telling myself over and over

ten years time, at a big hollywood oscars after party
  • Me: *sees shonda rhimes*
  • Me: *approaches shonda rhimes*
  • Me: *taps shonda rhimes on the shoulder*
  • Shonda Rhimes: *turns around*
  • Me: anyway, congrats on the Oscar™ and also thanks for breaking so many barriers for female creators.
47 Hacks People With ADD/ADHD Use To Stay On Track

1.Take a picture of your to-do list otherwise #1 on your to-do list will be find the to-do list!” - Paris Swenson, Facebook

2.Break long tasks into manageable segments. For example, you don’t have to ‘Clean your room,’ you have to: 1. Place all laundry in a basket… 2. Clear off desk…. 3. Organize your bookshelf… 4. Vacuum rug… Etc.” - alicegateso

3. “I keep a pad of paper by my keyboard at work. When I have a persistent thought that’s not associated with what I’m doing (I.E. ‘Call the plumber,’ ‘What kind of tree is that outside?,’ ‘I should wear more red.’) I write it down and promise myself I’ll think about it later. This let’s me acknowledge the thought and move on without falling down the rabbit hole.” - Lauren Dodson, Facebook

4.I keep Word documents on each day and list what I got done so I can go back if I forget/lose track.” - Molly Jane Sisson, Facebook

5.Have one place for every item that you use every single time. My keys, for example, always always always go on a hook beside the door.” - Chloe Burns, Facebook

6. “If you’re in school, you must invest in a planner. I leave nothing to my memory because if I’m not 100% paying attention during class, I will forget any assignment immediately.” - Chloe Burns, Facebook

7.Try to block out sensory distractions when you’re doing a task that requires focus. I pick a quiet spot away from windows and monitors when I need to hunker down. Earplugs are helpful, and so is white noise” - snarkastik

8.I make time each night/week to straighten up my living space. If all of my chores are done and the majority of my apartment is put together, I can think so much more clearly and can focus on more important things.” - zoeo429a8c39d

9. “Those giant desk calendars are great. I like to keep one on my wall and color-code classes/projects.” - Brooke Elise Henry, Facebook

10. “I keep a planner in my bag so that I can jot things down there, then transfer it all to my wall calendar at the end of the day.” - Brooke Elise Henry, Facebook

11.I put my car keys underneath anything I need to remember to take with me. That way, I can’t physically leave without seeing the item I need.” - Amanda Egert Lee, Facebook

12. “I leave sticky notes on my keys.- Amanda Egert Lee, Facebook

13. “I have to make it a point to remove all forms of communication from my reach so I know I’m only concentrating on the task at hand.” - andreaquido

14. “When I have a limited amount of time to do something (e.g. getting ready for work), I have a kitchen timer that I have go off every 3 minutes. It doesn’t seem like a lot of time, but you can get a lot done. When the timer seems to be going off too quickly and starts to become annoying, that usually means I’m daydreaming or focusing on the wrong thing.” - pantherkatz

15.I like to get some time outdoors every day because it helps me find peace. After all, they say ADD brains are the brains of hunters! That’s why they’re always looking all over the place.” - llama7777777

16.COLOUR CODE EVERYTHING. Bright colours in class notes, on important items, on tupperware lids, whatever. Bright colours are attention-grabbing and seeing ‘purple’ is faster than reading ‘Monday dinner leftovers.’ - Calico Jack Rackham, Facebook

17. “I like to go to productive places if I need to get work done; like the library, coffee shop, or studying with friends. When everyone around me is focused and working, it makes it easier for me to do so as well.” - gabbyh4940993bf

18. “I write notes with a dry erase marker on all of my bathroom mirrors.Things seem to hit me while I’m brushing my teeth or doing my makeup.” - Kristin Hasty, Facebook

19.I have a 6×9 notebook that I keep with me because I’m constantly writing ‘to-do’ lists.” - Kristin Hasty, Facebook

20. “For remembering to take things with me as I leave, everything has to be by the door so I can’t leave without seeing it. Bonus points if my keys are in the pile.” - Sydney Anderson, Facebook

21.I always convince myself I have to be somewhere earlier than I do. That way I have a few minutes buffer. If I have to be there at 8:30, I tell myself over and over that I have to be there by 8:15. It helps to have the clock in my car set 6 minutes fast. Even when I’m ‘running late’, I arrive a few minutes earlier than I actually have to be there.” - Cassie Costilow, Facebook

22.If you have to read something with a due date, separate 10-15 pages with post its and set a time to read it through the day. Let’s say you have to read 90 pages for tomorrow, read 15 pages at 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm, 6 pm and 8pm.” - stefr2

23.When cleaning I try to focus on one small task at a time instead of the big picture. Instead of thinking ‘I’m going to reorganize the entire kitchen”, I think “I’m going to reorganize this cabinet.’ It really helps keep me from getting overwhelmed and shutting down completely.” - Cassie Costilow, Facebook

24.I make it a point to have all my bills (except rent ) due on the same day. This way when the 15th comes, I write down a checklist of what needs to be paid, go through the list, and pay them.” - ltriebl

25.I used to give myself deadlines for papers in undergrad. If something was not done by 2 a.m. I was not allowed to keep working on it. If the next morning was the deadline, too bad. By my 2nd year I never had to stay up all night, and by the time I got my M.A. it was completely internalized.” - Javiera Reyes, Facebook

26.I use a massive white board calendar and color code things; blue for my sorority, green for due dates, red for tests, and black for other random events” -mckenziec45e41be03

27.I schedule one day for cleaning. Everything gets done on that day even if it takes me hours.” - ltriebl

28.My supervisor and I write a daily to-do list every single day. Instead of asking me to do things, she just writes it on my list. I cross out things as I accomplish them.” - Cierra Kemppainen, Facebook

29.I always feel my pockets to make sure I have my phone, wallet, and keys before I leave a building or room. This has saved me more times than I ever thought.” - Adam Gottlieb, Facebook

30.I carry my meds in my school backpack all the time. It’s great if I sit down in my first class and all of a sudden realize I didn’t take them.” - Adam Gottlieb, Facebook

31. “Because my motivation is so low with ADHD, my therapist told me the best thing to do to get things done is do them right when you think about them or else you’ll never do it. It may be obvious but it’s actually really helpful when there are important things to do.” - amandaz42502c3e2

32. “I write everything, EVERYTHING, down. When it comes to things people ask me to do, I write them down. Before we leave our meeting, I repeat all of their requests back to them. When they agree with each, I check it off. Once I complete the tasks, I cross them out twice. It’s tedious, but it definitely works.” - Adrienne Brooke, Facebook

33.I tend to lean on people I know I can trust to help me remember things. I can rely on them without worrying about judgement.” - whitneyb19

34.Crossing things off has become a sort of reward. When I notice I’ve crossed off more than three things at once I give myself a Buzzfeed break!Or Facebook, or Gchat. Just something to help blow off a little steam before I dive into the next task. It’s the best feeling seeing a list of 47 things all crossed off at the end of a stressful workday.” - Colleen Daniel, Facebook

35.I always make lists in threes. Anything more than that and I end up losing focus of what I’m supposed to be doing, or hyper focusing and can’t switch tasks.” - keilande

36. “I also find that I’m more interested in keeping my personal life organized if it looks pretty, so at home it’s fun to do DIY projects that will actually create a more organized environment.” - Colleen Daniel, Facebook

37.Laundry is a passive chore, so I’ll wash dishes while the machine is running. Two for one!” - bryanpb

38. “Break down your tasks! If you have a paper due in three days don’t just try to write the whole thing in one day, make a goal to finish a part of it each day.- Brontë Ratcliffe, Facebook

39. “Try to only focus on one task at a time. It’s really tempting (REALLY REALLY TEMPTING) to do millions of unimportant things before you get to the one thing thats actually important. Think of your activities as if they are all contained in little boxes. Only open one box at a time and make sure that it is fully shut before you open the next box.- Amy Langiano, Facebook

40.Take lots of notes. In meetings I take diligent, detailed notes. I almost never refer back to them because somehow, just writing out the thought helps it stick in my mind, but the notes are there if I do need them later.” - gabriellao47ba20033

41.Writing things down with a pen or pencil instead of typing them in computer and phone strengthens my memory of them.” - bobc409eb4106

42. “When I get ready for work in the morning, I set the alarm on my phone to go off every 10 minutes to help with time management. I have no concept of time if I don’t.” - Mallori Kraemer, Facebook

43.I write up schedules even if I don’t use them perfectly. Just writing it down makes it stick better.” - katerg

44.Prioritize what needs to be done by writing it all out and writing how long you estimate each task will take. That really helps me order things in a way that works for me.” - gabrielleca

45.I make schedules for myself delineating how much time I anticipate each activity will take. Then, I build in 15-20 minute buffers on each to allow for the anticipated distractions and a couple of breaks. Works like a charm!” -emilyf4c854bde4

46.I’m an introvert. So I tell friends and family to inform me of plans and events as early as possible. I need time to plan out my activities as well as make sure I have the mental energy to engage with others.” - pantherkatz

47.Sit on an exercise ball while working on homework. It helps you by giving you something small to fill up your need for distraction while doing more tedious tasks.” - olivial7


daughter of Hades|punk|feminist|Slytherin aesthetic

She was the kind of girl who
could make you think your life was
not complete unless she was in it.
— Adi Alsaid 

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so at first i was super against a white american light yagami bc omg Whitewashing and other related buzzwords and then when i actually sat down and thought about it for a couple minutes

it makes perfect sense that light’s white in the us version. and, in fact, it’s very important. japanese light yagami is a member of the racial majority in his own country. he’s also male, super-smart, and very attractive. this is a guy who has never personally experienced racism, sexism, societal rejection or personal rejection. he fits in without any struggle. that colors the way he sees himself in relation to other people, the way he sees himself in relation to the society he lives in, and the way others see him in relation to themselves, society, and, importantly, L.

L was not japanese. he was british. well, i think HTR13 said he was like half english, a quarter japanese, and a quarter russian or something but he was distinctly not japanese. light was japanese. the whole task force was japanese. light was the Prototypical Perfect Japanese Teen, and L was the weird unsettling outsider. this very clearly had an influence on what people believed about light.

having light be the Perfect White American Teenager while L is a strange awkward black man calling light kira without any conclusive evidence (or, actually, any evidence) is, in my mind, not whitewashing. it’s creating an analogue for what the situation was in the japanese version. the. the whole (white) task force is like “No. No way. light’s too pretty and smart and perfect to be a mass murderer, L must be wrong, there’s no way, light’s too perfect” would all those white people say exactly that about a non-white teen? i mean it’s true maybe they’d say that about an asian american kid but they would say it for different reasons.

so, i guess i agree with the people who are saying “it’s a US adaptation, it’s not that big of a deal” not because the argument there is Everyone In The US Is White or All Protagonists In The US Should Be White or…anything like that. it’s just that if you’re going to take someone who’s in the racial majority in one version, and make him a minority in another version, there’s a lot you’re going to have to tweak re that person’s relationship to himself/others/society. i understand the desire to keep those relationships analogous (i won’t say the same, because of course they’re not).

of course that said there’s still so much that i find Terrible about death noteflix but that’s all just…why does the trailer look and sound like an action thriller, why is kira called kira if he’s in the US, what is a japanese god of death doing in seattle, why does the cutural translation look so half-assed, etc. etc. (also nat wolff is NOT pretty enough to be light i’m not hating i’m just saying)

I drift in and out of depression.

I’m intelligent… I know.
I’m pretty… I know.

My friends call me perfect; they say someone would be so lucky to have me.

I’m fun… I know.
I’m interesting… I know.

I tell myself these things over and over, a repeating song of endless personal praise.

Every time I crush on someone they show no interest.

Every time I flirt, I laugh, or I try they turn away.

Am I intimidating? Maybe.

I try to be friendlier, be less talkative, talk more, sit up straight, make eye contact, text first, say hello, good morning, goodnight.

I can’t figure it out.

I repeat, I repeat. I am worth wanting, I am worth looking at, I’m beautiful, I’m whole.

Yet I remain alone. No one looks, no one stares.

I lay awake at night slowly believing I am unwanted, unapproachable.

It helps to write it down, it really does.

But it doesn’t make anyone care anymore than they already don’t.

—  11:26
  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she actually means: the book of life is an extremely underrated movie and needs more love asap. It has everything a good story needs. It's about growing up, has action, adventure, MUSIC, humour, romance, strong female and male characters. Hey also it will probably make you cry. Damn like it probably has the best god damn ot3 you'll ever have the pleasure of spending one hour and thirty five minutes with too??? Also did I mention its animation is fucking beautiful?
Donald Pierce Fic * P. 1


 Words: 2, 707 

 Warnings: Smut, smut, more smut, bondage? Total Daddy Kink, Donald Pierce saying ‘Baby’ 

 Note: I wrote this during class so if it sucks, I’m sorry xoxo


 Each morning was the same. Day after day… That is until I met Donald Pierce, however. I was sorting through the piles of paper on my desk when he opened the door, wearing his signature bomber jacket and cargo pants-yellow sunglasses pushed up the bridge of his nose. Clearing my voice, he looked over at me and asked for some paperwork regarding x24. “Is that the thing they’re making?” “Sure is…” He muttered, thumbing through the sheets of paper with his metal fingertips. “What’s gonna happen to-” He glanced up at me. Raising his eyebrows. “What are we going to do with the children?” He then dropped the files to his hip and sighed. Cocking his head to the right, he nodded slightly. “Sweetheart, It’d be best if you didn’t ask questions. I can tell you’re new-” “I’ve been working here for 5 years, Mr. Pierce.” I angrily shot back. I wasn’t one of those new girls that were going to stick up for him just for a little attention. “I was asking a question. Supposedly you know what you’re doing.” I leaned forward slightly, looking up at him. “I’m beginning to question that. Do you even know what they’re going to do?” Biting his bottom lip, I noticed his gold tooth, and he smiled. “Of course I know what they’re goin’ do. That ain’t my issue ‘round here.” His southern accent was slow. Its thick undertone sending shivers down my back as I let my head fall back, his deep voice still ringing in my ears. I walked past his office one morning, holding files to my chest, and looking in when I heard someone clear their throat in front of me. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw Donald standing there. His eyebrow raised in interest. Opening his mouth the speak, I quickly looked down at the floor and hurried past him. My heart slamming against my chest and my whole face hot with embarrassment. The next couple of days, I noticed him hanging around my office. I wouldn’t necessarily call it an ‘office’ other than the desk in the middle that was mine, and the door that closed. I never put anything personal in there, anyways. All that was on my desk were my utensils, about 10,000 pieces of paper, and a to-do list. I wasn’t much for attachments. I would walk up to my door early in the morning before everyone began piling in with spilled coffee and a hangover. Sometimes Pierce would walk slowly down the hall, looking at me. Other days I’d leave or come back from lunch break. He was there. He was always there, and I always noticed. It began to bother me, the way he’d hover around. I wasn’t used to people being so interested in me just filing papers. And I didn’t know why especially now, Donald Pierce, Head of Security, was taking such a fascination. He had plenty of other girls to choose from to wonder about with. It wasn’t like any girls ever purposely made an excuse to do something just to be around him. Just to have a chance he’d look at them. Me? No. Not in a million years. I was here to work. Not fool around with some egotistical asshole who thinks he’s just all that.Yet, every time I saw him, there was this strong pull in my stomach. Working late to get some more files put into the system, I heard the door click open. I already knew it was him, being that he’s the person that ever stayed late besides me. Before he took such interest in me, I had seen him around the facility after the sun went down. Sometimes we would glance over at each other, and he’d just look away without any change in expression. When he came into my office, his eyes lifted from the ground, and he shut the door. “What do you want, Pierce…” I mumbled, not meeting his eyes. After he didn’t answer, I raised my head, and he was sitting on my desk. He sighed, fumbling with my sticky notes. I snatched them away, his machine hand making a clicking sound as he opened his palm. “What do you want?” “Well… Since you asked… I was thinkin if you wanted to go to dinner, maybe.” “You think I’d want to go out with you?” I nearly started laughing. “You think I have feelings for you?” I stood up, about to walk past him when he moved in front of me. I lowered my eyebrows, my laughter dying. He stared down at me. My eyes fell on his chest, and I breathed in. “Move out of my way.” “You didn’t think you was gon’ get out of it that easy now did you…” “Pierce. Move out of my way. I’m not playing your stupid game-” His hand then came up to my throat as he shoved me against the wall. I gasped, my hands sliding over his machine grasp. With his face inches from mine, I could feel his breath on my cheek. He leaned against me, his hips against mine as he lifted me up. My heart pounded against my chest, and I shut my eyes. “What do you want?” I murmured, my voice quiet, strained by his metal fingers. “You.” He growled, and with a single motion, he pushed his lips on mine, and I felt myself become dizzy, my knees weakening. His tongue moved over my gums and teeth, and I bit his bottom lip in desperation. I felt myself wanting him. The pull in my stomach stronger than ever before… He then let go of my neck, and I nearly fell against him. Lifting my hands to his hair, I raked them through his short-cut, taking in a large breath. A soft growl vibrated under his lips before he pulled away, and I leaned back. Trying to catch my breath. His arms were still wrapped around me, his fingers pressing firmly into my back. Swallowing, I looked up at him, and he leaned down. Kissing me again, softer, but still firm. His facial hair tickling the top of my lip. Leaving, he turned his head, and called out, “Tomorrow night, 8:00,” before shutting the door behind him. _ It was 7:45. I had gotten off of work at 7:00 without seeing him the whole day. As I changed into a small fitted black dress, my mind raced through what was going to happen. Telling myself, this is crazy this is crazy. Over and over again to see if I repeated it enough times, it would seem less crazy. It didn’t work. Donald was (surprisingly) right on time. Opening the door, I breathed out, looking over him. Suddenly feeling like I was suffocating, as always when I looked at him. He then walked in, his eyes moving across the living room. Inspecting it. Then, he moved his gaze to me, and my breath hitched in my throat. “So where are the reservations?” I asked, nervously. “Well…” He slowly walked up to me, and I stepped back. The butterflies in my stomach making me feel like I was going to throw up. “That ain’t what I was meanin’ by dinner.” Grabbing me by the waist, he hauled me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. My back hitting the wall with his human hand cradling the back of my head, I gasped, and he kissed me, his lips rough and impatient. As we moved through the hall to the bedroom, I cupped his face, kissing around his mouth and across his jaw line. His machine had slid up my shoulder blade, making a shiver run down my back. Donald then kicked the bedroom door open, nearly throwing me on the bed. I propped myself up using my elbows, and he grabbed by legs. Pulling my body to the edge of the bed. Flipping me over, my face pressed into the sheets, and I heard him unbuckle his pants. My stomach dropped, as he unzipped my dress. Electricity running through my body from his touch. Pulling the remaining fabric from my body, he leaned over me. Kissing my shoulder and neck. His machine hand running down my hips and over my thigh, before sliding his metal fingers down my folds. I shivered. Reaching back and burying my fingers in his hair, I felt his breath on the back of my ear, and I closed my eyes. Feeling him slowly massage my throbbing clit with the cold metal of his fingertips. My hips began to move against his hand as my walls contracted with pleasure. Letting a small moan escape my lips, he pulled his metal hand away, and I looked over my shoulder. Meeting my eyes as he licked my juices from his metal fingers. I gulped down the lump in my throat, and he grabbed my hips. Pulling them back while spreading my legs even more. Aligning himself with my entrance, I felt his tip graze slide carefully over my folds. I moaned. My voice exasperated as I eagerly muttered, “I want to feel you in me so bad… Please daddy.” Donald stopped moving, “what’chu say?” I opened my lips to speak, but nothing came out. “Say it again.” He slid his hand over my throat, yanking my whole body up. His chest pressed against my back. “Daddy.” With my breathing ragged, I closed my eyes, a small smile lining my lips. “I want you to fuck me, daddy.” He then pushed inside of me. Hitting my wall as he slid in. I groaned as he filled me. Pumping his hips, he tightened his grip on my neck, holding me close to his body as he slammed against me. “Daddy-oh fuck…” I gasped, and he moved his other hand to my breast. His thumb grazed over my nipple before he slapped the sensitive skin. I whined, and he struck me again. My breast becoming spotted with red the more his hand came into contact. Then, pulling out of me, he turned me over. Pushing me onto my back, and pulling my legs onto his chest. Spreading my cheeks, he ran his tip over my clit, pressing his member along my folds. As he felt me, I grew impatient and grasped the sheets between my fingers, moaning his name. Leaning down, he ran his machine finger along my jawline, then grabbed my chin. Pulling my face up. Smashing our lips together, he began to thrust his hips more slowly, his teeth running over my bottom lip. He smelled like sweat and cologne, smoke still hazed over his lips from the last cigarette. Moving his mouth to my neck, I felt blood bead where his teeth broke the skin. Leaning my head back to reveal more to him, I held onto his shoulders as his hips moved against mine with a synced rhythm. “You’re so rough with me, Daddy…” “That’s cause you’re mine, baby girl.” He kissed the bottom of my jaw, grunting softly. “Daddy gets to fuck his baby girl-Just right.” His voice began to strain, and he moved his face back to where he had bitten me. Licking the blood from my neck, he chuckled under his breath. The sheets became damp under me from my cum, and orgasms sent waves of pleasure through my body. He hit my G-spot with immense force, and I fell back. My whole body shaking as he continued to fuck me. “Daddy-I’m cuming. You’re making me cum…” I moaned. His gold tooth glinted with a small grin. With his hair falling in front of his face, I watched him begin to waver in strength. His hips bucked and his muscles contracted. Bringing myself up, I grabbed his arms, feeling the outlines of his built stature under my touch. Wet with exhaustion, he pushed me back down. The metal of his fingertips tight around my neck. Gasping for air, I held onto his machine wrist, and he brought his body down-pressing on top of me as he gave out. I felt his hot cum drip out of me. He groaned loudly, nuzzling his face into the crook of my neck. I breathed out as he released me. Closing my eyes as my body relaxed. Lifting his head, he looked down at me and laid a small, gentle kiss on my lips. “Been wantin’ do that for a while now.” “That all?” I huffed. He cocked his eyebrow, and then pushed himself up. Taking the sheet in between his fingertips, he shredded a piece off. His breathing still heavy. I knew what he wanted to do. Holding out my hands to him, he took my wrists. Tying them behind my back, he took my arm and pulled me onto my knees. “Who’s your daddy, now?” “You.” “Be a good girl.” I looked at him, raising my eyebrows in an innocent gaze. His fingers knotted in my hair as he yanked back. I winced, and he sucked the soft skin of my neck. Sending shooting pain down my shoulder as he purposely bit into me. Then, with an abrupt shove, he brought me over his lap. He swung his legs over the bed so that my head hung off, my blood rushing to my head, and the wounds on my neck dripping onto the carpet. Red was smeared on Donald’s lips. His teeth stained with cum and blood-I looked up over my shoulder, and he smirked. Licking his lips, he brought his hand up and smacked my ass. I yelped. Again, and again, my skin now became hot and irritated. Tears ran down my cheeks, and I cried out. Bringing my face up to his, he yanked at my hair, and I let out a large breath. “That all you got, daddy?” With that, I saw his jaw clench, and he pushed me onto the floor. I landed on my knees, adjusting myself so I faced him. Looking down at his throbbing cock, he brought my head down, and I opened my mouth. Allowing for him to enter me. Pushing himself deeper till I gagged, he grunted under his breath, thrusting his hips slowly. With saliva dripping from my mouth, I felt a sharp shudder go through me, and I nearly came again. I was still hot and swollen with the thought of him inside me. Feeling his cock grow hotter to the touch, I closed my mouth around his cock and met his gaze. His eyes were heavy. His chest red and left with marks from where I had scratched him. Gagging, I let the saliva drip from my lips. Moving the soft skin inside of my cheek against his member until he gasped for air, his whole body seizing with another orgasm. Nipping the skin just below his tip, his cum hit my face. Dripping from my chin onto my breasts. I licked the hot white liquid from the corner of my mouth. The saltiness ran down my throat, and he reached down. Running his machine fingers over the side of my face before letting his hard metal palm meet my chin. My face swept to the side with a stinging pain, and I shut my eyes. Trying to blink out the tears. “Don’t question me again baby girl, or else daddy may get mad.” Nodding, He opened his arms, beckoning me into his lap. Climbing up, he pressed his arms around me. Untying the knot around my wrists, as I pressed into him. My nipples grazing his chest and his facial hair scratching the side of my face. I then wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He kissed my cheek where he had hit me, the blood on my neck now dry.

ok but like when i say “i hate the military”, “the us military is a tool of imperialism” im not automatically condemning every soldier. what im saying is that we need to stop this creepy ass propaganda in america that every soldier is good. because like it or not the us military is a system that enforces violent imperialism and racism and even if you’re “a good person”, if you’re working in a bad system then your actions arnt necessarily heroic? the same goes for cops. instead of this unflinching support for institutions based in systemic inequality lets start critically analyzing them as people instead of forcing everyone to hero worship every god damn bigoted, murdering person that happens to be in the military.

I have to say it over here...

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I got the most precious and wonderful girlfriend ever and whenever she open up herself to me and express how she feel and how she love me it makes me overwhelmed with joy to the point I cry.

I feel like despite everything that is going on in my life she manage to make it brighter with those delicate attention that she gave me for time to time and I can’t help myself but want to tell her that I lover her over and over again. 

Thank you for existing and to be in my life @azraeltree~<3

I love you so much~<3