advice i will tell my daughter

1) If someone breaks your heart. cry a bit, wash your face and leave. if he leaves you he isn’t worth your heart break cry over him if you need to but never crawl back to someone who broke you because they will do it again and they will do it 10 times harder. 

2) Never fully attach yourself to men friends as a women it is nearly impossible to have a man friend without some sort of emotion between you too. I’ve had so many best boy friends and now that they know that i won’t sleep with them or love them they don’t even acknowledge me in the corridors. they will act so close and act all flirty and best friend like, they will tell you secrets and compliments but as soon as you deny their wishes they won’t see you.

3) Learn self defense as a woman in this world it is important for your safety to be able to protect yourself as men will do whatever to get what they want.  The clothes you wear do not  defy who you are or what will happen to you. where clothing you feel comfortable in.

4) do things you know you will regret not doing. falling in love is difficult. Sometimes you won’t go along with it because its too difficult but sometimes the aftermath is worth the good times you had. listen to music it is as good as keeping a diary it will take you write back to the happy times the tough times and alt he times in between.

5) people can disappear at any given moment so never forget to love love love as much as you can. love everyone who deserves your love and spread happiness onto them. leave flowers and small notes for people. a small note on the train seat will brighten someones heart.

6) don’t love anyone who doesn’t deserve your love. whether its a friend or a boy you like if they have done you wrong they don’t deserve your time or your love. people will tell you to stop being rude or mean but if you feel like your love isn’t being returned or respected then don’t bother.

7) never feel pressured to do anything by anyone if you are uncomfortable stop. take life at your own pace. just because yours friends are doing things doesn’t mean you must.

8) if you need to cry make it nice, crying is important to do. turn the lights low, hop in the bath and put on your favorite mellow song let the tears come but don’t let them stay to long. wash your face and leave. everyone has a low point in their life

9) watch your food. as boring as it sounds its important and will grow more important in the future. watch how the foods you eat affect you.

10) laugh like hell. laugh and you will get little happy wrinkles on your face to remind you of the good times.

11) never hate your body for the way it looks or the way it looks. It is your home and you will travel and see things that will be unique to your eye. someone will fall in love with you and your mind will always be more important than your looks.

12) forgive. but only if it is necessary and well deserved. love and forgiveness are the two most important objects in life.

13) Give whenever and wherever possible and be a compassionate, kind, patient person. Love, laugh, cry, sing, help, teach, listen, learn and contribute in every way possible.

14) follow your natural instinct if something feels wrong don’t if it feels right do it. follow life’s natural path .

15) spend as much time as you can getting to know yourself. work on your own personal development. read books, take baths, go on long walks take photos to watch your physical development. keep an eye on your emotions and make sure you fall in love with yourself. In 50 years your whole life will affect you every small day will shape you out to be who you were meant too be. you will feel nostalgia looking back and try make it all worth it. 

16) i will always accept whatever you are your sexuality your gender your race is/are. i will love you and you are enough. keep living.

- things i wish i had been told