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Guide to Every Indian Drama Ever

1. A humble heroine with big dreams

.. and a filthy rich hero with an attitude problem

2. Heroine has a strange disorder where she keeps falling on the hero

3. Magically transport to a forest, where the couple plays a game of Survivor

4. Right when it heats up, introduce the “vamp” (aka hero’s superslutty girlfriend)

5. Couple has huge misunderstandings, which could be resolved with a 5 minute convo

6. In a strange turn of events, hero force-marries heroine 

7. There must be an absurdly long drawn-out wait until the consummation

9. Throw in an an evil mom/grandma/ex/random twat to separate them

9. When the couple finally gets down to bizness … bam! heroine becomes pregnant the very next day

10. Actor becomes popular and gets the hell outta the show

11. Director tries to pass off a random guy as the hero

12. Show dies a slow, but swift death

Why you should watch Ek Duje Ke Vaaste:
  1. It, by far, is the most realistic show I have seen on Indian Television, there are problems, but realistic ones that are solved in realistic manners. The show is written exceptionally well, all the characters have shades, no one is perfect or a “villain”. Everyone has a believable motive behind their actions, even when the supposed “villains” act, you feel for them.
  2. The two leads were childhood best friends that lost each other for a while, they are angry with each other, but you can tell how much they mean to each other because they go to great lengths to help the other. And it’s realistic, they don’t go from not talking from ten years straight to falling in love with each other, they build their friendship. Their romance is not falling into each other’s arms all the time, and staring at each other but through their actions, often subtle yet more touching than anything I’ve ever seen. 
  3. Everyone in the show accepts that the leads are best friends and doesn’t bat an eyelash or say anything about their closeness. She can be sitting on his bed taking care of him and no one finds it out of place. Their relationship is so beautiful. The writers don’t need to find elaborate ways to make them stay together (i.e. the whole forced marriage thing) because they literally get up and go see the other when they want.
  4. The show is literally based on parallels, everything connects so seamlessly. You know those shows that you watch where they completely forget what happened like ten episodes ago, this one has been so consistent since the beginning. They close all the loops so beautifully.
  5. The female lead is an independent, self-sufficient woman. She runs her own business, successfully, and the show keeps showing her at work and dealing with her problems. She doesn’t stop working when the guy enters her life and spend her time longing for him instead.
  6. The male lead is so confident and sexy, yet vulnerable. He isn’t perfect, and the CVs go to great lengths to show it. 
  7. One thing I hate about Tellywood is misunderstandings that could be easily solved by talking. With the leads of this show, whenever something goes wrong, they talk, they listen to each other, apologize and tell each other the truth. It’s a blessing.
  8. Don’t even get me started on the actors, they’re all wonderful. From the leads to the cameos. Everyone emotes so well. The leads have fabulous chemistry, and they emote so well that I literally feel like I am feeling the emotions they are experiencing. 
  9. Plus, look at them: #heightdifferencegoals #theyarebothsogorgeousiwannacry

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I’ll destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. 

I’ll kiss your bloodied lips laugh, and let your heart ripple.

Dont fall in love with me darling, your sorrows will tripple.

And when I leave you’ll finally learn 

Why storms are named after people. 

My actual FAV scene ever 

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