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My room doesn't get any moonlight and hardly any sunlight during the day, I can't go outside to do anything because I don't want to risk being made fun of by my family, Are there any alternatives to moon/sun light ?

Hello there ~☽♡☾

Unfortunately, moon/sun light are just an example of something that does not have a replacement in magick. Almost nothing at home can fully re-create the energies and high concentration light waves given off by these bodies, so you might just have to make due and try anyway! Although, you could try sneaking out to a backyard during the night to work with moonlight; personally, I prefer to do spells during the night…not only because it’s very hot here, but also because I prefer a quiet and private environment outdoors. You could also bring out a book or hobby (if you’d like to practice secretly) and tell your family that you’re going to read alone outside for a bit during the day, so that you may work in sunlight as well. 

I’m sorry that I cannot help any further, but I do hope you can find a way to practice soon! If you are using sun/moonlight for cleansing objects, you can absolutely use a different method of cleansing, but nothing can physically replace them. Let me know if you need any help with anything else ~ Have a wonderful day!

➺ Rainy

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I'm scared to come out as bi to my family but I'm falling for a girl (I'm a girl) and don't know what to do. My friends are supportive but I want my family to be ok with it and I don't think they will be. What do I do?

It’s okay to be scared, and maybe right now isn’t a good time to tell your family.. For now, try to become comfortable with how things are and use your friends as the support you need, eventually everything is going to settle and you’ll find the confidence and ability to come out or not.. 
With love,

the signs as ghosts
  • aries:you're a hungry ghost, died in random tragic circumstances. scary people (a lot!!) so you can feed yourself of victims fear energy
  • taurus:you're an angel, died making a good action to someone else and became an angel. now "is in this world" to protect people from bad things
  • gemini:you're a living ghost, you didn't die yet but is on deep coma. show intelligence and self awareness and is trying to tell your family/friends something
  • cancer:you're a lost ghost, died by accident on a very important time on life. you know you're dead but you're very scared of move on and leave everything behind
  • leo:you're a guardian angel, died while your child are still a newborn. now you can't leave this world, because you feel a huge need to protect your baby
  • virgo:you're an itelligent residual ghost, died in some place by bad lucky, probably. you can move things, communicate and scary the shit out of the living
  • libra:you're a child ghost, died by accident while playing around. is kinda friendly but want another company so may induce people to death
  • scorpio:you're a vengeful ghost, died by a man how once you loved. now you only torments and attacks males when they're present in the place you've been murdered
  • sagittarius:you're a demon, you didn't die bc you're not human. you are a god. appear as many entities to confuse, extract fear energy out of victims, possess...
  • capricorn:you're a ghost with unfinished business, died a very sudden death. can't leave until make sure everything will be as fine as you planned in life
  • aquarius:you're a ghost that is unaware that you're dead, died a simple alone death. don't even know that are dead, just keep doing stuff like is still alive
  • pisces:you're a ghost who is seen at the time of your death by family & friends as a way of saying goodbye or giving important information, died in the hospital probably very sick. wants to comfort people
Help a broke disabled trans person and their partner to survive the next few weeks

I’m Ashe, and I live with my partner in a small apartment.

I have an internship right now at the University I attend, and they’ve offered me a paid position that starts in mid-August, so once I make it to then, I should have a lot less financial worry.

However, in the meantime, my bank account currently has a balance of negitave 105, I owe my roommate $139 for last month’s utilities, rent this month is $310 and will be due at the start of August, and ive had to go off my hormones because I have no money to order them ($130 for a three month supply)

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Thanks y'all

Protect brown girls with body hair

Protect brown girls with

-bushy eyebrows/unibrow
-upper lip hair
-hairy arms or legs or both
-peach fuzz

Protect brown girls who shave or wax

Protect brown girls who don’t

Your body hair or lack thereof does not define your worth. You are a beautiful person. You are a goddess. Don’t let society or your family tell you otherwise just because you have some body hair.

help tumblr user uoltaire get art supplies!!! 🎨✨

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Everything your family tells you is a lie. you're a complete and utter failure, Denmark hates you, everyone hates you.

*tears up again* I… I…

Mother dearest, can you not see the hurricane behind my eyes?
It’s grown quite massively in the gulf of my mind.
Category 1 - Diagnosis
I’ll never forget the way you cried
Or the way I could feel nothing at all
Fear is better than any anesthesia
I strongly recommend it
If you cannot stand the pain
Your own brain is causing
Category 5 - Remission
I opened the sails on my ship
To ride the winds of your relief
I can see land from this distance
My sadness lapping the shore
until it melts into the sand and is gone forever
Category 7 -
This is the final chapter
I’m willing it to be
I cannot find the old rhythms
I used to dance to
Because my brain is void of thoughts
Swelling beneath my skull
Maybe after I have gone
You’ll see the regrets I have
inside the pink tissues
That have spilled from my eyes, my ears, my nose
and you will know that I chose
to seal my lips
despite the growing pain
to save you from debt
I’m sorry mother,
you were going to lose me anyways.
—  I have a brain malformation, and my symptoms are getting worse and worse, but I’m not telling my family because I don’t want to worry them or make them spend any more money on me.