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SO.. I was reading about Meredith in World of Thedas Vol 2 and hoo boy. There is a lot to be said here.

Okay first of all, there are whole pages to be written here about meredith and what this means for her characer arc. I mean can you imagine? The way this is written, kind of makes it seem like Meredith really looked up to Ameia. So to see someone who you love and look up to turn into something made out of nightmares and then literally tear your parents limbs apart, killing them? Yeah. Thats fucked up. The amount of trauma it must have left her in….do you think she ever got over it? Because I’m going to go with most definitely not. She was left homeless and orphand, and the templars took her in immediately after. So already, she’s had personal trauma which is her driving force for becoming a templar…Im not super knowledgable about meredith and Im sure there are already tons written on this who have put it more eloquently than I ever could, but basically–damn, thats fucked up.

The mai reason I wanted to bring up this passage though is because of something unrelated to Meredith. More specifically, the part where it says that Amelia’s abomination killed 70 people before the temlars destroyed her.



Thats a LOT!!!! What the hell? Can we talk about this??

I mean, personally Ive only ever played the games on casual, so Im probably more surprised than I should be by how powerful it must have been, but still, doesn’t that seem a litte much?? There are a few thoughts I have about this in general which are all kind of scattered so I’m just going to bullet point them

-It probably makes more sense that one abomination could do so much damage if put into context of who exactly where among those killed. Even though it never says, I imagine they must have been other villagers (does it ever mention where meredith grew up? it just mentions neighbors here so Im not sure if shes in a village or city or what), and if not villagers then other innocents who wouldn’t have been able to protect themselves, such as unarmored or therwise untrained civilians and children. However these are all just assumptions. While I highly doubt that all 70 of those (well, 68 if you count merediths parents) were templars or otherwise trained and armored guardsmen, its never outright said so this is all me speculating.

-but still, what the hell happened? did the templars fail at their job? Did they not get there in time(even tho t says they were at the end of the street so like??)?? Was the abomination more Op than usual? were the templars that were sent not all experienced enough?

-This raises other questons. like….is this a regular occurance? does this mean that a single abomination could destroy entire villages or towns if they dont have the proper forces (such as templars??) to protect them?

–Or is this an exaggeration by the books? I mean, the book has kind of lied by omission or other reasons a few time, like for example in blackwalls bio it gives actual gordon blackwalls bio and not thom rainers (same with solas and lack of spoilers)

-Also, perhaps some evidence that cities are much larger with more people than the games portray? Perhaps thats a stretch, because even with how big real life earth 70 would still be a hella lot of people even by our terms. But still, what do I know?

Im kinda running out of steam here so does anyone wanna comment on this? I mean seventy people. Dang. That’s a friggin lot for one abomination.

anonymous asked:

Honestly the most frustrating thing with Solavellan to me.. Is that It's all a Solas romanced Lavellan is reduced to by the fandom. Game wise, and for many people Head-canon-wise, their Lavellan's HAVE a life outside of Solas. They have best friends, they have family, they have a bloody Inquisition to run. But in the fandoms eyes - at least now-a-days - if Lavellan romanced Solas /and still loves him After Trespasser/ she is now Standard issue LI (tbc)

(Lavellan ask) And it frustrates me that out of all of Lavellans potential romances.. ONLY Solas is called out on the powerdynamic. Not Cullen, or any other Andrastian with their history of discrimination and /intentional/ genocide, not Dorian with the elven slaves in Tevinter. Bull is arguably the only one among them who even knows a Dalish elf. Lavellan has to explain (i:e Defend) her culture to everyone in the bloody inquisition. Can we stop acting like she doesn’t have to.

I completely agree. There are problematic aspects re: being Dalish with literally every love interest (since Lavellan is the sole character race you can romance every person as), except maybe Bull and Josephine (And Blackwall?). Cullen is an ex-Temlar who holds typical Chantry views in most ways, Cassandra is the same and thinks the exalted march on the Dales was justified, Dorian has the slavery thing, Sera really hates herself because she’s an Elf and forces that onto an Inquisitor she romances, and Solas is… Well. He’s Solas. S/he has to fight pretty much every LI to be seen on equal grounds in some way, not just Solas. Her being Dalish is IMPORTANT, because there are a lot of points built around it, and a lot of potential conflict in relationships because of it.

And yet you’re right. Lavellan/Other LI may be a smaller fanbase, but they don’t get treated like their Lavellans are Generic just because they romanced such and such a person. Their Lavellans are still seen as complex and interesting people with lives and backstories, and of course they ARE, but the subculture of people talking about their Solavellan romancing Lavellans and their fanfic being stories that highlght something unique about each character WHILE dealing with Solas and the romance is lost on these people.

The treat every other relationship like it’s going to be easy just because those people were honest with Lavellan about their identities, completely forgetting that Solas is more honest with the Inquisition than he has been with anyone for a good many years, and that the other LIs ALSO see Dalish Elves in weird or problematic ways. It’s just sad that she gets reduced to what she gets reduced to.