People will always try to tell you what you should be doing other than what your vision for your dream is. People tell me every single day what i should do, but only i know my goals and my personal objectives. I know what my plans are for tomorrow and the opportunities i have at hand. You have to be confident in your dream because if you don’t have a clear vision, it is easy to let these comments and opinions drain you. Remember that the only person that needs to believe in your vision is you. People aren’t going to see it or understand it simply because its NOT THEIR VISION. 

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honestly just thinking about the OotP movie adaptation (or any HP adaptations post-CoS, really) fills me with incandescent rage, so thank you for this. Since this is all your fault, you have to tell me what I should do with all this blind fury now?

Post-CoS, really? I actually love the PoA movie, although much more as a movie than as an adaptation.

And uhhhhh stab Steve kloves? Write an excellent HP fanfic? Send the energy into the universe and will a great adaptation into existence?

Yixing’s self composed song about his v-line 

“my v-line abs have disappeared now. you tell me what i should do? do u want to know why? because of delicious food
my v lines are here again. I sleep and wake early everyday. I’ll go to the gym everyday to exercise, work out. -
if you want to see my v-line, then you can watch lose control
if you want to see my v-line, then you can go look at some magazines ~ ”

credits: @zyxzys on ig ~

  • Jimin: Taehyung, go to the supermarket and buy a blender.
  • Tae: A blender?
  • Jimin: We need one.
  • Tae [comes back with a blender]: This is for you.
  • Jimin [hugging Tae]: Ohhhwwww...
  • Jungkook [mumbles]: He hugged him, right? He hugged him behind my back, right? He-
  • Rapmon: Yeah, he hugged him. Keep calm and say me what to do next, i don't have a plan.
  • Jungkook: Seriously, look i like i have a plan? He hugged him. Really close, right?
  • Rapmon: Mh...a little bit. What should i do with the chicken?
  • Jungkook: And Jimin-Hyung smiles bright, right?
  • Rapmon [mincing the chicken]: Turn to your right, hug Jimin and tell me what i should do with the damn chicken!
  • Jungkook: I can't. He could think i'm jealous.
  • Jimin: Jungkook...i can hear you. And you are jealous. Tell Moonie what he should do with the chicken, before nobody knows that it was a chicken, after he mutilated it.
  • Jungkook: He can hear me!
An Apology


In early March, a former friend, Klaus, who worked with me on videos for my channel, put a ‘callout post’ on Tumblr about me. The post contains logs of a conversation we had after he came out to me that another friend had made him feel unsafe in skype chats in late 2011.

I handled this very poorly. I encourage you to read the logs Klaus has posted. [EDIT: I originally didn’t provide a link to the logs here because I was worried fans of mine would ‘go after’ Klaus, then later at a reader’s request I added the link in because people couldn’t find it otherwise.

After this response was first posted, Klaus only got angrier, threatened to dox me and my girlfriend, attacked people who said positive things about me, and then suddenly deleted his tumblr account. Whoever opened a new account with the same name set it to redirect to a malware/phishing site, so I’m removing the link again. Sorry.]

I believe that there is a proper way to react when a person approaches you with a story like the one he came to me with. It is always important to be kind to people who trust you when they tell you they feel hurt. When this happened, I failed to do this. Because I knew the person he was talking about, and I had been there at the time for many of the conversations Klaus had been referring to, I immediately went about investigating whether or not the claim was true. My first real response to Klaus opening up to me about his fears was to tell him that I doubted him, and to question if he was sure he was remembering things properly.

This behaviour was wrong. I had the opportunity to respond with care and understanding and instead my first instinct was to try to ‘check the facts’. This is not a kind instinct, and it is not a good way of treating anyone, especially a friend.

I write from a position of privilege. I try my best to be a good person and see things from a worthwhile perspective, but when it comes down to it I am a straight white man living in a very secluded part of the UK where most people aren’t affected by the worst of the problems I often talk about. I try to criticise the exact perspective this can engender, but when this happened I didn’t even notice I was acting it out myself. I failed to be compassionate to a friend who was confiding in me. Even if everything Klaus had said had been untrue, it was still nothing short of cruel to respond the way I did.

I want to be a good ally and stand up for people who have been hurt, and I very clearly still have a lot to learn from others. I wish I hadn’t needed to learn this lesson at all in the first place. I know I have disappointed some people. I recently reached out to my audience, asking people who have problems with aspects of my work to get in touch and tell me what they feel I should do differently, and I want to reaffirm that I read all of the messages that are sent to me, and take them seriously. I lost a very good friend, someone who was and still is important to me, because I failed to live up to the principles I believe in, and I do not want that to hurt anyone like that again.

A couple of other members of the community have shared the callout post and their disappointment with what I wrote. I am heartened by this behaviour –it’s good that people in our little corner of the internet are willing to criticise people’s actions, especially when they otherwise agree with them or like their work or share their goals, and especially when that person is me. This is exactly the sort of community I want to be a part of, and I hope I can do right by it in my work.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, and how I dealt with Klaus’ feelings is a big one. I was a bad friend to someone who deserved to be treated better, and can never undo that – but I can, and will, do better in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I can never apologise enough to Klaus. I don’t expect him to forgive me. His post relates that he shared this story because he wants me to do better in the future, and to grow as a person, and at the very least I hope it’s clear that I want to live up to his, and your, expectations for me.

My Queen ~Bellamy Blake~ (Part 1)

Originally posted by bobmorleypictures

Summary: It’s Unity Day and reader has been looking forward spending some time with Bellamy, but instead he is having fun with Clarke. Reader gets jealous and gets into the fight with him. Then she goes with him, Raven, her best friend, and Jasper on the mission as the backup for Clarke and she gets hurt.

Part 2

Word count: 3741

For the first time since we came down here, I could see everyone having a good time. They finally got a chance to loosen up a little.

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So the blog has reached 1000 followers somehow?? Yes, hello, hi- um, the blog has been a bit silent lately due to me suffering with exams but I hope you’re enjoying yourselves?? (I’ll probably be more active here from now on, since exams are over now, so hooray for productivity!)

With that said… I’m not sure what to do to celebrate? A stream? Raffle? Something else?? I dunno, feel free to hit me with suggestions! Seriously, haha. I’m much too indecisive ;v;

And that’s all! Thank you for following me, it really means a lot that people want to see more of these weird kids ;v;


 Author: bvidzsoo

 Warning: swearing, mature things, smut in next part

 Pairing: Kim Junmyeon x female reader

 Word count: 4, 018

 Summary: Kim Junmyeon, your asshole of step brother did nothing else than bother you and annoy you. But why is it that every hate relationship turns into love? Well, you’re not sure if it’s love, but one things is sure…you did not hate your asshole of a step brother

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How the turtles would help you through a panic attack


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Your panic attack would come out of nowhere but Leo knew exactly what to do to calm you down. He put one hand firmly on your chest above your heart and one hand was on your lower back. His heart broke a little when he felt how fast yours was beating.

“(Y/n), calm down. Breathe.” He spoke softly and gently, knowing anything could send you over the edge right now. You looked at him with tear filled eyes and breathed with him. He could feel your body shake less and less with each breathe and your heart rate slowed to its normal pace.

“Thank you, Leo, I…I’m sorr-”

“You never have to apologize to me for this, okay? I love you.”


Originally posted by piccolasognatrice-91

Raph never really knows what to do except to hold you in his arms. He feels guilty though, that he doesn’t know what to do. He just wants you to be okay. Your panic attack would come out of the blue and you would just latch onto him and he would quickly wrap his arms around you, holding you tight.

“(Y/n), what should I do? Tell me what I should do.” Raph pleaded, feeling useless. You just should your head and buried your face into his chest.

“J-just hold me…” you said, barely above a whisper. He could barely hear you but he could still hear your voice shaking. So he did as you said and he just held you and stroked your hair as he spoke soothing words to calm you down.


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You and Donnie would be on the couch reading together when it would happen. He heard your book fall to the floor and you suddenly gripped his arm in a panic. He knew what was going on. He threw his own book down quickly and he turned towards you and put one arm around your waist. With his free hand he placed his two fingers on the back on your neck and pressed firmly. You don’t know why this always calmed you down so quickly when he did this, but somehow it worked.

You shook a little and breathed with him. “How do you do that?” you asked, slowly starting to regain your composure. He just smiled softly at you and kept his arm around your waist as he caressed your cheek, his thumb wiping away a couple of tears and laughed lightly.

“I’m a genius, remember?”


Originally posted by sensualkisses

Sweet, precious Mikey. He is honestly a mixture of all three brothers. He doesn’t know what to do right away when your panic attack starts but he figures out what to do pretty quickly and it never seems to fail.

He stared at you helplessly for only a second before unwrapping his hoodie from his waist and he gently placed it over your shoulders and pulled you into arms. Once you started to calm down a little you pulled his large hoodie over your head and that immediately comforted you. It smelled just like him and it was surprisingly warm and soft. (He must have finally washed it.)

“You okay angelcakes? ….Did I help?” he asked gently. You smiled and placed a kiss on his snout.

“You did. Thank you Mikey.” you said sweetly. He blushed and held you tight. “…And good luck getting your hoodie back by the way.”

Just Beg Me To Stay (Part 2)

A/N: So this has a character introduced in to it that we have seen in Season 8 but she’ll probs be better explained in the next part! Just FYI. Song mentioned is MOVE by Luke Bryan. And yeah… I think that’s It lol. One more part to go!

Part 1 is here

Dean x Reader, Emily

Warnings: Angst

Word Count:1700+

Tags: @the-great-irene @avengersgirllorianna @sdavid09 @codename-petrova @lipstickandwhiskey @today-only-happens-once @clemsonstatemom @deansgurlimagines @crazy-pleasures-and-crazy-habits @secretlywritessupernatural @kaedynce @zombi3gyrl07 @sandlee44 @itsjaybro16 @peachpoccs @kathrynxox333 @lovelifelovebooks

You honest to god had no idea where you were. It had been over a month since you had left the bunker, and you had been on autopilot ever since. You never stayed in a town to long, frequently picking up your clothes off of shitty motel floor and shrugged them on, escaping the “conquest” of the previous night and praying to whatever high being that the dude wouldn’t wake up as you made your way out. It had become a routine. Drive. Eat. Drink. Dance. Sex. Sleep. Drive. And so the cycle went.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I don't mean to be rude, but why not try to find a job instead of making people pay just because they want to know things about spanish or need help with grammar? It seems a bit out of place, in my opinion. Tumblr is a public platform and now that you've made a following by helping people you want them to pay you?

Listen. First, you are being rude and you know you’re being rude otherwise you wouldn’t be on anon. You’re afraid I’m going to call you out or someone’s going to disagree.

Second, I’m not “making” anyone pay anything. Did I come to your house and hold a gun to your head and say “pay me”? Nope, I sure didn’t. I gave people an option to help support me if they want to.

Third, I’m a content creator. Forgive me if I decide, “Hey, you know what, my time and efforts helping people are valuable. Maybe someone would like to support me so I can keep doing this for free.” You telling me what I should or shouldn’t do with my hard work is what’s out of place.

Let’s just be real clear here. I am under no obligation to give you free help with Spanish. Never have been, never will be. And for you to imply that I’m being predatory because I ask people to support me with money if they want to, is rude.

Because let’s look at what is I do and why people are here:

Spanish books cost money, and internet stuff tends to be unreliable or doesn’t answer everything, and you don’t often get a real person to help you because real people cost money. 

So I provide a service that one normally gets for money, except I do it because I want to. But at the end of the day, my content and what I create or explain, is mine. And you don’t have the right to tell me that I shouldn’t charge for it - on a separate website no less - because I’m struggling financially. 

If I were giving help as a teacher or tutor on a salary, it wouldn’t be rude for me to ask for money. That’s business.

I do the work of a Spanish teacher and tutor here - for free. Normally one exchanges money for goods and services. It’s no more predatory to ask that people give money IF THEY WANT TO, then it is for a bookstore to charge you money for buying a book. 

“Well, gosh, I sure would like to know the things inside this book, but they want me to pay for it? How rude of them to make their content private!” said literally no one ever.

Do you think it’s rude for people with youtube channels (free content on a public platform) to advertise that their followers can buy the book they’ve written? Or support them on their various other accounts? 

Is it rude for a podcast that reaches thousands of people to tell people how they can support the show or are they just using their followers to get money?

Do you find it rude for an artist to have a Patreon and to crowdfund? Do you find it rude when people link to their Etsy accounts? 

Do you find it rude when people ask for money for Go Fund Me or Paypal, or for artists to ask for emergency commissions? 

Do you find it rude when other websites set up ads for books or things on free resources?

It’s called business. And because I own my own brand, I get to do what I want with my stuff and if people are able to support me, so much the better.

Because SpanishDict and a lot of other places that offer Spanish resources charge money to get to the good stuff with subscriptions, and I don’t see you writing them saying how rude that is that people who want to learn something might have to pay for it.

How dare I use the following I have amassed through years of free work to say, “Hey, here’s a thing where you can maybe give money if you want so I can continue doing this for free.” What a monster I am.

Furthermore, I opened the Patreon because Tumblr isn’t a place where you charge people money, but let’s not forget that there are sponsored posts up here on Tumblr too so that they can reach people. This is how marketing works. I don’t particularly like it either, but this is the system and I do need to live in order to create content.

Btw, if I “try to find a job” - which makes it sound like I don’t work at all or that I’m not currently looking - and the job takes up more of my free time, then what do you think happens to this blog with the magic free Spanish?

It would go away because I’d have to spend more time doing that job and earning a living. This whole account came from my free time. If I don’t have free time, there goes the blog.

Right now I get the impression that if I became homeless you’d be more upset you don’t have access to new content, rather than me being homeless. That makes me feel REAL motivated to continue to put out free content for people like you, so thanks ever so.

I’m doing what I can not to have to go on an indefinite hiatus. I didn’t force anyone to give money. I’m not doing it now. I’m not “making” anyone pay me.

Not to be rude, but, yeah, I would like people to pay me because I do help people, so that I can keep doing it. I’m not going to force them to do it, but i will absolutely ask, and if it gets rid of people who only want content and don’t care about the creators, then that’s a bonus.

If you have a problem with me using my special skills to ask people to consider donating money, then you’re welcome to direct all further questions about Spanish to Google Translate instead.

That being said…

If anyone would like to support me over on Patreon - and you absolutely don’t have to if you don’t want to - come join me because I create content for people who are interested in the Spanish language every single day!

A Good Lover

Rating: Explicit


“Well…” I started, “What I meant was that if a man is a good lover, and pays attention, if it doesn’t happen, there are … other ways.”

Claire teaches Jamie how to pleasure a woman.

Originally posted by outlanderfraser

This was inspired by these two passages from Outlander:

“No, not every time,” I said, amused. “Only if the man is a good lover.”

“Oh.” His ears turned faintly pink. I was slightly alarmed to see the look of frank interest being replaced with one of growing determination.

“Will you tell me what I should do next time?” he asked.


“Tell me some more.” The finger moved slowly downward. “I like to hear the Latin names for things; I never dreamed it would be so pleasant to make love to a physician.”

“That,” I said primly, “is an areola, and you know it, because I told you last week.”

“So ye did,” he murmured. “And there’s another one, fancy that.”

“Guuuhhh. A ‘faireachdainn cho math…”

His back hunched under my urging caresses while his heavy breath steamed my already heated neck. He jerked forward sharply once, twice, and then was still. I ran my hands soothingly up his arms and he shivered, huffing a small laugh in my ear.

“Too sensitive?” I asked, through a smile.

“A wee bit,” he said, “but it feels good.” I enjoyed the tender tone his voice took on after sex. It was in these post-coital moments I remembered just how young he was, and innocent, despite all he had seen and experienced in his 23 years.

He pushed himself back up on his hands to look at me. I saw a flicker of a question in his eyes before he subtly shook it away, leaned forward to kiss my forehead, and pulled himself from between my legs. My heated core still tingled and I wasn’t quite ready for the separation. I felt the familiar trickle left behind by his absence.

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