I think of the things I’d like to say to you when you’re standing in front of me, mere feet away.

In all honesty, I’d probably be too shy or chagrined at myself or overwhelmingly smitten by your presence to say anything at all.

But I still think up of all the craziest poetic statements I’d want to say to your face just to watch your expression change from that solemn one to that amused one to that wild one. All that change, all that dynamic combustion of emotions you feel and that I, in my own way, compelled.

I’d tell you, I want your lips tattooed to the side on my neck – here, just where the curtain of my hair courts the crook where my shoulder ends at my irresistibility begins.

I’d tell you, I want those sinewy hands on my hips, those pianist fingers digging into my flesh, that fanned stance you’d assume as if in the middle of a dance where you dip me and I cling to your deceptively muscular form. And you smile, a smooth deceptively calculating spread of victory when the surface of the table miraculously lends credence to the arch of my back.

You brought me here. You do me here. I’m at your bidding and you know it. So release that Irish wilderness all over me. Whip up a ginger storm and ravage my clover field. Unchain that ancient beast to claim my bare territory. Do unto me as the Celtic melodies do at the very depths of the crashing sea and consume me, Bill.

“I’m ready. Take me.”

I constantly waited for a text, I waited for a call. Maybe even a knock on my door. I waited for a long time, longer then I should’ve. But it never came. Why didn’t you ever come?“ she asked. Finally working up the courage to give him a piece of her mind.

Looking down at his hands he answers, “I wanted to, I wanted to so bad. To tell you how sorry I was and that I’d change and we could work it out. I wanted you back. It killed me to not do anything but I knew you would be better off. You couldn’t last forever with me. I wanted you to be happy, and I knew that couldn’t be with me.”

“You don’t get to decide if I was happy. It wasn’t up to you to decide if you could’ve made me happy. You were my happiness then you were gone. You broke me and you never even said sorry.”

“I never wanted to hurt you,” he whispered.

“Well you did, and it’s to late to fix what you did.”

Dialogue Prompts

1) “I want people to tremble when they see me.” “And I want some coffee sweetheart, and let me tell you, only one of these wishes is gonna be coming true.”

2) “I’m not as damaged as I seem, I swear.”

3) “I will move sea and sky to ensure their safety.”

4) “This isn’t me, I’m not this person.”

5) “I’m so sorry.” “Don’t you dare say that word like it changes anything you’ve done.”

6) “Hey, hey, calm down, they can’t hurt you anymore.”

7) “Stop treating me like a little kid!” “You are a little kid.” 

8) “If you keep screwing around like this you’re going to get yourself killed.” “I hope so.” “You shouldn’t joke about things like that.” “Who said I was joking?”

9) “I have no words left for you, I won’t waste my time here.”

10) “Darling don’t try that, you know it’ll never work.”

11) “You make me sick to my stomach, in all honesty, I’d be fine never seeing you again.”

12) “So from the bottom, of my cold, dead heart, screw you.”

13) “Don’t waste your time on me love, I’m a lost cause.”

14) “The skies are crying for you darling, some call it rain.”

15) “You’re wrong.” “I’m always wrong.”

16) “Please don’t do this, you’re only going to hurt the people you love.” “Who said I ever loved them?”

17) “I know this isn’t a smart decision-” “Then I would recommend not doing it.”

18) “I hope you know how much I-” “Awww, love me?” “No, hate you.”

19) “I trust you.”

20) “Well this has gone horribly wrong.”

Things a Gemini Would Say
  • “I still love you, even though you’re annoying”
  • “We’re going to be best friends, I can tell.”
  • “Not to be a creep or anything, but where are you from?”
  • “Okay, I changed my mind.. What?”
  • “Ugh, I need new friends.”
  • “I hate being bored. I need something to do today.”
  • “You can say whatever, it won’t stop me from doing what I want.”
  • “Why are you even here?”
  • “I was just playing, you take everything seriously.. Ugh.”

hillary has done bad shit too yes but it’s a good thing her voters can at least recognize those worrying flaws and then continue to pressure her to change, which she has already shown to be capable of.

donald meanwhile has rightfully, for once, claimed he could literally murder someone and still have droves of support behind him since his voting pool does not do anything to challenge his proposals and behavior.

and with all that, if you come here telling me that hillary is somehow the worst of them all, i want you off my god damn blog.


Seriously, I’m not going to tell anyone who this person is. You can find them yourselves pretty easily. Don’t attack them. They look young as fuck. And saying anything won’t change their mind. You cannot deal with these idiots. They will probably grow up and hate themselves for this bullshit anyway.

But if you, the person who made the video about Amy and why shes “bad for Mark” are following me- fuck right off. Unfollow me right now. That goes for anyone who wants to destroy the relationships the Mark and Jack have. They deserve to be happy. Not pawns for your own fantasies. Newsflash, they do have lives of their own!!

I ship septiplier to a degree, I will be honest. I’m not trash about it, however…. Obviously.  I think it’s cute, but I don’t give a shit if it’s ever real because I know it won’t be. They are both straight. There is nothing more to it. It’s just for fun because of the bromance they have. And jesus fuck I have seen gayer straight dudes… lmao

Like said earlier, Amy is precious. Mark is precious. Signe is precious. Jack is precious. Let them live their lives and be happy. It’s their lives. Not yours. You have your own.

thank you.

The tide was tied around his feet when she choked those fatal words into sound.
“I want you to make me a promise.”
“Look me in the eyes and tell me you won’t stop loving me.”
He looked her in the eyes and recited those words like one might recite a prayer, because God knew, right then, right there, he meant those words with every inch of his soul.
But things change. Promises are made to be broken.
—  #185- excerpts from the book I’ll never write

If u want me to be real, I mostly did seven’s route just to get more info on these two lmao can u tell who’s my fav
They totally talked shit about him when they were together and you cant change my mind on this
I’m well aware i didnt draw his tattoo at the end but i drew it once and that was enough lol

Tell me about something that makes your skin crawl, that makes you shiver and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Tell me about something that broke you, that completely changed who you are, that made your walls crumble down. Tell me what you did to fix your heart, to knit your bones back together, to heal your wounds and bruises. Tell me about your favourite colour, book, film, food, anything. Tell me about your last heartbreak, the last time you fell in love, the last time you felt like you couldn’t move on. Tell me something about loss, about grief, about the last time you cried so bad you could hardly breathe. Tell me. Just tell me. I’m all ears. I want you and I want all of you, the good times and the bad times and all the times inbetween.
—  What makes you who you are? I’m dying to know
Desperate Sentence Starters

“Please- Just love me!!!”

“You can’t leave me, you’re all I have left-”

“Am I not good enough???”

“Hit me and hurt me all you want, just please don’t leave me alone”

“Why don’t you love me?”

“I can’t make it without you, please stay”

“Can’t you just hold me, please?”

“Is there something wrong with me?”

“I’ll do anything you want, I promise!”

“Tell me how I can be what you want, please?”

“What don’t you like about me?? I’ll change it!”

“Without you… I’m nothing”

“Can you even see me?? You don’t act like it…”

brendon urie + pride flag wallpaper // “There are people who just use fear to scare people and use terror to get what they want, to get the way they want, and I’m going to tell you that’s the wrong fucking thing to do. It’s not going to change what I believe. I believe you can be who you are, love who you want to love, and fuck who you want to fuck. You can’t tell me anything. So I’m going to continue being me and I’m going to fuck who I want.” -brendon urie

I wish you’d open up to me. I want to give you all the time the others before me didn’t. Take it slow with me, let me learn about you, everything from your favorite food to what keeps sleep away from you at night. I want you to know how I see you. Lend me your ear, and I’ll tell you every beautiful thing I’ve noticed about your existence. I know you won’t believe me the first time, maybe not the tenth, maybe not the thousandth but that won’t change anything. I want to prove you wrong. Let me hold your heart, let me fill the cracks. Let me show you how you should have been loved.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: Wanting to be the person who will finally prove him wrong- the one who will make him find the true love he started believing less and less in.
Artist Info [Instructions]

I will be messaging all of you the email address that you must use to send in your art.

About the line art submission:

  • You can draw any member(s) that you want, however NO SHIPS (KEEP IT PLATONIC) OR ANY UNDUE FANART FOR YOUNG PEOPLE  (nsfw, gore, anything suggestive etc …).
  • Message me with the member(s) that you’re planning on drawing. In case we end up having too many pages of a single member and too little of another, tell me if you’d be willing to change your plan to balance everything out a bit!
  • The dimensions for the line art MUST be 2800 x 3500
  • Line art can be either portrait or landscape–your choice!
  • Send your image as a .png file twice (the second one being transparent)
  • If you are unable to submit a transparent version of your line art (due to the art program that you use), then don’t worry about it.
  • Keep it black and white (obviously haha)
  • The deadline for sending in your line art is April 2.

About the “About the Artists” page submission

  • This page will contain info about each artist (name, age, location, picture of yourself and any facts about yourself that you want to add)
  • The picture of yourself should be drawn by you! 
  • Including any of the above personal information is not required if you’re not comfortable with it. 
  • Send in your page as a .png file 
  • Dimensions must be 2800 x 3500
  • The deadline for sending in your artist page is April 2.

About the Message Page:

  • After all of the line art and artist page submissions have been received, I will be emailing a page to everyone so that they can digitally write any message that they would like to write regarding the fandom, ARMYs, and BTS.
  • To those of you have gone to school, it’s going to be similar to how everyone signs messages on their classmates’ yearbooks at the end of the year.
  • All the messages have to be on the same page(s) so we’re going to accomplish this in the following order:

1) The page will be sent to one artist.

2) The artist will send the page back to me.

3) That same page will be sent to the next person, etc.

  • If you don’t want to participate in this, just let me know!
  • The page will be sent as a .png file so, when it’s your turn, please send it back as a .png file.

I know that this is a lot of information but this project will work much more smoothly the instructions are followed. Let me know if you have any questions!

i want you to touch me
until you can recite
my entire body from memory.
people will tell you
that love means knowing
how to respond before
your lover even speaks,
but if i have to say anything
at all, i know you’re not the one.
make me silent,
take me in until every
last word drips from my mouth
like honey, like the last
of the summer sun.
i don’t want forever,
i just need a change in season.