deebott asked:

^_^ <3 Answer this with ten random facts about yourself and then pass it on to your ten favorite followers :3

:) Random facts

1)      I am super shy

2)      I am in my fourth year of school to be an engineer

3)      I can’t swim for shit but I love to go as far out as I can when in the ocean

4)      One time my harness popped up just before my rollercoaster ride started. Luckily I got them to stop the ride

5)      I’m from uptown manhattan.

6)      I’ve accidently stabbed the roof of my mouth with a pencil

7)      I love big red neck trucks and jacked up four-wheel drive/suv vehicles. (but not the boys who drive them)

8)      I turn 21 next week

9)      One time I had to jump out of a bus’ emergency exit window during a mini race war between Dominicans and Puerto Ricans that broke out.

10)   Im passive aggressive.

Now for my favorite (or most active followers )

1~ Deebott


3~ Naturalmenminez

4~ fucks-with-stussi

5~ whats-that-jacket-margiela


7~brownsucre (If youre still around tumblr????)

8~ tembonzuri



tembonzuri replied to your post: marley and me should be played in every dog…

man i was holding back tears during the funeral

aww it was sad, i wanted to cry and then i was like ‘no, whoever created this movie wants me to cry because he died, but why would they want to make me cry that’s not going to make me like the movie, i’m not going to watch it again if i know i’m going to cry’ so i didn’t cry, i just got angry instead ahaa