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The Legend of Star Butterfly

“Why did Star Butterfly put in the song about losing Glossaryck and the Book of Spells? Why? Why? She was so against confessing to her parents a few episodes ago!” 

So yeah, I’ve finally watched the rest of Season 2 of SVTFOE, and I dare say that this is among the common reaction in the “Face the Music” episode. Some people think it’s pretty stupid (if not really bad) move on Star’s part because she just threw her parents under the bus and now the citizens of Mewni are angry at the Royal Family. Others look on the bright side because it’s due to that song that Moon got back-up when she raid the temple. Otherwise, she would have gone there alone (thinking that only Ludo and the other half of the wand is the only threat) and be totally screwed over.

However, Star’s “Princess Song” may actually have another significance more than revealing the whole “Ludo stole the Book of Spell and Glossaryck” secret, and that significance is connected to the title. But before that, let’s ask this question: What is the difference between confessing to her parents and putting her biggest fail into a song for the whole kingdom to hear, that made Star Butterfly much more willing to do the latter?

The answer to that question is another question.

“What does Ruberiot signify?”

Ruberiot is a songstrel. And in the Kingdom of Mewni, whose setting is on Medieval times, there are no TV and such to spread news for the whole kingdom. There may be newspaper, but we saw the state of Mewni with lots of poor people (how many are educated enough to read and be interested in Newspapers or historical books?). In this kind of setting, normal citizens can get news and stories about the achievements and events through story telling … and songs.

In other words, Ruberiot signifies the Media.

You can see that with how songstrel influences the citizens of Mewni. 

They can “report” goodly about a person to the point it’s just an empty and fake flattery (aka outright bull***t).

Like the traditional songs of Princesses before and Star’s intro song

… Or tell the accidents, facts and truth to the world  

Like the middle part of Star’s song where Ruberiot makes example of positive (Star’s awesomeness) and negative (Royal Family lying/omitting facts from the citizens) reporting.

… And it can even go so far as complete unwanted scandals

^Ruberiot being a complete paparazzi to Star Butterfly’s affairs.

Ruberiot, and all the other songstrel, is Mewni’s form of Media.

But here’s the thing, he’s not a simple reporter, he is also a historian.

He is not only responsible to relays news of the princess to the citizens, he is also responsible to writing history through songs. That is how important a “Princess Song” is. It’s a page in history (and something Star totally wants to skip over) to introduce Star Butterfly for the next generations of princesses and people of Mewni. 

That is why the words “real” song for a “real” princess is quite emphasized. They want to relay a proper news that tells “facts” instead of buttering up lies about a person to the point it’s not proper news anymore. The Royal family has complete control and authority over the media and what the citizens knows. And of course, there is no normal Queen/King that would want to have bad stuff written about them. This is why all princess songs up until now had been called “hacks”.  

But Star Butterfly is not your “normal” princess. She’s a “rebel” princess.

Which is why, when she heard she will have her “princess” song, her answer is a big fat NO.

Some of you may feel like Star’s Princess Song should have ended at it’s first half and not continued with the latter half which made a lot of us cringed because we knew the problems it will cause. After all, she already had the typical boring hack songs to change. It talks about  her “real” self like shown in the lines of “weaving magic like a born spell caster, and wreaking havoc like a natural disaster”. It’s not that bad, right? In fact, it’s a hit. Everybody loved it. So why must she add the “secret” about Ludo stealing the book and kidnapping Glossaryck?

It’s because not putting it will destroy the whole purpose of what she wanted to achieve by changing it. She wants to ruin the image of “Ideal”. She wants to show that princesses are not “perfect”. She wants to show what a “real” princess is like. She can only do this by revealing her big royal screw up (simple ones like her rebellious acts ain’t gonna cut it because everybody knows/expects that rebellious side of her’s). Why must she do this? To remove the pressure of needing to be “perfect” from “future” generations of princesses. And what surprised me is that not only does Star want to destroy the “perfect” image (that’s typical of Star), she was actually worrying about the future of the next generation of princesses. But this part just shows how much serious Star is from the thing she hated the most: Compromising one’s individuality.

On the other hand, we have “Ruberiot, the totally tortured artist”. Knowing what sonstrels represent in their country, we can see that what he wanted is a truer form of Media. Not complete hacks that was just there to suck up to the Royal family. 

I actually really appreciate the fact that he just really wanted to do his job properly because he wanted to be better and has no ulterior motive such as ruining the Royal family image etc. (because certain media can be pretty bias and can resort to making bashing click baits to get more views). Although he played a big part in causing a riot among the citizens (I guess he’s named Ruberiot for something), he didn’t really mean it. Still though, I think he has a little bit of favorable bias towards Star Butterfly. Not because of the obvious reason of her fully helping him out to doing what he wanted with his song, but because of how he wrote the song. All the words used upon Star are favorable (if not downright good), even when he told her biggest fail, it’s not in a way of shaming her in any way. The way he narrated her is really just a cool and adventurous rebel princess full of spirit and fun. If anything, the only one he “put down” is her parents for keeping secrets and that resulted in everyone getting angry at Queen Moon. Of course, it may be just the impression Star left on him in his song and saying “bias” is just exaggeration on my part. Moving on.

Star Butterfly must have thought that the citizens would only criticize her because she’s the one at fault. She never cared about other’s “perspective” of her or “keeping an image”. This is why she was labeled as “rebel princess” in the first place. The only reason why she is scared of admitting her royal screw up is because she’s afraid of her parent’s anger. But as seen on “Crystal Clear”, she is fine telling this secret to others (though she did say to keep it a secret to the other High Commission members).

Star’s impression of princess’ songs is that they are stupid puff pieces of fake descriptions about the future queens to make them look “perfect” to everyone. Ruberiot hates the old princess’ songs because they are complete hacks and really uncreative. Put these two together and we get something interesting.

Citizens rioting against the Royal Family?

Pfft, no. It’s…

Changing the media into a freer and truer form. To put it simply, this simple wanting of the “real” thing to be recorded in songs/history of Star Butterfly, the Underestimated, future queen of Mewni had unconsciously become about …

Revolutionizing the Media.

Which pretty much fits her overall agenda because Star Butterfly is about achieving freedom. I find this interesting because we are getting a “hint” on what kind of queen Star is going to be like.

Star Butterfly is already a “rebel” princess, and what’s the next step of “rebellion”? It’s “revolution”. The adventures of Star Butterfly looks like just the story of Star’s growth but subtly, she gets involve with big entities and causes changes (subtle as they may be). I think this little adventures of her will lead to become a Legend once she became Queen, and one hell of a Queen she will be. And so I hereby add a title to Star, the Underestimated, and future Queen of Mewni… 

Star, The Queen of Revolution.

She encourages freedom of speech for the citizens and the future generations. The changes she will make is something that can benefit the citizens (in the sense that they will have more freedom) and different departments like songstrels (as her regimen won’t hinder progress by bounding them on “tradition). However, this is not all sunshine and daisies because all actions has their own consequences. This step she done may benefit the media, the historians (ya know scholars always search for truth) and the future generations of princesses but it costs the Royal family greatly. We cannot deny that this disaster of a song causes trouble. Not only because it causes citizens to hate them, but if other songstrels take after Ruberiot (which is highly likely), then the Royal family will lose control of their Media and create a new entity that affects the government of Mewni and it’s citizens. As Queen Moon said, citizens just want to believe their princess/future queen as “perfect”. However, will it be really alright to let the citizens continue with ignorant bliss and has no clue on what their leaders are like? As Ruberiot said, doesn’t the citizens deserve to know their “real” future queen? There is no real “correct” answer on what Star should have done in this situation because both sides has their own consequences. If Star Butterfly manage to handle the case successfully, she may well become one of the legendary queens for creating a milestone in Mewni’s history (and she will be considering her power and potential).

Just thinking of the things she has done and going to do and her potential, I am very excited to see what is going to be her legend in the History of Mewni. No doubt it is going to be a big one, but how big will it be?


Edit: For further discussion and elaboration, click this link: (x)

 So not only do we have all but confirmed Batfamily in the DCMU, but I think we can almost pinpoint the exact time frame the family is in. 

So to state the obvious first… The Justice League Trailer

Commissioner Gordon pointing out that he has seen Batman work with others before. He’s pleased even about it. Since Batman habitually trains children, that would suggest that either in the DCMU they are going to age up the Robins or Gordon has had a long time to come to terms with the idea. 

Thanks to Dawn of Justice, even before Suicide Squad, we knew that Batman has been operating for a while and already faced off against some of his biggest threats, like the Joker.

But it’s thanks to the Joker that we get our next hint. Have a look at the Harley Quinn Easter Egg from Suicide Squad.

One of her crimes? Accomplice to the murder of Robin.

It’s about as obvious as a mallet to the head. A Robin is dead. And any comic fan can tell you exactly which Robin was famously murdered by the Joker. (Even taking into account that the Death in the Family story arc was written before the creation of Harley) Sure, there have been other story arcs involving a Robin being injured by the Joker. Hell, one of the darkest story arcs in the DCAU involved what he did to Tim Drake. But no one is ever going to contest the fact that if you want to look at the Robin murdered by Joker, you get Jason Todd, the second Robin.

Now Jason is the second Robin. And we know that his death did send Batman into a deep spiral of depression. Bruce doesn’t tend to show emotion much from the one and a bit movies we have so far seen, so it does seem he is falling apart both as Batman and Bruce Wayne. He is so paranoid about criminals killing innocent people that he is torturing petty criminals and was fully prepared to skewer Superman simply for being an alien and a possible threat. Not exactly like the Bruce Wayne we know. And yet, the thing that pulls him onside? The idea of an innocent person getting hurt i.e Martha Kent.  

But then there is that one scene in Dawn of Justice that seems to contradict everything.

But does this mean that there is no Batfamily. Is this the false line and the others true or have we got this the wrong way round? Or is there another meaning to this? Maybe look at his relationship with the oldest Robin, Dick Grayson.

Remember that there was a few years there where Bruce had all but cut off contact with Dick after their blow up. Dick was not adopted until a lot later in canon and therefore not technically Bruce’s family and face it, during that time both were kinda pretending the other didn’t exist. Maybe by saying what he said, Alfred was lamenting Bruce’s failure to adopt the Robins and include them in the Wayne family and Dick’s estrangement and Jason’s death (Alternately, he could be lamenting the fact that there are no genetic sons which is odd for Alfred Pennyworth. He has never discriminated like that before and frankly that is not an Alfred I want in the DCMU)

So if I am correct, where does that leave us?

Although not directly stated, it has been made clear that the Bat is without a Bird at the time of Dawn of Justice. Yet, it is equally clear that there has been at least one Robin previously. To keep with canon of the second Robin being the one to meet his end by the Joker, there would have to be two previous Robins. That puts us post Death in the Family yet more than likely Pre-Tim Drake era. Which, although sad, makes sense. Part of the reason Tim Drake took up the mask was because he saw how both Batman and Bruce Wayne were being affected by the loss of his partners and well, DOJ Bats gives off that exact and worrying mentality that got Tim to don the short-shorts.

Since they are bound to do a Batman movie to hook into the JL movies, it would be a good side story to look into Bruce making amends with Dick, training Tim and making his peace with Jason’s death to bring out the human side of Batman (Sadly, I think it would be too much of a stretch to bring Damian Wayne into the movie verse but a girl can dream) All these would be wonderful to create a rich and complex character in Batman, outside of the brooding grump that he is habitually played as.

So in conclusion, if I had to guess the Batfamily timeline in the DCMU, I am going to say that there is enough small hints to suggest that we are post Dick and Jason as Robin but pre-Tim (Of course this could all be speculation and mis-direction but I like to live in this little world I made and everyone else is welcome to join me here where the Batfamily lives)

Secrets in Time // Chapter 1

Characters: Kuro, Mahiru, Lily, Hyde, Licht
Ship: KuroMahi, LawLicht
Summary: Mahiru refuse to accept that his friend killed himself and goes to the Alicein Household to find the truth. He didn’t know what to expect from the residences or who to trust. But, with Kuro, they discover secrets hidden in the mansion. {Suspense AU}

Ch. 1 // Ch. 2 //

“Help! Someone help me!” Kuro followed the voice and was shocked to find a man hanging from the wall. At first, Kuro could only stare up at him in disbelief. He didn’t recognize the man so he knew he didn’t work for Alicein family. Kuro was employed to the family as a guard and often patrol around the gate surrounding the mansion.

But the man clinging to the wall was different from the other thieves he seen throughout his employment. Kuro sarcastically called up to the man. “Hey, do you know that you’re trespassing?”

“Oh, thank God!” Mahiru looked down and saw a man standing beneath him. It was raining heavily and he didn’t know how much longer he could hold onto the edge of the wall. He rushed to explain his situation.

“I’m not trespassing but I can understand why you thought that. My name’s Mahiru Shirota and I’m here for the appraiser position. I have an interview at five but the gatekeeper wouldn’t let me in. I didn’t want to be late so I tried to climb over the wall. I saw tree branches reaching over the wall so I thought there was a tree on the other side that I could use to climb down. Thinking simply, this should’ve worked.”

“What’s simple about that plan?” Kuro sighed to himself. The tree was too far for Mahiru to reach and the branches near the wall were too thin to support a man’s weight. “Just wait there and I’ll get a ladder to help you down. Don’t go anywhere.”

“Where do you think I’ll go?” Mahiru snapped back at him and Kuro chuckled to himself. “Please be quick! I don’t know how much long I can hang on.”

No sooner did he finished the sentence, did the rain became more powerful and the water loosened his grip on the wall. Mahiru desperately tried to catch onto something to save himself but his hand slipped and he fell. Kuro rushed to save him and reached out his arms to catch him. He fell into Kuro’s arms and his weight sent them both crashing to the ground.

They were both in shock so it took them a moment to recover from the fall. Mahiru opened his eyes hesitantly and he found himself sprawled across the man. With a flurry of apologies, Mahiru climbed off the man. He could feel heat creep up his cheeks but the man didn’t reveal any emotion on his face. “I’m sorry! But thank you for saving me.”

“Can’t deal. Hugh’s going to yell at me for getting dirty.” Kuro sighed and looked down at the mud coating his pants. “But are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I probably look worst than I feel.” He gave him a reassuring smile and took the hand Kuro held out to him. Mahiru was certain that he looked like a wet dog because of the rain and wind. He took out a napkin from his pocket and held it out to Kuro. “You have some mud on your face. Let me get it for you.”

He didn’t wait for Kuro’s reply before he wiped the dirt from Kuro’s cheek. Mahiru had to stand on his toes to do so because Kuro was slightly taller than him. Kuro was surprised with the small gesture and stepped back. “You don’t need to do that. I’ll just go back to my room to clean up. Don’t you have an interview to go to?”

Mahiru looked at his watch and was relieved when he saw the time. “I still have some time. Hopefully, I can clean up a little bit to make myself presentable. I really need this job.”

“Unless you have a fairy godmother to clean you up, I don’t think there’s much you can do about this.” His hair was soaked and Kuro gently brushed away Mahiru’s hair from his eyes. He only meant it as a casual gesture but caught himself when his eyes locked with Mahiru’s.

“I’ll get one of the maids to get you a towel. Lily’s in charge of things like hiring people so I’ll tell him what happened. He’s a good guy so he’ll understand.” Kuro took his hand back quickly. He walked towards the entrance of the mansion and gestured for Mahiru to follow him.

“Thank you, Kuro!” Mahiru bowed to him quickly before following him. They walked side by side and Kuro watched him carefully. Kuro decided to trust Mahiru because his story was too outlandish to be a lie and Lily told him that he had an interview today but he still had to be cautious. The Alicein were a powerful family and others had tried to rob them in the past.

Kuro walked into the mansion and nodded to DoDo, silently telling him that Mahiru could be trusted. “He’s here for an interview with Lily but he got caught in the rain. Can you get him a towel and something to change into? I’m going to my room to change so just wait in that room, Mahiru.”

“Kuro, look at this meiping vase! This pattern is reminiscent of the Song dynasty.” Mahiru looked over his shoulder to Kuro, his eyes bright with fascination. Kuro remembered Mahiru mentioning that he was applying for a position as an appraiser. “It’s beautiful but it’s a shame that it’s not authentic. There are small hairs on the etching so this was probably made by a machine.”

“You have a good eye.” Mahiru jumped slightly when a voice spoke next to him. The tall man that stood next to him now appeared so quietly that it shocked Mahiru. But he gave Mahiru a kind smile. “My name’s Lily. We spoke over the phone and I’m glad you’re interested in the job. I know it’s rather short notice.”

“It’s no trouble at all. I’m just excited for the opportunity to be able appraise the Alicein’s legendary heirlooms.” Mahiru beamed. The Alicein family had many heirlooms that they were planning to donate to a museum and they wanted someone to appraise them before they were sent to a museum. But Mahiru wasn’t interest in the job or the heirlooms.

Mahiru only wanted to know the truth about what happened to his friend, Licht. Earlier that week, his friend took a job with the Alicein family as a pianist. From their conversations, he thought that Licht was happy so it was a complete shock when he was told that Licht had died. According to the police, Licht had jumped off a cliff located near the Alicein’s mansion.

But anyone who knew Licht would know that he would never kill himself. Mahiru tried many times to convince the police to reopen the case but refused to do so no matter how many times he asked them. He knew that if he wanted to find the truth, he would have to look for it himself. When he saw the job posting, Mahiru knew it was his opportunity.

Someone in this mansion killed his friend and Mahiru was determined to discover who.

“You want me to watch over him?” Kuro narrowed his eyes at Lily’s request.

“Yes. It’s just a safety precaution to prevent the heirlooms from being stolen. Mahiru seems like a very trustworthy and genuine person but it doesn’t hurt to be safe. You’ll be pardon from your duties as a guard and all you have to do is stay by Mahiru’s side. It’s an easy job, Kuro. Please do this for me, Kuro! There’s no one I trust more than you.”

“Fine.” Kuro sighed. Lily was his brother and worked with the Alicein family much longer than he had. The Alicein were like a second family to Lily and Kuro knew how important they were to him. So, Kuro couldn’t refuse his brother.

“Thank you, Kuro!” Lily hugged his brother. “He’ll be staying in your room to make the job easier for you.”

“Troublesome, I’m already regretting my decision.” Almost all of the employees lived in the Alicein’s mansion and had their own rooms. Most had no where to go and the Alicein provided them a home. “Can’t he just have a room next to mine or something? Sharing a room isn’t going to make my job easier.”

“I already had one of the maids move another bed into the room and Mahiru is already his things in so there’s no room for argument. Maybe you’ll actually become close with him.” Lily suggested.

“I doubt it.” Kuro had difficulty allowing himself to become close with people and could be distant so Lily hoped that interacting with people would help him. “That guy tried to climb a wall in a storm. Only a crazy person would do something like that. I wouldn’t do that no matter how much this job is paying.”

“Keep an open mind, Kuro. This should be an easy job for you. Just make sure that he doesn’t steal or damage anything. If he does anything strange, please tell the master.”

“Whatever,” Kuro sighed. “I’ll keep an eye on him.”

After they finished, Kuro walked back to his room. More specifically, he dragged his feet to his room. He liked his privacy and didn’t appreciate having to share his room with a stranger.  Kuro hoped that Mahiru would keep to himself while they were staying together. But his hopes were dashed when he opened the door to his room.

Kuro barely recognized his room. His room was now clean and organized. The curtains were drawn and light flooded his room. In the center of his room was Mahiru, sweeping. His hair was dry now and he had changed into fresh clothes.

Mahiru looked up when he heard the door open. He couldn’t stop himself from throwing a glare at Kuro. At first, he was grateful that his roommate was Kuro because he seemed to be a kind and dependable person. But seeing his mess of a room, Mahiru questioned his judgement.

“Lily told me you got the job.” Kuro said awkwardly and walked past him to his bed. “Congrats.”

“Thanks, but I want to talk to you. We’re going to be roommates so let’s set some ground rules. You may be comfortable living in a mess but I’m not. I cleaned our room for you this time but I won’t do it next time. I’m an appraiser, not a maid. You’re a grown man so you can clean up after yourself. You even left the TV on! You’re a guest in this house so it’s not polite to waste electricity like that.”

Mahiru chastised but he didn’t know if Kuro was listening to him since he only laid in his bed. “Can’t deal.”

“Look Kuro, we’re going to be roommates so we should get along.” Mahiru said and Kuro finally turned to face him. While Mahiru was angry when he saw the mess that was Kuro’s room, he didn’t want to antagonize the man. He wanted to have a few allies he could turn to when he was looking for Licht’s killer.

“Fine,” Kuro thought that it would be easier to give into Mahiru to argue with him. So, he held out his hand to Mahiru and he shook it with a smile.

The storm knocking on a window woke Licht but his vision was still blurry when he opened his eyes. The bed he was in was warm but felt foreign to him so Licht pushed himself into a sitting position. He looked around the small room and winced when he tried to remember how he came to the room. Whenever he tried to recall a memory, his head felt like it was splitting in two.

“You’re finally up!” Licht realized that there was someone else in the room. The blond man had been sleeping on the desk when he heard Licht wake. He looked relieve but Licht didn’t recognize him and narrowed his eyes. The man saw his expression and held up his hands in surrender. “Now, is that any way to treat the man that saved you?”

“Saved me?” Licht repeated but he couldn’t focus on a memory when his head was still spinning.

“You just woke up so everything must be a little fuzzy. You’re just lucky that I was exploring the caves at the base of the cliff. I was shocked to see an angel falling from the sky and I swam out to save you. If you want to thank me, my name’s Hyde.”

The man still looked confused and Hyde thought back to the night he saw Licht fall off the cliff. He had been when he heard a struggle from the top of the cliff. But when he ran out of the cave, the only thing he saw was Licht falling. He was already injured before he fell into the water and Hyde could only imagine what happened on that cliff.

But someone wanted the man dead so Hyde hesitated to take him to the hospital. He decided to take him home and treated his wounds. Licht developed a fever and Hyde was glad that he was awake now. But the man looked slightly lost as he stared down at his hands. “I fell? I don’t remember anything…”

“I told you, everything’s probably a little fuzzy but it’ll clear up in no time.” Hyde patted his shoulder. “I’ll get you something to eat and an aspirin. You willing to give me your name in trade?”

“… It’s Licht.”

“That’s a nice name.” Hyde started to stand but stopped when Licht grabbed his arm.

“My name’s Licht but that’s all I remember.” His eyes looked genuinely lost and panicked. “I don’t remember falling off a cliff or anything else. Who am I?”

I have this reputation of starting a lot AU but not finishing them XD But this idea in my head came to me. Who doesn’t like a good old mystery?

iv-a. i knew i loved you then

but you’d never know
ft. akashi seijuurou

Characters are adults here, think late twenties. I also think this is longer than the other stories in Cantabile, because *inspiration*!

Originally posted by butteryplanet

Maybe everything happened because of fate.

The recital hall is packed, and you’re not exaggerating when you say it literally looks like a sea of people. The traffic was hectic, which lead to your almost late arrival. You regret not being able to meet your student to give her encouragement, but thankfully her mobile was reachable just a couple of minutes ago, so you were able to cheer her on through a simple phone call. 

You’re struggling to find an empty seat—the lights are dim, making it harder for you to look for one. Eventually you see one empty seat right beside the aisle, a man sitting on the seat next to it. You walk over in a slightly faster pace than you’re used to, not wanting the seat to be taken by someone else.

“Excuse me,” you say, grabbing his attention, “is this seat taken?”

Shocking scarlet eyes look back at you in mild surprise. He looks your age, somewhere between mid- and late-twenties, though his face might pass for early-twenties instead. He’s dressed formally, like most of the people attending the recital, including you. When he speaks, his tone is professional and dignified:

“No, please.”

You smile, relieved and thankful, as you shuffle into your seat, fixing your clothes as you’re seated. You murmur your gratitude, while he replies with a simple “you’re welcome”. Realizing that there’s still at least five more minutes until the show starts, you glance at him, pondering if you should make small talk.

Before you can decide, he beats you to it.

“What brings you here today?”

“Oh,” you blink, surprised at the initiative, “it’s my student, actually. She’s performing.”

His eyes shines with interest, that much is plain to see. A small smile graces his lips.

“Really. Instrument?”

“Piano. She’s playing Schumann today.”

He hums and nods, seemingly pleased with your answer.

“And what about you?” You ask.

“My friend’s daughter is playing,” he replies, “though I came here rather late, and I couldn’t seem to find him.”

“Wow, that’s unfortunate,” you say sympathetically, “did you get caught in the traffic or something?”

“Yes,” the redhead answers, shaking his head slightly at the memory of the traffic jam he experienced earlier. Owning a luxury sedan doesn’t make life easier in Tokyo. “I didn’t expect it to be that bad.”

“Same,” you sigh, “but at least we’re here now.”

The lights are dimmed down, and the two of you gather that the recital is about to start. Amongst the minimally lit room, however, you can see that the man has extended a hand.

“Akashi,” he says, “Akashi Seijuurou.”

It takes you two seconds into the handshake to offer you your own full name upon realizing that the person next to you is the CEO to an extremely successful company.

“How did you enjoy the performance?” Akashi asks you in the middle of the applause at the closing performance. You need to lean in a little bit to hear him, and your shoulder unintentionally touches his. He doesn’t seem to notice—if he does, he doesn’t look like he minds. You, on the other hand, have to mutter a simple apology, moving away before answering his question.

“It was intriguing,” you reply, slowly stopping your own applause, “some of the pieces were interpreted differently by their respective performers. I feel refreshed.” You smile, standing up the same time as he does. It seems like Akashi is going to at least walk out of the hall with you before parting ways, and with that in mind, you tread up the stairs with him by your side, exchanging banter mostly about the recital that just ended.

The light outside is almost blinding, since it is only 4 p.m. and the sun is still shining in the desaturated blue of the winter sky. You have to squint slightly a few moments upon exiting the dim hall to adjust your eyes. Akashi, on the other hand, doesn’t seem too bothered, and you notice just how he looks three times more captivating under the late afternoon sunlight.

“Your student performed brilliantly,” he compliments, “her teacher must be excellent, as well.” When he says that, he looks at you with mirth in his eyes. Is he teasing you? You can only chuckle and bashfully look down to the ground.

“Ah, speaking of which, I need to congratulate her,” you say, looking around outside the auditorium entrance to spot your student. She must be with her parents here somewhere.

“I suppose I should also say hello to my friend,” he replies. “But before you go, ___________-san…”

You turn to look at him writing something on what looks like a business card, before he hands it to you.

“I hope you don’t mind me giving you my personal number,” Akashi says with a smile. It is somehow different compared to the other smiles he’s sent you during the short period of time you’ve got to know each other—ever enigmatic, but somehow this time it’s more… gallant

“I’d like to get to know you more, perhaps over coffee or lunch. Call me if you’re free,” he says, before spotting someone from afar—green hair and tall stature makes someone much easier to find in a crowd. 

“And that would be my friend. Until next time, ___________-san.”

You’re in a standstill, his card still in your hand as you watch him walk away to greet his friend. Until next time, huh… he’s that confident that you’re going to call him. 

You can’t say he’s wrong. 

‘Getting to know each other’ ends up happening over lunch dates instead—he picks you up at 12.30 sharp every time, drives you to a restaurant that he recommends, and you’d talk and eat for an hour. From the four lunch dates that he’s taken you to, you now know several things about him: that he knows how to play the violin, and his favorites are Bach and Brahms, and that he also knows how to play the piano (unsurprising, in your opinion). He used to play basketball in high school—you know the whole story—and you know of his family. You know that he likes tofu soup, and a bunch of other things that would take a whole day to describe.

When you see him through the window of the classroom you’re teaching in, you can’t be any more surprised. 

“Can you complete number 5 and 7, too? I will check your answers when you’re done with everything,” you tell your student, who replies with a simple “okay” before you walk to get the door, closing it once you’re out of the room. The look on Akashi’s face tells you that he’s entertained by your shocked expression.

“Akashi-san, what are you doing here?”

“Hello to you too,” Akashi says, holding out a small, simple bouquet of red tulips. Knowing him, who likes things of extravagance and class, he probably doesn’t want you to look unprofessional in your work place. 

“I thought I could pay you a surprise visit,” he continues.

“Well, you succeeded on that,” you reply, holding the flowers in your hands, “and you shouldn’t have, really.”

“I wanted to,” he smiles. You have to hold in the urge to blush.

“Thank you, they’re lovely.”

“You’re welcome.”

Silence sets in the two of you for a few seconds, and you certainly aren’t able to gauge the look on Akashi’s face while your eyes keep looking anywhere but him.

“I was wondering if you’re free for dinner tomorrow night?” Akashi asks, a casual hand in his pocket.

“Yes, I am,” you say, “are you picking me up?”

“Of course,” he replies smoothly as he flashes one of those dangerously charming smiles to you. You thought that seeing it more often for the past three weeks would make you somewhat immune to it, but his charm, if anything, gets even stronger. Or is it you who is getting weaker?  “Is seven alright?”

“Yes, that works just fine,” you say, smiling back at him. He takes your hand and kisses the back of it, like he always does before and after a date with you—you told him you thought only people in the olden days did that, and he laughed. This time, however, you don’t comment. The pink on your cheeks tell him everything he needs to know.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, then.”

You wave him goodbye as he walks away from the classroom towards the exit—the front desk must’ve told him you’re almost done with this class and let him in. You hope the other teachers weren’t around to see that… Opening the door to your classroom with the bouquet in your hands, you see your student still twirling the pencil in his hand, and when he looks up at you, he’s mildly surprised at the bunch of flowers you’ve got.

“How are we going along?”

“Sensei, was that your boyfriend?” The boy teases, grinning mischievously with curiosity in his eyes. You burst out laughing.

“He’s… someone I’ve known for a while. Now, if the question asks you to identify the tempo in Mälzel’s Metronome—”

The dinner was splendid, even Akashi has to admit at least that. He told you beforehand that the restaurant isn’t really one you can enter without complying to a certain dresscode, which took you by surprise, but he must say that you look gorgeous with that outfit on. He just has to examine you from head to toe another time, you sitting quietly in the passenger seat of his Aston Martin, looking out the night lights of the city. 

Akashi is never one to quickly jump into things that is uncertain. He does make swift decisions, but all of them are accurate, precise, calculated, and always right. 

So when he thinks meeting you is love in first sight, that might as well be the truth.

It wasn’t all flowers and pink auras in your first meeting, that’s for sure, but he remembers exactly how it felt when his eyes met yours. There’s something different, and a voice inside him (his conscience, or his demons?) telling him that you’re different. Of course he included the possibility of being physically attracted to you, which is a very natural thing considering how appealing you are, but he’s never one to be simply allured by looks.

After various processes in his mind, he concluded that the butterflies in his stomach can only be the product of the so-called love at first sight. 

“Akashi-san, are you finally going to tell me where we’re going?” You ask, a small smile on your face. Trying to guess where he’s taking you makes it all the more exhilarating—you haven’t felt this way in a very long while.

“My home,” he answers, and before you can retaliate or question him, or think of other more suggestive possibilities, he continues. 

“I want to show you something.”

When he brings back a violin case to the living room where you’re sat, you gasp. He can only smile back, taking extreme delight in your shock.

He’s going to play for you.

And it’s not like you’ve never heard someone play the violin. You’ve been to many violin performances, the recital where the two of you met counts as one, but to have someone that is a romantic interest to perform in front of you, just the two of you

It has to be a serenade.

He elegantly holds the instrument up, his fingers delicately hovering over the strings, and as his right hand starts to move the bow across the instrument, you find yourself surprised yet again.


“Love’s Dream”, so it is called, by Liszt. It is a classic piano piece, you’ve never heard it on the violin before, but the melody sounds so enchanting when Akashi plays it. The room is quiet, and the sound of the instrument resonates so beautifully in the midst of the silence, letting you hear each and every note clearly. 

It’s his confession of love.

Akashi is deep in concentration as he plays, so when his scarlet eyes look up at you from the violin, you can’t find it in you to look away. He’ll only gaze at you for so long before returning back to playing, eyelids fluttering once in a while as his fingers dance to the theme of the song. He said that he hasn’t played for a while… did he practice for this? Visions of him playing the violin somewhere in his mansion, alone, spending an hour or two for this piece—it grips your heart so strongly.

When the main melody is repeated in a higher octave, you know that the song is about to end, but it sounds so sad and beautiful that it makes your eyes water, hand cupping your mouth to prevent whatever unelegant sound you’re about to make. The piece reaches a romantic conclusion, like the last word written in a book, or a couple exchanging sacred three words. 

Akashi exhales, puts down the instrument and looks to you to gauge reaction.

Instead of the applause he’s expecting, he sees you walking towards him and cupping his face with both hands before kissing him.

It’s something that he returns whole-heartedly, of course, for he’s sure his heart has never felt that close to bursting at the seams. The touch of your lips are initially soft and tender, but something in him decides to take more of you, and his hand moves to your waist to press you against his body. His mouth moves against yours in a passionate dance, encasing your bottom lip in his to suck on it, while he has a hand behind your head to pull you impossibly closer to him.

He wouldn’t have stopped if it weren’t for the wetness he feels against your cheek.

“You’re crying,” Akashi says after slowly pulling away, his finger wiping away the tears, only to find more of them streaming down your cheeks. You sigh helplessly before resting your face against his chest, inadvertently inhaling his scent.

“I’m sorry,” you whisper, “that was just… beautiful, I don’t know what else I can say—”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” he says, chuckling a little bit, and you can feel the vibrations deep in his chest. 

“I—did you—Akashi-san, how long—”   

“Please, call me Seijuurou,” he cuts you off, patting your head lovingly in attempts to calm you down. “I shall also call you  ___________, if you wish.”

“Seijuurou,” you begin again, and he prays to heavens that you don’t catch the way his heart beats like a hammer against his ribcage when he hears you say his name, “how long did you spend practicing for this?”

“That’s a secret I can’t tell,” Akashi answers, mischief apparent in his gaze. You pout, disappointed at the answer, but you lean up to kiss him again nonetheless, this time with your arms wrapped around his shoulder. Akashi’s lips curl into a subtle smirk against the kiss, and when your mouth opens slightly as a form of invitation, he wants nothing more than to accept.

When you part, your eyes are half-lidded, and Akashi can’t decide if it’s from lust or love before he concludes that it’s both.

“Aka—Seijuurou, are we…”

“A couple?” He finishes your sentence for you when he senses you trailing off, and then dips down to your jaw, pressing open-mouthed kisses against your skin. “Yes, we are. I’d like you to be mine.”

“Mmm,” you hum in both agreement and pleasure from his treatment, “I’d like that too.”

Scarlet eyes look deep into yours, and he sees love in them just like you see love in his—it’s just a matter of time until the two of you feel right to say it out loud. For now, his violin has initiated the conversation, and you’re speaking with your eyes, with how you admire his face and how he watches your lips move as you speak. For now, the two of you will just bask in romance’s dream.

A time will come in the future when he’ll say he fell in love with you first and you had no idea, but that’s for later, Akashi decides.    

Knight (Single Dad! Calum Hood AU) 5

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A/N: I got some inspo from reading “The Perks of Being A Wallflower”, I couldn’t come up with anything to write, and reading helps me write. So because school is starting on the 18th, so this might be the last one for a while. I hope you all enjoy. It’s over 3k words holy…

Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4

“It’s so good to be back in Los Angeles!” Michael yelled into the warm L.A. air as everyone got off the plane. After the conversation you had with Calum, it only took you a couple more days to completely get over the bug you caught, much to Aurora and Calum’s relief. Since then you’ve been flying to the last couple of shows in the US, seeing that they were all a right after each other, it only made it easier on all of you.

“Have you ever been to Los Angeles, (Y/N)?” Aurora asked from here you held her on your hip. Since you got better, she almost never left your side, and recently neither had Calum.

“No, i’ve never been so this is going to be an adventure.” You smiled adjusting the bags you had on your other shoulder. You still only had your one suit case, but now it was second nature to carry ‘Rora’s with yours, which you didn’t mind. Until she started getting more things to take home at the end of tour, which was in a week or two, and it honestly scared you how close it was.

“Here, let me help you with that!” A familiar voice sounded from behind you, before you could protest, Calum came in and took both of your bags. “Im sure James and the rest of the security have told you how bad it gets, especially here in L.A.”

“I was told yes, which is why I was going to give the bags to one of the guards so they could put it with the rest of the luggage, but thank you.” You smiled walking ahead of the guys, starting to get ‘Rora distracted.

“You know she barely takes orders from James, much less from you right? The only one she listens to is Aurora” Ashton laughed as the rest of the group entered the airport.

“Yeah…” Calum chuckled adjusting his grip on your luggage along with ‘Rora’s.

“She has you wrapped around her finger mate.” Luke teased waving one his own. Calum would never admit it but, he was, he didn’t really know what it was about her, but he couldnt help but smile when she was around, or when she was with Aurora. He felt like (Y/N) was able to complete the picture that he and Aurora were able to start. The times she wasn’t able to help him tuck ‘Rora in bed because she had to do security detail with the rest of the guards, ‘Rora would ask him if (Y/N) was going to stay with them forever, like the way her Uncles are. He would tell her the truth that he wasn’t sure if she was going to be on tour with them forever, but that she was going to be in their lives no matter what.

“GRANDMA!?” Aurora’s voice took Calum out of the trance he was in, to see the his family, and the guys’ waiting for them. Everyone went towards their respected families as he jogged over to his own and to (Y/N).

“Mum?” He asked giving her a hug as she hugged ‘Rora.

“Didn’t expect us to be here did you?” His dad asked as he got ahold of his granddaughter.

“Seeing that there was a week between this leg and the last couple of shows in Oz, we thought we would pay you a visit.” His sister, Mali-Koa said bringing him in for a hug as he let go of his mom. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude, i’m Calum’s sister, Mali-Koa, and you are…?” She asked seeing you stand off to the side awkwardly.

“Oh, um, I’m (Y/Full/N) I work as Security for the guys. Its finally nice to put some faces to the names Aurora talk about.” You said holding out your hand for a hand shake.

“Oh YOU’RE THE (Y/N), AURORA AND CALUM ARE ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT, ITS SO NICE TO FINALLY MEET YOU!” Mali gushed letting go of her brother to bring you in for a hug. You blushed at what she said, but gave her a hug nonetheless.

“Yeah! (Y/N), this is my Aunty Mali, and my Kuia, and Koroua!” Aurora said taking your hand before pointing at Mali-Koa, then Calum’s mom and dad.

“Kuia means grandmother and Koroua means grandfather in Maori.” Calum explained kneeling down to grab ‘Rora. “Since the family’s here why don’t we all go out to eat? Do you like the sound of that baby?” He asked looking at his daughter, a huge smile on his face.

“YES! (Y/N), are you coming along?” She asked clapping, suddenly all eyes were on you.

“Um, I think i’ll pass love. You haven’t seen your family in a long time, I don’t want to get in the middle of it.” You said softly grabbing your suit case from Calum.

“But you are family…” Aurora replied just as softly, before she wiggled her way out of her father’s grasp and hung onto you, making sure you didn’t leave. “Like Lilo and Stitch say, Ohana means family, and family means…”

“Nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” Calum finished taking back your suitcase.

“Come, join us for lunch, you can tell us the other side of the stories Calum and Aurora have told us. I’m Joy and this is my husband David by the way.” She introduced herself before bringing you in for a hug.

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Dog Man

Let’s be clear, the Dog Man isn’t a werewolf. But I keep seeing “reports” of this cryptid and since it is wolf related, I’m going to talk about it. The Dog Man seems to be a cryptid like the North American Sasquatch. It’s a creature that is around six or seven foot tall with the “body of a man” a “head of a wolf,” with “surprising blue eyes.” It can carry prey with its forearms and walks digitgrade or on their toe pads. The Dog Man doesn’t change forms and it can’t change people. It mostly seems to frighten people. Some have even claimed that the dog man is slightly telepathic.

A common theory is that the dog man lives underground. The first exposure I had to this cryptid was in the Paranormal Witness episode called “The Pack.” A family in Maine claims that their house was surrounded by large dog or wolf like creatures that terrorized them one night. These dog or wolf like creatures were seven foot tall and stood on hind legs. They left huge tracks in the dirt. Of course, all their evidence has been lost. However, a few days before the dog men came, the family dog had found a large perfectly round hole at the base of a tree that led underground. The family believes that the dog men were telling them to keep away from their den. Other theories include that the dog men live in natural cave systems and travel through old abandoned mines. (If this really was the case, miners might have some disturbing stories, but I’ve never heard of any.)

Like the Sasquatch no one can get a good picture of it or a good description. (Don’t worry about the Sasquatch, according to the Paranormal Intelligence Agency the aliens are coming to collect them, since the aliens left them in the first place.) The Dog Man has its own “expert” in Linda S. Godfrey who wrote the book “The Beast of Bray Road.” A website dedicated to cataloguing Dog Man sightings and its own radio show.

The origins or at least popularity of the Dog Man start in the not too distant past, 1987. Steve Cook was asked by a “morning DJ guy” for a song for April Fool’s Day. He wrote a song called “the Legend” about a Dog Man. Stories vary on whether or not he knew about the local folk lore of the Michigan Dog Man at the time. He says no. Others say yes. But in 1987 the stories about the Dog Man made their way out of small towns and into the public consciousness and people started talking about the sightings.

The original known sighting was by Michigan lumberjacks back in 1887, though there may have been earlier sightings as well, but the Michigan sighting is the most well known. In the Michigan Dog Man story, the dog man shows up every ten years. This is hard to prove since other reported sightings are 1961, 1993, 1994 and so on.

Finding real origin stories for a bunch of folk lore bits and pieces is difficult. These Dog Man creatures are definitely American in origin. Several theories have been put forth. That Dog Man are a group of Native Skin Walkers that long ago got trapped between forms. If you go out into Nature and are peaceful and respect Nature and you run into a Dog Man, the Dog Man may scare you but not harm you. But if you are angry and don’t respect Nature, the Dog Man will attack you.

Others think that the Dog Man are of Aztec origin given some Aztec descendants believe their ancestors came from the North (Wisconsin). The Dog man is the basis for the god Xolotl, the Aztec god of death and the underworld that had a man’s body and a dog’s head.

Whether or not the dog man is actually real or people’s imaginations running after an April Fool’s Day joke isn’t my place to say. Of all the reports given, while people have been scared to death, no one has been seriously harmed. The dog man is an interesting foot note to wolf cryptozoological lore.

Building Romantic Tension

Note: The following contains major spoilers for “You’ve Got Mail”. Also, for simplicity’s sake, I am going to be using heterosexual and cisgender terminology in my examples, but these tips can apply when writing any kind of romantic relationship.

I received an ask from someone about building romantic tension between two characters in a “love-hate” dynamic. Unfortunately, the question seems to have gotten swallowed by my ask box so I’m not sure whose question this was, but I’ll do my best to answer it.

Now, I have to preface this by saying that, other than having one poem and one short story published in anthologies in high school, I am not a published author. I’m definitely not a professional writer. I’m in the same boat as most of you: an aspiring writer.

Also, I tend to write tips about coming up with and filling prompts, so this is a bit of a departure for me. Please bear with me.

Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself:

1. If the protagonists don’t like each other - at least, at first - why are they forced into proximity with each other? Are they colleagues? Neighbours? Do they have mutual friends? Are they both zombie hunters trying to survive a post-apocalyptic world? Does their conflict itself force them to be around each other a lot, such as being on opposing sides of a major issue?

2. Why do they clash? This is the key to your tension. There needs to be a reason that they are butting heads all the time, and one that makes sense for the characters.

3. What do they have in common? Unless you’re intending to write about a destructive relationship, there needs to be common ground for your couple, something other than physical attraction that draws them together. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be a shared trait or interest (eg. Once your stuffy hero gets used to the eccentric heroine’s brash nature, he begins to admire her honesty and frankness; she, in return, after first thinking him a snob, admires his calm and gentle nature).

Once you know the answers to these questions, you can start building tension. When you have a love-hate dynamic, you’re working with two characters who not only have at least one point of contention with each other, but are also struggling with their attraction to each other. Their lives would be much easier if they could just hate each other or not feel anything at all for each other but - dammit - they can’t help it.

You may be thinking : “ That’s all well and good, Daniella, but it’s also vague. How do I write that?”

Well again, I’m no expert. The following are just some suggestions:

1. If possible (if it works for your story), write their first meeting. Allow your readers to see that tension from the get-go. The characters don’t have to be attracted to each other, or know they’re attracted to each other, right away, but the best “Love-hate” relationships are filled with verbal sparring and witty banter. This is a great way to develop chemistry and conflict at the same time. However, they don’t necessarily need to have tension when they first meet. Think of Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox’s first face-to-face meeting in, “You’ve Got Mail” before she finds out that his family owns the huge conglomerate “Fox Books” that threatens the future of her family-owned bookstore. They get along, they joke around, they even like each other. She gets to see the way that he interacts with his much younger brother and aunt, and he gets to see her passion for books and children - before they become enemies.

2. Establish your stakes. Both protagonists should have goals that are in direct conflict with one another. You have no doubt heard of, “ Show don’t tell” so you can convey this in conversations with friends, family or colleagues. Alternatively, you could save the revelations for later in the story and have the readers discover it the same time as they reveal it to each other. In Mills and Boon/Harlequin style romance novels, it’s ok to tell rather than just show by exploring your characters’ thoughts and memories in the moment, or through introspection.

3. As someone who writes romance myself, I believe the way that romance and love develops is a deeply personal thing to an author, and therefore there is no “formula” or “one size fits all” step-by-step procedure. How protagonists find common ground and become emotionally - as well as physically - drawn to one another depends greatly on the characters themselves, the setting, the plot, other characters and external conflicts. Maybe one character realises the effect their actions have on the other character and apologises, which therefore allows the other character to see the first character as more human than simply “the enemy”. Maybe the characters are forced into a reluctant alliance to overcome a common enemy and have to put their differences aside, which slowly builds into a friendship with the hint of something more. Maybe your characters are bickering in the car when a song comes on the radio and they both start singing along. Maybe it’s much more gradual than any of those examples. There are a myriad of other ways to do this. Again, it is up to you as the author to find something that works with your unique story and characters.

If you don’t mind being cliched and unoriginal, forcing your leads to get stuck in a confined space such as a lift (elevator), locked room, cellar, cave, space shuttle, etc, often works a treat to show the struggle of two people people trying not to directly confront their feelings of attraction with their enemy. Cliches are cliches for a reason: they’re usually effective. If, however, you want to try something a little different, there are alternatives that can work just as well, if not better:

Try giving one or both of your protagonists an out. Give them an opportunity to cut ties with each other just when they’re starting to realise they actually enjoy each others’ company.

Put a protagonist in a situation where they find themselves defending the other protagonist to a third character.

Use parallels and metaphors within your story to get your characters to indirectly discuss their growing attraction in subtextual conversations. Don’t be afraid to let your readers read between the lines sometimes.

These are just a few suggested techniques and are by no means exhaustive.

Well, I hope that was helpful. If anyone would like to add anything, feel free.

You bet your sweet buns that Jason Peter Todd loves Jane Austen and does that love the ever loving hell out of Pride and Prejudice. When he was younger, he used to feel a bit nervous about his adoration for such a romantic story, but after all he’s been through, he knows better than to let others dictate the things he loves.

He’ll get into arguments with the batfam and someone will accidently quote and Jason will jump right on it, continuing to the next line and the next line until he maybe forgets one and he has to stomp off and make sure he got the line right. It ends fights quickly but is it worth it to have Mr. Collin’s proposal to Elizabath recited back to you (plus Jay will wake you up at like 3 am, his dog eared P&P copy in his hands with a manic look in his eyes. He got the line right, but now you’re stuck listening to his recitation. Again)

He has every movie version of Pride and Prejudice out there. They become his comfort on the bad days. Most time he keeps his favorite version (90’s BBC miniseries) in his player so when he awakes from nightmares, he can go to the comforting familiarity of Longbourne, to Elizabeth’s cunning wit and Darcy’s awkwardness. He smiles as he calms down, if these two prideful idiots can fall in love each and every time, maybe he just might be able to make it.

He lowkey wrote a batfam Pride and Prejudice AU and put it up online, casting the mysterious Red Hood in the role of Elizabeth Bennett and a dark haired Amazon Princess with eyes like stars as his Darcy. It gets a ridiculous amount of hits. Tim discovers it halfway through and tells the others, somehow they can’t make fun of Jay because he’s actually a very good writer?? And does a good job describing all their characters? They follow the story secretly as he posts it.

Whenever he gets mad at another family member, they know the only way they’ll ever be truly forgiven is if they watch the movie with him. They’ll creep into the room, one hand over their eyes in resignation as they speak in a monotone, “Jason would you like to watch P-” And Jay’s already pulling out the DVD before they can even finish.

Bruce buying Jason special first editions of P&P for birthday and Christmas. He’d expect the boy, now a grown man, to have grown bored with the old books but every time he opens a gift and sees it’s a carefully preserved copy of his favorite story he just explodes with joy. The best present Jay could ever give Bruce is that look of complete and utter delight that almost makes him forget all the tragedies they’ve seen. It is, of course, accompanied by Jason delicately opening the book and reading the opening chapter. It’s a newfound tradition the Wayne family has come to enjoy because it is a truth universally acknowledged that a young man with a passion should be in want of a supportive family.

Request: Something Only You Would Know

Request: hey can you do an imagine where the reader is a hunter with the abilities of a medium and is able to see Dean during the events of Season 2 Episode 1 In My Time Of Dying and decides to help him, also could it be written in Dean’s pov

Word Count: 950

Imagine this as a How I Met Your Mother style story - that would be one to tell the kids😂😂! Thank you so much, have a great day<3

“Hello?!” Dean comes down the stairs, obviously in a hurry. He looks confused and distressed, to say the very least, and he keeps looking around in a panic as people walk around him, not even registering his presence. He doesn’t get it, they’re just… ignoring him, “Oh, come on. This has to be a joke!”

He continues down the corridor, waving his hands in front of everyone’s eyes, but no-one sees him. That is, until he sees you staring right at him. He takes off at a run, aiming straight for you.

“You can see me?” He asks, and at your nod, he breathes a sigh of relief.

“What’s going on?” He begs, and you press your lips together and stand up, walking down the corridor away from him. He follows, and once you go through a door into a deserted examination room, you begin to talk.

“What are you doing here?” You ask, running a hand through your hair. Dean raises an eyebrow.

“How can you see me, but no-one else can?”

“You’re not really here,” You explain, “Your body is elsewhere in the hospital, likely damaged beyond all repair.” Dean’s eyes widen and you wrap your arms around yourself, pressing your fingers to your temple as if a headache is pulsing there. He takes a seat on the bench and frowns, watching you closely.

“So… this is just an out-of- body experience?” He asks, and you nod.

“Pretty much.” You say, “It’s not uncommon, if that helps.”

“How do you know? How can you see me?”

“I’m a medium,” You explain, “I can see…”

“Dead people?”

“Well, you’re not dead yet, are you?” You roll your eyes, “Sometimes it’s dead people coming through from the other side, sending a message. Sometimes it’s people like you. It’s why I hate hospitals so much – there are so many of you. I’ve seen three just today.”

“Where are they now?”

“Heaven. Hell. Don’t ask me.” You shrug, “Look, the fact is that you’re hanging on better than they were. You’ve got something to live for, don’t you?”

He nods without hesitation, “My brother. I need his help, though. There’s something-“ He cuts himself off, realising that you likely don’t know about hunting or any of that.

“I know. The white ghosty thing.” You roll your eyes, “I’m figuring you’re a hunter, yeah?”

He nods, “Family business.”

“Okay. I’m Y/N. Do you know where your brother is?”

“I’m Dean, and yeah. Follow me.”


You knock twice on the door, pushing it open gently. Dean follows, running into the room and situating himself between the two men in there like it’s second nature – though for all intents and purposes he isn’t there, they stand a little way apart, and once Dean is there, they stand shoulder to shoulder like soldiers.

“Hi, uh…” You pause, looking at Dean, “This might sound a little crazy, but you don’t happen to know someone by the name of Dean Winchester, right?”

They share a look, and the younger man’s eyes widen and he takes a step forward.


“Well… he’s here. Like, in between you.” You shake your head, “I’m not explaining this very well. His body is out cold in some other room, right? But his soul, it’s just stood there. I’m Y/N, and I’m a medium – I can see him.”

Both of them look at you, only half believing your story. You sigh, running a hand through your hair.

“Ask me something only Dean would know.” You say, “He’ll tell me, and you’ll know for sure I’m telling the truth.”

Dean grins at the idea, having been slightly lost as to how to get his family to believe that he’s actually there. Sam ponders for a moment, before his face lights up in a grin.

“First case we took together after I left college?” He asks. You look to Dean for an answer, and he grins, knowing it right off the bat.

“Woman in White. Jericho, California. Constance Welch.” He replies, and you recite his answer in return. John and Sam look at one another, and then to the seemingly empty space that Dean occupies.

“One more, just to be sure. What’s Dean’s favourite pie?”

“Pecan or apple, depending if there’s cinnamon in the apple.”

You repeat this back to Sam, who nods approvingly.

“Alright then, Y/N, what does he want us to know?”


You’re waiting around for your friend’s discharge papers a few days later when Dean sees you again, finally back on his (real, physical) feet at the cost of his father’s life. Although the grief has dug a deep, dark hole inside of him, seeing you cheers him up somewhat.

“Y/N!” He calls from across the lobby, catching your attention. You smile brightly when you see him and your grin lights up the room – he’d been too panicked, much to his shame, to notice how pretty you were before. Now, though, it hits him like a brick wall and seeing you can’t help but make his shitty day just a little better.

“Hey, Dean,” You smile, “Back to the land of the living, I see.”

“Only just.” He grins lopsidedly, and he’s sure you can see the mask he’s tried to fix in place. If you do notice, however, you don’t say anything.

“Better than the alternative. How’s your brother?” You must have heard about his father, he presumes, though he doesn’t know how.

“Coping.” He shrugs, “Look, Y/N, maybe this is a little forward but we’re gonna be in town for a couple weeks and… uh… if you wanted to go for coffee sometime…”

You smile, touching his upper arm lightly, “I’d like that. I’d like that a lot.”

Castiel, Mary, Dean, past Dean/Cas, vaguely medieval fantasy AU that is currently tagged ‘secret kid in the woods’ because I haven’t figured out a proper title yet, 2.1k words

Previously: part 1 & part 2

Content warning: Callous talk of infertility.

part 3

The logical thing to do would’ve been to leave. Castiel should have started planning their flight as soon as Mary Campbell found them. Their belongings are few, there’s been little fighting since campaign season passed, and the security of the Duke’s park is a small price to give up for security against the Campbells.

The challenge that held Castiel back was money. He reasoned that he had some time to gather appropriate funds; that a few trips to market would be enough to cover the start of their journey.

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Early morning thoughts. 

Sometimes I really suffer with my characters. Even though we should distance ourselves OOCly from them, that we’re practically just actors playing roles (characters), I - and I think the majority of roleplayers - can’t help but add a little bit of ourselves, certain aspects of our experiences and personalities, into them. Mostly it’s accidental, but definitely natural. We have characters that live lives nothing like ours, but certain personality traits are little pieces of us we’ve added to give them that ‘spark’ of something personal and familiar. I think we tend to enjoy characters that are extensions of ourselves in some way, it’s how we recognize the us in them.

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The man who opens the door is a lot younger than Sam had anticipated.

There had been a babysitting network set up with a bunch of girls from school, and Sam could use the pocket money. And now he was here, being stared down by the twenty year old neighbor of Ruby’s who had hired him.

“It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Novak,” Sam says with an easy, practiced smile.

“Luke,” he says by way of a greeting. He holds the door the the apartment open and Sam takes the invitation.

That’s when he sees the little girl peering out from behind the man’s legs.

“Oh, hi there,” Sam says. “You must be Meg.”

Luke nudges her gently and she says, “Hello Mister Sam.”

Sam has to bite down a laugh at her overly formal tone. “Just Sam is fine,” he corrects gently. Luke is watching them interact with the typical worry of a parent about to leave their child in the hands of a stranger. He looks drawn and exhausted.

“Sam,” Meg says. She frowns like she doesn’t know what to make of him.

“Well,” Luke says. He fiddles with his car keys. “The kitchen is on the right. There should be peanut butter and bread and cereal in the cabinets. Meg can show you around.”

Sam wonders how young he was when Meg was born.

“I’ll be back soon,” Luke promises his daughter, crouching down to kiss her forehead before moving to the door.

“Don’t worry,” Sam said. “I’m sure we’ll have plenty of fun while you’re at work.”

Meg glances at him shyly, and he wiggles his fingers at her. She giggles.

Luke looks a little less nervous and more reassured. “Well, I have to be going. Call if you need anything, I left my number on the kitchen counter. I’ll be back home at eleven.” He pauses, clearly fighting reluctance to leave. “You be good, Meg, okay?” 

“Okay, Daddy,” she says, and Luke forces himself out the door. The lock clicks shut definitively. 

Meg looks at Sam. 

Sam looks at Meg. 

“Can you braid my hair for me?” she asks. “Daddy’s bad at it, but you have long hair, too." 

"Sure,” Sam says, and is treated to a long ramble about the lives of her stuffed animals and gets a new hairdo when Meg insists on practicing her braiding skills on him. He makes her grilled cheese for dinner, cutting the crusts off and then the shape of the bread into a star. It’s a little crude, but Meg is delighted. 

“It’s just like Daddy’s name,” she says, and that’s how Sam finds out that “Luke” is a nickname. He promises to bring her and her daddy a star-shaped cookie cutter sometime so they can all be stars. 

Meg doesn’t want to brush her teeth before going to bed, and getting her to lie still is even more challenging. Sam reads her two stories before she starts to look sleepy. 

“I know,” Sam says. “Why don’t I tell you the story of your daddy’s name?" 

Meg demands to hear it instantly. 

"Well,” Sam begins thoughtfully. “There was a very big family of angels, and they all loved each other very much. The brightest and eldest of them all was calling Lucifer because he was as bright and beautiful as the sun." 

Meg has settled down for real, thank god. Sam clears his throat and continues. 

"The trouble was,” he says, “was that Lucifer’s daddy…wasn’t very nice to him. He thought Lucifer should be exactly what he wanted him to be, and to never try to be anything more. Lucifer was angry. He said, ‘I am more than what you have decided I am, and I won’t bow down and take this.’ He took a bunch of his siblings who thought like he did and they made themselves a new world where they could be whatever they wanted, where they were free to pick their own futures, because your daddy’s namesake had a mind of his own and wasn’t afraid to say so." 

Meg looks nearly asleep. 

"And Lucifer taught the humans, and we learned the difference between good and evil and how to be kind to each other. For that he is called the light-bringer, the morning star.” He smooths down her hair gently. “Goodnight, Meg,” he said. 

When Luke comes home at a quarter past eleven, he finds Sam half-dozing on the couch. He wakes him and sends him off home. 

The next day, he calls Sam. 

“Meg adored you,” he says. “Do you think you could come over again to watch her this Friday at seven? I know it’s an inconvenient day, but—”

“I’ll be there,” Sam promises. 

There is some noise on the other end of the phone before Luke responds. “Meg says to tell you that she wants to hear the story again. Did you really tell her a pro-Lucifer version of the Fall?” 

His voice sounds wry, not offended, so Sam laughs a little. “Yeah,” he admits. “I thought she might like to hear it.” 

“She did,” Luke says, and then, more softly, “Thank you." 

"No problem,” Sam says, unconsciously mimicking Luke’s quieter tone. “I’ll see you Friday." 

"Until then,” Luke says, and Sam hangs up. 

It’s not until Dean mockingly points it out that Sam realizes he’d been smiling through the whole conversation. 

there’s no difference between this and his mugshot. when oprah asks him why he gets depressed, his response is that “i’m human” and he smiles after, but in his eyes you can see a broken boy. he’s been hurting since his career first started. and no maybe at first it wasn’t bad, but as the years went on and comments and hate started to get excessive, that 15 year old boy slowly started to see what the world truly was and how they were treating him. then when he hit 16, he fell in love and he felt on top of the world, but once he turned 18 and lost it, it was like the end of the world at that part and you can tell by his journals. thats when things started to get out of hand, and pictures started to leak, rumors, then the weed and from then on it was constant turmoil for him. nobody left him alone, there was fake stories being printed and posted every day, people booed him on stage, people humiliated him, he was being punished for something he didnt just do, that thousands of others do as well. then time went on and the hate got worse until the egging incident and thats when celebrities started to attack. they did before but now i mean several started to get on his case while no one was there to even tell him that it was going to be okay besides his “friends”. he didnt have his team, his family, nobody. only ryan but he can only tag along with justin for so long because he has to stay in canada for school and such. now lets drop down a couple days, a week at most, maybe more and he gets arrested. the hate got worse, people started shaming him, calling him incredulous things that i would never, ever say to my worst enemy. we know that what he did was wrong, there is no going around it. but bullying him? he’s HUMAN just like all of us and words fucking hurt. i would fucking know because half the things, if not all, that were said to me growing up are imprinted in my head and i can never get rid of it. hate is the worst kind of thing you can do to someone when they already feel like the entire world is against them. you may not like him, but you don’t have to tweet about his appearance or hateful things because you may not think he doesn’t see it, but he does. his name and face is all over the news coverage’s and papers and that boy can’t leave his house without someone having something to say to him. could you imagine having everyone turn their backs on you and having no one to turn to? it fucking sucks and that boy needs support and help more than anything else. he’s a good fucking person and did so many wonderful things, that maybe some of you should look up instead of just choosing to ignore the good and focus on the bad. bullying is a serious thing and can lead to drugs and alcohol and anti-depressants because he can’t handle all of it. just because he’s a celebrity doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings either. remember that. because im sure you all made several mistakes in your life that you wish you could take back, but you can’t.

Almost every week, I go to our public library. It’s a place filled with so many different type of people. Most are either students or predominantly homeless people. Every time I go, I pass this security guard right here. He says hello and goodbye with a smile on his face to everyone and I never once came up to talk to him. That had to change.

Q: What made you wanna become a security guard?
“The biggest thing was I wanted to help out people. One thing I always saw was like there was always problems and stuff so I just decided hey might as well be a security guard, go through the training and everything.”

Q: Do you ever get nervous something’s gonna happen and you have to be the guy to be on it?
“Oh man, I gotta say, all the time. ‘Cause the thing is as a security guard, you don’t make much money and number one thing is to go home in top shape. No injuries and make sure you get home to your families.”

Q: So you have a family?
“I take care of my sister, she has a bad liver. And my mom, she has a really bad heart. So, they’ve been living with me for the past four years now. My brother’s living with me too. My sister, her and my brother-in-law, they just split up so I have their five kids with me too.”

Q: Are you the main guy supporting everyone?
“Me and my brother, we’re equal. It’s hard but the thing is, it’s family. What are we gonna do? Just leave them on the street? No man. That’s not no option. Family, you gotta take care.”

After we talked, he thanked me for asking to take his picture because no one has ever asked him for that before. Hey, you deserve to have your picture taken.

We are surrounded all the time by people like Moses. The unsung heroes of their families. Unselfish and good people who are trying to get by for other people that isn’t themselves. People like Moses are all around us. Talk to a complete stranger and ask them their story. Literally everyone has a story worth telling. I can confidently say talking to Moses today added such a huge perspective to my life. Here’s to you, Moses. Keep our library safe. Stay safe yourself. Your family needs you. We all need you.

Dear diary,

Girls are so bloody confusing. Not all girls, I’m sure, just all the ones I’ve met, which isn’t a lot. I’m not talking about every girl either, just one in particular: Luanna McCrown. She’s a year above us, and she’s a girl who’s absolutely smitten when it comes to Sirius Black. It’s almost sad, really, but not as sad as it is when she plays hard to get. Oh, and Sirius! He finds it all so damn amusing, which makes me angry. It’s not like he’s playing with her feelings, of course not, but he’s somewhat leading her on. He’s already told us he didn’t fancy her. Well, not exactly, but he did say he’d never date her. Maybe he would have asked her on a date if she wasn’t so… exasperating!

It’s been going on for almost a week now, and the first time Sirius noticed her, he thought she was quite adorable. Even tried talking to her, to which she completely ignored and pretended she wasn’t interested. Sirius told us he wasn’t one for ‘chasing after a woman’. (If she’s considered a woman at her age, but I’m not sure what age a girl has to be before she’s considered a woman.)

It’s only a couple weeks into the school year, but you wouldn’t believe the girls that just /giggle/ every time Sirius even walks past them. James almost has the same effect on girls, but not as much, and he doesn’t seem to notice the ones that do. Not yet anyway, when he’s probably still in that 'not into girls too much’ phase.

I highly doubt that though. It seems like every night before bed, that’s all we do; talk about girls. Well, they talk, I listen–sometimes. I don’t think girls is, or ever will be, on the top of my priority list. Not having my secret revealed is on the top, right next to just graduating and getting my life together. At least it was, but that’s before I got to Hogwarts. Now I just regret Seventh Year and leaving the place that has become home.

Mother and father are owling me frequently now. I’m so happy they are. I miss them more than I thought I would. Sometimes I can’t even sleep at night because I know my father won’t be there to hold me after a nightmare.

I’m a big kid now. I don’t need someone holding me. I’m eleven, which means I will be a pre-teen in one year, and a teenager in two. I don’t think I’m excited to grow up. Once I do, I’ll have to register my name at the Werewolf Registry, and anyone who wants to know my secret can. It will no longer be a secret. I keep telling myself I will tell James, Sirius, and Peter before the time comes, but I also keep telling myself to wait until we’re closer. Until we can tell each other everything. But that’s just another excuse; we already tell each other almost everything. Sirius has yet to speak about his family for more than five minutes. The only opinion we can get from his stories is this: his mother is a downright witch who has no soul.

He said she was awful already, but it’s gotten worse since he was placed in Gryffindor. He doesn’t care, or at least he pretends not to, saying he had hoped to be in Gryffindor and not Slytherin.

He might be the bravest kid I’ve ever met. I’m so happy to be friends with him.

Until next time, diary.

—  September 20, 1971