@seastarved and I are going to set up the I Hate People Who Hate Emma Swan Club and we’re going to make Killian Jones the president and we will devote all of our time to talking about how much we love her and how great she is. 

Maybe we’ll come up with fundraisers where we bake Emma Swan cupcakes and the donations can go towards foster children and movie nights where we watch Emma Swan’s favourite movies, and entire discussions about how her hair looks great all of the time, and remember that one of many (many) times she was really nice and good and how great her heart is? And maybe there’s a weekly roster of chaos intervention to give the Saviour some R&R?

Places are unlimited, now accepting members.

Ameb is back

I’m back at home! Procedure went well, i’m gonna have another one hopefully sooner than later, which means i will disappear again at some point, but for now, I’M BACK. With more hospital stories to come, but not many more ideas for UNSPKN XD It was hard to think over there…

Thank you all for your support, nice comments and asks, i really appreciate all of that. Thank you for being patient with me, new page of UNSPKN will come out on Monday, and we will take it from there.

Thank you all so, so much, you give me life <makes a gesture of a heart>

Can I  just say that while of course Bitty and Jack’s defined, committed, fairy-tale relationship is of course the most beautiful and spectacular thing, I also really appreciate Shitty and Lardo and their “fuck if I know??” attitude. Because it’s extremely accurate for early 20s relationships. Some people find their Person and they just know right away, but for a lot of us it takes a lot longer and there’s a lot more uncertainty. So cheers to Shitty and Lardo. 

that AWESOME ptsd feel when you feel like a liar and a fraud for getting better, and then you proceed to slowly (rapidly) dissolve into mad panic