Man, I see so much hate in the Shimadacest tag. I thought the whole Pharmercy/Gency ship war was bad, but this just takes things to a whole new level.

I wish people would just let people ship who they want. It’s okay being against a ship, but telling people to kill themselves because of a fictional ship is horrifying and terrifying.

Stay positive and safe out there, friends! You’re awesome no matter who and what you ship ♡ ♡

so i got way too excited about various things while watching this movie

Newt Scamander, to Jacob: …so, this is your occamy…

me, in the fourth row: My occamy? MY OCCAMY? Yes. Yes! I will love him and pet him and name him Quetzalcoatl-

Newt: …also, don’t pet them. Too many people try to steal their eggs. They will bite your fricking hand off.

me: …oh.

some things to be grateful for

Hey you guys, I know 2016 has been quite a shitty year on a global level - so I decided to post something nice to cheer you up a bit (also, since it’s finally December and all that)

It’s been quite an eventful year for Ewan, too, but in a much better way

1) He finally got to direct a movie and show it to the world:

American Pastoral (2016, dir. Ewan McGregor)

2.) Also, he got to present it at the Toronto Film Festival, together with his beautiful wife, Eve, which is quite a treat:

(Watch him talk about the filming experience in the TIFF Master Class video)

3.) He landed a biggie (playing two brothers!!) in the third season of Fargo:

4.) Along with Jonny Lee Miller, Ewen Bremner, Kelly McDonald, and Robert Carlyle he reprised his role of Mark Renton in Trainspotting 2 (T2) (dir. Danny Boyle) - shooting started in May 2016 and the trailer looks awesome:

5.) He performed at the Roxy, he did!! (a tribute concert to the late David Bowie):

6.) He met up with his mate Charley Boorman and his friends from the Long Ways, David Alexanian and Russ Malkin (Charley had a bad accident with his bike but is recovering fine):

7.) He received the British Academy Britannia Humanitarian Award for his tireless work for Uniced (among other organisations) - well deserved:

8.) He beefed up an old Volkswagen Beetle and sold it on ebay, which is pretty cool:

9.) He got to fly in the back of a WWII, North American AT-6, nice:

10.) He got to spend some time at home both in the US and in Bonnie Scotland:

(11. Bonus: he sounded off on twitter about Boris Johnson after Brexit - the tweet has since been deleted but he’s still very vocal on his opinion. You do you, Ewan)

I hope you had some good times in 2016, too!!! And I hope 2017 will be a truly great year for you! You deserve it, m’loves!!!!! <3 you

Ok here I go. I was crying. It’s so rare that I cry for something like this. I am so fucking proud of these boys. I stan the right group. Honestly, they boys literally came from the bottom, almost completely poor, with faith in their hearts that they could one day win a daesang award. They went through so much, probably thinking many times along the way if maybe they should give up, but they didn’t. And look where all that hard work has gotten them. It’s so impressive that this group from a small company (not the big 3) are right on top along with EXO. While I am not an Exo-L, I know and understand the fame that Exo has, so for BTS to be right there with them makes me so god damn proud. Two amazing groups that desearve these awards tonight. I honestly thought it would be the other way around. Bts would win album of the year and Exo would win Artist of the year. But I am not complaining. Each one got what they desearved. You don’t have to be a BTS fan to know how hard these boys worked for to be here. Yoongi crying like that is proof enough. I love these boys with all my heart. It’s one of those feelings like ‘I said I love you, and I know you didn’t hear me, yet it still feels like you know I did’. Here’s to many more awards to come. BTS keep fighting and we, ARMY, shall keep on fighting along side of you. Please go and achieve everything you dream of, because you are fine proof that hard work pays off. This is only the first step. Dream work makes the dream work.

I’m so tempted to get up early and stream the MAMAs tonight, just to get a glimpse of Soo Hyuk on the red carpet or maybe even during the broadcast…but that would mean I’d only get 3 hours of sleep…

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Irene Koh posting that artwork from the comics just made my night 100000000000% better.

Also, she’s going to Seattle and gonna be at ECCC in March.

I for one, can’t wait to see her there.