I think some off you ppl telling exo-ls to calm down need to understand that this is a BLOG just bc i scream in caps on here doesnt mean im crying on the floor in real life, just because im angry and bitter on here, doesn’t mean im going to go around telling armys to die like you all have been telling me on anon for the past few hours. I do, in fact, have a life thanks. But I also have the right to write whatever nonsense I want to ON MY OWN BLOG just bc its MY BLOG and I can overaggressive be dramatic or salty or whatever you think I am bc that’s EXACTLY what a blog’s supposed to be for; letting out your emotions and saying what you think. So no i wont simmer down or smile in compliance and pretend to be all accepting.

 Let exo-ls be whatever they want to be on their own damn blogs. If you’re happy that’s great, but you have no right to tell others how to feel. If it bothers you so much, just unfollow, black list, ignore? Let us simply say our thoughts in peace. It’s become an environment where an exo-l cant even say theyre disappointed but when other fandoms send us death threats or shit on us thats perfectly acceptable? Nah, not today. 

fucking what is the deal with video games having that shit like “whoa looks like you’ve been playing for literally 10 hours maybe its time to take a break” like fucking dont tell me how to live my life ive been doing this shit for 20 years youre too late im beyond help

If I met someone like me, I would tell her that she is beautiful.
If I met someone like me, I would tell her that she is too young to cry herself to sleep.
I would tell her that life is too short to not do what you love.
If I met someone like me, I would tell her that she has so much to offer to the world and that they will only know her strength if she forces them to see it.
I would put my hand on her shoulder, look into her beautiful hazel eyes, and tell her that everything is going to be okay.
If I met someone like me, I would give her a hug and squeeze her tightly because I know that sometimes all she wants is to feel like she is wrapped in something that loves her - whether it’s a person, her art, or even just her bed sheets.
If I met someone like me, I would tell her that if she is ever feeling like her world is ending and that there’s no reason for her to go on, she should tell herself the things that she would say if she were to meet someone just like her.
Here's a memory for ELFs to laugh at...

Remember that one time when Donghae got almost half of the members of Super Junior pissed at each other, punished for no reason in one way or another, and indirectly caused Kyuhyun and Leeteuk to cry, and indirectly caused Shindong and Yesung to almost fight, but still somehow managed to get away with it and was the only one unharmed even though HE STARTED THE ENTIRE FREAKING THING?

Because I do.

You think you’re so fucking mature now that you’ve moved on with your life but you’re not. You don’t care about school or your health and you go out and party every night. I’m a year younger than you and have my priorities figured out more than you do so don’t fucking tell me that who I talk to or what I do is immature when what you’re doing is worse than a two year old.
—  Grow the fuck up you hypocrite erica-s-diary
I read a manga where the protagonist’s dad is satan, other where freaking giant naked people run killing everyone and the main character is a 15 years old kid with some serious anger issues, another where there are gay volleyball players who scream a lot and are huge idiots and one where I ship an egg and a cyborg who share a house on a ghost town.

And I haven’t even tell you all the mangas and animes that I watch.

ughhhuhhhhghuhhhh a teaser????? plus if i dont post it here rtn i’ll prob never finish. remind me once a week pls.  tfw you have multi deadlines for your papers next week and you’re still bored af…..

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i just hate mondays

ignored by my idols all day all night

just wreck me 

all i wanna do was break your walls

the worst thing about your lies were that they made me feel loved 

2 sassy 4 you

i just really wanna be alone

not really sure how i feel about you, something in the way you move make me feel like i cant live without 

cool story bro

im a boss as bitch bitch bitch

we dont like “anal sex” in, try again!

im so prada you are so crocs

if u dont have pizza i dont know what your doing here

i dont care i love it 

hi stalker

maybe ok will be our always 

but you are perfect to me

shes lost control

my pu$$y taste like pepsi cola

but i wish i was dead

everytime i close my eyes is like a dark paradise

victoria tell me your secret

its not a bad day, its a bad life

bad boys, good lips

only god can judge us 

who need friends when u have vodka?

its 11:11 make a wish

its my mouth i can say what i want to

no because you suck

im electra heart

dont be gucci be yourself

santa, where is my idol under the christmas tree?

hate me, dont hate my idol

let me live that fantasy

cause we were born to die

leave me alone

dont make me sad, dont make me cry

i broke a million hearts just for fun


Marinette’s Bedroom

Did I ever tell you about that time I literally searched the whole internet for marinette bedroom refs and re-watched miraculous episodes to get a correct description of her room for chapter 4 of tell her?

And I realised that she had fUCKING BARS AT HER WINDOWS




The pjo books from my gay children’s perspective

Nico di Angelo and no don’t get rid of pac man

Nico di Angelo and no Bianca this is all free

Nico di Angelo and no I was not in there for 80 years wtf

Nico di Angelo and no my sister is not staying dead motherfuckers

Nico di Angelo and no Dad you can’t tell me what to do anymore

Nico di Angelo and no Hazel this is bullshit come back to life with me

Nico di Angelo and no I don’t know this hot dude

Nico di Angelo and no Ill just eat these seeds dammit also fuck Tartarus

Nico di Angelo and no I am not straight

Nico di Angelo and no Percy you’re not my type

Bonus: Nico di Angelo and no Will I do love you

Thalia Grace and fuck theres no sunlight

Thalia Grace and fuck Im poisoned

Thalia Grace and fuck I was a fucking tree thanks Dad

Thalia Grace and fuck there is a lotta monsters thanks Luke

Thalia Grace and fuck Annabeth got stabbed and Luke is dead

Thalia Grace and fuck Percy is missing Annabeth has had a lot of shit already

Thalia Grace and fuck Percy is missing Annabeth has had a lot of shit already 2

Thalia Grace and fuck monsters aren’t dying and Artemis is missing (AGAIN)

Thalia Grace and fuck ANNABETH IS IN TARTARUS

Thalia Grace and fuck Orion is killing everyone

Bonus: Thalia Grace and fuck me Reyna


its not tuesday but here’s a transformation anyway…

the first selfie was taken a little over 2 years ago. i was in a relationship where my individuality was taken away from me and i wasn’t comfortable expressing myself in any way. i wanted to cut my hair, he said he preferred long hair. i wanted to dye it, he asked me why i didn’t “consult him” first. i was worried to buy clothes that i liked because i knew he wouldnt like them. i was controlled in nearly every aspect of my life. 

so fastforward a little bit. im happy w/ who i am and im really happy with how i’ve turned out. i think i get stronger and happier every day. and most importantly no one is telling me what i’m allowed to do or how i should dress or what color my hair should be. happy happy happy. feeling a lot better now