The A Minus Team...? || Open RP, but preference with Raph, April, Mikey or Leo replying.

Donnie sat at his computer, music blaring in his headphones. He was working on a new tPhones in order to replace the three that were broken after the Mouser attack. Since that day… one constant thought has been nagging on his mind.

We’re inferior. I’m inferior. Raph and Leo don’t need me. At least the can have some use for Mikey… he sighed, rubbing his eyes in order to prevent the flood of tears that usually came about for him.

They never needed me. And this really just proves it.



The group of people that were standing in front of him were definitely different from what he was used to seeing. Each one had a different aura emanating from their very beings, some that the jinchuuriki wasn’t too comfortable with. He would definitely have to be cautious around these ones.

Never hurt to be too careful, right?

“Who are you?”

((Merry Christmas, everyone!!! I know not all of you may celebrate it–or even like it for that matter–but for a lot of personal reasons, Christmas is a huge deal for me, and I wanted to share it with you all. c:  While I wish I could give everyone something just to express how great you all are, I still have limits, so I made as many of these as a I could before time ran out. When I say I love every rp I do with you guys, I mean it! They’re all such great fun, and I consider it a privilege to play with so many talented writers. I just did some quick doodles from our first rps together because I am nostalgic mess. Anyway, here’s part 1 because I couldn’t wait to scan the other half.))

Plans || Open to Donnie's Family & April

The purple banded turtle sat at his computer chair. Headphones placed over his head as he typed away notes into the word document. He let out a sigh, pulling the bulky device off of him.

For once, Donnie was feeling incredibly bored. Nothing had been going on in the lair for the past week, and he was sure it was beginning to take it’s toll on everyone living inside. Donnie had to think of something to do, and fast.

Breaking the Silence


It was a strange thing, how much she had longed for it over the years in which the boys were growing up. And in a house filled with teenagers, quiet was something of a rare commodity. And yet, as the boys had grown more and more comfortable with their life on the surface, she had been finding the quiet stretches in the house growing longer and longer.

And though she indulged in those quiet moments as she did now, meditating in the dojo, there were times when she came to resent the silence. Perhaps, even fear it.

For if her children had found their place in the surface world, did that mean they no longer had need for their mother?

Operation: Vampire Rescue || Donnie, April, Raphael || CLOSED ROLEPLAY

Donnie stood in front of the red haired girl and the red banded turtle, a cork board with a flow chart tacked upon it next to him. He cleared his throat and looked down at the two of them, “Alright, guys. All three of us are here today because we have a job to do. We’re got to go save April’s vampire sister Marceline.”

Frankly, he looked like an idiot, but he wouldn’t let either of them call him out on that right now. He pointed to the flowchart to a spot where two mutant turtles and a human were drawn (incidentally, the turtle drawn in purple was holding hands with the human. Coincidence? Nope.) and started to trace each line of an outcome with his finger.

“We’re going to have to be fast, strong, and daring all at the same time. That’s why the three of us are the ones going. I’m the speed, seeing as how Mikey isn’t here. Raph is the muscle, as per usual. And April is the courage, seeing as how she’s going to have to slip by a lot of Kraang. No problem, though. She’s done it before.”