Dream Game: Megaman Warriors

So Megaman is over 25 years old and the series has had 7 variants that really count over these years. Each gaining new fans as well as bringing in some of the old. That being said I think a Warriors game would be so fitting of a way to bring all these characters together and have them fight along side one another.  Omega Force has been doing work with many series and fans of the series always seem to love their titles. 

I can think of so many ways to make cool varied movesets for so many of the Robot masters. Plus from series to series you could copy the clones that exists like from Battle Network (BN from this point on) and the original series. While each main Megaman has the common has the common Mega buster none fight the same and all of them have their own really cool fighting styles. Then they have fantastic supporting casts that all have huge fan following. 

This for Sure could make money too, it make a lot of sense for everyone involved in the development. Manman fans are so starved they backed a game that was just going to be a megamanish game by the original creator to insane degrees. That’s with some distrust in crowd funding, it not actually being Megaman and all the other problems tied to the project. Dragon Quest isn’t planning on making profit on a world wide release and it’s game looks like it’s getting a nice coat a paint. I really think the audience would snag this game on any console it was released on. I personally think the best move for making the most money would be a Wii U title since a large amount of Megaman sales are on Nintendo consoles and the virtual console releases have been extremely profitable for Capcom. However, this game could be in the far future so I’m not dedicated to any particular console for the release. 

The idea just has so much potential from so many angels that it makes my head almost explode with joy just dreaming about this game. I know me and my little brother would get hours and hours of joy just playing new characters in Co-op exploring the cross worlds Megaman story and taking down the big bads. I know despite all the words in this post I didn’t really go into much detail about the game but it’s simply because it be a lot of extra words when I could just say I want Dynasty Warriors Gundam X Hyrule Warriors to be this game. I want the large scale of characters, the good having to team with the bad and things like that from DW Gundam but with the more personal style of character that we got in Hyrule warriors.What do you think of a Megaman warriors game? What characters would you like and would you like to see more on this idea (If so what)? Thanks so much for reading and I hope you stay tuned to my blog for more game ideas, game news, reviews, comics, and a ton of other nerd crap.