Because you all seemed to enjoy those Temeraire doodles a lot here’s another drawing I’ve had squirreled away, my head-canon for a Celestial face design.

I’ve had a lot of fun taking this world and pretending that it’s a real concept art job and approaching all my little ideas that way (thank you Naomi for creating such brilliant dragon species). It’s been a great exercise in creatively thinking just for myself. I had fun just thinking “if I had to design a dragon main character that has been described in this certain way, while keeping it realistic but also giving it a unique and signature design, how would I do that?” and this is the direction that my ideas went.

The rendering isn’t quite what I want yet, I was getting close though. I referenced mexican black kingsnakes because they have beautiful glossy scales and I felt like that would be perfect considering how Temeraire has always been described as sleek and smooth. I also spent a lot of time just sketching head structure because this would have to also work without the frill and tendrils for the Imperials and still look regal and defined and unique (I have those sketches somewhere I think). Forward facing eyes especially were very important to me. Most reptiles have eyes on the side of their head and look absolutely derp from front on, and I just didn’t think that would work for creatures that are described as very intelligent. So I did a mash-up of mammalian and reptilian features to sort of combine the best elements from both.

So yes, this is what I do for fun. Maybe someday I’ll finish it!


And Temeraire rounds out the formation! Celestials and their tendrils, love ‘em–

i’m catering to my draconic aesthetic with this one (though that is entirely too many digits on the wings imo, four is a perfectly respectable number tyvm, and i’ve enough difficulty fitting in five yet alone six). in other news painting black has not magically gotten easier, still need to work on that…AND of course the size disclaimer, being ‘i’m really not even trying.’

boy do i adore this social justice dragon


My part of an art trade with valintinus, Temeraire universe dragons in science! 

The first two are supposed to be set in late 19th century, after dragons perhaps gain more rights and are starting to get recognized in the fields of science, and the last one is an old Perscitia discussing physics with Nobel prize laureate 2013 Francois Englert (had to include her one way or another!)