tell me that doesn't want to make you cry


I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid it would open old wounds.


“Sam, you and dad, you’re the most important people in my life. And now… I never should have come back Sam, it wasn’t natural, and now look whats come of it. I was dead and I should’ve stayed dead. You wanted to know I was feeling, well thats it. So tell me, what could you possibly say to make that alright?“

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I saw toxic masculinity, and felt prompted to share a thing. Recently broke up with my SO of 4 years. Every time I start to feel the tears coming, it's like some wall just.... Holds. Like however much I want to cry, there's just some mechanism built in that won't let me cry. I don't think I've had a proper cry in... Too long. And I've had plenty of reasons to. But I can't. Because even being aware of the mechanisms, doesn't allow me to overcome them. That's toxic masculinity.

That’s rough. I’m sorry you’re having to go through that. It’s one of those things… giving advice is easy sometimes. But following through on that advice? Much harder. I can tell you “It doesn’t make you any less of a man to cry. You have nothing to be ashamed of.” and that’s all well and good, but it doesn’t erase everything you feel and have been taught. I hope you’ll be alright dude.


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hey listen to The War by SYML and tell me it doesn't remind you of Bucky. I dare you

I tried so hard to not think bout Bucky while listening to the song. but it honestly feels like Bucky. every word oozes James Buchanan Barnes.

Don’t you ever leave me alone.”

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Be my shelter from the storm.

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My war is over.”

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guys, listen to this to this song if you want major Bucky feels!!!!! 

i’m extra so had to make this a long answer instead of simply saying ‘yes it does’

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You know what really makes me cry??? McLennon being soulmates, n this is coming from someone who doesn't even believe in that shit. Paul, even to this day, feels John's energy and the bond they had, their moments, their partnership as a musician, and how he knows John wanted to come back to him but wasn't able to. John is not dead for him, John is only disembodied. Paul would give anything for them to meet or even restart again. Brb my eyes are sweating

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Fandoms can be nice, but also pretty poisonous. The thing is, it doesn't matter in the long run. Write whatever pleases you, whatever you find interesting. These people who try to bring you down (because they apparently still live in the dark age) don't matter. Assholes are everywhere, unfortunately. Cool people are rare, and you're one of the latter. MAKE THEM CRY AND BATH IN THEIR TEARS.

I love you so much hgtjkahjgjkdagjlkajglkea I also wanted to tell you that since I’ve been back I started working on that prompt you sent me forever ago for Jaime/Dany and I really wanna post it as a one shot for rarepairs week. I might send you a secret preview in a PM hehehehe >;) Edit: Preview here!

Starlight snippet bc I felt like posting one and I don’t think I’ve posted dialogue before, but I tend to like mine pretty well. Tell me what you guys think!

I’m not practicing, so I’m not watching the people that pass, so it catches me off guard when someone greets me by the name that is not my name.

“Hey, Sarya!”

I look up. “Oh, uh, hi! It’s Nol, right?”

He grins. “Yep! You come here often, do you?”

“I suppose.”

“Do you meet a lot of people, then?”

“No, just you.”

“Does that make me special?”

And he is so happy, and it hurts me. “Who am I, to tell you whether or not you’re special?”

He raises his eyebrows. “You’ll have to tell me.”

I wonder if he’ll see me do it, if he’ll recognize me. And it seems like the most terrible idea in the world. And I just want to melt into the conversation, to forget everything and laugh with him, but instead I have to think about that knife, in my hand.

“Say, what’s wrong?”

It’s easy, when you’re using a different name, to be honest.

“Nol, would you rather know something that’s terrible, but true, or not know it, and be happily oblivious?”

“Wow, heavy reading?” He tries to look at my book.

I shake my head.

“For serious? I’d like to say I’d want to know the truth, so I could try to make it better, but I don’t know, maybe I’m not that brave.”

I feel like crying. “I hope you are that brave.”                                                            I know I’m not.

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I was talking to my friend about Mayakuro and he asked me if claudine was a bottom or a top, so I was like "what?". He wanted me to ask you because he really likes your posts, but he doesn't have an account

lol ok I get it now, that makes more sense. Tell him that Claudine is the most bottom of bottoms and that I once made a joke that Claudine tried to top but it went so badly that she started crying, to the point that Mahiru considered checking on them, I feel like that sums it all up right there. 

Which member of Class Zero should you fight?
  • Ace: Don't do it. Just don't do it. You could probably beat up Ace if you wanted to, but why would you want to? He's like a sad puppy. Would you kick a puppy? I don't think so. Leave him alone. He's a pure chocobo son.
  • Deuce: Deuce plays really nice music that makes her allies stronger. You could fight her but if the rest of the class hears her flute, you're going to be in trouble.
  • Trey: Fight him. He's a weak nerd. After you fight him, throw sand in his face and then ask him to explain how sand is made. Then while he's explaining, fight him again.
  • Cater: It could go either way. Cater's pretty energetic and she's got a gun. Don't let her get three full charges on it or you're going to have a bad time. If you think you can take her on, go for it.
  • Cinque: You can fight her but you'll lose. Cinque is really cute and seems like she's weak but look at that mace. She could kick your ass.
  • Sice: Sice has a temper so you could use that to your advantage. If you fight Sice, though, you're probably going to lose. That scythe isn't just for decoration. You know what? On second thought, don't fight Sice. I won't have your blood on my hands.
  • Seven: Messing with Seven is like poking a sleeping tiger. She's strong and smart. Even ignoring these things, she has a sword whip. A sword whip. That just sounds way too dangerous.
  • Eight: Eight's used to fighting but that doesn't mean you can't beat him. I bet he's a huge crybaby so give it your all and you might win. Just be careful because he could just as easily destroy you.
  • Nine: Fight Nine. He's the fuckboy king. He's pretty strong but if you remind him that all his love goes unrequited, he'll cry. Don't let him fool you. He probably got his scar from getting his ass kicked.
  • Jack: Don't fight Jack. He might seem like comic relief and that he doesn't take things seriously but he could easily kill you if he wanted to. Don't you watch anime? The guy who always makes jokes is one of the deadliest ones.
  • Queen: Oh god, do not fight Queen. Are you crazy? Because let me tell you, she is. Even without her Janus glasses, Queen totally had a plan on how to fight you the moment she saw you. You don't play chess against a chess master.
  • King: If you fight King, he'll probably let you win. King's a dad so he'll probably fake being hurt so that you feel proud of yourself. King is a gentle guy so go easy on him.
  • Rem: Leave Rem alone. You could take her in a fight but I wouldn't recommend it. She's really nice so you'd probably feel horrible right after. I mean really nice, like asking you if she can patch you up after you've won.
  • Machina: You could totally destroy Machina. Punch him right in his stupid face just like you wanted to during the game. Fight him. Fight Machina right now.
damn I wish I recorded that last phone conversation with my dad.
  • me: I told umma (mom) about how gay people can marry in the US, and she asked why I didn't want to marry a girl, and asked if I should see a doctor.
  • dad: I don't think she meant to hurt you.
  • me: No, but it still hurts. Do you know what happened in the 1960s? People like me were put in mental hospitals like prisoners. I would've been trapped among mentally ill people, fed drugs, given shots, and electric shock therapy.
  • dad: Why? To fix being gay?
  • me: Yes.
  • dad: Oh no.
  • me: Do you know it can't be fixed?
  • dad: I know.
  • me: Can you tell umma that?
  • dad (angry protective dad voice) : Okay. You know Dustin, I don't care if you're gay or straight, I love you and support you no matter what and want you to live however makes you happy. Your mom doesn't understand it but she loves you too-- ...are you crying?

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3, 13, 28

3. Would you consider yourself a hopeless romantic?


13. How do you know when you’re in love?

I’ll feel super dazy and fuzzy, and thinking about that person makes me want to cry tears of joy, and Honey by Kehlani plays constantly in the back of my head when I’m with that person 

28. Matte or shiny?


Send me lovecore asks! 

Strange Magic starters
  • "Wise men say only fools rush in."
  • "Love is... dangerous."
  • "My hair's doing that thing we both love."
  • "That's no place for a princess."
  • "Why wouldn't they love you? You're so... uh... Lovable!"
  • "I'll never fall in love again."
  • "What's (s)he trying to protect me from?"
  • "Snap out of it!"
  • "You drive me CRAZY!"
  • "You tell him! He LIKES you!"
  • "Well, if he's looking for trouble he's come to the right place."
  • "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!"
  • "I'll do it! If you'll just stop crying."
  • "You should see your face!"
  • "Who wants to go to a party tonight?!"
  • "We can't trust HIM!"
  • "Sugar pie, honey bunch, you know that I love you!"
  • "But I'm evil~!"
  • "Well, at least you're not singing."
  • "Need any help?"
  • "Impressive...!"
  • "You don't stand a chance!"
  • "You fight well!"
  • "I was expecting... more?"
  • "WHAT did she fall in love with?"
  • "You're not hideous..."
  • "You are... different. That's what I like!"
  • "You're waking meadows in my mind."
  • "It's magic..."
  • "You played me!"
  • "Wild thing, you make my heart sing!"

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How do I find a job that doesn't make me want to cry? Or at least that pays enough that I don't have to sleep on my parents couch?

Oh bb. If I knew universal answers to either of those questions, I’d be yelling them from the rooftops. 

There are a lot of reasons a job might not be right for you and a lot of reasons a job might be right, so I can’t tell you, you know, try this specific job and you’ll be happy. Likewise it’s difficult to know what a lucrative job for you would be without knowing what your skills or inclinations are. 

If you want to make a change that improves your life, and that’s admirable, it’s important to be deliberate and conscious, to make a plan and to consider your options. Look at your skills, qualifications, training, and abilities, and think about what jobs you’re qualified for. Try to think about what jobs you could do that aren’t obvious, maybe in tangential disciplines to yours. Consider whether you need different training to get a job you want, and how you could achieve that. Look around you at your current workplace and ask yourself what jobs you see that you want, or could do. Google every question you have about your job quest or your potential jobs, including weird variations of those questions. Look around for orgs in your area that help people who are looking for work, like the Texas Workforce Commission or California’s Employment Development Department (google “unemployed in [your state/province/etc]”, that will usually help you find local orgs). Think about where you want to work, and find out why they hire who they hire. 

Ursula LeGuin said it pithily — “When action grows unprofitable, gather information; when information grows unprofitable, sleep.”  

This may take some time. Try to be patient with yourself. Try applying to jobs you like even if you aren’t qualified; you won’t be arrested for applying, I promise. 

I’m gonna say this last bit because the general nature of your question sounds more like “I need someone to understand” than “I need actual advice”, so:

Upward mobility, even from “parents’ couch” to “my own apartment”, is incredibly difficult in this modern world and this economy. Even being deliberate and conscious, there’s still a lot of luck involved. Try to remember that external factors are acting around you — while you may hate your job and you may not have much money, you should remember when trying to escape that situation that an inability to get a different or better job is not indicative of a personal flaw or failure. Rejection is a function of too many people wanting too few jobs, not a measure of you as a person. 

Good luck. It’s not easy, but try to remember that the difficulty of this is because the world’s kinda brutal sometimes, not because you have failed some invisible universal test. 

i’m so sad

why is toppklass being attacked? countless numbers of anons have been sent to my friends. my innocent and kind friends. why do other fandoms feel the need to tear down up-and-coming fandoms? are they threatened? because listen. all we want to do is see our boys succeed. we want them to get the love they deserve, after so many years of bullshit companies and a small fanbase. they’re talented and wonderful people that have worked so fucking hard for their little success. 

we’re not trying to be better than any fandom. we’re not trying to steal fans from other fandoms, either. who said you can’t stan more than one group anyways??

and so what if we make too many memes. they make us happy and they keep our love for the boys as strong as ever despite the long time since their last comeback. 

topp dogg may not be the most popular group, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t impacted so many of our lives. toppklass, too, is like a family, and we’re not just going to leave. we’ll continue to flood your dashboard with memes and pictures and posts. don’t like it, then don’t follow topp dogg blogs. its that simple.

and quite honestly, all the hate has made me appreciate toppklass so much more. you’re making your fandoms look so bad by degrading lesser fandoms for literally no reason at all. seriously. do you think we’d really want to join such a seemingly harsh community of people? 

so stop telling us that topp dogg sucks, or that we shouldn’t stan them. you don’t know who you are talking to, you don’t know how much what you say may hurt someone. you don’t know what topp dogg means to someone. just. stop.

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I'm not a perfect girl & I'm not a perfect Muslim. I've let boys touch me and walk over me and I've let them love me and I've let myself love them back. Tell me if I'm wrong to want to scream and cry. Where do I scream from and what do I scream to make other people realise that just because a Muslim girl falls in love it doesn't make her dirty or naive or worthy of emotional abuse. Just tell me how to cope

You beautiful soft thing. You are not wrong. You are not unworthy. You’re human and glorious and rising from whatever ashes they choose to burn you in. You deserve more and more and more and I love you. I love everything that you are and I am proud of all the ways that you’ve peeled yourself like fruit for people. Survive, keep on. Keep on. And please come and talk to me without the mask. No judgement, no scorn, just love. 

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So I like this guy that liked me back but he lost all feelings for me because he doesn't our feelings to come Inbetween me and my best friend, but I still really like him and he's constantly on my mind and when I saw him with another girl which may I add was his valentine I got all jealous and wanted to cry, what's your advice?

yoooo I’m just gonna tell you that feelings don’t just go away that easily, and logic can’t make you stop liking someone. ever. and just because he was with another girl doesn’t mean he stopped liking you!!!! If I were you, I’d tell him that I still liked him because more often than not, when a boy realizes that you like them, they see you in a different light and realize their own feelings for you! good luck :)

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I have anxiety when it comes to making a phone all to complete strangers. It gets so bad I can't speak because I'm gonna cry. My mom doesn't understand why it's so hard for me to make a phone call and I don't know how to explain to her how hard it is for me. She just thinks I'm lazy and don't want to talk to anyone. Do you know a way to explain this type of anxiety?

If someone doesn’t understand after you’ve explained it to them, tell them how they can help you. Another way to deal with it is to help make it easier on yourself. Writing down what you want to say before making the phone call can help. Working your way in slowly can also help. Find a friend you trust and sit with them on the couch, but start your conversation on the phone. The more you can normalize the sensation of phone calls, the more power and control you can start to have over your anxiety!