Keep your friends close. Tell them how much you love them and that you’re there for them, every chance you get. It might be exactly what they need to hear in that particular moment…

…and you never know whether or not it’ll be the last thing they hear.

If you love someone

If you are lucky enough to meet the special person that fits you like a puzzle, do not ever let them go. Do not ever let this person out of your life without telling them how you feel. I’m not talking about the the person you have a crush on. I’m not talking about the person who just gives you butterflies. I’m talking about the person who cuts you off in a middle of a sentence and finishes it. I’m talking about the person that gets under your skin and makes you question the deepest parts of yourself. The person you tell your darkest secrets to. The person that gets excited and laughs not at you, but with you whenever you’ve done something stupid. The person that you don’t make any plans with because everything you do is in the moment. The one that you look at when they are in the climax of a story and you aren’t listening because you can’t stop smiling at how interested they are in what they’re saying. The one that thinks you’re perfect while knowing every flaw you have. The one that takes your side no matter what. The one that might be too old, too young, too far away, or in love with someone else. Promise to tell this person. Because even if you are humiliated in the end, you do love them. And you should never contain your love if it’s real.

If you have someone that texts you, when you havent replied for hours, watches you give other people attention while you ignore them, or even just handles all the bullshit you throw at them and is still there, you need to knock some fucking sense into yourself, tell them thank you and I love you and never fucking let them go, because someone special like that is really hard to find in this shitty ass world.

How do you tell a person you love them?“

"You just tell them. When you’re madly in love with someone, it’s hard to hold it in.”

“But every time I try, I freeze up.” He said, “Then am I not really in love?”

“Say it once.” She said, “And I swear it would be hard to never say you love them again.

—  from a book I might write by jwfeelings

if you have someone you have strong feelings for, tell them. tell them you love them, sure they might not always love you back and you might get hurt but then there are no regrets. you don’t have to think back about it and wonder about what could have been. -a.k. {me} aligntheskywithstars

I think it’s so important to let the people in your life know who they are to you, what they are to you. To not leave your feelings unsaid because you never know if you will get tomorrow to try again. Stop hesitating. Stop making excuses. Stop being afraid of loving someone and being loved by someone. You are more than deserving of both. People need to know, they should know how you feel about them. How they light up your life. How they make you smile. How they brighten up the dark days life brings your way. How they inspire, encourage, and support you. Sometimes, even how they’ve hurt you. Don’t remain silent. Speak. Let your voice be free. Let yourself go, and tell those people in your life how much they mean to you. Don’t wait for second chances. Take the first one that comes your way, and go with it, hold on to it. Hold on to them.
—  ~~Acoustic Imagery~~

I will go down with this being the most femslashiest of femslashy things in the history of femslash.

And they weren’t “canon”. Right.

relationships tips from experience

• make time
• support, support, support
• never let the first kiss be a goodbye kiss
• tell them how you feel
• dates are personal
• make them feel loved, always
• parents know best
• kiss their forehead, cheek, and hands
• communication is absolutely vital
• show them off
• have a friendship inside of a relationship
• be bold


Happy Father’s Day.