List Of Episode Season 8:
American Ninja Warrior Episode 1 : Los Angeles Qualifier
American Ninja Warrior Episode 2 : Atlanta Qualifier
American Ninja Warrior Episode 3 : Indianapolis Qualifier
American Ninja Warrior Episode 4 :
American Ninja Warrior Episode 5 : Philadelphia Qualifier
American Ninja Warrior Episode 6 : Los Angeles Finals
American Ninja Warrior Episode 7 : Atlanta Finals
American Ninja Warrior Episode 8 : Indianapolis Finals
American Ninja Warrior Episode 10 : Philadelphia Finals
American Ninja Warrior Episode 11 : National Finals Week 1

There’s a really, really deformed NPC Nosferatu in game by the name of Rupert (although the real name or gender is unknown, they just call him that), who is deformed so much, he has an octopus-alike visage, and literally is a tentacle monster. After watching closely the fashion nowadays, some vampires conclude (in no particular order):

Toreador: And the next thing you know, Rupert is the sexiest beast ever!

Ventrue: Was it you in that porn anime?

Toreador: Do you know Lovecraft made a cult of you?

Toreador: Are Japanese schoolgirls bothering you? Is that why you live in the sewers?

Nosferatu: I had fantasies about tentacles when I was younger.

Toreador: FHTAGN!

Rupert: [makes annoyed slurping noises]

Droughtlander 2016 - #1

So, I have decided to start a Droughtlander 2016 Edition summarizing shippery events of the day, subject to my time availability and subject to my own interpretation of course.

For the first issue of Droughtlander 2016 - which will be shortened to DOL2016 I will give you my view of date 8/30/16.

After a rather annoying day yesterday ignoring the desperate attempts at recognition by the Attention Seeking Duo (ASD) of Shatner and Camuso, which will from now on be referred to as ASD-Shat, our two friendly co-stars who hang out sort of personally were silent for most of the day today.

I will say that there was a point of shippery goodness yesterday among the influx of ASD-Shat tweets, in that Sam, bless his heart, retweeted ASD-Shat for a very worthy cause of battling child cancer. Our lovely traveling humanitarian then decided to retweet her hubby humanitarian counterpart. I thought it lovely. The fact these two beautiful, talented people are working together towards a worthy cause warms my shipper and humanitarian heart..LOL.

Today…crickets. But then suddenly, after almost a full 24 hours of not being online on either IG or Twitter, Sam and Cait reappeared, approx. 20 min apart…hmmm. Sam was pictured earlier in the day working out at the gym, but did not show online activity himself, until the wife showed up online. Interesting…

Does it mean anything? Oh, who knows… but I would like to interpret this my way by saying that they are communicating. It seems they are very much in-tune with each other. They each know very well what the other is up to. Sounds a lot like some type of relationship to me. 

Define it however you want…