Today is the day that Bee and PuppyCat, the fantastic Kickstarter animated show, is out! GO WATCH THAT HERE AND NOW. I made a little floating TempBot to remember the occasion. You should go watch if you haven’t already, because its a brilliant show by my fav Natasha Allegri who was behind Fionna and Cake. Check out Cartoon Hangover’s latest and greatest. 


TempBot: Initiating Uniform Assignment~

[ Lazer Noises Pew Pew Pew ]

Bee: No.. no no no no NOOO! I don’t like this outfit!!

Watch on hench77.tumblr.com


If you’re interested in the work of director Neill Blomkamp of District9 fame, then you may be interested in some of his earlier work. This here is a short he made in 2006 showcasing his demiurgic use of documentary stlye camerawork combined with photo-realistic CGI. 


TempBot: Welcome Puppycat! .. You look different~ And hello unrecognized intruder. Unfortunately, due to increased security measures, you must now be incinerated.
Bee: Uhh! Woah!