tell each other everything

best friend!lee daehwi
  • you guys know each other since childhood
  • your moms are really close so you just can’t ignore each other
  • you were together in every school
  • most of the time you’re sitting in the same desk
  • rooting for each other at school festivals, drama clubs whatever the other do
  • you live close to each other so you meet pretty often
  • because 8 hours at school is not enough
  • horror night 
  • and then you just can’t sleep,,
  • karaoke!!!
  • him bragging about being nayana center
  • “im going fir-”
  • “YMMM Y/N”
  • “what”
  • “i’m nayana center, im going first”
  • this boy i swear
  • sassy moment when you just can’t stand him
  • sleepovers!!
  • face masks
  • staying up till 4am and then being dead in the morning 
  • you guys have a treehouse when you spend a lot of time together
  • you can’t find daehwi? he’s probably in treehouse waiting for you
  • pranks 24/7
  • him teaching you girgroups dances
  • you can tell each other everything
  • dying from the heat in summer then eating too much ice cream and your stomach hurt..
  • is jealous when you spend too much time with other friends
  • needs attention all the time
  • i meannn
  • he’s just the best 

that was so short pls don’t hate me 

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Angst/smut scenario of B-Joo seeing your ex texted you but you never replied. (B-JooxReader)

Hi anon! Thanks for requesting. I couldn’t decide wether to make it angst or smut so I just kinda mixed it both. Anyways, I hope you like it!! 

Ps. I decided that I will post my stories as replies in the requests rather than posting them as separate text post ^^ 


WARNING: Hint of smut

“I need to pee.” You paused the movie you and your boyfriend was watching and headed to the bathroom.

Byungjoo stared at the television absent-mindedly while eating shoving popcorn in his mouth and was brought back to his senses by a sudden ‘ding’ on your cellphone signaling that you received a text.

On a normal basis, Byungjoo does not go thru your cellphone without your permission. You respected each other’s privacy and made a promise to trust and tell  each other everything. However, the message was sent by an unknown number that made his curiosity perked.

He grabbed your phone from the coffee table and entered the passcode, revealing a series of texts from the unknown number. His brows furrowed as he read all the messages which turns out to be from your ex-boyfriend.

Byungjoo felt a sudden rush of anger on his blood. Why was this asshole texting you? And why did you not tell him about it? Seeing that you didn’t reply to any of his texts calmed him down a bit but reading your ex-boyfriend’s texts made him want to punch someone in the face.

‘I miss you…’
'Why are you still with Byungjoo? I bet I’m better than him in bed.’
'He can’t satisfy you like I do. Break up with him.’
'Let’s meet up.’

“Hey sorry, did I took so long?” You stopped in your tracks as you saw your boyfriend holding your phone. And his reaction totally gave away the situation. He read the texts.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this?” Byungjoo said, anger evident on his voice.

You walked towards him and sat at the couch, maintaining a distance between the two of you before speaking. “I just thought that it didn’t matter.”

“Does it really not matter? Or you still have feelings for him that’s why you’re keeping this a secret?” His voice was getting louder now and you felt the tears building up from the corner of your eyes.

You hated fighting with Byungjoo. You hated it when he raises his voice. But you could totally understand the reason why he was getting mad. You broke your promise and kept a secret to him.

“I’m sorry. I don’t have any feelings for him anymore Byungjoo, you know that. It’s just that… I didn’t want this issue to be big. I just wanted to ignore him and I thought that if I didn’t reply to his messages, he would stop. But he didn’t.” You explained.

“Then you should’ve just blocked his number!” He retorted.

You wanted to hit yourself in the head for being stupid. Yeah, why didn’t you think of just blocking him? Well, maybe because you were too focused on how to keep this a secret from your boyfriend that you didn’t actually thought about other options.

“I’m sorry…” You said again in a low voice and moved closer to him, resting your head in his shoulder.

Byungjoo didn’t say anything. He was very quiet for almost ten minutes that you could hear his breathing and the clock ticking.

“I’m sorry if I screamed at you,” He finally spoke. “I was just… worried you know? I don’t want to lose you.”

“You’re never going to lose me.” You said looking at him in the eye.

Byungjoo’s hand automatically went at the back of your head, pulling you into a kiss. Your lips locked and the kiss was very sweet at first, until you felt his other hand inside your shirt and you gasped at his cold touch.

Before you knew it, he had removed your shirt and he was already on top of you, his mouth latched on your neck, sucking a patch of skin. You know it would leave a big ass hickey in the morning but right now it was the least of your concern.

You wrapped your legs on his hips and pulled his body your closer, grinding your hips, wanting to feel more of him. Byungjoo moaned on your neck as his erection brushed between your legs.

“I think we’ll skip movie night.” Byungjoo whispered in your ear.

“And I think we should take this to the bedroom.” You replied and without warning, Byungjoo carried you bridal-style and headed to the bedroom ignoring your yelp and complains.


Right now, my mind feels like it’s gonna explode of all the thoughts that run in it.

Everything becomes a big mess and I don’t know what to do, to say, to feel. I just want to go with the flow but I also need answers.

I got a lot of questions to myself…

Why are you like this? Why do you prioritize him, each other? Why do you feel the need to tell him everything? Why are you so comfortable with him? Why are you being you around him?

One may say, “Simple, you love that person.” But then again, love is a very strong word.

And, what if, yeah, you feel the same way about each other then it’s the time who does not permit?

hi, my name is lily, im female, i live in texas, usa, i have the enfp-t personality, and i just turned 15 in may (so im a taurus). 

here are a couple things you might want to know about me: - i love animals, nature, all kinds of music (except for like kpop and stuff like that), writing, photography, tv/movies, science, poetry, journalism, politics/current issues, and more things that i just can’t remember right now.  - i am a musician! i play the alto saxophone, bari saxophone, and the piano - i am really looking forward to having a pen pal that i can share lil things i collect/find/make. i am really crafty and creative so ill send you lil things i make. i also just want to talk about things that are going on in your life and my life and just get really close and tell each other everything. im new at this though so i hope you can bear with me if im slow at this.  - i swear/cuss sometimes and i talk about serious things sometimes so youve gotta be okay with that too and be open minded - i like to think im wise and good at listening so if you ever need to talk about anything i am totally open for that  what im looking for in a pen pal: - i’d like to email first and get to know you before i share my information - i’d like you to be female (that’s not required but it would be appreciated only because we can relate more) & ages 14-17 would be nice - snail mail is essential and i’d like to send packages occasionally. i know that postage is expensive so maybe just once every 1-3 months? we’ll work it out before we decide - i know a little bit of spanish & my family is hispanic (surprisingly because i look hella white) and i took a dna test that said im a quarter scandanavian so if you are from one of those countries, that would be sooo awesome bc you could like send me lil things and teach me about the culture over there - i am a part of the lgbtq community so you must be okay with that thats all the things that i can think of off the top of my head. i hope you consider me and please feel free to contact me and ask me anything, im pretty open twitter ; lelisevn tumblr ; lelisevn

If that one quote is for Climon, then honestly they really fucked up their friendship. Clary doesn’t love Simon, not like that. She is forcing herself to have feelings for Simon, at least that’s what it looks like to ME.

They don’t communicate. She keeps secrets from him, she didn’t tell Jace was not her brother. That’s not healthy, if you trust each other in a relationship you can tell each other everything. Clary hiding the truth from Simon was huge red flag for me that she does not feel the same way about Simon like that, therefore I don’t think she’ll say “I love you” in a romantic way.

Now, I don’t want to get any hopes up but I wanna say why I think it might be Malec, Magnus is putting his wards up and from what I heard, Alec choose the side of the downworlders above the clave, maybe after the “Get out” scene and Alec tries to prove Magnus that he is on their side.

Que the “You don’t need to prove yourself to me. I love you.” quote. But again, we’ll see.

The first two seasons, at least, the Underwood couple forms a ‘unit of identity’ in that they have literally established a 'couple’s identity’. Indeed Frank’s and Claire’s 'individual self’ needs also to be apprehended through the relationship they entertain with each other, as husband and wife, which would constitute what psycho-sociologists call their 'relational selves’. Strongly united by a shared life goal, Claire’s and Francis’s 'self-concept’ is partly derived from the connection they have established between themselves as 'significant other’ for each other. … What is striking in the Underwoods’ interactions is that the tough and uncompromising attitude they assume with others also prevails inside the couple.

… Extremely complicit (they tell each other everything), they celebrate each other's achievements, helping one another out towards the attainment of their life goal. However, unlike what could be expected within a couple, no vulnerability is allowed; pessimistic beliefs, feeling and negative self-attributes attributes are banned from their interactions.

… The self-image that Francis projects on her is ruthlessly assessed by Claire who allows him no show of weakness or discouragement. Self-worth must be constantly maintained and enhanced. She mercilessly refuses her husband to admit negative attributes or actions. In the first episode, when Francis learns he has been rules out as Secretary of State, he spends the afternoon along without warning Claire, which she deeply resents, for as a couple, they (should) share everything.

… Inside the 'we-identity’ the couple constitutes, Claire and Francis have a fundamental desire to have their respective self-worth appreciated by the other. Therefore not showing the best of oneself is not an option. Self-flagellation can only bring on detrimental negativity.

… In the system of values and self-discipline that sustains their life objective, failure is unthinkable. Boosting each other’s ego can involve outdrawing the other when necessary.

—  Sandrine Sorlin, Language and Manipulation in House of Cards

This is the only place I can confess this to. I just met a guy. An AMAZING guy, LITERALLY a month and a half ago. And. He. Is. All. I. Think. About. I wake up and check my phone hoping. To get a message from him, I stay up all night waiting on his phone call . We talk every day. 1-3 phone calls. We tell each other everything and are open and honest. I can not exaggerate when I say that I LITERALLY ONLY think of him ALL. DAY. I wonder what he’s doing or who he’s with and it’s hard because we’re hours away. I visit him once a month for about a week but I just….. want to be with him ? All day? Every day? And I can’t tell him or anyone any of this because I sound crazy. He says we haven’t known each other long enough to date but I know EVERYTHING about him from his child hood to the fact that his favorite movie is Aladdin to his hate of mustard. I feel closer to him than anyone else in my life and haven’t felt an ounce of my depression since we met. He makes me feel like I belong and that I’m not crazy and I feel so out of place when I’m not with him. Why can’t I be normal and just not …. FEEL so strongly about this guy?

I don’t understand how people just leave
I don’t think I ever will
One day everything is fine
Then one day everything isn’t fine anymore
How do people go from talking everyday
To not talking at all
From telling each other everything to telling each other nothing
It’s just weird how one day someone can be so important to you and then a few days later it’s as if they never even mattered to you
GUYS GUYS GUYS #Kevin Keller as your bestfriend


-Being able to have loaddssss of sleepovers with him because your parents know he’s gay and are comfortable with him around a lot anyways (and so are you ofc)

-Talking boys with him (especially about Archie lmaooo)

-Just talking about boys non stop



-Guys in general

-Okay other stuff too lmao

-Friend cuddles

-Your face buried in his shirt or his head on your lap as you both quietly enjoy the comfortable silence

-Playing with each others hair

-Telling each other everything because you love each other so much and don’t know how you’d function without the other

-Being sad when one of you is sad

-Being happy when the other is happy

-Basically being one with the other

-Spying when one of you are on a date with someone else, making sure the guy is good and the date is going well too

-After the date (that you both either attended or witnessed very closely) you talk intensely about what y’all think

-Just being the happiest with each other because your friendship with each other is the best goddamn thing in the whole fucking universe and even though the town isn’t going so well, you have each other and that’s all you goddamn need

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(P1)this isn't abt a crush but my ideal relationship; I'd like someone soft who I can rlly be vulnerable around. I'd like a relationship where we can tend to each others needs. I'd like to be able to run away with them, kind of escape into our own world where we can just love each other. We can cuddle in the warm sunlight seeping through the window, we can tell each other everything we love abt each other, we can gift each other flowers, there would be lots of knuckle/palm/cheek kisses

(P2)I’d love a relationship in which every time we’d spend time together we would fall in love over n over again, we’d get butterflies in our stomachs n our hearts would swell. Overall I’d love a relationship in which we would overflow each other with warmth n love.💕💕 (also sorry this was so long, I’ve just been so in love with the concept of love n affection)

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hiii okay so my new ish man is a cap sun/gem moon and im a cap sun/moon and yesterday we kinda had the ~inevitable heart to heart~ every couple has where you just tell each other everything basically and he told me a lot about himself and his family and his past and stuff but when we got on the topic of family, i couldn't bring myself to talk about my (very fucked up) family at all cause i've literally never talked to any1 about that and i think it might have to do with my cap moon, any advice?!

you may not have been ready to talk about it! and that’s okay. you’ll open up if and when you are ready. don’t feel pressured to talk about it unless you want to! or you can talk to someone else about it first, if that helps.

If E1-Westallen and E2-Westallen get together

I have this headcanon something about E1-Barry and E2-Barry always seem so edgy with each other whenever they are visiting each other but on the other side both Irises are so close and tight like twin sisters, they tell each other about everything like their weeks on CCPN or CCPD, fashion, food and sometimes bitching about weird stuff their respective Barry did that week LOL

The two Barrys always like arguing about who is the best version of Barry among them and showing off their relationship with their respective Irises, and sometimes they give each other life advices but that’s also what makes them get along in a weird way haha

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Tra I'm the one who wants advice alzbda : my friend Ana I tell her like everything leturally B3deen wa7da mn my other friends galt lee secret 3nha w my close friend Ma galt lee 3n tha shy w Ana w hy we promised to tell each other everything,,,,the question is what am I supposed to do?

6yb 3adi ymkn ha4a shyy ma y59k y59 your friend ellyy galt lhaa 3adi

I’m honestly soooo looking forward to Magnus’ story arc in the next few episodes. Ever since he said Camille was his rock, I’ve been hoping for a situation to establish Alec as his rock. Not to put him back together because bamf can do that himself, but someone that he can confide his up most insecurities and vulnerabilities to.

Just damn, Malec are deprived of bed scenes but one scene that Malec have that the straight couples haven’t is one on mental healing, and they are DEFINITELY better at communicating to eachother than other *wouldnt tell my bf that my ex and I aren’t related even though we’re best friends and apparently tell each other everything* couples.

Yes, it’s OK to be frustrated over the unequal amount of sexual scenes between Malec and the straights couples, I just hope people also appreciate the amazing arc that Malec has been given, that isn’t something petty like Climon’s.

It’s clear that narratively, the writers give Malec the strongest storylines both separately and as a couple. I guess it’s just overshadowed by frustration and I get that.



coley had been acting very weird around him and even though she told him nothing was going on, he still had a bit of a gut feeling. it’s true that they didn’t tell each other everything but he thought there was at least enough trust between the two to speak about what was bothering them, especially if that involved a conflict between the two. parker was even honest about the feelings he used to have for coley and that’s what ended up making them such good friends. anyway, he just wanted to have fun with her after not seeing her for the full summer vacations and being practically ignored by her the last week so he waved at her and walked over to the girl. “i can’t find my date and i’m sort of dying to dance. would you do me that favor?”