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Do you think people (especially teenagers) should tell about their feelings to the ones they love? Or it's better to hide everything if you're not sure that they feel same about you?

Tell people how you feel. Honestly, I let my own insecurities get in the way of two possible relationships because I didn’t tell either how I felt when I had the chance and now they’re both in relationships with different people and it hurts. Don’t wait; tell everyone how you really feel about them. Tell your family you love them. Tell your friends you love them. Tell your crush you love them, If there’s someone you don’t like, cut them out of your life. Life is too short to cover up feelings. Just do it (insert every Shia gif) xxxx

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How did you go about telling your family that you were discerning a vocation to religious life?

So funny story number ive lost count. I had hinted at the fact that I thought He was calling me to my family but didn’t out right tell them until I had contacted a community (the Sisters of Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus) and they wanted to meet me. I was talking to my parents when I just kind of blurted out about a dream I had had of walking through a beautiful garden with a woman wearing a full habit and she turned and said to me “He’s calling you. He wants you to be His bride.” When I told them that Summit was a cloistered monastery they were really not okay with it. But God gives the grace for our families to accept His will for our lives.

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Ive been about 3 weeks clean (self harm) and I just cant help but need to do it again... I got better about my purging, but ive gotten so bad lately and I keep telling myself im fine and nothings wrong..

please tell someone, your family or your doctor

try to keep yourself distracted, try some of these

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I'm scared to come out my family is horrible. I also can't trust many of my friends because I know they will tell other people. I know my friends would support me though. But my family is just full of horrible people

If your fear is stronger than your willingness to come out, or if you’d be in danger in some way, I’d advise that you don’t tell your family right now.. Only tell the people you trust with such sensitive information.. 
Above all, your safety is the most important thing..
With love,


“Family. That’s my agenda. Sometimes family is more than just the people under your roof. They’re people who jump in head first, who aren’t afraid to make fools of themselves to help you. Who don’t hide their faces in shame if you fall down. If your family is suddenly bigger than you expected and your house gets too crowded, do you tell your family that they need to find a different place to live? You make room. You adapt. You find creative solutions to keep people together. Our schools fans are our family.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you for another incredible season, #CloneClub. You’re one of a kind.


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Mother dearest, can you not see the hurricane behind my eyes?
It’s grown quite massively in the gulf of my mind.
Category 1 - Diagnosis
I’ll never forget the way you cried
Or the way I could feel nothing at all
Fear is better than any anesthesia
I strongly recommend it
If you cannot stand the pain
Your own brain is causing
Category 5 - Remission
I opened the sails on my ship
To ride the winds of your relief
I can see land from this distance
My sadness lapping the shore
until it melts into the sand and is gone forever
Category 7 -
This is the final chapter
I’m willing it to be
I cannot find the old rhythms
I used to dance to
Because my brain is void of thoughts
Swelling beneath my skull
Maybe after I have gone
You’ll see the regrets I have
inside the pink tissues
That have spilled from my eyes, my ears, my nose
and you will know that I chose
to seal my lips
despite the growing pain
to save you from debt
I’m sorry mother,
you were going to lose me anyways.
—  I have a brain malformation, and my symptoms are getting worse and worse, but I’m not telling my family because I don’t want to worry them or make them spend any more money on me.

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I think I'm gay... what do

Be proud and don’t feel the need to hide, tell your friends and family when you feel that it is right tell them but you shouldn’t feel like you need to hide, this is the 21st century and people are becoming more and more accepting

Afraid to tell your parents?

If you haven’t told them yet I would say, just do it!
I was really afraid to tell my father at first because he was always telling me to wait with kids so me and my husband could travel the world first.
But when I was about 12 weeks pregnant I called my father and said “I don’t know if you are going to be happy about this but… I’m pregnant!”
And he just starts laughing and said to me, “why wouldn’t I be happy, I’m going to be a grandfather for Christ sake!”

He is now bragging to everyone he know that he is going to be a grandfather and he calls me like 5 times a week just to check if I’m ok.

I think the best feeling after being a parent, is getting to be a grandparent.