temari 09

A/N: It’s been quite awhile since I’ve written a fic, so I thought I’d begin working out my creativity with a simple task: the 50 themes, 1 sentence challenge from livejournal using the Epsilon theme set. Special thanks to @drowninglinguists​ for helping me out with many of these, as well as Temari’s characterization! I believe the majority of these are post-war, save for one. Can you spot it?

#01 - Motion

Admittedly, Temari is rather grateful that her boyfriend has his gaze glued to the path before them, for she blushes so ferociously the instant he wraps his arm around her shoulders and pulls her close.

#02 - Cool

“I’m totally cool,” Shikamaru mumbles beneath his breath, and his wife can only smile rather ruefully, taking her husband’s hand in her own, carefully unwrapping his fingers from around the shougi tile.

#03 - Young

Newly born is the infant placed in his arms shortly after cutting the umbilical cord; it isn’t out of fear that Shikamaru hands their son off to his exhausted wife, but purely out of love, wanting her to be the first to truly hold and comfort him.

#04 - Last

He is her first choice—her only choice—rather than her last, something he has grown accustomed to in his childhood, always picked last when playing with the other children due to his lazy nature and supposed lack of physical strength.

#05 - Wrong

She’s (usually) never wrong, something he is thankful for, even as he stands before an incapacitated asshole, fists clenched at his sides; she speaks softly near his ear, palm flat against his chest, “Shikamaru, you’ll always have me.”

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