‘mica learns how to use clip studio paint’ prompts 5/?: @thefullmoonchronicle asked for Temeraire and Laurence going for a swim, so pls enjoy my lazy half-assed water. I think this’ll be the last of these for today, but I still have more prompts in my inbox, and more to learn about this program, so stay tuned. :) 

remember that old tumblr post that still comes around sometimes that’s like “any story is better if you add dragons?” I’m pretty sure Naomi Novik just saw that one day and said “hold my beer” and that’s how we got Temeraire.

Guys, I know this isn’t the Law you’ve been expecting, but I’ve been guzzling down Naomi Novik’s Temeraire series at the rate of a book a day this week, and I’m not gonna lie, I absolutely love William “Honor” Lawrence. 

I did this quickie in about 3 hours. I should really remember to record myself drawing one of these days - but then you guys would be able to see that I traced all of those ships off assassin’s creed screenshots. 


II. Throne of Jade
~by Naomi Novik~

“I do not care if they do not like me,” he said. “Maybe then they will let me alone, and I will not have to stay in China.” The thought visibly struck him, and his head came up with sudden enthusiasm. “If I were very offensive, do you suppose they would go away now?” he asked. “Laurence, what would be particularly insulting”

Hammond looked like Pandora, the box open and horrors loose upon the world. Laurence was inclined to laugh, but he stifled it out of sympathy.

William Laurence, stricken with Amnesia in a Strange and Foreign Land: I’m sure I must, even with eight years lost to me, remain a loyal officer and subject of the King, happy to do my duty to England and subordinate my personal feelings to the same.

meanwhile, the rest of his company:

  • William Laurence: I accidentally adopted the rarest, most powerful dragon in the known world, and I love him more than anyone, and he basically tries to rip the head off anyone who insults me which is kind of nice I guess, but he sure has caused me a lot of trouble.
  • Hiccup Haddock: ....dude, tell me about it.

Our Mutual Destruction is a roleplay forum inspired by Naomi Novik’s Temeraire books. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting and features many of the breeds seen in the books, as well as some new cross-breeds created from necessity in our world, and also because we wanted to have a little fun with it. The setting gives some backbone while allowing a good deal of freedom to play with the world, without being stuck to a rigid, pre-defined history.

The story takes place somewhere between 1990 and 2020. No one is sure; people have lost track. Operation Vegetarian made sure of that, wiped out the majority of the human and dragon races. The people of Sanctuary have reclused themselves for over half a century, refusing to leave their caverns and their walls for fear of the contamination caused by the war. Only recently have the people begun to test the plants nearest their walls with their remaining technology, and with toxins at safe levels, have found they can now venture from their city.

In a land they thought long-gone to themselves, what awaits their discovery?

• Play dragons–a variety of breeds!
• Play humans in a variety of roles, such as engineer, teacher, medic, and so on!
• Your human character could get their very own dragon!
• Have fun in an alternate timeline post-apocalyptic setting!
• Have the chance to create your own crossbreed of dragon!
• 1-2 eggs hatched per month, given to the best application submitted!

I just want you all to know that I can’t read this line in Victory of Eagles without also imagining this scene:

*Laurence, sitting alone and sobbing quietly over a book*

Very alarmed Granby, running over: “Laurence, what’s the matter??”

Laurence, looking up, face streaked with tears: “I hate math so fucking much”