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You think “I should get out of the city more”.  You think “Where is he?  What is he doing?”  You think “I am so high.”  You think, “Nature is really big.”  Make a list of your three favorite parts of his body.  You think “I should go swimming– No!  I shouldn’t.”  You think “Maybe I’ll just…."
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Relationships: Ronan Lynch/Adam Parrish, Henry Cheng/Richard Gansey III/Blue Sargent
Characters: Ronan Lynch, Adam Parrish, Noah Czerny, Richard Gansey III, Blue Sargent, Henry Cheng
Additional Tags: Light BNHA AU, Established Relationship, Infinite Hell Cycle, Very Very Stupid

“Can you… can you control the bees?” Adam asks.
“Oh, no,” Henry says. “I just make them.”
Adam looks at Ronan, with an expression that says what. Ronan looks at Adam with an expression that says he is the actual worst and also we are going to fight a swarm of bees.

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anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fic where... it's a Stydia au, but like Bellarke

So like Bellarke… beacon hills and with a Jeep and red string? So i did a thing. 

  • Okay so imagine Bellamy the smart hot guy with a group of close friends but not popular. Clarke’s always had a thing for him but once she becomes friends with Octavia they actually talk. 
  • Bellamy always seems busy and he has this group of friends and when Clarke starts noticing them huddled in the Library and coming into the hospital while she waiting for her mum injured she starts to sneak about and see what they’re up to
  • Clarke is confused af because if she didn’t know better she’d say they were werewolves but thats RIDICULOUS. But when she see’s Octavia’s eyes glow one day SHE KNOWS. 
  • So she confronts Bellamy. And he just rolls his eyes at her and calls her princess. So she confronts him again this time with wolfs bane he just looks her down and calls her clever princes. 
  • it turns out they aren’t all werewolves but the Blakes are. Raven’s a kitsune. Miller is hellhound. and she never asks how Jasper and Monty keep appearing out of thin air. 
  • so she joins them. She works hard to learn every thing she can from Deaton. She become’s their unofficial emissary. Working with Bellamy to solve and stop everything attacking their town which she has to keep reminding Bellamy isn’t actually on the mouth of Hell cause he doesn’t believe her. 
  • They end up spending so much time together it becomes natural to fall in Love. Clarke feels balanced when she’s with him. Feels like the world isn’t so overwhelming. She knows Bellamy trusts her more then anyone. Relies on her for the most. 
  • So when he finally comes back from the most god awful fight they’ve ever faced covered in bruises and cuts. She kisses him. Square on the mouth in front of everyone. 

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20 Questions

Ok so if you want to ask me things, I’m gonna be occasionally reposting this or posting it as a caption just so I remember and you remember what the numbers are.
Send me a few numbers, and I’ll answer the questions that go along with the numbers.

1. What’s your earliest/first memory?
2. What’s your favorite childhood memory?
3. What’s your favorite hobby?
4. What’s your worst daily struggle?
5. Is there something you’ve always wanted to do? Do you think you could ever do it?
6. Who are your favorite people? (close friends and celebrities, or one or the other)
7. What do you think you’re particularly good at?
8. Favorite late 1990s-now band/artist?
9. Favorite 1940s-1980s band/artist?
10. Best subject (got best grades) in school?
11. Favorite subject in school?
12. Favorite hot drink?
13. Favorite cold drink?
14. Lucky number?
15. Favorite charities?
16. Favorite musical?
17. Favorite author/playwright?
18. What do you do most on your computer?
19. What do you do most on your phone?
20. What’s the most unique thing about you? (birthmark, talent, etc.)

And that’s it! Ask the questions like this:
“For the 20 questions, 8, 14, and 16”
And I’ll answer accordingly.

Look around at what you have. Then, close your eyes and think about the other things you have – you can’t see anything worth having with your eyes open anyway. It doesn’t matter how you found them, and it doesn’t matter how long you hang onto them. The best and the brightest and the warmest things end eventually – you don’t have any control over that. But, you have them now and that means something. In its own, quiet way, that is the miracle.
—  The Outs - Over It