The Éditions FP&CF , non-profit organization based in paris, france, are very glad to announce the new issue of “Tell Mum Everything Is Ok”, photo-zine of various contributors.

This 5th issue is based on the theme “stigma” and shows the work of :

alec soth / ali bosworth / andrew laumann / andrew phelps / axel stevens / brendan baker and daniel evans / christian flatscher / christian patterson / clare strand / damien brailly / ed panar / guillaume maraud / irina yulieva / jaap scheeren / jason fulford / jeremy jansen / jordan small / juan ramon rincon / kenny hurtado / kk + tf - klara källström and thobias fäldt / laëtitia donval / lara dhondt / maciek požoga / maxime milanesi / peter halupka / roger ballen / santa katkute / taiyo onorato & nico krebs / thomas albdorf / timothy briner / torbjørn rødland 

limited and numbered edition

80 pages - A5

Fanzine printed on “Cyclus offset” 140g, a wood-free paper
Cover : Hot stamping on Tintoretto Ceylon Curry 250g 
Format : 143 x 195 mm
Extend : 80 pages
Type used : ITC Officina Sans et Serif

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© All copyright remains with Éditions FP&CF 

‎"With Tell mum everything is ok, we are not there to tell people if their work is good or not, but we have some basic requirements and we are interested in “artistic pictures”. After the issue #5, we have decided to make a break with this project because of the gap between what we receive and what we publish. We need to think about the future of the review and how we will reconcile the principle of open participation with the quality of the editing.

- from an interview with Maxime and Claire of Éditions FP&CF, publishers of the excellent photography magazine Tell mum everything is ok, up at the gallery site here.

Tell Mum Everything is OK es una fanzine participativa, dedicada a la difusión de fotógrafos emergentes. 

A través de su grupo Flickr, recopilan imágenes de artistas de diferentes lugares del mundo. Luego de una selección, una serie de fotografías pasan a formar parte de un número de la publicación, cada vez con una diferente temática.

Creada por Éditions FP&CF, la revista está basada en la participación de los mismos lectores, quienes pueden enviar sus trabajos para ser publicados. 

Para adquirir un número o para más información, visita la página oficial de Tell Mum Everything is OK y su flickr.

Tell Mum Everything is OK is a participative fanzine, dedicated to diffuse emergent photographers.

Through their flickr group, they collect images by artist from different places of the world. After a selection, a series of photographies take part of an issue of the magazine, each time with a different subject.

Created by Éditions FP&CF, the magazine is based in the participation of the readers themselves, who can send their work to be published. 

To buy an issue or get more information, visit the official website of Tell Mum Everything is OK and their flickr.