kids in later seasons.

Aside from these main female characters, there are also so many side-characters who kick ass. Probably my favorite character in the entire show is Caroline. She’s the most badass, she’s also the funniest, she’s my fave ok I love her. She’s also a WOC, bless. And played by a woman in her 60s.

The relationships between these women are precious. They’re all supportive of each other. The conflicts between them are always professional, about work, and not about dumb things. And as much as Brennan/Booth is a very important and beautiful relationship and I love them, still, I’d say that the friendship of Brennan/Angela is probably the #1 important relationship of the show from the very start.

Anyway, Bones is very feminist and actually includes WOC, and if you’re not watching it you should, if you want to.