If anyone says that Emily didn’t love Matt then you clearly missed the scene when Emily was hanging from the tower and she was calling out for Matt because she wanted him there or the time Emily was down in the mines and all she was doing was calling his name because she needed him and wanted to know if he was okay also if Matt doesn’t survive she asks where he is and she says that she was a bitch and that she could’ve saved him if she wasn’t, she wanted to find him the whole time in my game because she loved him.

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Who are some of UR fav followers? And I've been reading like a lot of Dean x reader. Is there any like new blog U recommend. LOVE UR ACCOUNT BTW!! It makes my day to see UR Dean fics!

ahhh thank you! although I made this blog more towards cas, I find writing dean easier because… we have similar personalities??? I don’t know (im a big flirt its horrible) anyway I love all of my followers, they’re really supportive but the ones that really stick out are:

queenk023 (Kelly writes spn fics, also smut if you want!)

adventurecas because Gabriel is adorable and steals my internet

 imlostforever14 because they always like my stuff and are probably the number one source of the notifications I get

fluffyfrickinhellhounds just because I really love their blog

 umm and probably gbuttry because they’re really nice and sweet! (also a new spn writer!)

also honorable mentions to the followers who recently reblogged and liked a shit ton of stuff at once: sebastianskitsunex3 and thinkwritexpress

I mean I love all my followers obviously but these are just the ones who either talk to me, or I recognize their url because they pop up in my notifications so much.

again thank you, I’m so glad you liked my dean fics! I know this was kinda long and if I could I would include all my followers!