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Yesterday started off w a really tough start, but as it progressed it only got much better. You allowed me to go out of my way in order to help you out and I can’t say it wasn’t the greatest feeling throughout my day. You could’ve said no, but you let me help. So since the afternoon before my shift slowly started getting better, my actual shift went so smooth as well. A little awk moments here and there but overall very good. Simply getting a genuine smile out of you makes my night. I know this is a big roller coaster for us and for you and I totally get that. I know who you are and I know that all of this isn’t a piece of a cake. But like we keep telling each other, everything is gonna be okay. Yesterday’s feeling added so much goodness to my heart, which was much needed after a morning of darkness and anxiety. “My love is not weather, it will never change.” That’s basically how I feel about how much I love you and how it’s never gonna go anywhere. I think little by little you are getting that. Which is great 🙂

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For Hey Arnold: B,E,N,P. & F,J,Y

B: A pairing I didn’t consider, but someone changed my mind:

I didn’t love Curly/Rhonda as much until @stlgeekgirl wrote them. Now I loves them. And @lachesis-ism thinkshe’s dragged me too the dark side of Lila/Helga, but I’m still skeptical.

E: Have I added anything cracky/hilarious to my fandom?

Not in a while. I’m pretty par for the course.

N: Three things I wish I saw more in my fandom:

1) Helga and Lila as friends, 2) Helga and Arnold as platonic best friends who tell each other EVERYTHING, even embarrassing, personal stuff and 3) ummm… more making out. I love reading make outs, even though I can’t write them. Haha.

P: Invent a random AU for any fandom.

Hahaha. YES. Arnold and Helga. Best friends. Feelings. I don’t know. Someone write it. I don’t know.

F: Longest I’ve been in a fandom.

Been in the Hey Arnold fandom for 14 years. Yikes!

J: I knew NOTHING about Steven Universe before Tumblr. I hardly know anything now, but man, does it look interesting.

Y: Fandoms on my dash that I’m not active in:

Steven Universe and Miraculous Ladybug. And Homestuck, which scares me a little.

I want someone to talk about my dreams with.
Not my hopes and dreams, just what I entertain myself with while I go through the REM cycle. My friends never seem to remember theirs, and they find it weird that I always remember.
I want to laugh with them about the dream I had where I couldn’t stop speaking Spanish and they were all yelling at me in German. When I dream about World War II, which I read way too much about, I want them to pull me back to the present. And, of course, when I have a wild sex dream about someone, I want them to casually remind me that it’s all in my head, because of course I’m going to see that person in a new light.
Dreams are our greatest insights into each others hearts and minds- they can tell you everything you would ever need to know about a person, from their fears and insecurities to wildest sexual fantasies. But no one seems interested in what each other is dreaming, and that’s just a little sad to me.

You know what is a bad relationship advice? Total honesty, specially from the start, specially about your past. Honestly, really, how many problemas derive from the idea that partners should be completely honest with each other and tell everything about their lives and past from the beginning? Why is this such a widespread idea and considered the basis of a healthy relationship? The basis of a healthy relationship is trust, not honesty. You don’t owe people your life history no matter who they are or how they feel about you, or you about them. You don’t owe people you’re just getting to know every secret or detail about your past relationships, every moment in your life, every trauma, in order to support or justify their love, trust, or respect for your boundaries. 

People don’t need to know if you were raped in order to accept if you don’t want to have sex, for example. You don’t need to justify your boundaries through trauma, you don’t need to justify your fears with your life history, people should just accept your feelings if they want to be with you, regardless of their root.    

People don’t need to or have to or are entitled to know how many exes you have, your sexual inclination, if you’ve been abused, etc, in order to love you, or trust you. You can tell them all that, if you want to, if you’re comfortable, if you feel ready or you think it could be for the best, but shouldn’t feel like you have to and you shouldn’t be forced to. How many times we feel cheated or lied to if someone we are in a relationship with isn’t completely honest with us about things that have nothing to do with us? how many times we see the ‘you should have told me’, the ‘we are supposed to be honest with each other’ and other similar sentences in media, in books, or in real life, said solely with the intention of guilt tripping someone into spilling out every little thing inside their minds, every secret, every uncomfortable, terrifying life experience they might not want to discuss or talk about or even remember at all? Why do we feel we own other people’s lives, secrets and past just because they love us? or because we love them? 

Honesty is important but people’s lives are theirs, people’s experiences are theirs, people’s traumas are theirs, and they should decide how and where and where and with whom to share them, if they want to at all.  

Dating Legolas Would Involve...

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Thank you to @vinerlover for requesting!

Dating Legolas would involve:

  • You’d meet when Legolas was young, and be his childhood friend. Even though it was a little taboo because he was a prince and you weren’t royalty, he still enjoyed your company regardless.
  • Growing up together and being his closest friend. You tell each other everything.
  • Legolas always giving you gifts; despite the fact that you keep stating you don’t need anything else, he loves spoiling you and getting you all the things he knows you secretly want.
  • Giving him cute kisses on the cheek and long hugs when he is feeling down.
  • Legolas being lost when your family moves away as your mother and father have a travelling business, and ever stay in the same place for too long. You love the open road, but it is bittersweet as many things constantly remind you of Legolas and your friendship with him.
  • After you can afford it, travelling on your own, away from your parents. You love them, but you need to go your own way.
  • Meeting up with him again when you’re older, and him being stunned by how beautiful you look. For him, he knows how he feels about you as soon as you share that first, long term conversation after all those years apart.
  • You take a little more time to figure how you feel about him- the rush of emotions if confusing for you and you don’t know if you’re just happy to see him…
  • …Or if you’re in love with him.
  • Going on the quest with him, because there’s no way in hell that he’s leaving you behind or that you’re letting him go again. He’s pleased you’re coming with him- he’s not ready to let go of you just yet.
  • Him teaching you how to shoot and arrow so that you can protect yourself, and getting quite good at it.
  • Challenging him to fights all the time. Winning most of the time- though as you get older, you start to suspect that he is letting you win, as he always ends the fights with a dreamy smile.
  • Always trying to make Legolas laugh because he can be too serious sometimes.
  • Cuddling with him at night when it gets cold on the quest.
  • It is on one of those nights that you confess your feelings for each other. The stars are out and you are sitting with Legolas around a fire, trying to warm yourself. He just looks at you and tells you how he feels.
  • You tell him you love him too of course.
  • On that night, you make a promise to always care for each other and so far you’ve kept that promise.

I miss him.
I’ll never have the guts to tell him but I really, truly do.
Hopefully one day I’ll finally have the courage to tell him, but tonight’s not that night.
One day.
It’ll probably change things. It most likely will. But what’s the point of waiting since we’re slowly but surely drifting anyway?
I just miss him. I miss how we used to stay up talking until three in the morning and tell each other everything. How we would talk about stupid stuff and just laugh life away.
But now it’s a nerve wracking process to even say hello to him.
I don’t know.
It fucks a person up, yenno?

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So I want to come out but I can't help feeling like I have to tell my best friend first? He told me he was bi about a year ago and we're almost brother&sister &tell each other everything? But idk I feel safer telling my other friend first, but I feel like it's betraying him because he came out to me first?

You’re not obligated to come out to your best friend first. It is your life. He chose to come out to you first and you get to choose who you come out to first. You don’t necessarily have to tell him that he’s not the first to know, and odds are he’d be okay either way. Explain to him that it’s nothing against him.

But as someone with anxiety problems, I know how it can feel like you’re betraying someone if you don’t perfectly meet the expectations you think they have of you. It takes a lot of convincing for me to recognize when people have a potentially unhealthy grip on me because I never want to upset anyone. It’s always good to remember that when something is about you (for example, when you’re coming out), you’re allowed to be a bit selfish. It’s your time. Spend it the way you want to spend it. Coming out should be a relief. Don’t let your best friend stress you out or control you.


   “ grey, i’ll be honest, ” he’s sitting on the couch with two beers and sets one in front of the other whilst stifling a laugh. “ the roommate ad you had on craigslist? yeah, at first i answered as a joke, but i’m actually pretty comfortable here. if we’re roomies we gotta tell each other everything, right? ” no barriers. haha. | @marigarita

We were dating and now we’re just friends. We used to tell each other everything, but now our conversations are like the ones I have with people I barely know. And maybe that’s because I don’t really know you anymore. I’ve changed since we broke up but I guess you changed too. You used to tell me how you were feeling no matter how shitty or pissed but now you say “good” or “okay”, which isn’t always the truth. In this sense I’m a hypocrite because I do this too. But I tried, once, to tell you what’s true and all it did was piss you off. You wanted a “genuine” conversation. So I guess in this generation the word genuine means plain, and fake. Always good and never bad. But that’s not the fucking case. You were my best friend. My person. I told you everything and never lied. But now we barely talk and lie is all I do. I miss the way we used to be, and I want it back, even if we’re only friends.

don’t you love when you and your friend are in tumblr at the same time and reblogging from each other and it’s like you both are in the same room and commenting on everything? like you’re telling each other: “look at this picture!” “omg this new text post about pottermore” etc

i think it’s beautiful.

my sister has had so many opportunities to ask me or tease me about Luddi but she hasn’t. I know she knows everything because my mom knows mostly everything and they tell each other everything. Plus she must have seen my video on FB and Insta. I am so surprised and kind of bewildered as to why. Maybe it’s because she knows how much this means to me. Or she realizes I have grown up and I can make my own judgments. Or she trusts my judgment. Or she likes the idea of this working. Maybe I should just ask her.