tempdist edition


What if… I display no pain or pleasure
desire to fall into or flee the advancing fire?

What if there was no door
to be opened, closed or hoped?

What if I’m closed like I am out in open?
like my willing to sleep more
truth made Lie’s mistress
and Lie playing truth’s whore

What if I don’t need to be saved or embraced

but I ain’t dead

I feel you

looking for that helplessness

in me which you could help fix

You wouldn’t believe that I love you

You wouldn’t feel me at all….

How would you find me then?
Talk to me? Know me?

But I’ll wait with same apparent indifference
for you to set yourself free
of this absence
that something’s wrong
disliking painting more
than the unused
I have no where to go when I’m spent

you are