telling through colours

painting all of this was a fuckin nightmare and i was doing it through my tears at the mass effect soundtrack

no one asked for a SPACE MERMAID MORTY BUT BY god if I wasn’t gonna do it 


Frank in the style of Beetlejuice for halloween

Oxymoron(ic) (4/4)

Summary: “Hey I have to photograph someone for class will you be my model?”
((In which Dan hates contrast and Phil is a walking oxymoron))

Genre:  fluff and traces of angst (probably who knows these days)

Warning: swearing and some mentions of self hatred/self criticizing

Words: 4k

A/N: sorry yhis took so long, i’ve had a super busy 2 weeks but HERE U GO. this is the first fic i’ve ever finished I’m well chuffed

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Dan flipped through the script Jack had printed out for him. It wasn’t as long as he was expecting- he suspected PJ had cut out the majority of the dialogue to try to tell a story through colours and images- it shouldn’t be too hard to learn. He sat on one of the tables in the Film classroom- his laptop perched beside him, trying to memorize his lines for today over the noise of Jack and PJ discussing shooting orders, and Phil constantly playing annoying beeping sounds to help with the synchronization of audio for Jack and PJ to edit.

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Style Inspiration - Misty Day, American Horror Story - Coven

The biggest Stevie Nicks fangirl since me, her collection of shawls alone is enough to make me love her.

She has this really earthy quality to everything she wears, like it could well all be made of finely woven leaves.

I think it’s probably a sign of my Britishness that ultimately I admire her excellent ability to layer, but it is absolutely an artform and she gets it oh so right.

Throughout the season, you can definitely tell Misty’s mood through the colours she wears, as though she’s extending her aura in fabrics. When she went to rescue Myrtle, I felt the white and blue (the brightest colour she’s maybe ever worn on the show) were really symbolic of her peace mission. When she wears black, she is more unsettled, and has a tougher frame of mind.

Her shawls aren’t the only part of her accessorising to die for - those ankle boots, her hats, feathers!

Long live Misty, long live Stevie, and long live all witch wannabes with a passion for chiffon and trees.