tellus aflame

Drained of benevolence, Joy dried out. 
I am cursed with consciousness,
Experiences tiring me,
Impressions weighing me down,
Down into the abyss. 

Cursed with insight, blessed with nothing.
And it’s only getting worse.
I’m without ignorance. 
Only a fool can ignore,
This tragedy that is being.

Tellus Aflame

If you saw the world through my eyes,
you’d keep them shut.
There is nothing you can say, 
That’d make this stop.

I am the enemy of earth, 
Threatening your very existence. 
See it in my eyes, I’m destroyed inside. 

Cursed with consciousness, 
I’m blessed with nothing. 
It’s only getting worse, 
I am without ignorance. 

If you saw the world through my eyes,
You’d keep them shut. 

This tragedy that is being
is consuming me. 
Suffocating my existence.