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My dentist was telling me story about how she had an old woman in her dentist place and she gave her the caramel flavored flouride and she asked if ahe liked it and the woman said "thanks, youve ruined caramel for the rest of my life" and honestly richie

“Yes Mr. Stark” (Peter Parker x Tony Stark’s Daughter! Reader-ish)

So, I decided to jump on the bandwagon of Tony Stark’s daughter x Peter Parker. Although this one only shows hints, if i continue this as a story, i’ll show more. Anyways, Tony’s and Pepper’s relationship is kinda like the Simmons one, not married (yet) but they have children, or in this case, one child. So, without further ado, “Yes Mr. Stark.”

Word Count: 1,049 words

Pairing: Eventual Peter Parker x Tony Stark’s daughter (Her name in this is Eliza and other than having dark hair, her features are not disclosed.)

Warnings: Mention of family falling apart, Mother leaving father type deal but not too much of either. Reader (Eliza) Feels as though she could have done something to keep the Avengers from having a Civil war.

It was a dark and gloomy day, yet the young dark haired girl paid no mind to it as she sauntered through Avengers base. She had never heard it so quiet before. She felt as though her family had officially torn and nothing could sew her together again.

“I could have done something,” The young girl thought, entering the kitchen area, where, before the war between her family, she would typically find Vision and Wanda cooking and laughing together. It was completely void of all life. She thought back to how Steve constantly enamored her with stories from the past while Natasha sat close by, listening with a smile on her face, although she would never admit it. But that was all over now. Without giving a thought to this unusual silence the young female whipped open the refrigerator and took a long, hard look before retrieving what she craved. A small carton of raspberries, the perfect thing to satisfy her bitsy craving. A small smile formed on her face as she silently remembered how Clint had picked these up for her, before breaking the news about his retirement to her. She always knew he would return, but she never thought it would happen in the way it did. Suddenly, and without warning, the all too familiar sound of footsteps echoed down the close hall, causing her heart to pick up speed. Finally, she wasn’t alone! Someone would be here to break this horrible silence which kept her encased in her own thought.

                               “Eliza Stark, you better have something decent on!” Eliza’s heart dropped the moment her father’s stern voice boomed with power. She couldn’t help but hope that it was her mother coming down the hallway, despite the fact that she knew full well that they were having a small “break” in their relationship.

               “Decent enough,” she replied in a monotone voice, referring to her pajama’s which consisted of simply a pair of dark shorts and a gray shirt which had the NASA logo embroidered on the front. Eliza, although she would never admit it, had a slight fascination with all things space. She was in fact an intelligent girl, having been homeschooled by Tony Stark himself. Despite this, Eliza felt as though she could never quite put her intelligence to good use. She had always wanted to join the elite team in which her father governed, but could never convince him out of his ways. She had their conversation down to a pat, and they would have the same one every time she brought the subject up.

                               “The battle field is no place for a young woman,” He would tell her, a stern and emotionless look on his face as he spoke to her.

“What about Natasha?” She would ask, crossing her arms, completely unsatisfied with her father’s reasoning.

               “Natasha is a trained assassin, Eliza.” He would spit, his face still and his eyes glaring down at her through his dark glasses.

“Wanda?” She would simply state.

               “Wanda can move things with her goddamn mind! No! This is my final word on the subject.” He would tell her before storming off to that little project room of his. No wonder her mother wanted a small break, he was so completely stubborn to the point where she felt like she could rip out all of her hair. She couldn’t help but to continuously hold this grudge toward him.

               “Earth to Eliza, are you there?” Her father’s voice suddenly snapped her from her internal thoughts and she found herself standing before her father in a nice suit, rummaging through the fridge with reckless abandon. This, she paid no mind to, but what she did, was the young boy who stood behind him in a red and blue hoodie with a large backpack slung over his shoulder. It was obviously packed tight.

“Who’s this?” She asked, popping another raspberry into her mouth during the process.

               “This is the kid I picked for the Stark internship.” He said so nonchalantly, that Eliza nearly thought he was joking when he said it.

“This kid,” She coughed, accidentally dropping the small container in the process allowing the contents the scatter across the floor, “This is the Spider-Kid?! You’re taking him to Berlin instead of me?!”    

               “Peter has bug powers, you do not.” He spoke, still rummaging around in the fridge.

“Actually Mr. Stark, I-“

Eliza cut peter off with a glare, causing the boy to silence himself with a red face.

                                               “I am your daughter, Peter is not!” She yelled, suddenly feeling as though something inside her snapped. Her father pulled his head out of the fridge and turned to her, slamming the fridge shut, causing both of the teenagers to jump.

                               “You don’t think I understand that Eliza, don’t you think-“

But Eliza had cut her father off, not allowing herself any time to think before she let her emotions get the better of her, “Stop pushing me away! Don’t you think that’s why mom left, why she doesn’t want to be around you?!”

Tony slammed his fist on the table with so much force, it created a rumble.

               “Just go Eliza.” He stated simply, still clenching his fist. He had obviously been wounded by her words, this Eliza could see clearly. She waited a moment, allowing silence to not only fill the room, but her mind                                                


               “Just go to your room Eliza.”

Without another word spoken, Eliza passed the raspberry mess on the floor and scornfully made her way to her room. Another silence slowly began to fill the kitchen as Peter stood quietly next to the aggravated stark.

“So,” Peter finally spoke up, “You never told me you had a daughter?”

Tony glared at the young boy and let out a sigh, bending over to pick up the berries off the ground.

               “Sometimes I wish I didn’t,” He simply stated, throwing the small pink things into the trash, “Anyways. Let me show you to your room for the next couple of days, before we head off.”

                               “Yes Mr. Stark.” Peter nodded, gripping the shoulder straps of his backpack tight.

               “Oh yeah, Peter.”

                               “Yes Mr. Stark?”

               “If you so much as look at my daughter. You’re dead.”

Peter felt a twang of anxiety shoot up his spine.

               “…Yes Mr. Stark,”                            

I’ll Take Care of It (Part 5)

Killian x Reader

Word Count: 2503

Rating: M

Warnings: smut, language, mentions of violence, mentions of kidnapping, mentions of murder

Notes: I wrote this somewhat in response to a request I received quite a while ago, where Killian is rough and dominant with the reader. Enjoy!

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  • Hotel Staff: Are you bringing that (free breakfast) back to your room?
  • My Wife: Yeah, this plate is for my wife.
  • Hotel Staff: You should tell him to come here instead.
Cause drama and try to ruin my reputation over Facebook? Now everyone knows your secret.

This is going to be long, but I’ve been dying to tell this story. It’s about how I put a narcissistic woman in her place after being accused of stealing on Facebook.

A few years ago, I was involved in one of those “swap and sell” groups on Facebook. It was specifically for stay-at-home moms, and mostly centered around trading and selling clothing, toys, etc. It was an awesome resource, because you could get things for your children at a very low price, and often make new friends in the process.

There was one woman, however, that made the swap and sell group an unpleasant place. We’ll call her Kathy. In person, all she ever talked about was herself, specifically about how great she was. She did the same for her kids. She would also slip little hints in about how you or your children were inferior in some way. For example, she would say things like “Oh, your child’s soccer team came in third place last season? My son’s team came first, but that’s not very surprising considering how good he is. I must have done a great job raising him and it’s a shame that others can’t do the same with their children.” She really would say things like that.

In hindsight, she was a narcissist. I’m not just saying that, I’m pretty sure she could be diagnosed. I just did the best I could to avoid her if I saw her in the next aisle of a store.

One day she saw me with my infant son. He was crying, so she came over and said, “Oh, let me hold him. I can get him to calm down.” It was infuriating. Almost everyone hated her.

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Young King (GOT AU! Jungkook)

Game of Thrones inspired!

Originally posted by jengkook

Type: Fluff

“A king at 15″ Taehyung his servant spoke as he fixed Jeongguk’s shirt “what’s wrong?” Taehyung asked “my wife seems sad” Jeongguk spoke. You were a ward after your father died in battle but Jeongguk’s father took you in and raised you from the age of 10. You were married to Jeongguk by the time you two were 13. Jeongguk had known you his whole life. He had been in love with you the whole time, he found himself constantly trying to impress you while you seemed oblivious to his affection til you were 11.

“She loved your father dearly” Taehyung spoke as Jeongguk looked down “he loved her like a daughter. He’s only ever had sons so a daughter was something he liked” Jeongguk spoke. “He walked her down for our wedding” Jeongguk told him as he smiled “I know my king I was there” he was told.


Jeongguk smiled as he saw you picking flowers in the garden “these flowers are almost as lovely as you are” he told you making you smile lightly. “Are you flirting with me my king?” you teased as you turned to him. He grabbed your hips lightly tugging you close “I’m just telling my wife she’s a gorgeous woman” he tells you. You giggled as you placed a flower into his hair. “How does it feel to be King Jeon Jeongguk?” you asked him “how does it feel to be a queen?” he asked back.

You smiled “why were you so sad earlier?” he asked you quietly as he pulled you into a hug. “I’m thinking of all the pressure the young king will be going through” you spoke running your fingers along his back “you weren’t thinking about my father’s passing?” he asked. “It’s sad but like many before him, his time has come” you told him as he nods. “I thought you were sad about that” he whispered as you laughed. “I am but I’m more worried about you” you told him. “I will be fine as long as you are fine and by my side” he tells you giving you a light kiss.

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I moved out of my small, conservative, homophobic town I thought I'd get killed in a few months back and I'm so glad! I wish I could tell my younger self I could actually live to be a happy, gay, adult woman and leave that place!! I wish I could tell every young, rural, working class lesbian it's possible to fucking leave and move to a city where no one gives a fuck! there's still homophobia, but it's not the same struggle and it can get so, so much fucking better and I'm so God Damn Happy now!

I’m so damn happy for you, I literally teared up reading this!

There is life as a lesbian, you’ll make it through. This is a very important message I want all young lesbians to see. You’re not doomed for being a lesbian, there is a way to be a valuable, worthy member of society. You can and will find a place you belong in. It just takes a bit of extra work.

I’m so proud of you, anon, for making it out. I’ll be rooting for you, as you start this new phase of your life!

/Mod A


When A White Woman and a Black Man Swap Places to Tell the Other’s Story The Result is Powerful

Darius Simpson and Scout Bostley begin to speak into their individual microphones – but then they stop, switch mics and start talking again.

In the video below from the 2015 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational, the two Eastern Michigan University students perform their spoken word poem “Lost Voices” and discuss white privilege, reproductive rights, male privilege and dating while black.

But instead of telling stories from their own lives, Bostley and Simpson tell one another’s experiences. The result is a powerful commentary on white privilege and male privilege, respectively.

Sin City - Part 2

Word Count: 2541

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Series Rewrite Masterlist

You came back to the bar after the cops were gone. Sam ordered you both burgers and himself a salad. He finished his salad pretty quickly and went to talk to the bartender then came back with 3 beers, both of your burgers untouched. “You do realize there’s red meat within striking distance, right?” He asked.

“How many times I gotta tell Richie, he’s gonna get himself in trouble?” Dean asked, ignoring Sam’s comments.

“Dean, you’re assuming he’s missing.” Sam sighed. “Maybe he just bailed.”

“He’s a moron.” You said. “He’s a sweet moron but he’s not a coward. He wouldn’t just bail.”

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  • Village Woman: Can I tell you about the place you're visiting? The hard times. Blood shortage. A shortage so awful that we've come to suspect the creepy old guy in the castle is behind it. A premise so horrifying that -
  • Jonathan: Whoa, there, madam! Not all at once. I'll learn about the vampire in the next scene.
  • Village Woman: Oh, I guess you don't want to overload the readers with too much exposition, huh.
  • Jonathan: Everything in its time, madam. You may not understand it now, but nothing can kill a book like too much exposition.
  • Village Woman: How about unclear metaphors?
  • Jonathan: Well -
  • Village Woman: Or travel sections that drag on and on? That could kill a book pretty good.
A shipper’s perspective on One Piece 844

“Sad”, is the word. As a Sanami shipper at least. 

On the first impact, you notce how Nami, unlike Luffy, failed to understand Sanji’s intentions at all. 

At first she can’t believe it, just like Luffy. And he does something incredibly brilliant, something we didn’t think we’d ever see, shipper and non shippers alike:

Not only does he not look her with adoring eyes - I remeber reading a post some time ago which counted the single moment when he adressed her in a normal tone -, but he gives a scary stare. He’s never done less than treat her with the maximum kindness possible, and here he reminds of a man who tells a woman to stay in her place - if he weren’t a cook, he could be an actor! Sorry, not funny, I know…

And it works perfectky. Imo this is is the main reason for which she believes his lies more than Luffy - on a personal level, at least to her, he’s changed completely. 

But I think there is also another reason. I don’t know where it’s explained in the manga, but on the wiki it says that Sanji was able to perceive Viola’s true intentions and true character with his Perception Haki, which apparently gives this ability.

This could simply be why Luffy could see through him and Nami couldn’t: he has Haki  - a lot - and she doesn’t. Plus the stare. 

Last chapter promised a lot of good things, but all that happened here was kinda predictable. What wasn’t predictable were the reactions: notice how the whole chapter is mostly shocked, sad, angry, baffled, distraught expression of the three of them. 

My ship is still sailing because of how sad she is. 

Here is Sanji from chapter 332 stopping Luffy from saying something terrible to Usopp - to leave the crew. Great how much Luffy has matured and ironic that Sanji would be in this position.

Nami is not remotely as distraught  about Usopp and Luffy’s fight - though yes, that time they didn’t have to face a yonkou and a thousand worries for Usopp. The one shocked here is mostly Chopper, who was always closer to Usopp. And so far the most shocked has been Nami, because she’s the closest to Sanji…?

That’s what I hope. 

Plus the slap: that was really hard to digest and the part where my prediction, to my great dismay, went wrong -.- not because I’m that confident in my clairvoyant abilities, but because my ending had some hope in it. 

Two of this ship biggest clues for canon are:

  1. Sanji is Nami’s only -kun
  2. The Cook’s neverending devotion to the Navigator

In this chapter we lost both. 

But I wouldn’t lose hope just yet, and quite incredibly, the proof comes both from this suffocating situation with apparently no solution, and from the Cook’s asshole-y brothers. As someone suggested - I swear I am so sorry I can’t remember which blogger said this, it’s just that I follow too many on this fandom because they all say incredible stuff but it’s hard to trace the thought back to the name :( -, Brulee’s indication of Nami’s beauty may be relevant. And now that the bad part of the quadruplets has shown their lechery side, in particular Yonji and Niji, they may just want to hurt their brother EVEN MORE by hurting her - or simply being lecherous, why not, since he’s hidden his attraction well for now - he’s doing it for you Nami notice it already pleeeese 

In short: they will want to hurt her and he will lose it. It’s not a coincidence that the one thing Zeff would never forgive his adoptive son is hurting women - or letting them get hirt I guess. So Sanji may risk to endanger Zeff’s life to save her - simply because it’s the greatest lesson he’s passed on to him. 

I should mention @pain-love-sasusakuè because she’s the greatest supporter of this ship u.u

I once had a guy tell me that, as a Christian woman, it was not my place to go to college. My place was at home, raising children and keeping house for my husband. College, he said, would be challenging and make me question my faith. He was right. It was a challenge, and it did make me examine my faith, but two degrees later, I’m a better person and a stronger Christian than I was before. Oh, and I’m now a wife, mother, homemaker, AND run a business. Thanks for fueling my desire to excel.

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                                                Hey guys…

Wanna see another Caryl moment so fucking small that if you blinked you probably would have missed it but is still information you know you want? :P 

All credit goes to the lovely and brilliant Ms. pixiegrunger for noticing it in the first place and telling me about it! Awesome woman is awesome.

So, okay, first we have Carol sitting in the church in 5x02, thinking about leaving, as she looks toward the exit. *Daryl is clearly visible behind her*

                                                 Yes, okay.

We also know from this shot that Sasha & Bob are located directly across from Daryl on the floor. (see his arm and his crossbow leaning up against the pew?)

                                                   Right. Good.

And the last shot we have of Carol is this one which is before Abe finishes his speech and before Judith does cute things while Rick agrees to DC.

                                                  Still with me?


                                      So then the group disperses.

And well now, looky look at exactly whose legs you see stepping over Bob & Sasha to move toward the end of the church where the door is - the very same way that Carol must have just exited.

               Because the very next scene of Daryl we have is this one.

So that means that Daryl was super-hyper aware of all things Carol in that church. And he was also super-hyper aware that she was suddenly gone when he went to look to her after the speeches had finished. It was the very first thing he thought to do. And when he didn’t see her, he panicked.

And because he knows her so well, he knew she was struggling with something - enough to want to escape - which he picked up on earlier here…

So he knew exactly where she’d be. And as if to fuck, he could just let her go.

                                     Because he just got her back.

            And he desperately wanted her to know that he fucking needs her.

                                                       Like air.

                                   So wherever she went, he went. 

           Yes, I told you it was small. But necessary is necessary people.

                                      And the legs are necessary. xD


CS. Set post-s5.


He finds it long after they’ve settled into the house.

…Long after he has grown used to the gentle hum of her phone at late hours of the night; long after she arrives home one day to find him bent over a freshly dug flower bed, both hand and hook buried deep within the soil, a row of buried petunias trailing in his wake.

Long after she comes to terms with his solitary walks; long after he begins to understand that there are days when even the soft press of his hand against the small of her back will not be enough.

The house is no longer a shell– there are balled up socks buried beneath couch cushions,

(“Henry, why do you continue to vex me with this habit of yours? Just place them in the basket, like so…”),

photographs on the walls,

(“For a one handed pirate you’re pretty good with that camera.”

“Careful Swan, or you may just end up with a rather large portrait featuring your more unflattering side.”

“Oh, so now I have an unflattering side, huh?”

“It’s bad form to use a man’s words against him, love. I was merely calling you out on your name calling.”

“Yeah, well it’s bad form to tell a woman she’s got a bad side.”

“But someone should be placed in charge of reigning in your conceit.”

“So now I’m conceited?” 

“Hold still. I need a portrait of you with that lovely gleam in your eyes.”

“Photograph, it’s called a photograph, Killian…”),

…and the sound of footsteps a constant reminder of what she had ached for in those solitary weeks as its sole occupant.

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the number one highest-grossing film franchise in history is the Harry Potter series, based on the novels by Joanne Rowling

the number four highest-grossing film franchise in history is the Peter Jackson-directed Tolkien series, adapted for the screen by Jackson, Philippa Boyens, and Fran Walsh

so if anyone ever tells you that the fantasy genre is no place for a woman, or women are only interested in fantasy when there are princesses, or that movies involving women aren’t popular/good/whatever, punch them in the face and point them towards Wikipedia. point with your middle finger for emphasis.

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steve rogers is allowed to be in charge of his official twitter account because he seems responsible enough and PR figures he wont really use it anyway. they regret that choice. they regret it a LOT

ok, but…

can you imagine him fucking trolling those “meninists”?

steve hosting a q&a and those Americans who are “pro-guns!!! anti-*insert thing here*!!!” just flocking to him, expecting him to back them up. and him just being like ‘lol nope guns are bad’ or ‘lol wtf is wrong w u man. it’s not ur place to tell a woman she can’t have an abortion??? who died and made you king??’

OH MAN. can you imagine him constantly tweeting about the things the avengers get up to when they aren’t saving new york?

“hawkeye is crowned victor of this month’s prank fiasco” “wait… i stand corrected. widow took him out”

“tony won’t stop looking at me like i just wrecked his entire life” “i only told him that his dad wanted to fondue” “that never happened. howard wasn’t my type.”

“ABORT MISSION. THOR has made cookies” “successfully i might add”

I could go on, but I won’t.

not to bring politics into this, but… imagine steve openly endorsing bernie sanders on his twitter and his PR people are all like “you can’t do that!!! you have to remain neutral!!!” and he’s all like “fuck it”

just… steve with social media gives me life.

(ps just imagine him taking these horrid pictures of the others and posting it on twitter because ohmygod, it looks like something out of a gag reel.)

When My Lucky Stars Align (Chris/Darren, AU)

When My Lucky Stars Align
 alittledizzy and savvymavvy
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Rating: R
Word Count: 14k
Summary: Chris donates to the birthday fundraiser for his favorite celebrity… and wins. 
Notes: Big thanks to bbcott for beta reading! And go check out the photo set that kobean made for it here!

Read on AO3.

Chris makes the donation on a whim, when an email from the mailing list of a celebrity he’s had more than a few masturbatory fantasies about catches his eye. Considering how much time he spent in them as a kid, watching his little sister live a chunk of her life in dull white rooms with dull white walls and nothing for entertainment, he’s a sucker for anything to do with children’s hospitals.

He opens up a new tab and signed into his bank’s website. The dwindling figures tell him that he can’t afford much, but he still feels a little better about himself for the rest of the day after he makes that $20 donation.

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Whats your opinion on people shaming like thin women? Like reverse fat shaming?

listen while i don’t think anyone should be made to feel shameful about their bodies, it’s not the same thing, when you tell a skinny woman to “eat a cheeseburger” it comes from a place of jealousy, when you tell a bigger woman that “they shouldn’t wear that” or “maybe they should get a salad” it comes from a place of disgust, there’s a difference. thin women get everything marketed to them in the media in magazines in clothing stores in literally everything, thin women don’t have to go to completely different stores to find their size. thin women don’t have to look in magazines and feel like nothing in that magazine is for them. they don’t have to feel unworthy of attention, they don’t have to deal with the UNTRUE STEREOTYPES including being ‘unhealthy’ or being 'lazy' 

while it’s shitty and everyone has their own issues, thinness, EXTREME thinness even is sought after in our society, 8 year olds on diets, billion dollar diet pill companies, diet books, diet tv shows, diet, diet, diet and it does create a hostile environment for ALL women so ask yourself, if the skinny women don’t feel skinny enough, how do you think women who don’t fall under that definition feel.