tempe campus

The realization that in a week and a half I’m back on campus full time is incredibly disheartening, it’s not that I -can’t- deal with it…it’s just I so fucking hate everyone I have to interact with.

After finally getting over being hella sick, the idea of getting up at the crack of dawn in sub freezing temps to get to campus makes me almost sick to my stomach. 

The worst part is that if I had an adviser that actually gave a flying fuck and didn’t just quote company lines at me, my semester could have potentially been mostly online which would have taken care of the whole issue.
But no, instead of taking two seconds to actually fucking read my email it’s a standard line. Which also screws up the potential to have an online semester in the fall too.

At least I get to make her life a little bit miserable in that my husband now puts any report requests from her at the very bottom of his to do list.