Inquisitors Week, a week dedicated to all the beautiful and amazing Inquisitors. Inquisitors week will take place July 19th-25th. Each day will have two prompts.

Day 1 | Favorite outfit/armor or Favorite Weapon
Day 2 | Romance or Religion
Day 3 | Favorite Class Tree or Favorite Ability
Day 4 | Story Missions or Side Quest Missions
Day 5 | Big Decisions (Mages vs. Templars, did the Wardens stay or go, who rules Orlais? What about the Well of Sorrows?)
Day 6 | Preferred party members or favorite NPC(s)
Day 7 | Favorite thing in Skyhold to jump off of or Free Day

During the week we’ll be tracking the tag #inquisitorsweek, make sure to tag it in the first 5 tags.

Make sure to spread the word! Share with your followers and friends, show your love for your Inquisitors!

More about the prompts / info / faq / rules