I just want to elaborate on one thing.

Jason Todd is not the temperamental one in the family

Yeah, sure, Jason is more serious and ruthless but the decisions he makes arent made out of anger or rage. He chooses his actions wisely out of his own beliefs. Such case is his decision to kill people that he feels deserve it. I understand how people may come to this conclusion but Jason isn’t fuelled by his rage.

Dick Grayson however, is.

He is more lighthearted than the rest of the batfamily, which can easily lead people to mischaracterise him as a bumbling ball of sunshine that adores hugs and cuddles. In the comics, someone once said something like: “He’s a happier, more approachable Batman” which is true, but people tend to forget that he is still like batman. (AKA not made out of sunshine and rainbows)

I’ve seen countless times where Dick loses his temper and lashes out, only to regret it later. Like when he beat the Joker to death, then later stared at his hands in shock saying “What have I done?” Or that time he snapped and went fucking crazy at Donna Troy. How about when he was trying to get a drink from a soda machine at Blüdhaven PD, and when it wouldn’t work, he punched it in anger, right in front of all his colleagues.

It was once stated while Dick was Damian’s Batman that sometimes he actively avoids human contact and watches nature documentaries because there aren’t any people in it.

The key difference between Dick and Jason here is that Jason doesn’t regret his actions as much, as he doesn’t usually lash out without thinking, while Dick does very frequently, as he has a nasty temper


maybe we are all wrong. Maybe Keith isn’t the one with the temper.

Maybe it’s Lance.

keith (for the most part) is calm, quiet. Sure, he’s angry and confused, but he doesn’t want to bother other people with it. He only few times he’s really gotten angry is when Lance is involved, or when the Galra hurt the rest of the Paladins.

Lance? Everything he does is to the fullest. He doesn’t strike me as someone who’d just slip away when he’s upset, not when there’re others around. Not when he can blame someone.

Because Lance is a freaking time bomb, and in the back of everyone’s mind, they all know it’s gonna end in flames. But until then, Lance is fun and happy and okay.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

Imagine that you have a boyfriend and although you haven’t dated for very long time, you are already slightly discussing getting married. Around that time your mother, who’s not aware that you have a boyfriend, decides it’s time to tell you that you are to be married prince Loki. Enraged and disappointed, you and your boyfriend decide to run away together. Your attempt fails however and to prevent such thing from happening again, you are moved to the palace to live there until your planned wedding with Loki. You are constantly rebelling against him and try to escape on numerous times, but Loki always catches you. He deeply enjoys your fierce temper and just looks at you with a smirk when you scream at him or try to kick him out of your room.

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When a Pisces is: Angry

Generally when a Pisces is angry they’ll go somewhere to be alone, and they will ignore you.A lot of hugging and cuddling can easily get them to go back to their normal selves.

But then it happens again.

And again.

And again.


and after many times of repeating the same things that hurt them,  they start to build up this sort of hatred of you that not even they’re aware of.

For a long time this hatred will make them hurt them selves.

They’ll wallow in a pit of sadness.

And anger.

A lot of anger.

And then one day,

you’ll do something that really sets them off.

And they’ll explode.

All that pent up anger towards you will all come flowing out, and their words will sting.

Imagine if the water from the dead sea got into a cut.

That’s what we’re dealing with here.

An angry Pisces is like the dead sea.

Pisces have such a way with words, they can complete your life so easily. Their love is the deepest out of all the signs, and to know a Pisces loves you is one of the best feelings there is.

But that goes in reverse to.

Their hatred runs deep, deeper than their love even. And that way with words that you love oh so much? It can go in reverse to.

The things a Pisces will say to you when angry will leave you wounded, and scarred for life.

Out of all the signs, a Pisces temper is the worst, but lucky for us they almost never show it.

So make sure to treat Pisces right, and be very aware of their feelings.

A Pisces temper is a once in a life time thing that you never want to experience.