I was on the phone with my mother, and I told her that I was voting for Bernie Sanders. She did not know who he was or even what his political party was. So please, if you do not want Donald Trump to win the election, tell your family, friends, significant others, neighbors, and people on the street about Bernie. We live in a bubble on tumblr, so we need to get his name out to the public. Please, talk about Bernie as much as you can to those around you.

to be honest: tumblr has made me feel awful about liking so many places and cultures. Since I was about 9 I was lucky enough to be able to travel to many places around europe. For the amount of time i was there, I saw and learned so much. I went to school and was surrounded by people from all corners of the globe. Speaking and being able to be friends with them was an amazing experience. From religion, to language, to tradition and other things i learned from my peers and got to view a bit of their own world. All the countries amaze me, and one of the things I want to do the most in life is travel. I want to be able to meet people,see extraordinary things and places and try different foods. Sorry this was nothing but a long ramble, I just needed to write this down..

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hello christian! i am a female to male transgender but my family doesn't know.. do you have any advice on how to tell them?

Ah! Honestly, sometimes families can be hopeless, even if they love u, which they most likely do. Unfortunately, almost all of us, have parents that were born in the last generation of bigoted and ignorant beliefs, so even tho they aren’t bad ppl, they cant help but have inherited these traits. Even as someone who is nonbinary, I can’t bring myself to correct my parents when they refer to me as “young man” or whatever,,, anything of the like. It is difficult! It rly depends on your relationship with your family. The sad fact is u may nvr be able to tell your family about your tru feelings and you may have to accept that. Even if you feel brave enough to tell them (it is great if u can!) they may not accept it , and dont take that as a sign of not caring! they just dont know. However, with anyone else, especially yr age, dont be afraid to be yourself and filter out the bad impossible ppl who dont accept. Family is a sensitive and differing subject when it comes 2 gender identity but i would say, DONT let it affect you in any way overall ! Just keep being yourself and do what u feel based on yr situation! Everyone is different! it will b ok

Mother dearest, can you not see the hurricane behind my eyes?
It’s grown quite massively in the gulf of my mind.
Category 1 - Diagnosis
I’ll never forget the way you cried
Or the way I could feel nothing at all
Fear is better than any anesthesia
I strongly recommend it
If you cannot stand the pain
Your own brain is causing
Category 5 - Remission
I opened the sails on my ship
To ride the winds of your relief
I can see land from this distance
My sadness lapping the shore
until it melts into the sand and is gone forever
Category 7 -
This is the final chapter
I’m willing it to be
I cannot find the old rhythms
I used to dance to
Because my brain is void of thoughts
Swelling beneath my skull
Maybe after I have gone
You’ll see the regrets I have
inside the pink tissues
That have spilled from my eyes, my ears, my nose
and you will know that I chose
to seal my lips
despite the growing pain
to save you from debt
I’m sorry mother,
you were going to lose me anyways.
—  I have a brain malformation, and my symptoms are getting worse and worse, but I’m not telling my family because I don’t want to worry them or make them spend any more money on me.
things to consider when coming out (part 1)

If you’re considering telling your family and friends that you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, you’re might be feeling scared, anxious, nervous or uncertain about how your loved ones will react to the news. The coming out process is different for everyone, but chances are that the people you tell about your feelings will have a lot of questions. It’s important that you’re honest about your feelings with the people in your life, but before you come out, here are a few factors you might want to think about.

How comfortable are you with your sexuality?

It’s important that you’re completely comfortable with yourself and your sexuality before you tell others. If you’re feeling sad, guilty, confused or angry about your sexuality you might want to seek help in understanding those feelings before coming out to people who may react badly.

Can you discredit common stereotypes?

A person’s response to your news might be based on stereotypes and myths about gay, lesbian or bisexual people. Do your research on what support groups exist in your community and the terminology these groups use. You want to be aware of some of these myths by talking to gay, lesbian, bi or transgender people that you know, or by reading up on some literature provided by the support groups in your area. It’s important that what you know isn’t just from stereotypes.

Is it your decision to tell someone?

The decision to tell someone about your sexuality should be yours. However, sometimes this isn’t always the way people find out about your sexuality. Try not to feel pressured by people who think that “everyone must come out” or by snooping people who ask unwanted questions.

How does this person view gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender people?

Depending on your relationship with someone, you might already have a good idea about his or her views and feelings on sexuality and gender identity. It may be wise to use this knowledge and consider how much information and support you may need if you decide to tell them about your feelings.

This is part 1 tomorrow I will post part 2 :)

Afraid to tell your parents?

If you haven’t told them yet I would say, just do it!
I was really afraid to tell my father at first because he was always telling me to wait with kids so me and my husband could travel the world first.
But when I was about 12 weeks pregnant I called my father and said “I don’t know if you are going to be happy about this but… I’m pregnant!”
And he just starts laughing and said to me, “why wouldn’t I be happy, I’m going to be a grandfather for Christ sake!”

He is now bragging to everyone he know that he is going to be a grandfather and he calls me like 5 times a week just to check if I’m ok.

I think the best feeling after being a parent, is getting to be a grandparent.