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so take a Yato fanart even though I haven’t actually seen the show yet ;u;
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derinkai  asked:

Hey Rachel got a hypothetical question for you. Do you think Stiles would want to have his mans sign etched into his skin? And if so where do you think he'd put it? And would he tell Derek or surprise him?

This is a tricky question because, as much as I love the idea of tattooed!Stiles, we’ve seen him faint at just the idea of someone getting tattooed. (Although, strangely, he was apparently able to hold Scott still while he had his arm blow-torched, no problem…)

So I think realistically Stiles would more likely get a piece of jewelry with the triskele on it (a bracelet, maybe, that he never takes off) or some kind of temporary tattoo (can you just see him with a hundred pack of those stick on tattoos, custom-made, so Derek could see his mark on Stiles without the terrible trauma of needles getting involved?)

Of course it would also be a ridiculously romantic gesture for Stiles to face down something he was so clearly scared of doing to make Derek happy, and if he did go that route I bet he’d surprise Derek just in case he got scared and chickened out last second. It would have to be small (”because there’s only so far I’ll go for love, big guy”) and instead of his back, he’d probably want it somewhere he could look down and see it and admire that physical connection to his mate, like his hip. (Or the wrist, but from what I know about tattooing that seems to be one of the more painful areas to ink, and if I’ve seen that you can bet Stiles in his pre-tattoo research would have too.)

Though… well, Stiles is always magic!Stiles in my mind, and if he ever figured out a spell to tattoo his skin without dealing with needles, I’d say all bets are off.

watermystic277  asked:

Dude I think Dokuro is a pedophile? doesn't the kanji read 'young boys', if he was gay doesn't that mean DSP would've just used the normal kanji for men?

the exact word used is “shonen”……so……………..probably……………………

Cristiano is the type of person to see you crying in the street and ask you what’s wrong and tell you “everything gets better” and to “be happy!” with a big grin on his face he’s real actual sunshine

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… guys

I may be imagining this but… I think this is Dominique.

At first I was like, nah, but notice how ‘Louis’s’ mole thing has been oh-so-conveniently hidden???

EDIT: It also seems out of character for Louis idk

EDIT2: If the above is true, then this scene is after Louis died. (obviously)

u kno that feel when someone u follow starts getting into some mediocre white youtuber boy and while u could blacklist it you would still never 100% escape from seeing gifs of their ugly faces on ur dash every now and then even if its rare and the minute u see a new generic youtuber dude™ on ur dash u just wanna smash that mf unfollow button so bad