kiniyakkii asked:

i just got hit with the hilarious thought that in enkindle, the reason that the soul king assigned toshirou to watch over ichigo was because he shipped them. like, so hard. and the soul king is (stoically) fangirling super hard that his plan to get them together is working.

that’s it you’ve revealed it

that’s my biggest plot twist

the soul king is actually me

i am the soul king

my muse is an entity misunderstood; wild, imperfect, and reigning its unruly power over all. nobody dares to understand it - they dare not even try - and so they live in awe of my garbled, one-track mind, never understanding that all their “God” really wants is for two oblivious dorKS to get their shIT TOGETHER and sTOP DANCING around each other because I swear I cannot take this pre-relationship cutENESS ANY longER