temp tatts


So we said we’d do a giveaway when we hit 1500 followers. We hit 1500 a couple of days ago. That’s a fuckload of followers. Thanks. This wasn’t ever meant to become a thing. It was a ridiculous idea we had at 2am mainly for our own enjoyment. We’ve only learnt one thing from making this blog and that is that Dan points way more than we already thought.


We’re giving away Catstille temporary tattoos (the number you will receive depends on how many I can actually find, at the moment I’ve got 5 but there’s definitely more somewhere)

I (Beth) drew them then got them printed as temp tattoos which you can be seen being modelled by all of the people who have ever had anything to ever do with DSPAT (primarily Blair, who ended up with a killer Catstille tan line.)


  • Must be following us: dansmithpointingatthings (obviously, we’ll check n stuff)
  • Not necessary to be part of the draw, but follow i-imagine-i-believe (Beth) and rainpoureddown (Blair) because if the winner happens to be following me and Blair too then I’ll draw/make something extra (probably something more DSPAT related) and send that with the temp tatts. Bit selfish? Yes, but it’ll motivate me to actually do more art stuff. Will obviously check this once winner has been chosen
  • Doing the winner selection from one of those number generator things
  • Likes and reblogs count, do it as much as you want but don’t spam your followers because nobody likes seeing giveaways 39485033 times on their dash
  • Will send to anywhere in the world, because you fuckers are everywhere.
  • Giveaway ends 28th September 2014