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bts and what it's like to sleep next to them
  • Jungkook: is always a sweaty mess??? runs the AC all night and still ends up kicking off the blankets
  • Taehyung: the cuddliest kid there is. lots of nuzzling and hair-stroking. falls asleep with his head on your shoulder
  • Jimin: the most unpredictable of the bunch. sometimes you get a nice, comforting arm across your waist and sometimes you get a knee in your spleen or an elbow to the throat
  • Jin: very concerned with your comfort?? always asking if you need more blankets or pillows and are you sure it's not too cold in here for you dO YOU NEED A GLASS OF WaTER?????
  • J-Hope: the exact same as taehyung except 30% more giggling
  • Suga: pretends like he doesn't want to cuddle and then acts all surprised when his arms "magically" end up around you, like how did that get there??
  • Rap Monster: is okay at first but by the end of the night he has all the blanket. throws his arms and legs all over you. probably sleeps with his socks on

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JEN!!!! WHy does Harry looks at Louis like???? He is the light of his life???? His favorite person???? His smol talented ass boyfriend??? Lovely person singer songwriter entrepreneur and the bravest of them all?,???? Like???? The love is bursting through his eyes??? Harry is still so completely enchanted and proud of Louis after all this time,??? I am in pain????

Like this?

Like this??


Stop this right now

This is rude

You’re not slick. We see you

I give up

Not husbands...or are they?
  • Louis: Harry, half of the larry fan base thinks we're secretly married.
  • Harry: We could be.
  • Louis: We're not.
  • Harry: Remember when Ross kinda married Rachel without her permission?
  • Louis: He didn't. He just stayed married to her without her permission.
  • Harry: Exactly. But imagine if you didn't remember getting married to someone?
  • Louis: Your mind baffles me.
  • Harry: My point you remember that night a couple of years ago when you were completely off your face? You couldn't remember anything the next day. I had to hold your hair back for like, almost six hours.
  • Louis: Good night, that was.
  • Harry: You don't remember it!
  • Louis: Exactly.
  • Harry: Anyway, my point is. You never asked me what happened when you got back....
  • Louis: I know what happened. You tucked me in and I kept rambling about some chapel where the Virgin Mary looked exactly like you.
  • Harry: Yeah...and I thought that was curious so we went on a bit of a journey and one thing lead to another and-
  • Louis: HARRY EDWARD STYLES. Did you stealth marry me while I was drunk?
  • Harry: I don't know...did I?
  • Louis: I. Where's my ring? You sneaky bastard. My mum is going to kill you. The boys are going to kill you. I'm going to kill you!
  • Harry: But you don't want to divorce me?
  • Louis: Is the sky blue?
  • Harry:
  • Louis: What the hell? Why are you crying?! I just told you I wanted to stay married to you FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE and I'm stone cold sober. You're supposed to pick me up and swing me around now.
  • Harry: We're not.
  • Louis: Excuse me?
  • Harry: We're not secretly married at all.
  • Louis: Harry. What the fuck. Why would you-
  • Harry: Now I know how you feel. About marrying me I mean. Come here please.
  • *Louis moves into Harry*
  • Louis: Hi
  • Harry: Oops
  • Louis: Are you about to less than stealth marry me?
  • Harry: I'm about to marry you so hard, you'll never get married again
  • Louis: That's what I like to hear. You can pick me up and swing me round now.
  • Harry: Don't mind if I do.
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aww Louis staring at his husband. They are so cute. But the thing in this video is that FUCking LIam PAyNe nudgED LOuiS SLay mY nAMe ToMLinsOn anD mOutHed. ‘always so obvious!’ Come here and dare to tell me Larry is not real. I DARE YOU

P.S I got this video from @daggertattooH ’s acc on twitter. You should follow daggertattooH on twitter she has the best tweets