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  • Laurence: Monologues at length about honor, duty, allegiance to the crown,etc.
  • Laurence: *steals dragon eggs from a foreign government*
  • *commits treason*
  • *flat out refuses to follow certain orders*
  • *allows the russians to falsely believe tharkay is a high ranking member of the chinese court/government*
  • Tharkay: Looks into the camera like he’s on the office

hey look who caught up with the times and got a haircut

this woulda been great to post nearer to christmas but i aint waiting that long


I finished my big picture of many dragons! Getting headshots of giant colorful lizards to be as animated and characterful as they are described in the books is a real challenge, but I think I did fairly well. I think I’m going to take a long break from drawing scales though. And also some ibuprofen and my wrist brace. 

work-in-progress shots: one, two, three, and four.


still trying 2 tharkay as well

tharkay is literally the hardest character to get right i will die before i draw a tharkay i am 100% happy with

inktober day 5: ALSO for @henryiiofficial, in reference to this post about Hogwarts houses for our favorite dragon riding nerds. Let me just say it was REALLY WEIRD drawing Laurence and Tharkay as 16-year-olds. I’m not sure I succeeded, they still look weird to me, but I hope they’re at least… sorta recognizable? 

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kiran talk to me abt teremaire why shud i read it why shud i spend money on it talk books to me kiran

alright so first of all, you know how we’re all like “I dont want to read actual fiction, fanfic has ruined me forever”??? well, this series is written by one naomi novik, aka astolat, aka that one stevesam author who kept CHURNING OUT AMAZING STEVESAM FICS FOR LIKE A YEAR AFTER CAP 2 HOLY SHIT HOW DID WE GET THAT LUCKY. not only does she have like 400 works on her ao3 profile (and while I haven’t read them all I have read a LOT and they are QUALITY), she is actually one of the founders of ao3. so like, we owe her big time, because could any of us go back to ff.net I don’t think so.

and she wrote a fantasy series about the napolenoic wars and dragons. u know how there are some fic authors who are so good ur like “man I’d read a 9-book series about their original characters no joke” well this is that series. THIS is the series that should have had our whole culture talking about fanfic in the mainstream and should become a multi-movie phenomenon, instead of the piss-flavored backwash of the twilight fandom. this is the dragon fantasy series that should be adapted into a hit tv show that is culturally acceptable to talk about because it would have 100% less rape and 89% more dragons!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AN AMAZING SERIES, like I know it starts out very euro-centric fantasy but over the course of the 8 books so far, they have traveled to 4 continents and naomi has explored the differences between dragon/human interactions in multiple cultures. because dragons exist in this world, tecumseh is president of the united states. native cultures that in our reality were wiped out by colonization and imperialism are able to go to war and WIN because of dragons.

the series also explores social issues in a non-patronizing way, because dragons are very socially progressive and have to teach their problematic humans about social justice. dragon social justice!!!!!!!!! I’m serious it’s very well done I swear. 

also it is an extremely unusual fantasy series in that there is no real antagonist. sure, they’re at war with napoleon, but you are not rooting for the british because They Are Good and Napoleon is Bad. that’s where the main character starts out at, but over the course of the books he starts to realize that blind devotion to a flawed government is probably not the best lifestyle choice. but he still fights for his country. it’s a pretty realistic take on real world morals, and one of the few historical novels in general I’ve encountered that does a pretty good job of telling a story without the ingrained historical bias we’ve been taught in our culture.

again, even though initially you think it’s euro-centric, there are so many different cultures explored and half the cast is of color, one of the main characters is half-nepali half-british and VERY VOCAL ABOUT HOW DONE HE IS WITH WHITE NONSENSE. there are female aviator captains and crew members and they are AMAZING and just as well-written characters as the dudes. also one of the main characters is gay and honestly the way it’s written is such a good exploration of homosexuality in a time where it’s illegal but also there are dragons. not to mention the amount of fic tropes you can extrapolate from canon gays in the 1800s aerial corps GOD I LOVE THIS SERIES I WANT TWENTY DRAGONS I LOVE DRAGONS 

  • Laurence: Talk to Iskierka, that's what friends do!
  • Temeraire: Nope. I'm gonna wait till I'm on my deathbed, get in the last word, and then die immediately.