Vote Yes

Okay so I got a prompt from @deanthomasfinnigan about wedding vows (which I will write I promise!) and I got inspired to write this prequel about how deamus got engaged. 

For @hpshipweeks

  • In all honesty, Dean and Seamus never talked much about getting married
  • After the war, both of them were just so relieved to survive the second wizarding war against Voldemort that simply being in each other’s company was enough. 
  • After the war ended they got a small, comfortable flat in muggle London. They talked about returning to Hogwarts but neither of them could face it. Seamus was still plagued by nightmares of the Carrows and Dean had no desire to return to the place where so many of his friends had lost their lives. 
  • Instead they worked. Seamus worked at a few local Irish pubs before getting a more permanent job at the leaky cauldron when Hannah Abbott took over. Dean studied at a muggle art college for a few years and gave lessons to children on the side. 
  • They were together and they were happy. 
  • Then one Sunday afternoon when they were lying on the couch in their pyjamas listening to the radio an announcement came on that caught their attention. 
  • The Irish Wizarding Government was holding a democratic vote on same-sex marriage. 
  • Dean looks over at Seamus whose eyes are glazed over as he takes in everything the news reporter is saying. 
  • To Dean it wasn’t that big of a deal.
  • It was amazing of course that Ireland was taking this massive step and he was thrilled about it. But Dean knew it meant so much more to Seamus. 
  • Seamus whose mother had been reluctant to accept her son’s sexuality for years, Seamus who, when they go to Ireland every few months to travel or visit his family, always insists that they can’t be too affectionate in public, even in the wizarding areas. 
  • So even though same-sex marriage had been legal in the British Wizarding World for years, this is the first time that Dean realises that he wants to get married. 
  • And he wants to marry Seamus. 
  • Later that night they’re lying in bed, facing one another when Seamus finally brings it up.
  • “I’m not proposing or anything” Seamus assures him lightly “But I was just wondering…I know we never talked about it, but is marriage something you want?” 
  • Dean smiles, “With you? Definitely.”
  • It all kicks off from there. 
  • Seamus keeps up to date with every debate and article about the referendum for months leading up to it. 
  • He praises the encouragement for the yes vote over breakfast, rants about the cruel tricks that the vote no party are playing to his colleagues. Dean watches on and smiles because he loves nothing more than when Seamus gets passionate about something. 
  • Dean catches his boyfriend smiling to himself when he’s on the phone several times and he can hear Mrs. Finnegan berating her son down the line, 
  • “Of course I’m voting yes Seamus! Don’t be absurd! And I’ve told all my friends that if they don’t vote yes then I’m never speaking to them again. Your father even bought those ‘vote yes’ broom sticker things even though he hasn’t flown in years! Now when are you coming home?” 
  • A week before the referendum, Seamus tells Dean over dinner that he’s flooing home to vote. 
  • Dean isn’t at all surprised but he can’t help but notice the hesitance in Seamus’s voice so he smiles.  
  • “Can I come too?” He asks 
  • Seamus looks up from his mashed potatoes and stares wide-eyed at Dean before breaking out into a wide grin. 
  • “Of course…yeah of course you can.” 
  • They floo to Seamus’s family home the morning before voting day. Mrs. Finnegan wasn’t lying about the vote yes sticker that her husband bought. Instead of putting it on his broom he has it displayed in the hall. If any muggles come over they just pretend that it’s a relic of some sorts which made Seamus snort. 
  • Dean and Seamus even go out themselves and buy handfuls of badges that say ‘Vote yes’ and ‘Make grá the law!’ on them. 
  • ‘Grá’ Dean learns means ‘love’ in Irish and so far that’s his favourite Gaelic word that Seamus has taught him. 
  • The next day Seamus is practically jumping up and down with excitement and he’s surprised that Dean is just as, or maybe even more excited than he is. 
  • They receive owls from Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna and Hanna Abbott wishing them luck and their hearts warm at their friends’ kindness. 
  • They floo to Dublin so Seamus can vote and together they spend the rest of the day walking the streets of the wizarding parts of the city. 
  • Seamus points out typical tourist attractions and rambles about facts and historical figures but admittedly Dean spends most of the time tuning him out in favour of looking at his boyfriend’s eyes light up when he talks
  • Dean can’t help the grin that spreads over his face when Seamus refuses to let go of his hand all day. In the evening they meet up with some of Seamus’s friends in their favourite pub and they stay there, laughing and joking and singing until closing time. 
  • Dean wishes every day could be like this one. With Seamus’s head on his shoulder, laughing every few minutes, a bright smile on his face and their fingers permanently intertwined. 
  • And he supposes that maybe after tomorrow, every day could be. 
  • So when the Wizarding Taoiseach announces that the yes vote has won the referendum with a majority of 62% the next day and Seamus wraps his arms around him and laughter and tears shake his body; Dean swallows his nerves, takes out the ring box from his trouser pocket, pulls away from Seamus with a shy smile and then gets down on one knee. 

A Lonely Church

Deacon know that people used to believe in some god watching over them and a heaven waiting for them after they die. He’s not so sure. All he does know is that if such a thing existed, synths deserve it too – Barbara deserves it. So he finds a church and has a conversation with God.

Read it [here] on AO3

Samifer Love Week: Day 2

Lucifer tilted his head and squinted his eyes, and never had Sam been reminded so strongly that it was an angel before him- an Archangel, the freaking Devil, but an angel nonetheless with his unique mannerisms and sweet confusion. “You want to see..?”

“Your wings, yes.” Sam smiled slightly, a little afraid of crossing a line but unable to help his desire. “If I can. If that’s… okay.”

The Archangel didn’t answer immediately and Sam shifted on his feet, his eyes darting around the room uncomfortably. Damn, maybe it was stupid to ask, maybe it was inappropriate or something-

“I…” Lucifer closed his eyes for a moment, gathering his thoughts. “No, it’s okay. You can see them… Actually, you did.”

The hunter was thrown back. “I did?”

“You don’t remember.” Lucifer smiled sadly. “In the Cage, I’d use them to shield you from the flames when I could… I wish it could’ve been all the time.”

It sounded like an apology- this wasn’t the way Sam had intended for this conversation to go at all. He closed the gap between them in a quick step and hugged the angel tightly, with all his affection and gratitude. Nothing more needed to be said.

Lucifer was cool to the touch, but it felt more freshening than anything. He stood unmoving for a while in Sam’s embrace, then sighed. “Close your eyes, kid,” he murmured.

Sam obliged and buried his face into the Archangel’s shoulder. There was an explosion of light behind his eyes, then suddenly a cold broke out around them- like exiting the warmth of home to go out into the winter air. When the brightness dimmed, Sam opened his eyes gingerly and gasped.

A pair of white wings, larger than both of their bodies, hovered high behind Lucifer. Some damage was visible upon close inspection, but Sam couldn’t pay that any attention right now; the intact feathers resembled crystals, reflecting colors of the rainbow when the light hit them right. Looking at them felt like gazing at the stars, or comprehending the secrets of the universe. Sam’s embrace tightened around Lucifer, his eyes moist and wide with awe.

“They’re… I have no words.”

Lucifer huffed into his shoulder ironically. “You should’ve seen them before my fall. Even my siblings couldn’t look at them back then. I was the most beautiful among them, and now…”

If he was human, Sam could swear he could hear his voice cracking at the end. He kissed the angel’s neck, his chest tightening. “You still are,” he whispered. “My god, you still are.”


oh wow this is awesome! I love Lucifer showing Sam his wings and your description of them is amazing! I like how you interpret what his wings look like, they sound beautiful! But anyway, this is super cute and just a pinch of angst makes it super duper! Thank you, Samifer anon!

I find it pretty hecking cool that steven’s abilities to connect to the minds of other creatures was actually hinted at in a few early episodes, particularly in horror club.  It’s no wonder he’s so empathetic he’s probably lowkey tuning in to people’s brains all the time.  

I also find it interesting that it’s quite clearly an ability his mother didn’t have, or at least it wasn’t as strong in her or something because in contrast, rose seems to either ask or needs to be told someone else’s emotions for her to understand them.