The 12 Zodiac Signs When They’re Angry

Pisces: When pushed, they are down and out fighters. They aren’t afraid to jump in headfirst and get physical. They will undoubtedly have a few key points to make as well, but either way, they will NOT hold back.

Aries: Easy to ignite, Aries doesn’t like people stepping on their toes and interrupting them from doing what they know they can do. They are likely to fly off the handle and let you have it, insults, put-downs, and rage.

Taurus: Their temper has a long fuse. And it won’t go off until the little last straw (that can be anything) sets them off. And they are loud, obnoxious, and all over the place–very emotional and it will take them a great while to calm back down.

Gemini: This sign keeps their more “messy” moods under wraps, and they’re more likely to internalize it all, but you can visibly see their anger with shaky hands, narrowed eyes, and watch out for that silver-tongue that can cut you down without a moment’s notice.

Cancer: When it happens, you hardly notice until it hits you with SILENT treatment, ignoring, and if they MUST speak, it will be short and passive aggressive. They will eventually forgive you, but will never forget and most likely hold a massive grudge.

Leo: Their anger has a short fuse because they are more sensitive than you’re aware of; and they HATE public displays, but, if it is reduced to that, they make a scene, and you won’t be able to get in a word at all. You will feel about 1 inch tall.

Virgo: They will get quiet but extremely fierce and verbally kick your ass. They are much more HURT, but will express it as anger. And most likely, they will never want to speak or see you ever again.

Libra: The most passive aggressive of all the signs, they make remarks, belittle you, and act as if everything is okay, because they know they are getting underneath your skin.

Scorpio: They don’t want you to see them during their weak moments, so although they feel a deep rage when angered (usually because someone has lied to them), they calmly (scarily) cut you down to nothing with bitter, biting, and hurtful words.

Sagittarius: As fast as they’re mad (their fuse is almost as short Aries), they’re over it. But you better believe you will catch “the cold hard truth” coming out of their mouth. Offensive, blunt, and haughty, but then once calm apologizes about the WAY they said it, but not the actual words.

Capricorn: Steely gaze, disgusted look, emotional (inside), they let their anger come out in their actions and how they treat you. You will feel like you never mattered, nor will you matter ever again to this sign.

Aquarius: These people either get rebellious and loud when mad or withdrawn and quiet. The loud will rip you apart and have people on their side while doing so, and the quiet will come for you later and let you know what a disappointment you are. Don’t attack the people in their lives, nor what they stand for.