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Could you write something about how Yuuri is NOT selfish? (I am so TIRED :/.)

So am I!

Where did this perception even come from and why did it get so popular? Was it this?

Episode 12 ruins everything once again.

Ok putting aside my feelings on how lacking I find the writing in this episode, let’s delve into this. He should have talked properly to Victor here, yes. But he’s choosing to retire for an entirely selfless reason. Victor perceives it as selfishness because he doesn’t know what’s going on (and because Yuuri could have gone about his announcement better tbh). Even then, Victor says he didn’t expect Yuuri to be selfish! The person who has been living with Yuuri 24/7 for eight months never expected him to be selfish

Let’s also remember the reason Yuuri wants to retire at this point specifically is because he feels like he is hurting Victor and holding him back. 

Let me repeat that.

Yuuri was willing to sacrifice his career, his dream, and the thing he loves doing the most in the world, for Victor’s sake.

Another shining moment of Yuuri “dangerously selfless” Katsuki was this.

Yuuri doesn’t hesitate for even a second to tell Victor to go back to Japan and be with Makkachin. Yuuri is well aware of how it will be without Victor, he’s putting himself at a disadvantage in a decisive competition because he loves Victor and cares about his feelings above all else, including himself. There was nothing that could be done for Makkachin by either of them, Victor leaving actually changes nothing about Makkachin’s situation, but Yuuri still wants him to go because it means something for Victor and because Yuuri doesn’t want Victor to go through the same pain and regret he went through with Vicchan.

Other moments of Yuuri demonstrating he’s not a selfish or petty person include:

  • His entire relationship with Yurio, who, might I remind you, treats Yuuri terribly for most of the series, and yet Yuuri continuously supports him, admires him, and sincerely cheers for him
  • Feeling guilty over coming home during a busy time
  • Feeling guilty over not keeping in touch with his friends
  • Being afraid to contact that conservatory student because he’s afraid he hurt her feelings for not using her music
  • Being afraid to contact Celestino because he feels he wronged him
  • Feeling like a burden to everyone around him
  • Feeling like a burden to the sport of figure skating itself
  • Sincerely cheering for Chris, who was also kind of a jerk to Yuuri 
  • Admiring and empathising with JJ during his breakdown
  • What he chose for his season’s theme and why

A lot of Yuuri’s actions that people point out as selfish are motivated by anxiety, crippling guilt and low-self confidence and self-esteem. He is his own antagonist. A very simple and straight-forward example of this is episode 4.

Yuuri has an outburst in front of Victor and panics, and consequently starts avoiding him because he’s terrified of showing emotional vulnerability and what he perceives to be weakness to people, as he explains later at the beach. Obviously, Victor is not happy that Yuuri is avoiding him, but I feel that people tend to miss/ignore how Yuuri’s actions were making him feel.

If anything, Yuuri isn’t selfish enough. As I wrote before, a huge part of Yuuri’s character arc is about him learning to express and pursue his desires. This is present in many parts of his narrative, from the thematically significant assignment of Eros, to Yuuri admitting to himself for the first time that he wanted to win gold at last year’s GPF, to realising that he’s not a burden to others and doesn’t have to fight his battles alone nor does he have to push people away, to learning that he is “enough”.

You can’t accuse a character of being selfish when a huge part of that character’s arc is for him to learn that he’s allowed to want things for himself and that he is deserving of the things and people he loves! 

Honestly Mordred’s character is probably the biggest issue I have with the writing in BBC’s Merlin.

While Morgana’s character development was much more thought out and believable, Mordred’s is….a complete train wreck. They knew exactly where he was going, what he was going to do. They had all five seasons to work on him, same as Morgana.  Yet they literally brought him from point A to point B over the course of just a few episodes. (Point A being following Arthur around like an excited puppy and Point B being running Arthur through)

There’s one scene in particular that always comes to my mind when thinking about this. In ‘With All My Heart’ Mordred says:

“I am not strong enough to defeat you, Morgana, but know this: Such hatred as yours can never triumph. I hope one day you will find the love and compassion which used to fill your heart.“

Remember what episode this was? 9. 



That’s two episodes before ‘The Drawing of The Dark’, aka The Kara Episode. 

Four episodes before he runs Arthur through with an enchanted blade.

what the actual fuck

But onto the actual turning point of his character…. Kara.

I cannot believe they possibly had this planned out? Like really? This is what does it? It seems so thrown together and last minute and completely ridiculous I just…. Ugh.

Mordred acts like Arthur was condemning her for who she was. For her magic. Like Arthur was being completely cruel and unjust. But none of that had anything to do with her sentence.

She had murdered several innocent people, and had attempted to kill Arthur, didn’t regret it for a second, and would do it again the next possible chance she got. And while she was not working directly for Morgana, she openly praised her for what she was doing.

And even despite all of that, when Merlin asks Arthur to give her a chance, he does. Tell me, how often do people get the chance to walk free after attempted regicide?

Mordred knows this. He knows full well that Kara sealed her own fate.

I know she was dear to him but… so was Morgana. 
Morgana and Kara are, at their core, basically the same. They’ve both been wronged, driven to bitterness and hatred, believe that they are fighting for the freedom of their people, and believe that it can only be achieved by killing Arthur, whom they both seem to think is Uther 2.0.
Kara was never going to change her mind. Mordred knew this. Had Mordred not sided with her she would’ve branded him a traitor. If he was killed fighting for Arthur she would’ve considered him another necessary casualty of war, the way she viewed all allies of Camelot.

It all just feels like such a weak attempt to excuse the sudden shift in loyalties. Like, 
‘Wait, isn’t this guy suppose to kill Arthur?’
‘Ah shoot, nearly forgot’ 
‘K so… how do we make him evil?’ 
‘…..last minute love interest?’ 
‘…………………….that’s GENIUS.‘

There are other things about the writing throughout the series that is certainly questionable, but honestly none of them have actually bothered me that much. Not like this. 
It’s no wonder people thought the show was cancelled. It feels like it was, and I think this is a big contributing factor.

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I wanted Jonerys to be canon since season 1 then season 7 happened and Dany pissed me off. I was introduced to Jonsa through your meta and it convinced me of Jonsa but let me tell you I haven't fully embraced them yet because I am skeptical. Most of the times the fans come up with these amazing metas only to be disappointed so I will not let myself get too attached to this ship. However what I want to know is that How did you start shipping Sansa and Jon? What made you see them as a couple?

First, sorry it took me forever to answer this ask. I’m so sorry, I got busy and I’m a terrible procrastinator.

I’m super honored that my little ole Jonsa meta introduced you to this ship and convinced you. You have no idea how happy that makes me. I don’t blame you for being skeptical tho anon. I’m
used to shipping non-canon less obvious ships so it’s easy for me But I know a lot of people have a hard time latching on to things that are heavily built on subtext and go against what appears to be the more blatant direction the show or text wants you to go in. I’m a hoe for subtext and nuance so Jonsa was right up my alley but I know everyone isn’t like that So yeah I don’t blame you for not wanting to get attached because it’s hard to see good theories go to hell because sometimes viewers are smarter than the creators. I don’t think that’s the case with GOT/asoiaf which works in our favor.

So you want to know how did I start shipping Sansa and Jon and What made me see them as a couple. Here’s my journey:

When season 6 started I was looking forward to seeing what happened with Sansa. Last we saw her she was jumping off the walls of Winterfell with Theon. I knew it was inevitable that if she
Survived the jump she would make her way to the wall and Jon. I had been waiting for a stark reunion for seasons and even tho Jon and Sansa were the last two I expected to reunite first, I couldn’t wait to see the reunion happen. I knew no matter what it would be emotional and satisfying. I was not prepared for how big the reunion felt and what came after. The way it was handled gave me serious emotions that I never expected to feel so strongly and found the way they handled to be interesting but I never looked deeper into it because I didn’t see a reason to. However the season continued and gradually Jon and Sansa’s relationship started to feel like a really big deal. It was more than just two starks coming together after all this time, it felt like the start of the resurgence of House Stark with Jon and Sansa at the center as equals. This was surprising to me because as I said I never ever predicted these two stark siblings to be the most linked as the series starts to get wind down. Every one of their interactions felt important and game changing even before I saw the potential for romance and it wasn’t just because they were starks but it was because of the way they were written and the way their scenes were framed. Sansa touching Jon’s hand felt huge even if I couldn’t quite figure how why. Sansa giving Jon his cloak modeled after their father’s felt like a monumental development, Jon deciding to fight a war he has no interest in fighting for Sansa and his family felt like it was huge for Jon. I felt like being around each other brought some important developments to both Jon and Sansa as characters at a crucial time and changed things for them and the entire plot of the show. Even without romance you just got the sense that these two people together were important for a reason beyond just being newly reunited siblings . The narrative centered the two of them and Sansa as a character in a way they had not done for Sansa and other couples in seasons prior and I didn’t know why at the time but I remember feeling like the answer to why would come and would surprise me and everyone else.

They very clearly put lots of effort into how they handled Jon and Sansa in season 6 and they were the driving forces behind the resurgence of house stark so it was clear that the future of the house connected to the two of them in some way. Marriage/romance just never crossed my mind because based on the knowledge I had Starks don’t do incest. When I noticed an odd tension that could be interpreted as sexual/romantic towards the end of season 6 (particular the tent scene, the forehead kiss and everything post BOTB) I brushed it off for the reason I mentioned above but my fascination with that tension never went away. It was there, but I didn’t know why and I couldn’t wrap head around a possible answer so I just didn’t dwell on it.

Season 6 ended with the Jon being a targaryen reveal and obviously that was a big reveal and would be major but IMO the moment Jon was named King in the North was the bigger game changer of the two. Jon had amassed power and loyalty before but it was always connected to the wall which was isolated from the rest of the storylines. Suddenly that wasn’t the case anymore and Jon is given power over the entire north. Suddenly Jon is in the middle of the game at a time where it’s stakes are about the be the highest they have ever been…..and only one person was at his side when it happened….Sansa. Jon being named King in the North shook me because up until that point he and Sansa were equals in the future of house stark, neither wanted to be elevated above the other. Jon didn’t even seem to want to be an equal he seemed content to hand Sansa what was rightfully hers. We even watch them discuss who would take the Lord’s chambers and both believe the other deserve it. They talk about being in this together and trust and it’s clear that they just want to rebuild their home together, as equals but then suddenly Jon becomes the power player. It made me wonder where that would leave Sansa, who clearly wants to be and deserves to be at Jon’s side and an equal. The scene where he’s named King even starts with Jon and Sansa side by side listening to their bannermen and the lords of the Vale together. At that point I was like “aww the stark siblings are gonna run Winterfell together this is perfect” then Jon is named King and Sansa is left at his side with an ambiguous expression on her face but appears to support him and I was stuck.

Jon being named King changed everything to me. Kings don’t run their kingdoms with their sisters unless they are a targaryen who’s married to one lol. Basically after that there was no way Sansa could truly be Jon’s equal unless she somehow became his queen and Sansa can’t be his queen because she’s his sister and Starks don’t do incest. Sansa clearly had a role to play in the north but now I wasn’t sure what that role was going to be. We went from a narrative where Jon and Sansa were centered to one where Jon alone is being centered when it comes to the north but I knew there was no way Sansa would just disappear into the background. LF had already let it slip that Sansa could sit at his side on the iron throne so Sansa was still a factor in the larger game. That was my line of thinking so it caused this dilemma where I wasn’t sure what to think or where this was headed but I knew that Jon and Sansa were not gonna be torn apart on season 7 like they wanted us to believe and that Sansa’s rise to power would not be ending with this.

Then season 7 started and Right away my confusion from the end of season 6 disappears. Immediately Sansa’s position is clear:

“Ned starks bastard has been named King in the North and that murdering whore stands beside him” -Ceresi Lannister

Right off the bat Sansa is positioned at a power player at Jon’s side, as a de facto queen, not as a sister chillen on the sidelines as her brother rules a kingdom. Cersei’s quote immediately stood out to me because it was an odd but direct parallel with Ceresi and Jamie. Ceresi rules as queen as her lover and brother stands at her side. It felt like an odd connection to make at the time but it fit and was too blatant to deny so my spidey sense immediately went off.

Next we actually see Sansa at Jon’s side in exactly the way Ceresi described. Jon attempts to rule with Sansa at his side and Jon clearly has command of his people but Sansa isn’t a silent passive prop like a sister of the king usually would be. Sansa intervenes in front of the Lords leading to some awkward tension and and confusion on my part.

Then we see them bicker and the way it’s framed becomes too obvious for me to ignore. They are framed like a husband and wife, they hit below the belt and compromise and seek validation from each other like married people do. Nothing about that Shit felt like two normal royal siblings so I was fascinated. They Lord over Winterfell like they are Ned and Catelyn reincarnated which is super weird for two siblings. There was also this sense that there was something being left unsaid between them. Like this weird tension that’s unexplainable didn’t just come out of nowhere. After this I was pretty much convinced that Sansa was gonna be positioned as a queen at Jon’s side and I found the prospect to be exciting and fascinating , but that confused me because I had the same block I had before… can Sansa be Jon’s queen when she’s his sister/cousin and Starks don’t do incest? I felt the urge to ship but shipping them romantically didn’t make sense because Starks and incest don’t go together. So once again I brushed my feelings off and stopped myself from shipping it thinking I was reading too much into it all.

In the following days after the premiere aired the stills for episode 2 dropped and we get a picture of Jon leaving Winterfell looking back at what’s more than likely Sansa with such hesitation and overwhelming affection in his eyes and we get one of Sansa looking out to Jon leave as if she’s saying goodbye to her husband aganist her will be she determined to hold their home down while he’s gone. I was like “holy shit why do they look like husband and wife separating” I was shook shook shookity shook. I was basically Jonsa trash from that moment on because the Shit was undeniable but I was still in denial because….you guessed it, Starks don’t do incest…..

Then somebody finally decided to put me on game and told me that Starks actually do practice incest between cousins and that Ned’s parents were cousins and that it’s actually really common in Westeros among noble houses and after that it all made so much damn sense I hopped my ass on board and knew I would be going down with this ship.

I started to see them as a couple and as a legitimate possibility because the politics made sense they always made sense and far more sense than any alternative. Sansa bend the key to the north since and being groomed for ruling since season 1 started to come full circle. The connection to build on was clearly there, they were so important to each other and came to each other at a crucial time. Their affection felt tangible even tho neither is keen on expressing it verbally. The two of them just fit and them being centered as the roots from which house stark gets to flourish once again in season 6 started to make all the sense in the world and appeared to indeed be deliberate like I thought it was. Sansa was clearly the queen the North needed and the queen Jon needed at his side. He would do anything for her, he would love her in a really pure and overwhelming way that she deserves after all she’s been through. They had a dynamic that allowed them to challenge each other and still have a very healthy and loving dynamic. Sansa and and Jon are better together. They share the same core values and beliefs and where one is weak the other balances them out.

they are at their best when they are closely bound and at the center of their house and nothing could seal that like a potential romance/marriage. Sansa was the balance that Jon needed to be the great ruler that he is clearly meant to be. Jon was the man that Sansa needed to make all the scars hurt a little bit less. I started to see them as a couple because they were framed as one and acted as one and could actually make a really great one. Once I realized that the incest hurdle was conquerable it was actually super easy to see Jon and Sansa as a couple and see them as a legitimate possibility for the future.

GoT Afterthoughts 7x01 (Jonsa edition).

Okay, so I had to watch this twice, as I was semi-distracted with my rugrats who haven’t mastered staying in bed after they’re tucked in, yet (or ever ..probably). For my fellow Jonsa shippers -anchors aweigh, but we’ll come back to that later ….as romance is really not what this show hinges on. I apologize in advance that this will probably hop around and be as scattered as my brain, but I’ll do my best to keep it tidy.

So right out of the gate, this season kicked off with our sweet baby murder Stark posing as crusty old man Frey and taking out all those responsible for the Red Wedding. Sweet, sweet retribution my friends, and while I gleefully squealed with joy that all those rat bastards got what they deserved, I’m almost positive that Arya will take up the books Lady Stoneheart arc, and therefore, I truly worry about her longevity in the series.

Then we see an eerie shot of the NK’s army marching forward (clearly towards the wall), and it’s massive! With fucking Giants! Giants my dudes and dolls -and quite a few of them. So a lot of people think the Wall is coming down at some point this season, but as Meera and Bran arrive at Castle Black I can’t help but wonder if the Wall even needs to come down? Remember when Bran sneakily wargged while the three-eyed-raven was sleeping and the NK touched him and then was able to instantly transport his entire army right to their doorstep? What if he can do that now that Bran has crossed to the other side of the Wall?

Back to Jonsa, as we were treated with a delightful scene of our KitN and the Lady of Winterfell (ahem, seated at his left as the King’s consort would be) entertaining their subjects of the North, as Jon rallies support to prepare for the coming war(s). They have a spat about what to do with the houses land/keeps that threw their support behind Ramsey. Sansa wants to reward the loyal houses and set a punishable example for those who abandoned the Starks in their time of need, while Jon refuses to punish the children for the sins of their fathers and is much more interested in UNITING the north. I have to say that while I understand exactly why Sansa feels this way (considering the horrors that Ramsey put her through), I’m behind Jon on this one, and judging by her facial expression after the children knelt before Jon, I believe that Sansa saw this too. And fuck that smirking snake Littlefinger always lurking around like some creepy child abductor in the shadows!

So at first this scene kind of upset me (the first time around I was more listening than watching expressions -remember the rugrats not staying in bed? lol) because I kind of disliked the two of them arguing in plain view of everyone else (ugh and ESPECIALLY in front of LF who is just waiting to stir the shitpot) -and I couldn’t help but cringe inwardly at all the rumors of this Starkbowl BS and how everyone was going to immediately jump to conclusions ….

But then we are treated to the next lovely Jonsa scene of them strolling through Winterfell (very reminiscent of a beloved past KitN and his lady-love) and the reasoning behind Sansa’s outburst becomes a bit more clear (at least to me) …her father and Robb- one tried to always be just and fair and the other was inexperienced and rash, and look where it got them? Right now Jon is all she has, and she’s determined not to see him end up the same way. Sansa knows how to play the game -she’s got the political savvy that Jon lacks and she’s damn well going to question his judgement sometimes (and yes girl, yessss! She’s come so far) -and what’s better, she CAN! Jon pretty much tells her so “of course you can, you’re my sister, but ….” He simply doesn’t want her to do so in front of their “subjects” as undermining him makes him look weak. He’s not power hungry like Joffrey -a juxtaposition that was even brought up in their conversation, with Sansa confirming that Jon is the polar opposite (shipping goggles fully affixed: she does so with the sweetest most heartfelt imploring expressive eyes - le sigh). Starkbowl is a sham! Our babies hashed this out and did not let it fester with resentment. Jon needs to LISTEN to her council (and no Jon, that would not be so bad)!

And while my shipping goggles are on, let’s talk about this tension -let’s talk about Jon marching ahead stubbornly and Sansa grabbing his arm to get his attention. Let’s talk about the cameras focusing in on that. Let’s talk about how Jon’s eyes immediately drop to their point of contact -and why is he so tense? Hmmmmmm. I think our ship has become more like a submarine (meaning that it’s a steady hum just below the waters surface) -because it has to be right now. Because they are still siblings.

Bonus (and I’m paraphrasing): Jon- “father always said that anything that comes before ‘but’ is horse shit..” Also Jon- “you’re my sister, ‘but’ …” *thank you fellow Jonsa shippers @starks-in-the-north and @cathcacen for pointing this little gem out.* 😂

This Jonsa scene was immediately followed by another bro/sis pair - Queen Cersei and Jamie - (who pretty much spent the entire scene looking at her like she done lost her damn mind). Could Cersei be the mad queen? She’s got nothing else left to lose. Oh, and Euron is a jerk … can’t wait until Yara and Theon kill his ass!

Back to Winterfell! Okay, I ship the crap out of Brienne/Jamie but Tormund’s crush on B is giving me LIFE! I simply adore that he has heart eyes for her, and it’s even more adorably adorable because Brienne hasn’t exactly had a long line of suitors. She knows that deep down she’s kinda flattered -even if she’s also annoyed! lol And my precious baby deserves a little flattery because she’s just fucking wonderful and I love her and I want her to feel special like she did that day at the dance before she realized what those rotten little shits were up to! And while I’m ranting about my precious cinnamon roll, how about her face when little Lyanna (also a precious cinnamon roll who will slit your throat) proudly declared that she would fight! I need these two babies to have more scenes together this season - PLEASE!

Wow, this is getting long and I’ve barely scratched the first couple of scenes! Sorry guys, but I’m not done ranting yet and I know I’ve jumped around and am not tackling this in any sort of order ….

Sansa and LF … my God, baby girl! Her tongue is as sharp as her wit! There is NO WAY IN HELL that I would ever believe she’d betray Jon with this weasel. She’s onto him and she is taking him down. Now, would she manipulate the manipulator into thinking this in order to take him down? Umm yeah.

Sam is not exactly having a great time at the Citadel, but he has already stumbled onto something important -a dragon glass mine under Dragon Stone. So Jon will likely go south soon. Before all of you start panicking about the leaks and “boatbang”, I advise you all that attractive people can have sex in the absence of love and if it happens, I implore you to pay attention to the context. Jon is still under the impression that Sansa is his SISTER. A sexual tryst doesn’t impede a Jonsa endgame, my loves!

We now also know where Jorah has ended up, and it looks like his entire arm is now covered. How far has it spread? I miss him!

The Hound also seems to have an important role in the upcoming battle. I’m glad that he buried that family that he murdered. I’ve always been on the fence with his character -like Jamie, he walks a fine line. I’m really looking forward to an Arya/Hound reunion. And speaking of Arya … I really enjoyed the scene of the Lannister soldiers offering her food/shelter for the night. I was kind of worried when she first came upon them because this is GoT and rape and all -but at its core, it was a very moving scene that these men who are actually supposed to be her enemies, showed her nothing but kindness.

The dragon queen has arrived. Love her or hate her, Dany’s arrival at her ancestral home was pretty moving -especially seeing the dragons circling overhead! Wow - powerful scene! The castle is fucking GORGEOUS on the outside, although the dreary decor inside leaves much to be desired. I actually really love Dany -she has definitely gotten darker since Astapor, but I still love her. I’ve had a very strong feeling for quite some time now that she would become an antagonist once she stepped on Westeros soil ….only time will tell.

If you made it all the way through my rambling madness - thanks for sticking around. Jonsa is still endgame. See you next Sunday!

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During the true pacifist route before the Flowey fight, Sans says "you still haven't beaten this guy. he has nothing on you." How would Sans know about Flowey in that timeline?

(undertale spoilers)

Sans’ dialogue is known for being mysterious, vague, and as a result difficult to interpret.  This specific line could have a number of meanings.  More specifically, this line is ambiguous about whether a) Sans knows who Flowey is and b) is surprised that Frisk hasn’t beaten him in the Pacifist timeline. 

The idea that both a) and b) are true seems to go against the questions Sans asks Frisk in Grillby’s, which seem to indicate some degree of unfamiliarity with Flowey:

have you ever heard of a talking flower? Yes No
so you know all about it.
i’ll tell you, then.
the echo flower.
they’re all over the marsh.
say something to them, and they’ll repeat it over and over…
what about it?
well, papyrus told me something interesting the other day.
sometimes, when no one else is around…
a flower appears and whispers things to him.
flattery… advice… encouragement…
weird, huh?
someone must be using an echo flower to play a trick on him.
keep an eye out, ok?

It is very possible that Sans was disguising his true intentions and knowledge of Flowey, but this doesn’t seem to be supported by Flowey’s dialogue, which occurs after completing the neutral route with no kills a fourth time:

You know. Smiley Trashbag.
If I have ONE piece of advice for you…
Let his brother.
Find out ANYTHING about you.
He’ll… well…
Let’s just say.
He’s caused me more than my fair share of resets.
Stay away from that guy.

These lines and the fact that Flowey is still alive and has not reset appear to indicate that Flowey is not only capable of hiding his existence and intentions from Sans, but he had already done so before Frisk fell down.

Since a straightforward reading of this line doesn’t seem consistent with other lines in the game, perhaps a different interpretation is necessary.  Sans’ dialogue should be taken in context with the encouragement given by the other characters at the time:

Do not be afraid, my child…
No matter what happens…
We will always be there to protect you!


Hey! Human! If you got past ME, you can do ANYTHING!
So don’t worry! We’re with you all the way!

Technically, it’s impossible for you to beat him…
B-but… Somehow, I know you can do it!!

Human, for the future of humans and monsters…!
You have to stay determined…!

These lines all offer encouragement to Frisk, and to the player as well.  They are meant to help them stay determined and face Flowey.  By asking “you haven’t beaten this guy yet,” perhaps Sans was trying to lighten the mood as he is known to do, as though to say “beating this guy is so easy that i’m surprised you haven’t done it already.”  This sentiment is reaffirmed by the subsequent line, “come on, this weirdo’s got nothin’ on you.”

All in all, this line is vague and mysterious, like much of Sans’ dialogue, and up to interpretation to a certain extent, but this is a likely interpretation.

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There's about 50 new articles out there on how the latest SW book shows why Han and Leia broke up and how their fighting turned Ben evil? Can't link here but just read a cinemablend and radio times article about it. What is this new book about? I haven't read it yet but is it about their divorce?

Hi Anon,

From what I understood, the new book was supposed to be about the Battle of Jakku. But because apparently everything, including Han and Leia, are supposed to revolve “Ben Solo” so…

Part of the reason you’ve seen 50 articles is that the original one, from the Hollywood Reporter and a few other articles, are just repackaged by a lot of the Internet churn machines like Cinemablend. Also, I’m dead certain that the press release packets that went out to the news sources, which in most cases are just rewritten by the sites as “content,” are stressing that we’re going to see how Han and Leia fight all the time, etc, because apparently we’re going to get that narrative - because Han and Leia are to blame for Kylo, Bloodline, which didn’t show that and was written by a Han/Leia fan, be damned. Because, hey, they have to sell the idea when there are those of us out here who think it’s bullshit.

Also, they have to keep selling us books to “explain” their narrative since they can’t be bothered to put it into a movie - because Maker forbid we aren’t good little consumers and buying everything so that we know the whole story. A lot of my fellow posters have written about this “expert/novice” split, where now, in Star Wars, if you don’t read the books, you don’t know the “rest of the story” (my apologies to the late Paul Harvey).

Here’s what I know. If you consider there are 3 stories - Disney, the old EU and George’s treatments for 7 - 9 that were trashed, Han and Leia were together in two of them.  Lucas’ original treatments had Han and Leia together, as I understand it (someone who’s read more can probably correct me on that point if I’m off). Also, there are 30 years of Expanded Universe which, despite Disney’s insistence, based on what I’ve seen in articles, was canon and was approved by Lucas. And guess what? Han and Leia are together in those, and married. Even when Han apparently has a crisis after Chewie’s death, he isn’t gone forever and they’re still married (again, someone who’s read that series, hop in). By the end of the last one, Han and Leia and Luke are all alive and all still united. So that’s two out of three.

Frankly, I don’t consider any of the garbage that we saw in TFA or that’s been reinforced by all the new books and comics canon, no matter what Disney says. My canon is the Lucas saga - those six films. 

I don’t buy Disney’s books or comics. I may be a drop in a bucket the size of the Pacific Ocean, but I vote with my wallet. And my wallet isn’t going to open for anything that reinforces the hellscape that leads us to Force Awakens. I don’t believe in Han resigning his commission months after Endor, Luke flitting out for the four winds without a word to the two people he came across the galaxy to save, and any other shit - and there’s no other word for it - that Disney and Abrams and Kennedy or any of them deigns to serve me.

Unless Han is alive - not a ghost and not a flashback - I’m not seeing 8 in a theater. I have Starz as part of my cable package and I’ll see it then. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of GIF sets and meta posts to tell me the plot before then. And even if he is alive, I still don’t believe this bullshit, unless 8 is some massive retcon of what we saw in 7. 

Of course, everyone loved it (wrong) but whatever. Not my canon. I would have been fine with 7 and 8 and 9 if they hadn’t destroyed my characters to make their new movies. 

But they did. So I honestly can’t get excited or give a damn, about any of it. I don’t care who Rey is, who the last Jedi is or any of it. Unless I get to see Kylo Ren die or Han Solo alive, I don’t see myself going back to a theater for a Star Wars movie.

And I’ve been a fan since 1980. But it’s abundantly clear Disney doesn’t give a damn about me - not that I didn’t know that already as a Florida native, who’s seen what they’ve done to my state.

Thanks, Anon!

Imagine some main characters chatting with each other.
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Gon:</b> hey Naruto, you're pretty lucky, aren't you?<p/><b>Naruto:</b> but why?<p/><b>Luffy:</b> for what else, you have such a beautiful woman to love you.<p/><b>Naruto:</b> oh! Hinata? He he!! Haven't u find anyone yet? What about nami Chan?<p/><b>Luffy:</b> well, nami was a bit depressed yesterday. I wonder what happened? BTW why did u suddenly mentioned her??😳<p/><b>Gon:</b> hehe!!<p/><b>Naruto:</b> what about u, gon?<p/><b>Gon:</b> well, killu.....<p/><b>N,l:</b> what??? Yaoi???<p/><b>Gon:</b> no, no I didn't mean it!!!!!!!!<p/><b>Ichigo:</b> aren't u guy being a bit noisy???<p/><b>G,n,l:</b> you're quite, cuz u already have rukia!!!!<p/><b>Ichigo:</b> what the...??!!!!!! ////////<p/><b>Gintoki:</b> now you are loudly too, ichigo!<p/><b>G,n,l,I:</b> who do u like????<p/><b>Ginoki:</b> hmm.....ummm....huh.....yes.....myself.<p/><b>G,n,l,I:</b> it's ridiculous!!!!!!!<p/><b>Aladdin:</b> guys, what are u doing?<p/><b>N,I,l:</b> who do u like??<p/><b>Aladdin:</b> hmm.....breasts!!!<p/><b>N,I,l:</b> whaaaaaaaat???? Wait, who was the main female....yes....what about morgiana?<p/><b>Aladdin:</b> (depressed) do u guys actually watch magi? She is already in love with alibaba.<p/><b>Eren:</b> u guys are totally into girls' talk.<p/><b>N,I,l,a:</b> hey..........eren.......why are you so happy and satisfied??<p/><b>Eren:</b> heh?😮😰<p/><b>N,I,l,a:</b> what have u actually done to mikasa? You pervert!!!<p/><b>Eren:</b> what do u guys actually think I am???????<p/><b>Natsu:</b> hey guys I have learnt a new magic!<p/><b>N,I,l,a:</b> natsuuuuuu!!!!!!!<p/><b>Natsu:</b> what???<p/><b>N,I,l,a:</b> tell us who do u like?<p/><b>Natsu:</b> hmm......Lucy.<p/><b>N,I,l,a:</b> he told it so openely!! So manly!!!!!!!!<p/><b>Natsu:</b> hey guys are u all right??<p/><b>Yato:</b> yup love a good and busty girl, as expected from u.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> what??<p/><b>N,n,I,l:</b> then, what about u yato??<p/><b>Yato:</b> hiyori.<p/><b>N,n,I,l:</b> he didn't even think once.<p/><b>Soul:</b> u are still doing it.<p/><b>N,n,I,l:</b> huh........<p/><b>Soul:</b> what I your next target???<p/><b>N,n,I,l:</b> no no maka probably isn't interested in u.<p/><b>Soul:</b> hmmmm, well I don't know if she is interested in me or not. But as long as I am alive, I'll always be her partner and protect her. Cuz she is my comrade.<p/><b></b> N,I,l; so emotional!!!!!!!!! She is in love with u, we were joking.<p/><b>N,I,l:</b> BTW, where's natsu??<p/><b>Rin:</b> how many times do I have to say?<p/><b>N,I,l:</b> huh??<p/><b>Rin:</b> shiemi is more busty!!<p/><b>Natsu:</b> no it's Lucy!!!!!!<p/><b>N,I,l:</b> huh!!! They are fighting over whose breasts are bigger? Shiemi and Lucy are so......<p/><b>N,n,I,l:</b> let's collect more.......<p/><b>Edward:</b> umm.... Of course winry.<p/><b>Kirito:</b> um.... Asuna.<p/><b>Kaneki:</b> maybe... Touka.<p/><b>Inuyasha:</b> kagome!!<p/><b>Lelouch:</b> C.C<p/><b>N,n,,l,r:</b> I'm tired..<p/><b>Ichigo:</b> why am o with you guys actually?<p/><b>Naruto:</b> let's do another game deciding whose busts are bigger!!!!<p/><b>Natsu:</b> I'm gonna win!!<p/><b>Rin:</b> there u go again<p/><b>Naruto:</b> don't forget hinata!!!<p/><b>Ichigo:</b> I'm really not gonna play this!! I swear!!!!<p/></p><p/></p>

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Prompt: Dean making pie after pie trying to replicate his mom's recipe and having chubby!Cas help him get through all the ones that weren't right. And Cas is just happy to help his friend while filling his belly with pie-y goodness

this is so unrealistic pls forgive me

Day 1.

Dean wakes up in the literal middle of the night with the sudden realization that he remembers exactly what his mom’s cherry pie tasted like when he was but 4 years old.

He even helped her make it once or twice. “Helped” being a loose term meaning he ate a lot of sugar and cherries and played with the pie crust.

But if he could figure out that recipe…

Day 2.

“What are you doing?”


“Dude, you’ve made like…six pies in the past 24 hours. Seriously, what’s going on?”

“Nothing, Sammy.”

“Are you possessed? Are you possessed by a pie ghost? Do I need to go do research on obsessive pie making? Should I call Cas?”

Dean turns a sour look on his brother until Sam raises his arms in surrender and backs out of the kitchen. 

Day 3.

It’s around the fourth failed pie of the day that Dean realizes how full his stomach is. Yeah, OK, sure he hasn’t been eating every pie he makes, but he definitely hasn’t been, like…letting them go to waste either. Just because they aren’t the right pie doesn’t mean they should be thrown away.

So while Dean bakes, he samples. And samples. And samples some more. When he’s not baking or sampling, he’s usually making himself a sandwich for lunch, which is inevitably followed by a slice or two of pie. Or maybe a whole pie. Who’s keeping track, really. In any case, there are still a dozen or so pies that haven’t been eaten. The fridge is getting as full as Dean feels.

Yeah, it’s been three days since Dean’s stomach was anywhere near the vicinity of empty. 

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the signs as theater feelings
  • Aries: You're on stage, waiting for the curtain to pull back and the opening number to start. You can hear the rustle and murmur of the crowd as they gaze at the other side of the curtain in mutual anticipation. You feel your muscles start to tense with anxiousness but you mustn't let it hinder you - you must be fluid, you must be focused. You must dance. Finally you hear it - the first note - and the curtain pulls back with a muffled whoosh - you can see all the people in the audience - the spotlight turns on - your heart stops - and you dance. You dance and dance and don't know what you're doing anymore, just dancing, and it pumps through your veins and brings color to your cheeks, and when the last note sounds you freeze and wait for the lights to dim. Walking offstage, you can't help but giggle with excitement.
  • Taurus: It's ten minutes to showtime. Closing night is the busiest night of the whole month. Again you put on your powder, eyeliner, and blush. While waiting for the curling iron to heat up you put on your shoes. You look in your bag, pull out one and start to buckle it when someone else runs up to you, obviously flustered. They ask if they can borrow your curling iron for a moment - the cord on theirs is broken. You smile and say "Sure, but it might not be hot enough yet." You know it takes you longer than five minutes to do your hair but, instead of rushing them, you patiently strap on the other shoe and then revel in the relief of them giving back your iron.
  • Gemini: Callbacks. After your audition the director pulls you aside the next day and asks if you'd like to come in later to work on some specific parts. "Sure," you say. She is torn in between three roles for you: one of them is a lead dancer, the second as a principal character, the third being completely offstage and directing set production. She knows about your background in mixed media. She gives you lines to read, a song to sing, and asks for your opinion on how to design the side castle piece so that it can turn into a bedroom for the lead role. You read the lines, sing the song, and tell her the simplest answer: Of course the piece should be curved gently enough that it's rounded for the exterior, but not too much so that a bed and an end table can fit on a rotating platform on the interior. You know you have only confused her more, so you offer to try out all of them during the first week. Walking away, you feel a bit privileged. Maybe even...a tad bit smug.
  • Cancer: A kiss scene was your worst nightmare, but the lead has to be a "player" and cheat on the datemate. Just part of the plot. The worst part? They're very, very attractive, and your heart skips a beat every time they say that line - "And you shut me away every time I do so much as say hello, I urge you to open that door. Please, please tell me, help me to understand, what is going on? going on...with you?" And you know, you know it's not about you and that it's just a role, just a scene in a play, but sparks fly when you kiss. Every. Single. Time. There's more acting involved backstage when you have to function without blushing, tripping, staring, or indicating at all that you're very attracted to them. It's...extremely frustrating, to say the least.
  • Leo: Your director is convinced that you're saying your lines wrong every time. "No!" she yells, "it's 'Oh Wilbur, I won't be going to the fair!' and wait for him to ask why!" She runs the scene again. And again you say, "I won't be going to the fair. I'm done for, Wilbur." And she yells it again, this time threatening to cut you from the show, even if it is the last week of rehearsal. Finally you storm backstage, grab your script, highlight the line and show it to her. "This is what's written on my script," you say through gritted teeth. At last she shrugs and says, "Alright. I guess it sounds better anyways." You put the script away and walk back onstage, a warm feeling of pride washing over you. You knew you were right the whole time. You're always right.
  • Virgo: For the love of god, WHERE is the blue sequined fabric? It was JUST NOW sitting next to the green roll but you have to put on the blue first and THEN the green! That's how the dress looks in every other version of the production, even the cheaply budgeted high school ones! You will NOT settle for this. Breathe. Breathe deeper. Even deeper. Walk around and ask where it went, one person at a time. Don't get on that table and shout about it, that's rude and the table is full of opened acrylic paint. In the middle of asking the third person you spot it out of the corner of your eye - there, in the mass of cardboard cutout peacocks. Of course. You pretend not to notice it, but instead wait for the person to finish talking and walk you over to it. You smile politely, say thank you, and with a sigh of relief take it back over to the dress.
  • Libra: The first dress rehearsal is always nice. You get to slip into your costumes for the first time, figure out if you should wear the tights over or under, and fight about whose pair of tap shoes those are. (They weren't yours.) You love to do your own hair and makeup but you know it's not good enough for the stage and the director will get onto you for it. To avoid trouble, you seek out the people that get ready the fastest and volunteer to do hair. The waistline is a little too tight when you sit down in front of them, but that's alright. The feeling of another person bustling around you and playing with your hair washes over you. It's a satisfying kind of tingle, the kind that makes you want to just sit there and /feel/ it. "Do you need pincurls?" they ask. "Yeah..." you reply dreamily.
  • Scorpio: It's the second week of rehearsal and the dancers are already doing sexual dances. You watch them from backstage, frustrated at how none of the metallic paint will stick to these stupid green Styrofoam cubes. You're supposed to have them done by now or the set will be behind - you might have to stay way after hours a few nights to catch up. While you're considering other paints to mix together you notice one of the dancers doing a backbend. No, I mean you //notice// one of the dancers doing a backbend. "Wow..." Of course, at that very moment the set manager comes over and gets onto you for being lazy and not staying on task. "And you haven't painted a single block! We are not going to have a castle with green blocks, damnit!" You try to explain- "The paint won't stay on," but they keep yelling over you. You can't get a single word in edgewise. You bite your lip, wait for them to walk off, and then calmly walk into an empty dressing room to cry tears of anger. It's so stupid to cry over something so little, you think, but it hurt a lot more than it should have and you can't help it. Or you thought the place was empty, until you started crying and the dancer comes out from behind a rack of costumes, startled. "Hey, are you okay?" Oh no. You're embarrassed, you shouldn't be in here and this is not okay at all- "What happened?" They come over to you, still holding costume pieces. You look away. "Is it the set manager? They're pretty mean, I know. I don't think they know how to express their feelings except by yelling swear words. Like Eminem." Despite the situation, you smile a bit. That was kinda funny. "What's your name?" they ask. They smile at you, and you smile back.
  • Sagittarius: Oh man. French accents? That's /so/ your thing. But oh man, any accents at all...that's.../so/ not the lead character's thing. But of course it's all just a beauty contest to get the lead role. The director smiles as she says her lines again, and you're on the sidelines, cringing at her inaccuracy and waiting for your turn. There it is! "Vell, vell, vhat do vee 'ave 'eere? Do my eyes deceive me...or ees zees...a man?" Bat your eyes at him. "I jus' /love/ older men." Make it gushy. "Bonjour, monsieur! Mind if I...sit 'eere?" Sit on his lap. "Stop, stop." The director cuts you off. "Is that a French accent at all?" You sigh. "Yeah, it is." You hear the lead snickering. 'Oh, yes, let's talk about your French accent,' you want to scream. 'Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't from France!' It's hard for you to care about her feelings when she obviously cares so little about yours. Besides, she sucks and she needs to either learn how to speak with emotion or the director needs to replace her. The criticism is entirely valid. But why does it sting when you think about how you very nearly said that?
  • Capricorn: Being a lead is a lot of work, but you can handle it. You're finally out of dance practice at 10:30pm and you're hitting a drive-thru for dinner. You pop in the CD of the spoken lines. Gotta start memorizing them now. You don't go to bed until you've memorized the entire first act. Now it's 2:08am. Another dance rehearsal starts at 7 tomorrow. You pop in the CD of the spoken lines. Gotta memorize them now. You think about them as you learn the dances. Gotta memorize them now. You hit the stage to practice the first act and the dances in it. Good thing you memorized them. You take out your script during lunch and forget to eat. Gotta memorize them now. Two weeks until opening. Gotta memorize them now. Gotta memorize them now. You think you could perform the first and second act now. You recite them on the way home - they're not quite there. You pop in the CD. Gotta memorize them now. Your director will never make you a lead again if you don't memorize your lines. Gotta memorize them now. Costume fitting at noon the next day. You've been rehearsing since 6am. Gotta memorize them now. "Do you have your lines memorized?" the seamstress asks as idle conversation. "No, not yet." "Better memorize them now," she says. She tightens the measuring tape around your head. "I know." Gotta memorize them Why don't you have them memorized? Isn't this supposed to be easy? Isn't it supposed to come naturally? Are you meant to be a lead?
  • Aquarius: Disney is your THING. Especially Beauty and the Beast. You were Belle for four Halloweens in a row and you've seen the movie hundreds of times. You're so excited there's an opening for any role at all! It's pretty much your childhood dream to be part of a Beauty and the Beast production! Of course you'd sing a song from the show, you already know all the words! You show up for your audition in all black, sheet music ready to go, and you hit every note and jerk a tear from one of the judges during your monologue. It's amazing. It's the best audition you've ever had and the first time you've walked out of one feeling confident in yourself. That role is yours and soon you'll be in the ballroom scene, waltzing in a fancy gown to the closing number. It's all you can talk about for the next two years.
  • Pisces: Oh no. Who is that over there, crying at the dark side of the makeup tables? Do they know you're in here? You stop changing your costume, overalls hanging halfway off, still holding a shoe and a top hat to run over to them. "Hey, are you okay?" Their eyes widen in shock and their face turns bright red - obviously they had no idea you'd run in here to change. "What happened?" They're avoiding eye contact...maybe you should go away? You think you saw them earlier off stage getting chewed out for having green castle blocks. "Is it the set manager? They're pretty mean, I know. I don't think they know how to express their feelings except by yelling swear words. Like Eminem." They smile a little. You realize you've already missed your entrance in the dance onstage, but it doesn't really matter, you already know the whole thing. Your choreographer should understand. "What's your name?" They stutter a bit but they manage to push out some words. You smile. "Come on, let's get you cleaned up." You run into the corner bathroom, quickly wet a paper towel, and run back with it, tripping over your cane to offer it to them. They laugh and take the paper towel, saying "Thanks." You stand up with the cane like you totally meant to do that, smiling like the biggest freaking dork in the universe.

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(1/2) hey! i was wondering if you might be able to shed some light on this: i haven't read the comics but feel that i understand the significance of Steve and Tony's relationship, 'you gave me a home' in particular.. so to me, it feels like in the MCU there's been less focus on their dynamic in addition to a reduction of Tony's role in Steve's acclimatization to the modern world - much of that coming from Fury, giving Steve his place with SHIELD,

(2/2) and with friendship being hard to come by for Steve, until Natasha and Sam in TWS. it doesn’t feel like ‘you gave me a home’ or much else of their comics dynamic would work in the MCU (it’s so muted in comparison, where ‘actually he’s the boss’ is such a succinct way to wrap it up - it’s very professional and not so personal.) so i was wondering how this difference in their relationship in the respective media might play into MCU!Civil War? thanks and sorry if i’ve gotten something wrong!

ughhhhh don’t even me started. 

now that i’ve read all of ults, i can very legitimately tell you that mcu’s mythology is diRECtly ults inspired. everything from the avengers being a ‘SHIELD initiative’ to fury, to clint’s family and characterisation, the fantastic four being teenagers, can be traced back to ults. if there’s a 10% 616 inspiration then 50% of their adapted material is related in some way to ults.

the proBLEm with this choice is that the ultimates are a terrible team lmao. they came together not because they wanted to but because they were all recruited by SHIELD. apart from the main trio of thor/tony/steve, the scientists hank and jan were mistrustful of bruce, the bruce/hulk thing is another whole clusterfuck, nobody knows wtf the twins were doing, and natasha is a double agent for the KGB. there’s mistrust and animosity from the very beginning and none of the ultimates are really friends ???????????? (except for tony and thor actually which is hilarious given what’s been done with them in the mcu.) tony/thor/steve weren’t even a fully realized dynamic until years later when the comics were revisited with gillen’s ultimate comics: the ultimates

the avengers in 616 came together out of a choice, they made themselves a team, named themselves and has been independent of SHIELD from the very beginning. and mcu has kind of fucked themselves over going with the ultimates set-up because the whole conflict of civil war hinges a lot on SHIELD’s influence over the avengers and as a government institution, there’s different levels of oversight with avengers-SHIELD cooperation. in 616, the avengers have always been an independent organization. at various points they’ve been recognised by the UN as a sovereign entity, given UN representation, and are essentially always treated as in control of themselves, with their own charter and their own system of membership.

the avengers ‘initiative’ being a SHIELD operation in the mcu. i just ????? WHY??? and for SHIELD to later be revealed to have been poisoned for decades by HYDRA. is that really an organisation the mcu wanted to have control over their superhero team…………………………………. (i mean honestly think abt natasha’s wikileaks move at the end of cap2. think abt a modern society who discovers that SHIELD has basically had neonazis terrorists working amongst their ranks and that the avengers have been linked to SHIELD from the very beginning. how… fucked up…. does that look…..) 

and yeah, in 616 you have steve waking up to the faces of people who would later become his absolute best friends. jan is the one who recognizes him, and the entire team helps to calm him down when he thinks he’s been captured by HYDRA and they’re lying to him. what follows after this is him settling into the team, being welcomed by tony into the 21st century as just tony, not iron man, and basically finding himself surrounded by people who could be not only his teammates but his friends. but most importantly, it’s steve being treated AS STEVE ROGERS. not just captain america. but an actual human being who has a life outside of the shield and needs human contact and companionship juST like every other human being in existence.

compare that to the mcu with the deleted scenes they should nEVER HAVE GODDAMN CUT OH MY GOD, with steve alone, isolated, treated like an asset rather than a human being because this is SHIELD we’re talking abt and fury might care somewhere deep down but captain america is a weapon first and foremost. you have him completely, and utterly alone. even riGHT through to age of ultron. the friendships he has with sam and natasha are given lip service but you see him brooding alone over his visions without any proper support system. age of ultron complETELY fails to make us believe this is a group of people who are even teammates. teammates aren’t people that are just good at fighting a battle out on the field but there behind the scenes to provide emotional support, too, when the fighting is over. instead we have them literally at each other’s throats for much of the film, we have them keeping things from each other and reluctant to confide abt the wanda visions that left them all deeply traumatised. (steve talks to no one, the natasha and bruce thing unfortunately happened, thor vanishes to another country to seek answers and the only person tony can speak to is fury bc fuRY OF ALL PEOPLE is the one capable of sympathising with him and seeing past everything.)

and there’s absolutely no sense of friendship. why the fuck else do we watch superhero team movies other than to see all these larger-than-life characters teaming up and kicking ass and saving the day as friends?? why is the cap quartet so popular??? because superheroes neED FRIENDS TOO. THAT’S THE ENTIRE APPEAL OF THE AVENGERS. like. they had 2.5 hours of screentime to use and not once do we get the feeling that these people have developed beyond their surface acquaintances from the first movie. yet cap2 touched on the significance of clintasha with a goddamn pROP in the form of natasha’s necklace, it gave steve someone to trust and count on to have his back with two scenes with sam, iron man 3 developed science bros from the avengers with a 2 minute conversation. it’s doable !!!!!! but it just goes to show !! what happens !!! with a shitty script !! that pays zero attention to actual development !!!!!

i’ve spoken abt cap3 a bit already. i think there might be some answers in this tag, but i don’t have the patience anymore to speculate that heavily about a film we know so little about. it’s clear that steve and tony’s relationship is one between colleagues and professionals at best but there’s definitely still respect there and in the hands of more capable writers there could have been groundwork for a friendship. their interactions in age of ultron were essentially a sneak preview for cap3 except for parts like tony genuinely asking steve, probably for the first time the entire film, if he was okay at the end and tony’s innate playfulness with people extending to steve – nicknames and playful banter is definitely a sign of wanting to build a rapport with him. 

at this point idk. i have no idea. i’m getting the impression that iF WE’RE VERY LUCKY the central conflict of cap3 won’t be tony vs. steve but steve + co. vs. the government/bureaucracy. tony’s a supporting character so i don’t see how the film would work if it centers on tony being the main opposition for the entire plot. it really depends on how they’re going to work tony’s cooperation with the government, the ‘accords’ he’s signed, and what exactly they’re going to use for the stamford incident.

Well, I am glad to be back with y’all again. Honestly, I almost forgot Sleepy Hollow was on today. They still suck at promoting the show between hiatuses. 

Why do they release all this “Ichabbie is platonic 4 lyfe LOL” stuff RIGHT before an episode heavily featuring the obvious implication that they’re more than friends? It never fails. Every time there’s a fun or exciting episode they rush in like “OK, but all of this is meant to be platonic guys, DO NOT get excited!” like a debbie downer disclaimer.

Lyndie has ruined Joenny for me. Either she is being paid to discredit Ichabbie or I was wrong about her and that makes me sad.

“If they get together, where would the story go?” Seriously? There’s literally been love stories written since the beginning of time. Are you seriously telling me that when people get together romantically there’s no story there? Sorry your lives are so boring, people with spouses. 

There are movies, TV shows and books set entirely around the plot of two stubborn people falling in love and their subsequent misadventures as a couple. Cliche sure but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be well done. You can’t look me in eye and tell me that it would not further the show to see Ichabod adjusting to being Abbie’s lover. COME ON. Them both trying to figure each other out in more intimate way. Abbie opening up and letting her walls down over time. Telling Crane stuff she never told anyone else. Being unable to keep their hands off each other, even in the middle of job. Freaking out over possibly starting a family someday. THAT’S SOME GOOD TV. 

If you don’t like a ship, that’s perfectly fine. But no one will ever convince me that a well written romance between two characters with established chemistry will ‘ruin a show’.  If it’s not your cup of tea, that’s your business. But saying the show is ‘ruined’ is crap. Sit down and stop lying.  And yes, there can be plot and romance. They’re not mutually exclusive. 

“It’s more unique if they stay platonic”. So let’s ignore the fact Jenny hooked up with Joe? Why couldn’t THAT have been a platonic relationship, huh? Two ‘bros’ fighting evil baddies in the name of their late father figure? What about that, Lyndie? 

The whole “But platonic relationships are super rare!” argument usually only comes up because two people they don’t like together hook up but they still want to sound all intellectual about it. There are plenty of friendly, brother/sister relationships that exist. (Then people still ship incest based couples and have the nerve to be upset when two single, non related people with chemistry hook up because “A platonic relationship is so much more unique!”)

it’s honestly just ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong. People often unnecessarily sexualize everything. I am a firm believer and supporter of strong friendships and what not in media. I have been several fandoms that can go overboard with shipping and yes, it can be annoying. But 99% of the time people say “Why can’t they just be friends?” it’s because they don’t like one of the people in the pairing, not because they seriously value friendship. 95% of the time that’s because one of the people in the pairing is another race than their fave. It’s so transparent. I don’t like plenty of ships but if they have chemistry and it works within the narrative and the quality of the show isn’t comprised for it: Why not?