Friends 2.0

First, Marinette is just a friend to Adrien.

But boom, level up, and suddenly Marinette (Ladybug) is his best friend.

They just don’t know it.


I have an idea.

Best friends tell each other their sEcRETS.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Billy smoking and playing it cool (actually nervous): Okay, pretty boy, I decided what you must know something important about me. So, since I was 15, I keep some…particular magazines under my bed

Steve, gasping and blushing slightly: Oh man, me too! I thought what I am the only one like this

Billy, with a knowing smirk: Hmm, really? Why we don’t tell each other, then

Steve: Well…yeah, alright…On three?

Billy: Yes. 1,2,3-Gay porn-

Steve: Ninja comics!-

Both: Wait WHAT

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Ok but like imagine their sex after something significant happens to them like after they got confirmed for their apartment and they were so happy and they have stupidly loving sex and tell each other how much they love the other and udjsjshdhhdsh

‘let’s fuck in every room of the house before we leave’

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What do you think Barry’s first moment alone with Lup after story and song was like? She didn’t have a body, and they hadn’t gotten a chance to speak to each other yet. But they take a quiet room up above an inn where the bureau they barely know are celebrating. What happens?

I think they share their stories of where they were all this time. Barry tells her about all the personas his brain invented for him and Lup laughed at the idea of her squishy husband being a fighter. Barry listened quietly to Lup’s life in the umbrastaff. They hold hands as vest they can, Barry’s hand going through Lup’s, and they tell each other how much they love and missed each other. Barry says Lup can go see Taako if she wants and Lup says she would but she saw Taako sneak off with a handsome stranger so it looks like this trios down to two

Monsta X when you’re shy about singing

As requested by a lovely anon! I hope you like it, dear!

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Old Flame (JS)

Request: An imagine where you basically re light an old flame with joe. You two were never together as such but you might aswell have been. Pretend joe always refers to you in videos as the girl he loved but didn’t tell. You both moved away An lived separate lives. You both commented an liked on each others insta pics now and again but never really re connected. Until you both went back home…

Request: an imagine where reader had a bad childhood and she knows joe then and they’ve been best friends. Maybe they were always in love but they didn’t tell each other yet and joe wants to help the reader

So I put these two together hope the anons don’t mind. It’s basically the first but just slightly more serious?? I didn’t make it too heavy just in case but idk :/

I sit on the uncomfortable airport seats waiting for my flight to be called. Thanks to a freak rainstorm, the flights were all delayed for an hour and I was starting to develop a headache. I sigh, shifting in my seat and popping on my headphones. I scroll through Twitter and the first tweet is Joe Sugg promoting his latest Youtube video. May as well, I think.

It was an ask Joe video, I grin at the screen because his stupid face made me smile regardless of where we were or what was going on. I listen to him answer questions about his channel, his next project, his favourite brand of menswear, and I listen extra hard when he gets asked about his love.

“I’m single as you all know…very single unfortunately. Loads of you also always without fail ask how many girlfriends I’ve had or if I’ve ever been in love…the truth as I’ve said is I’ve been in an actualy relationship once. And there was another could-have-been and really should-have-been but it just wasn’t the right timing. So for being in love, the closest I came was for her. Otherwise…single guy waiting for The One.”

I snicker at Joe’s self-deprecating jokes but also wondering who he was talking about. Joe and I, once upon a time, were thick as thieves. We talked every day and hung out whenever we could. I swore I was in love with him back then but nothing came of it and I moved away after my parents’ divorce. But for years no guy held a candle to Joe Sugg and I felt guilty thinking that even now, after having been in two serious relationships, there would be times I would wonder where I would have been if Joe and I had got together.

But I lived my own life now in Glasgow that I was happy with. It’s not like I was hung up over the idea of Joe it’s just that I would have liked to get some closure on where we stood. But we still messaged happy birthdays, commenting or liking photos. So there was no love lost between us. We were just good old friends.

“Flight 004,” the intercom goes off and I rush to finally get on the plane.

Joe’s POV

“So you won’t mind?” My dad asks me one last time.

“I’m the one who showed up uninvited you go on,” I encourage my dad. I had shown up at his for the weekend but he had plans for the evening but I didn’t mind spending it alone.

I settle on the sofa, watching a few Instagram stories. Y/N’s uploaded a suitcase picture complaining about a layover over four hours ago. Wherever she was going, I wished her a safe flight.

Although…I wish she would be coming home. I hadn’t seen her in almost a decade. That was a long time, even for a former best friend. It was really hard the first few years after she moved, watching her celebrate her birthday with new friends in a new place. Or looking at photos of her uni graduation that we talked endlessly about when we were 16. It was hard I wasn’t there for my best friend because I loved her. Or I came close to it. I hadn’t felt that way with anyone else.

I browse Netflix, not finding anything. I was feeling restless. Maybe I could make myself dinner, I think. But when I rummage through my dad’s fridge he’s out of quite a few ingredients. May as well take a drive and help my dad out.


My stomach was grumbling as I pick the keys from where my mum said she’d dropped them-under the third fairy sculpture in her garden. She wouldn’t be home until midnight when her shift ended and I decided I wasn’t in the mood to sit in an empty house until then. I should grab dinner.

I drop my bags off and venture into the garage but the old car doesn’t start and the only thing that might help me get food was a bike. It would do.

Twenty-two minutes and many curse words later I pull up to the local Sainsbury’s and leave the bike propped against the building. If somebody stole it, I would thank them! I stomp into the store and it’s like I’m 15 again, taking extra long with buying groceries my mum asked for just to keep from going home. The harsh lights and rows of organized food kept me busy until I thought my parents had hashed out their arguing and I could go home to the calm after the storm. Many of those trips included a stop by Joe’s house, I remember, and he would always be available to just walk around the store and then sit out back near the fence. I remember one evening in spring when we spotted a rosebush. He had picked one and despite being careful, pricked himself on a thorn. Then he placed it gently in my hair and I swear we would kiss then, but a car honked somewhere and the moment was gone.

I shake off the history of my childhood and remind myself I wasn’t that girl anymore. But when I step into the frozen aisle, I am the same girl who’s heart would thunder like a thousand racehorses all galloping away from the scary feeling of being in love with their best friend. Because standing with his head in the freezer section, his breath leaving puffs of smoke in the air, was Joe Sugg.

Joe’s POV

“Joe?!” A voice I hadn’t expected to hear rings out in the empty aisle. I whip my head around and confirm my suspicion-Y/N in the flesh.

“Oh-Joe!” Y/N’s raises her eyebrows in shock and my own eyebrows were probably up to my hairline.

We stare at each other and in the same breath we take a step forward and then we’re crashing into one another, hugging and trying to talk over one another.

“I was just thinking about you and I made you up right here!” Y/N is saying.

“What the hell are you doing here I thought I was dreaming!” I say at the same time.

We let go and laugh at the odds of finding each other in the frozen aisle of our childhood grocery store. Y/N looked more like her mum now that she was older, but I knew that from her Instagram. What I didn’t know was how kissable her lips looked in person and how electric our connection still felt. Like we were 15 again and Y/N was upset so I was helping to distract her by putting my hand in the freezers and sticking them on her neck.

“It’s like nothing’s changed!” Y/N exclaims, her hands coming up to my shoulders. Mine remain on her hips and we gaze at each other, hungrily, memorizing every last detail like it would be the last time.

“What brings you down all the way here?” I finally drop my hands and ask.

“I’ve got the summer off so I thought I’d spend it at home with my mum.” She says.

“Your dad?” I ask.

“Eating his way through France with his girlfriend.” She says it like she didn’t care but I could tell it bothered her. She still rolled her eyes the same way and the corner of her mouth would turn down. It made me want to pull her closer back into a hug but we’d only just reconnected. “And you?” She asks.

“Just visiting my dad,” I’m still studying her face, she had the same soft e/c eyes that revealed any emotion she tried to hide. “Getting dinner now since he’s not home tonight.”

“Oh my gosh my mum’s not home until later and I’m here for dinner. We’re still on the same wavelength!” She laughs and it’s the same same same as before.

Y/N was still my girl, did she feel it too?


“We should grab dinner together then,” Joe suggests. He’d lost any trace of chubbiness and he had grown into his features so perfectly. I wanted to trace his handsome face and crush my lips against his but I restrained myself. It was a good thing we were stood in the frozen aisle.

“I would love that,” I loop my arm through Joe’s and he tells me he brought a car. Thank. God. That rusty bike could rot in the parking lot.

“You look really good,” Joe says in the car.

“I was gonna say you look very handsome,” I say, unable to accept the compliment. I felt an electricity between us similar to when we were younger and I knew things could get very messy if I acted on it.

“You’ve always looked good though,” Joe glances at me. I avoid eye contact and look out the front instead.

“I was the better looking between us two,” I joke.

“Don’t let it get to your head,” Joe nudges my shoulder and it’s less awkward again.

But Joe, without asking, drives us to a dimly lit restaurant and asks for a booth seat where we sit directly next to each other. I sigh, it would be a long night.

Joe’s POV

Y/N is jittery throughout the evening but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling that way on the inside. We catch up first, talking about our separate lives and then reminisce about our shared memories.

“Remember our cheesy school dance?” I ask. “I’m pretty sure my mum still has awful pictures of all of us.”

“Oh please burn them when you have the chance,” Y/N laughs. “You went with Alex didn’t you?”

“Yeah,” I remember being so nervous to ask Y/N and missing my chance when another friend asked her. Things would have been a lot different if I asked, I think now. “We all still went together.”

“I always wondered why you never asked me,” Y/N turns to me and in the small space between us, we are suddenly face-to-face.

“Well-I mean I was-I tried. I was going to but Peter got to it first.” I stutter.

“Peter asked me two days before the dance! When were you going to ask?” Y/N shakes her head laughing. She takes a sip of her wine. “I remember being gutted. All our friends kept telling me you were going to ask me and then you didn’t.”

“I was an idiot,” I grab hold of the hand Y/N rests on the table. “If I could do it again trust me I would have.”

“You better be saying that now Sugg,” she smiles at me. “But all’s forgiven. I had my first makeout that night.”

“What?” I ask.

Y/N laughs at my expression. “You knew my parents I didn’t really date but that night Peter asked if I want to make out and oh my god we went and…ugh it’s so cringe Joe but it built character! Now I never go in dark places with boys who want to kiss me.”

Even though I tell myself it was years ago I’m still angry at myself and slightly jealous of Peter. But I still laugh at the way Y/N spins the story.

“But your first kiss…” I start.

“Oh of course you’re going to bring up our first kiss.” She smiles.

It was at a friend’s party, a spin the bottle game where Y/N and I kissed and didn’t talk for a week after. We agreed to forget it when we got tired of not talking.

“It could have been better in terms of first kisses,” she teases. Her cheeks are flushed at this point and I could tell the evening was wearing down to a single point now.

“We had to do that in front of twenty of our classmates!” I defend my kissing skills.

“If you say so,” she pushes in closer to me and angles her body so our thighs are pressed against each others. My heartbeat quickens but I place my hand boldy on her knee, slowly testing the waters.

“Maybe 10 years has taught us how to be better kissers,” I say, inching my hand higher.

“But Joe, there’s got to be more than 20 people here,” she says without breaking eye contatct.

“I don’t mind,” I lean in and so does she, our breathing getting heavier.

“Good,” her eyes flick to my lips and back to me. And that’s the confirmation it takes.

I close the distance and kiss her like I couldn’t live without it. For a second, I forget we’re in a public restaurant and my hand slides up her thighs and all over her body. She drapes her leg over mine and I feel her smiling against my mouth. She pulls away first and she’s blushing.

“A lot better,” she whispers. She glances around the restaurant but no one’s noticed us.

“Maybe it’s time for the bill,” I say. She nods and I kiss her quickly before calling over our waiter.

We pay and head back to my car, a comfortable silence between us as we lace hands. When we reach the car, I pause.

“Things would be so different if-”

“No,” Y/N interrupts my thought. “We had to go our own ways Joe. But I’m glad I found you in a Sainsbury’s today.”

“I’m glad too,” I back her up against the car and kiss her again. “I know you’re here for the summer but how would you feel staying in London for a few weeks later in the month?”

“What are you asking?” She bites her lip and my eyes are drawn to the action.

“I want you and me to have a fair go at being together,” I say.

“But my life is in Glasgow,” she reminds me.

“Let’s just take it by the day and see where it goes,” I lean my forehead against hers. “We can figure the rest out later.”

“Sounds dangerous,” she whispers.

“You were always too cautious,” I whisper back.

“Do you blame me?” She looks into my eyes and I feel bad. Her childhood was a tough one.

“I want to take care of you and show you off to anyone who wants to look.” I say to her.

“That sounds promising,” she’s smiling again. She presses a kiss to my lips before leaning back against the car again, her face tilted toward the sky. “I’ll think about it.”

“Good,” I step back to open her door but before she goes in she wraps her arms around me and squeezes me tighter so I kiss the top of her head. When she lets go she’s teary eyed but still smiling.


I wake the next morning with Y/N in my bed. How many times have I thought about this and it was finally real.

I trace a pattern on her bare back and she shifts, slowly turning to me blinking.

“Hey,” I whisper. She smiles sweetly and moves closer to me, stroking my face.

“Hi,” she presses her lips to mine. Then suddenly, she gets up and checks her phone. “Ohh I forgot to tell my mum I wouldn’t be home!”

She begins flicking through her phone but then she pauses and a blush creeps up her neck. I ask her what was the matter. “I told my mum I bumped into you last night on our way to dinner and she didn’t even bat an eye that I didn’t come back home. That’s so embarassing! She texted me two wink emojis!”

I laugh and tease her but she blushes even more and turns away from me, pulling on some clothes. “I shouls get home before she leaves for work though. See her since I didn’t yesterday.”

“Yeah I’ll drop you,” I get up too and change. I tiptoe downstairs first but we don’t make it past my dad untouched.

“Y/N. Lovely to see you after all this time,” my dad raises his hand. I look back and Y/N looks like a deer in the headlights. “Hey you two are adults I’m not judging! If anything I’m surprised this didn’t happen years ago.”

“Dad,” I say but Y/N sighs in relief. She walks the rest of the way down and my dad holds out his arm to give her a hug. She looks more relaxed so I head to the door.

“It was nice to see your dad after so long,” Y/N says in the car.

“So about London? Have you decided?” I ask gently.

“I’ll have to check in with my mum since I promised myself to her for the entire summer. But I don’t think she would mind.” She answers.

“So a yes?” I’m hopeful about it.

Y/N chews her lip and doesn’t answer which makes me nervous. Maybe I pushed too hard? But then she turns to me grinning and says the word I wanted to hear: “Yes.”

Animorphs #12: The Reaction, Chapters 13-15

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Chapter 13

Welcome back to “Why Haven’t The Animorphs Learned Yet To Actually Tell Each Other When Their Powers Are Going Wonky?”, part whatever.  Honestly, children, secrecy never ends well for you.

Yet, secrecy we get.  Rachel’s worried that if she tells the other Animorphs about her out-of-control morphing, they’ll make her stay home and not check out Jeremy Jason McBoatface’s yacht  She lies to herself furiously that the whole situation is under control - her feet totally morphed back after she walked out of Chapman’s office! - and she can just keep it to herself for a while longer, other than Cassie who’s sworn to secrecy anyway.

Oh, Rachel, honey, no.

Rachel cannot hear me, so she goes ahead and lies to both her parents about where she’ll be after school, then heads off to find a private place to morph into a bird to meet up at the beach.  She heads for the woods near the school, fretting a little bit about the difficulty of being sure she’ll be unobserved. Fortunately, Tobias shows up to save the day, perching overhead and telling her when people are approaching and when it’s safe to morph into her seagull form.

She morphs easily enough but promptly gets pretty caught up in the seagull mind, delighting in flight and in all the food she can smell that’s hers for the scavenging. Tobias has to poke at her telepathically to get her attention and remind her that she actually has a thing to do and can’t just mindlessly roll with being the queen of dumpster scavenging today.

Tobias seems to get that something’s up - Rachel shouldn’t be losing herself like that in a morph she’s done before - but she brushes him off crankily.  This is definitely fine!  Totally not in any way related to the uncontrolled morphing!  

I say again: Rachel, honey, maybe try telling someone a thing sometime.  

(I’m clinging to a thread of hope that once they all meet up Cassie is going to force the issue of “did you talk to Ax yet”, but I fear she won’t since Jake will be there and they have their secrecy pact.  This is probably all going to end badly.)

Chapter 14

Yup, everyone meets up and heads out to fly toward JJM’s yacht, without a word from Cassie to Rachel about whether her morphing is under control. Sigh.

Tobias helps to identify the yacht with his excellent vision, but then has to stay behind because his hawk form isn’t built for flight over water.  Poor Tobias, always sad and guilty about not being able to help more, when he already does so much!  Everyone else goes flying - Ax in his harrier morph, which probably will have to bail out and become a sea creature at some point because it’s also not built for overwater flight, and everyone else as seagulls.

Ax can see the boat before anyone else because his morph has better vision, so he reports back that there’s a woman, two adult males, and a juvenile male.  He can’t identify whether the younger dude is JJM or not, which detours into a long discussion of Rachel and Cassie trying to describe JJM, and Ax trying to figure out what “full lips” means, and Jake and Marco being grossed out by Rachel and Cassie liking boys.  Lord, these children are so young.  I’m surprised no one says anything about cooties.

Rachel and Cassie swoop in to check things out and verify that the juvenile is in fact JJM, along with a movie producer Rachel recognizes from TV, a woman in a bikini, and a third mystery dude.  Cassie and Rachel get a little dazzled by JJM’s presence and start swapping factoids about him that they’ve gleaned from fanzines.  His favorite color is crimson!  He was born in Altoona!

(Oh man, Altoona is the location of the nearest Friendly’s, and now I want to go there and have an ice cream sundae, but it’s a solid two-hour drive.  Damn you, book.)

I would like to tease them, but let’s let them enjoy their little recitation of Important JJM Facts, because as Rachel informs us in foreboding narration, as soon as she gets a little closer and can overhear the conversation, she’s about to fall out of love with her teen idol.

Chapter 15

Much of this chapter is fractured conversation; the girls get close in gull form but they can still only hear so much over the sound of waves and boat engines.  One suspects that this may be a Clever Plot Device to withhold important information from us a while longer. But to make a long story short, JJM is getting the hard sell about signing on to be the face of The Sharing.  The producer’s company is “part of the new order” and can guarantee JJM a chance to move into real movie parts and save himself from teen idol obscurity.

(JJM likes that idea; he’s tired of dopey tween girls hounding him for his autograph. I can practically hear Cassie’s and Rachel’s hearts breaking from here.  Oh, JJM, don’t be snide about your fan base, teen girls can make or break you.)

JJM’s not totally convinced, though, until Mystery Dude steps forward to press him harder.  He’s tired of yacht negotiations and wants to come to a deal already; JJM will become one of the Yeerk-controlled humans, and in return, he’ll get money and power and everything his shallow little heart desires.

Hey, three guesses who Mystery Dude is, and the first two don’t count.

Did you guess?

Yup, once Mystery Dude turns so the girls can see his face, they recognize him as Visser Three’s human morph.  Honestly, I would have thought V3 to be above negotiating with teenage boys, but I guess this is a special case.  And he’s doing well at terrifying JJM with his general scariness despite not being in a morph that throws fireballs or has extra arms or anything like that.

JJM agrees, finally - he’s in.  He’ll let V3 perform “the procedure” and in return he gets to be a movie star.  It’s unclear whether he actually understands what “the procedure is,” but Cassie and Rachel are unimpressed either way.  Even if he doesn’t fully get what he’s signing onto, he’s still clearly signing on with some Real Bad Dudes in exchange for power, and the girls are having none of it.  They will still try to save JJM because they can’t let anything as powerful as his pouty lips fall into the wrong hands, but they are severely unimpressed and their crushes have just crumbled to dust.

Rachel turns to fly back to where the boys are waiting, angry and disgusted with the entire situation.

Oh, hey.  You know what happens when Rachel’s emotions get out of control in this book?


Rachel’s rapidly falling out of the sky, because she is also rapidly becoming an elephant, and elephants don’t fly so well.  Elephants also don’t swim in the ocean so well, so this seems suboptimal.

Rachel falls.  Cassie yells at her to stop being an elephant.  V3 watches with great interest from the boat as a half-gull half-elephant falls out of the sky and lands in the water with a splash, sinking fast.   Jake yells for Ax, presumably morphed and hanging out in the water somewhere, to save Rachel.

Rachel, well, she’s busy drowning.  Glug, glug.

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Dating Timothee Chalamet Would Includ

Dating Timothee Chalamet would include

- okay so first you two would be like The biggest goofballs in love.

- Like him especially would wake up in the morning and be like let’s go get some ice cream

- “But Timmy it’s literally 9 in the morning”

- Constantly telling each other the cheesiest couples jokes like

- Just making each other cringe and laugh at the previous joke told

- Pet names okay??

- Timmy isn’t too HUGE on pet names but you call him baby boy and he calls you babe

- I know they might seem like boring pet names but it’s what fits you two!


-like I’m talking spontaneous, out of the blue, kisses!!

-Also passionate kisses

- Playing with each others hair… I’m talking braiding his hair absentmindedly in the most calming way

- Cuddling!!

- Timmy would loveee to cuddle as you do!!

- Like your head on his chest YES!

- And spooning! Sometimes Timmy would be the little spoon (when he’s feeling insecure) but other times he wanted to take charge and be the big spoon

- Like sometimes you would have a lazy day and just stay in bed having the best time by just taking it all in and realizing you belong to him and he belongs to you :)

- Being great friends with his co-stars and meeting lots of new people!

- Timmy calming your nerves and vice versa whenever you guys need it

- Like starting to feel anxious? Timmy is holding your hand and giving you words of reassurance

- Timmy starts to feel anxious/insecure ? You are talking to him about how great and talented he is with everything he does.

- Literally binge watching EVERY SHOW on Netflix and Hulu

- Going to the Awards with him

- Like you both would be looking SOO GOOD

- When he sees you that night he would be like


-With that BEAUTIFUL SMILE on his face!!

- And let’s be honest… all night he couldn’t keep his hands off you

- like he would be so so much more clingy than normal (but definitely not in a bad way!)

- making fun of Timmy’s old rap videos from

When he was in highschool

-“stopppp y/n!”

-“oh come on this just proves that we’ll love eachother no matter what!”

- Okay but you two would just be couples goals like you would be such a fun, energetic, loving couple and wow you would love each other so much!!

- So like basically uhh you would be so head over heels for each other it’s beyond belief…

*i hope that this was okay!! Please please PLEASE leave feedback I want to know how I can improve next time or if I am getting character details off at all!! Thank you so much and please don’t let this flop… this was my first writing!!* :)

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Not gonna lie. When I saw Rey and Finn looked at each other and embracing each other. Waiting 2 years for that moment to happened. You can tell they were each others home. I cried in tears.

the finnrey hug was the only good part of tlj, thats the only part i consider canon

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i know this is Obvious but my fave is ninja ship party!! the two of them work so so so well together and have such a great friendship, based off of how much they've been through together and how hard they've worked. they click so well and even though they love poking fun at each other, you can tell they love each other so much and would give anything to see the other happy

Yaaaaas Nate!!! Hard same. Ninja Ship Party has so much going for it. Brian and Dan are perfect for each other in so many ways (platonic or otherwise) and I’m so glad we’re blessed with their friendship and talent. A world where they hadn’t found each other would be a much sadder place 💕

cute things to do with someone

-eat ice cream at the beach, find pretty shells to give them and watch the sunset
-surprise them with flowers
-go camping under the stars and make smores around a campfire
-pack a basket of sandwiches and fruit and go on a picnic
-go ice skating and drink hot chocolate and cuddle
-explore different cafes in the city and eat pastries
-go to concerts or local events with them
-put pillows everywhere, light a scented candle and watch a movie
-explore a foreign city with them
-cook their favorite meal as a surprise
-make cupcakes together
-go on walks in nature, make daisy chains and take pretty photos
-get a blanket, lie down together and watch the sunrise
-wear fuzzy sweaters and matching colors
-tell each other your goals and secrets so you can help each other grow


Flozmin is literally fanfiction brought to life

So Flozmin is from the Argentinian telenovela “Las Estrellas”, it is made up of Florencia Estrella and Jazmín del Río. I’m not even kidding when I say that they are the softest, purest, healthiest lgbt couple I’ve ever seen. They are both super supportive of each other and everyone around them, they love each other so freaking much, I swear they are so sweet they gave me cavities. A few spoilers ahead.

No one dies ✔

Secretly in love with your friend ✔

Friends to lovers trope ✔

They are not only friends… but also boss/employee ✔

Accidental first kiss ✔

I want you to be happy even if it hurts every single cell in my body ✔

Heart eyes ✔

Hugs ✔

Sexual tension ✔

Nervous gay laughter ✔

Paint me like one of your french girls ✔

Being mistaken for a couple ✔

Almost kisses ✔

Not being able to hold it in anymore love confession? ✔

Massage ✔

I recognise I have feelings for you but I don’t know what to do cause I’ve never felt like this about a woman before ✔

Leaving your boyfriend at the altar cause you are in love with your friend even if you’re not ready to admit it yet ✔

I’ll take care of you when you’re ill or drunk ✔

Spooning ✔

I’ve been dying to kiss you for such a long time but I want to give you the time you need so I’ll wait ✔

Sing you a song as an acceptance of your apology? ✔

I’ll always support you cause you deserve the world and you are perfect to me? ✔

I secretly watched you sing ✔

Elevator kiss ✔

The “you’re looking at the stars but I’m looking at you cause you shine brighter than all of them put together” trope ✔

Cleaning each other’s smeared lipstick after making out ✔

Funny scenes ✔

I know you’re with someone else but I can’t go another minute without being with you love confession ✔

Locker room scene ✔

Angst, but good angst ✔

Strawberry ✔

Let me get behind you and teach you how to do this ✔

Getting the other one out of an uncomfortable situation ✔

Proudly watching the other one confront sexist men ✔

If you are for me and I’m for you there’s no way to lose each other ✔

Bringing the other one flowers ✔

I’ll give you a bath ✔

Beautiful first time scene ✔

Sing you a song to sleep ✔

Matching bracelets & necklaces ✔

Nose booping ✔

Hugs from behind ✔

Painting together ✔

Slow dancing ✔

Defeating the homophobes ✔

They communicate their problems and fears ✔

Moving in together ✔

Encourage the other one to follow her dreams ✔

Marriage proposal ✔

Talking about having a family ✔

Talks about very important issues (Tourette’s syndrome, homophobia, adoption, etc) ✔

LGBT representation for people with Tourette ✔

I’m afraid of falling asleep cause real life is for once better than dreaming ✔

Fluffy scenes ✔

No cheating ✔

Cute dates ✔

Casual kisses ✔

Cheek kisses that leave lipstick stains ✔

Playing with the other one’s hair ✔

They tell each other how much they love and appreciate the other person ✔

Marriage ✔

Shower sex ✔

Adopting ✔

Parallels. So. Many. Parallels ✔

Amazing kisses with great lighting ✔

Better treatment than the straight couples ✔

Screen time outside of their relationship ✔

Screen time (more than 18 hours of just their scenes and the show is not even over) ✔

23:55 minutes of just kisses up to episode 145 ✔