temp dreads

What with all these pictures of Victor clothes-shopping with Vanessa

(Seriously he looks so adorably confused)

(and fuming

that is an “I will GET you for this” face if ever I saw one

if looks could maim Vanessa would have to be carried out in a basket

and Vanessa’s face is just the grin of an older sister who’s just scored one off her ickle brother personified, I have the knowing of these things, trust me on this)

but I digress

I just have visions of Victor buying something for Brona and sneaking it back to the lab and presenting it to her, seeing her delight

and then seeing her in the outfit, seeing her spin about in joy, giggling

watching with a little smile on his face

it would be creepy as heck too of course but it’s victor, when is it not creepy?