~ TelliusCon 2011 - Sandusky, OH ~

“TelliusCon” is actually a misnomer; we’re just six FE fans sitting around in a hotel room (/basement, yesterday), playing Path of Radiance and cosplaying casually and generally being nerds, and also roller coasters are happening this year because CEDAR POINT

Next year, we encourage more people to get in on this, and we’re hoping to have it in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The video is retarded; it’s just basically what we’ve been doing so far: Voice acting PoR and making dick jokes every five seconds. I DON’T EVEN KNOW


We’re replacing the word “mercenaries” with “porn stars”

every time.

it’s a good fucking idea.


I know I said there were more TelliusCon pictures, but there actually weren’t many left besides these, and they’re all of us lying around in artemis-elric’s basement eating cheetoes with chopsticks and witnessing Lily write like five fics and everyone getting their nails painted while Mia gets voiced as a burly man, etc

Thank you all for an amazing weekend. I can’t wait to do this again and again and again ahhh I love you FE fandom