You know, it’s been a little bit since I posted about this! Out of context for right now it looks a little funky. But then when they’re side by side it makes sense!! From the last time you saw the left one, the stairs looked SLIGHTLY different. As I was fixing them I was so nervous. Cuz they looked fine on their own. But then setting the two pictures side by side made it looks a little wonky. So I had to go back in and I was just SSOO nervous cuz I didn’t want any changing I did in the first picture to tamper with the mood and the look. Luckily it practically stayed the same! No measurable changes made! Even from the last one to this one you can barely tell I changed anything!

Anyways, I know it’s a work in progress, but feel free to please critique and give me some ideas and pointers to help me out!!

She talks about me like I was meant to be the one. She looks at me like I could fix this burning building. She sings to me like the sky was ours and the sun was a piece of furniture we lost quarters in. So much for spending our change on lost time, right? She doesn’t know a lot of things about me. I’ve been the one so many times, they all left me too. I set that building on fire. I built the sun for us to look for the cracks, can’t you see, my heart, it beats for no one. I spend my days writing about nothing, but she still tells me that I’m anything sweet and she tells me that I’m everything great. She doesn’t know, I’m nothing of that sort. I guess we see what we want and not what we need, I guess I see how I feel and not how I really am. I guess I’m just another chameleon blending in with the flames. I guess I’m just another octopus using my ink to spell love into the ocean. I guess I’m just another mistake waiting to happen.
—  2 minute poetry


So Eric got shot by some people, and now they need to find the agents of this so - called Overwatch if they want any answers regarding what was actually going on in this dimension. That might not be so easy since from what she gathered from the people around here, Overwatch was destroyed after a conflict which resulted in the death of their commander. But judging from what her friend told her, they might be starting up again albeit scattered about, since there were these people hunting them.

“Alright, time to get to work.” Tama picked up her hoodie from the table and headed out of the motel room she rented for last night. After checking out and leaving the key at the reception, she walked straight to the streets of Dorado once again.

Late June 1965

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


Molly waited until Gideon and Fabian got into the enchanted boats to find Bellatrix, watching her brothers sail across the lake and swallowing back a lump in her throat. Today was emotional, yes, because her brothers had graduated for Christ’s sake, but beneath the pride and sorrow that she felt about the graduation, there was anger. While the rest of the students went to finish packing up their belongings to head to the train, Molly made her way through the castle, managing to find her right before the passage down to the dungeons. Molly clenched her fists and took a deep breath, walking over and reaching out to grab the other’s arm. She wasn’t going anywhere so long as Molly could help it.

“You weren’t at the graduation.” They hadn’t spoken in what felt like (and probably was) months, and that was the first thing she could think of to say? Molly wanted to scold herself, to rewind and maybe change that, but it was one of the things she had been wanting to talk about: Gideon and Bellatrix had been such good friends, better than her and Molly. Missing the graduation was a big deal. “You’ve been avoiding us. Why? What did we do?”

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Do you have any headcanons for lazy Slytherins? Those who are highly ambitious but often slack off? I am not sure if I am making much sense?

* wanting to achieve perfection but being too scared of failure

* ‘why bother when everyone else will probably be better anyways’

* wanting to study, but being distracted by everything around oneself

* being highly motivated for like 15 minutes, but it wearing of quickly, because ‘why bother’

* those late night moments when you tell yourself ‘tomorrow I’ll be better, tomorrow I’ll change my life’ but never actually doing anything

* having extremely high expectations for oneself, but being afraid to not meet them and thus trying to ignore the goals

* admiring (and sometimes envying) others success, because 'why can I never get myself to do this’

* stopping when something gets hard and regretting it afterwards

- Céline

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Three people were arriving at the mansion this afternoon. Three guests, three customers… Three whole weeks that Sirius Black had to spend as if he wanted to woo whatever bird he was assigned to, acting as if she were the most beautiful lady in all the land and that he would happily give up all his worldly possessions for such a lady as her. 

Sirius wasn’t sure he’d mind too much, but seeing that most of his clients ended up being over fifty years old, he found the appeal of these Jane Austen fanatics to be dimmed significantly. 

Quarter to the guests’ arrival time he and two others gathered behind the scenes of his aunt’s mansion to ready themselves for the job, Sirius fixing his attire while his brother stood off to the side, getting his dark and mysterious, yet has a soft heart persona that he was told to have ready for his lady. Sirius was lucky, as he had to be the resident Mr. Darcy, so he didn’t have to take on a personality he didn’t already know. Then there was his sister-in-law a few steps to his left for the rare male that came to their business, straightening out her dress and keeping a clean appearance for when he would arrive. Sirius felt his lips twitch up in amusement before stepping out into the parlor, Regulus and Narcissa trailing behind him, all three waiting for their guests.

Three weeks would be too long, he thought idly to himself, clasping his hands behind his back as his aunt led their clients into the room. Too long indeed.

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“Here it is! Your gift!”

The king had been excited for this for a while now, to celebrate his first birthday with his brother now. And in the end, the gift could only think of one gift precious enough to give.

“Back when I first met Kiyomaro, I didn’t have any more friends: so he made a friend for me! I still have him at the palace: it’s more than a toy, he’s a true friend! So… Unu, there aren’t any candy boxes or chopsticks in this world, but I was still able to make this!”

“Your very own Vulcan 300! He can fly at the speed of sound, and launch up to 300 missiles at once! And best of all, when you have him with you, you’ll never be alone, because you’ll always have a friend by your side!”

“Unuu, I hope you like him!”


“You sure I can tag along? If you ever change your mind, just— just please tell me, ok? I don’t want to be a bother or anything…”

Ayyyy guess who jumped into the Fatesona craze hahahahaha not like you couldn’t see tHIS COMING…….

Anyway,,, @krazehkai, @lithety and sooo many more amazing artists started making their Fatesonas and I figured it could be fun and then it tOTALLY GOT OUT OF HAND…… oh well.

I really struggled with this one, because my heart beats for Nohr but my aesthetics lie in Hoshido…. but I bit my tongue and swallowed the blood and got down to it, I’m not going to betray my homeland for fashion!!

VVV More info down below! VVVV

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After the festival it really did seem like there was too much work at the shop - serving all the customers, accepting the delivery, getting everything in order, and she was far from done when the time to close the shop came around. Melody was still stuck inside, in the back at the small office, doing some paperwork when she thought she heard something - which seemed impossible, she did lock the door; or so she thought. Getting up, she decided to check, just to be sure, and had what to find - front door was slightly open, the lock on those doors was a mess and she made a mental note to deal with it soon. Along with finding someone to help her with the shop. Turning on the lights, she closed the door, locking them this time. And as she turned around, her heart almost jumped out of her chest when she spotted a familiar figure right in front of her.

“—– Nikolas.”brunette breathed out, her body tense from a moment of shock. “You scared me there for a second.”she mused, running a hand through her hair in order to relax. “I, uh, closed the shop about an hour ago.” 

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Sirius liked to think of himself as a perceptive individual. Despite what his friends might have said in the past, he was not a stupid man, and he often caught him noticing things others otherwise would not. Seeing Harry’s family slowly fall apart, for example, was a heartbreaking truth that he noticed early on. He tried to fix it, but the damage was done. Harry and Ginny fought because of it, and their children… 

It was what pained him the most. The kids didn’t deserve to go through what they were. He knew how a bad childhood could affect one’s life, possibly moreso than others, and he was determined to make sure the kids had a safe place to go when things got too much.

It was this that led to James Sirius spending a lot of his teenage years at his flat in London, spending several nights sometimes on his couch and talking with him like he would have with Harry, had things gone differently. Sirius was extremely fond of him (would he be a grandson, technically? He was practically Harry’s father, but that was another discussion to be thought or had later) and was there for James like he was for Harry.

It was this close bond that led him to noticing things changing in James, mainly the summer before his last year at Hogwarts. His personality was taking a turn, and not for the best. It was concerning, and Sirius wanted to get to the bottom of it. So one summer day, a week or so before his last departure on the Hogwarts Express, Sirius picked James up and got them both ice cream from Diagon Alley, sitting outside of the shop and watching the people go by. 

“So, he said after a few moments of silence, glancing at James. Are you nervous? Last year of Hogwarts and all. It’s a big change.

Updated hair and tail matching mod

First of all, shout out to @lewdshi for making this mod work, but there were some things I wanted to change because of my own taste. Pretty much I just changed lion/mouse/something tail to match the bow with hair color and made their ears white. Also some things on squirrel elin too, but nothing special.
I didn’t bother to fix fox hair and first face in file, so don’t ask me how to do it, even though I’m sure there is also mod fix for it somewhere.

Updated mod

Few of my friends and myself included tested the mod and it works fine, but if there are any issues or whatever, feel free to message me here or whisper me in game on Dwindle (NA, Tempest Reach).
You will need WinRAR or any similar program to extract files. Instructions are also included in case someone is new to downloading mods.

Enjoy, fellas!

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Is it my fault that he constantly changes his mind on how he feels about me? One day he loves me the next he doesn't want anything to do with me... He's gone for sure and I can't tell if there's something I could have done to stop it from happening again

You deserve to be committed to. If he really loved you he’d love you every day. No matter how many problems there might be. If he really loved you, he wouldnt be able to “just stop”.

  • Everyone let her down and he became the one who changed that.
  • “I like you,” I say. “And I don’t know how to get rid of it.“So tell me you hate me,” I say. “Or tell me that you don’t like me back, at least. Anything to stop liking you.”He looks at me with eyes I don’t understand.“Is that what you really want?”“Yes,” I say. “No. I don’t know. I think so. Maybe not. Probably. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know.”
  • ‘’Don’t say that it’s over.’’
  • ‘’ I don’t love you but I always will. ‘’
  • ‘’You still love her, huh?’’ ‘’I can’t imagine the day I won’t.’’
  • ‘’If I loved you less, maybe a could talk about it more.’’
  • ‘’I never stopped loving you. Not even for a second. Even when I hated you.’’

#WeAreWithYouJohnnyDepp Challenge

14. Can you relate to Johnny?

Of course! In so many ways. From day one I felt I could relate to him. 

Social situations used to give me anxiety. When I see Johnny be shy during interviews, I totally understand that. But he can play the wackiest characters and completely change who he is! I remember I took a theater class in high school because I wanted to overcome the anxiety. Let me tell you, there is nothing like being on stage in another skin. I felt I could do whatever I wanted up there. Johnny has talked about this too. About how he can do anything as a character, but then melt to a puddle of goo as himself. I totally get it! He has struggled being comfortable in his own skin, yet makes no apologies for it. “Keep moving forward,” he says. “Don’t give a shit what people think of you.” 


Darkness enveloped him by the time he had left the charred remains of old Wayne Manor. For a time, all he could do was stare; senses ghosting across memories from a lifetime ago, from a life he didn’t even know. How very telling it was, like painting Bruce Wayne to life. It was a breach of privacy, no doubt —— and even while he knew he’d not find the man himself in these ruins, he had ventured there anyway. At least until night came, and the rain began to fall. Already, he had wasted far too much of his time and energy. Luckily Wayne’s current residence was still on the family property somewhere. On the lake, if he recalled correctly ( and assuming his research had been accurate ). With no strength left to fly, it was Into the fields he went; hands hiding under his arms for the warmth his body was sorely lacking, and boots too big for his feet sloshing against mud and grass.

It had felt like forever, this trudge through the storm. Far too much time allowed for anxious thoughts and aching limbs.Every step forward was met with concerned caution, as there was no telling just how the man would react. Attempted murder, and his mother’s savior —- the man was a conundrum. Good feeling or bad, Clark could not shake the importance of finding him. If anyone could help him understand what was happening, it would be the Batman, right?

It was through the trees that Clark had found the lake house. It’s sleek, modern structure rested atop of the water ——- glass walls exposing the lifeless insides. At first, he’d felt instant relief. Finally, he’d found him. The closer he came toward the house however, the more alone he’d felt. A mere stumble at the steps, but he urged forward to reach the door. That’s when he hesitated. Panic insisted, because what if this was all just a mistake? He didn’t know the man, not really. He remembered the ironclad boot at his throat, with that glowing green spear parting his skin. The thought left his skin crawling, and the pit of his stomach churning with regret. The Bat had to be more than his aggression; he’d witnessed it himself, that very night. In battle, he had helped-—–and more importantly, he kept the promise he had made to him. Martha was alive

He swallowed back any indignation ( any fear ), and outstretched a trembling hand to pound once, twice, three times —–upon the door.  Nothing. He should have expected as much, considering who Bruce Wayne really was. The Batman. Wasn’t it his thing to roam the city after dark? 

—–aah, c’mon.dammit.

 Disappointment weighed his shoulders down until, eventually, he let himself drop at the doorway. There was no use trying to make his way back into the city at this time of night, and during this storm no less —— so he’d settle for sitting here to wait, while his body slumped against the exterior. Eventually, he even dozed off.

After tonight’s finale, tell me what you would want to see in a “fix it” fanfic. We all know there are going to be things we disagree with being in the episode. I’m already planning to write something possibly taking place after the episode, but with some changes (like if either of my favourite characters die or god help me someone we all disagree with becomes the killer)

so feel free to send me anything you’d want to see in this fanfic, even if it’s something from 6 episodes ago. i’m here to patch things up. i’m prepared.