Oh yeah, Dragon Quest Builders ⊟ 

I keep forgetting to mention Dragon Quest Builders, the Minecraft-inspired set in the same world as the series’ original game, coming to PS Vita, PS3, and PS4 in Japan at the end of the year. But we now have a trailer, via Gematsu:

This looks cute! I would play this! It’s up to Square Enix if we get to in the West, though! The publisher also announced Dragon Quest Heroes II, a sequel to the Dynasty Warriors-style hack-and-slash already about to release over here in October. This follow-up hits the PS Vita, PS3, and PS4 in Japan next Spring.

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updated SHINee links page

still working on my SHINee links page. I have added a lot more. Let me know if you think there is something you think I should add! This is what I have so far:

Official SHINee Website

Official Korean Fanclub- SMTown

SHINee World J - Official Japanese Fanclub


Debut Stage 080525 Inkigayo Replay

SHINee  Korean MVs


Love Like Oxygen



Juliette Dance Ver


Lucifer Dance Practice



Sherlock Dance Practice

Sherlock Dance Ver

Dream Girl

Dream Girl Dance Ver

Why So Serious

Green Rain


Everybody Dance Practice



View Dance Ver

ToHeart Delicious

ToHeart Tell Me Why

Taemin ~ Danger

Taemin ~ Ace -Beatburger

Jonghyun ~ Crazy

Jonghyun ~ Hallelejah Dance practice ver

Jonghyun ~ Deja Boo

SHINee Japanese MVs






1000 Years

Downtown Baby

Downtown Baby Dance Version

I’m Your Boy Shooting Sketch & Special Interview

I’m Your Boy Jacket Shooting Sketch & special Interview

Boys Meet U Special Showcase Movie

Boys Meet U Full Version

Everybody Japanese

Everybody Dance Version-Japanese

321 - Full Version

Breaking News - Full Version

Lucky Star - Full

Lucky Star Jacket & Music Video Shooting Sketch

Your Number full

Your Number Dance Ver


TV Shows & Dramas

Sukira Kiss the Radio First Radio Appearance 080606

Star King First appearance 080719

SHINee’s Yunhanam

Idol Army

Harry Potter Parody

Energy Song

Hello Baby

One Fine Day

Honey Jar

School of Rock

Band Of Brothers part 1 2 3 2008

2009 Invincible Youth - Minho

2009 Invincible Youth - Onew

Idol Maknae Rebellion (2009) Part 1 2 3 4 5

Shinhwa’s Orangebox ep.12 part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

World Date ep 1

World Date ep 2

World Date ep 3

Weekly Idol 2012

Weekly Idol 2013 part 1

Weekly Idol 2013 Part 2

After School Club 2013

Hello Counselor -Onew,Jonghyun, Minho

Hello Counselor - Taemin

Hello Counselor - Toheart

Hello Counselor - Jonghyun

Ultimate Group

Taemin WGM


Royal Villa

Salamander Guru And The Gang

To The Beautiful You

Medical Top Team

Onew Law of the Jungle Borneo Ep 1 part 1 2

Onew Law of the Jungle Borneo Ep 2 part 1 2

Onew Law of the Jungle Borneo Ep 3

Onew - Law Of The Jungle Brazil 1

Onew - Law Of The Jungle Brazil 2

Onew Law of the Jungle Brazil  3

SNL Korea - Grade Eight Illness Brothers

SNL Korea - The Dangerous Manager

SNL Korea - Eungyu

SNL Korea - The King Of Acting

Abnormal Summit part 1-subbed

Abnormal Summit part 2-subbed

Key’s My Little Television  1/6   150531

Key’s My Little Television  2/6   150531

Key’s My Little Television  3/6   150531

Key’s My Little Television  4/6   150531

Key’s My Little Television  5/6   150531

Key’s My Little Television  6/6   150531

Key’s My Little Television 150606

Key’s My Little Television 150613

Key’s Knowhow ep 1 part 1   2



SWCII Disc 1

SWCII Disc 2

SHINee World Concert III Disc 1

SHINee World Concert III Disc 2

Tokyo Dome Disc 1

Tokyo Dome Disc 2

I will keep updating this and adding to it. I know there are still tons of things I could add. So, if you can think of something, please send me a link, and I will add it. Thanks!


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