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I (platonically!!) love my best friend with all of my heart and soul!! She's so cute and awkward in the best way; we like a lot of the same books and music and stuff like that. We think alike and we text each other like 20 times a day. She is so very kind and lovely and funny and strong and I wish she believed that about herself. We encourage each other all the time and we tell each other everything. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me tbh and I just :')))

this is lovely, sounds like a wonderful friendship !!

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Gilmore Girls Part III

Rory and Lorelai’s mother-daughter relationship

From the very beginning, Lorelai and Rory has always had a special kind of mother-daughter relationship. They were more bestfriends than being m-d. They always tell each other everything even the time Rory did “it” the first time. The opinion or approval of the other is very important to them when it comes to life decisions. If you want to be with either one of them, you need to go through the other first. 

Even though they tell each other almost everything, Lorelai does not approve of everything that Rory does. She knows when to stop being a friend and when to pull the “mom card”. My favorite mom moment of Lorelai is when Logan asked for Rory’s hand for marriage. I knew she was not exactly thrilled with the idea Rory getting married right after college. She answered with, “you should ask Rory”. I knew she was secretly hoping her daughter would know better and say no. They are too young for that kind of commitment. True enough when Logan asked Rory to marry her, Rory thought about it and then turned down the proposal. She would like to keep her options wide open, wanted to grow career-wise first, and would be willing to work the long distance relationship. But sadly, Logan gave her an all or nothing choice.

Well, mother’s instinct is always right. Lorelai always knew that it wouldn’t work out if they get married now. She knows that they wouldn’t grow career-wise. She worked hard for her daughter to have a great future and marriage isn’t what she needs now. It’s hard seeing Rory and Logan drift apart but maybe it’s for the best. 

Another favorite mom moment of Lorelai is when two days after the horrible proposal of Logan, Rory and Lorelai were packing some stuff and planning trips. Accidentally, she pulled out the “Rocket” that Logan gave her. 

Rory: Aw the rocket!
Lorelai: Have you talked to him?
Rory: No. It comes in waves you know. Big ones… really close together.
Lorelai: Well, the waves will get smaller, I promise. You just have to give it time, you know. You have to feel sad and get through it. 
Rory: Believe me I’m letting myself feel plenty sad
Lorelai: That’s good. I mean it’s not good, but under the circumstances, that’s good.
Rory: I can’t imagine feeling better
Lorelai: But it will someday, I promise

I love how Lorelai assured her that it will be okay eventually. It’s just so comforting to hear that and surely Rory was assured that she made the right decision.

Internet Best Friend

Ahhh I really want an internet best friend !!

Idk like someone who’s 14-15

I just really want a best friend and we could tell each other everything and talk everyday and Skype and make plans to meet

And we could call each other our best friends and have a song for us have each other tagged in all or social medias and shit

We could like randomly tag each other in posts and stuff and yeah

I just really want an internet best friend y'know?

Idk if anyone wants to be mine just message me okay?


Jack Maynard x Reader #1

Warnings: steamy af smmmuuuutttt 

Word Count: 1602

Requested: yup by @wroetominter  

Note: and i’m back with a bang! hope you love it mon ~ K 

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“Wait so you got two tickets for the concert?” you said down the phone to your best friend, well crush if you were being honest, as you put away the groceries at your flat.

“Well, of course, who else would I take you with me?” Jack replied sounding genuinely confused.

“You wanna take me?” an undeniable blush forming on your cheeks.

“Why else I would I tell you about this concert? Besides I’ve got the whole night planned, it’ll be great.”

“We tell each other everything.”

“And now I’m telling you to be ready for an awesome night next week,” he laughed.

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• protective
• always teasing each other
• constantly rolling eyes at each other
• wondering why he would let Hvitserk and Margarethe have a thing
• not liking Margarethe for what she has done to each of the boys/brothers
• confinding in each other
• telling each other everything
• fighting beside each other
• being big brother Ubbe and big sister Y/N united in all things Sigurd and Ivar arguments
• conflicted between his beliefs and your own about not killing or killing Lagertha
• always finishing each others sentences
• and knowing exactly what each other are going to say
• having a look
• bailing each other out all the time

i hate that even after max told me that we can’t really be together, we laid side by side while i cried and he tried to make me laugh and i hate that even after that he would touch me like he was fucking memorizing everything and was still trying to make me laugh and letting me sleep curled up on him. i hate that we sat outside of my house and i couldn’t leave his fucking car cos i kept crying and he didn’t ask me once to go inside even though he was exhausted and had to drive home, he just kept talking so i wasn’t sitting there in silence and i hate that he eventually said “i’m going to tell you my secret now” and we just told each other absolutely everything and after him building himself up as this person who truly loves himself he actually talked down about himself to me and showed me something i never expected to see in him and we kept kissing and hanging onto each other and i feel fucking empty and raw now and i miss when i didn’t actually have feelings. why the fuck can’t i be with the one person i want to be with lol

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🌿👼🏼 ?

🌿 - what place do you wish you where right now?
DisneyLand. I fucking miss that place. The last time I went I got food poisoning so it wasn’t a good time.

👼🏼 - what is your ideal friend like?
Someone who’s always there for me. We can joke about stupid shit. We can tell each other anything and everything. One that’s willing to go on random adventures with me.

Being Rick's daughter and Carl's older sister would include:


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• Rick, when you and your brother have had a fight, making you both babysit Judith together so you have to talk and put an end to the dispute

• You having a really close relationship to your brother and telling each other everything

• Rick giving you some more responsibilities than your brother even though Carl would be pretty annoyed by that

• Carl, doesn’t matter how mature he gets, always staying the little brother you feel protective over

• You stealing his sheriff hat and telling him just to tease him that you being the first born gives you the right to have the sheriff stuff 

• Rick being the one who had taught you both how to fight and being proud and happy as he sees how good you both are doing that 

• Whenever you two plan to go on a run together, your Dad would tell you to look for each other and would always worry a little bit when he would see you walking out of the gates even though he knows that you can do it  

• Being together on a run would often end up in you both challenging each other on a playful way

• Or finding some funny stuff and goofing around with it until you realize that you forgot the time and your dad is probably already being a little antsy

• When you’d come home from these runs, doesn’t matter how successful it was, Rick would tell you how proud he is of you both

• You’d always be there for Carl, just as he would be there for you

• Rick being from time to time realizing how much you’ve grown up but being happy to realize what a great young woman you have become

• But it would also sometimes give him the fear, that you and also your brother could some day grow apart, even though you both would show him that this fear is unfounded

• You and your brother being the first ones to know about your dads relationship with michonne, even though you had expected them to start something a long time ago  

• You both sometimes driving your dad almost crazy with your minds of your own

• Whenever you would guard the safety tower and your brother would have some free time, he would pointedly walk by and annoy you knowing that you can’t go away 

• You both standing up for each other and not letting someone mock or anger the other one

• You trying to help your dad as good as you can and being a big crutch to him, also emotionally

• Carl and you being masters in pulling pranks on each other but also on others

• Which would sometimes, when the pranks dont end as great as you both planned to, end up in Rick telling you that you’re the older one, so you should be the more responsible one, even though he’d have to laugh about many of your pranks

• Even though you’re no little child anymore and the oldest and most mature one of Rick’s children you would always somehow stay his little girl

• Carl letting you change his bandage and seeing him that insecure would make you try to encourage him

• Also you shutting down everyone who just nearly tries to mock him because of that

• Rick just wanting everything to be safe for you, Carl and Judith and through that being happy that you have found a place like Alexandria

• You and your brother making a game out of counting how often your dad says “stuff” or “thangs”

• Rick being the protective kind of dad, so when he sees someone taking an interest in you, he would keep an eye on them and their actions

• Your family meaning the world to all of you and knowing, that nothing will ever change that


People live together for years, they sleep pressed up against each other; a mingling of dreams, a mingling of sweat. They tell each other everything, give each other everything. They take on each other’s habits, each other’s ways of looking at things, ways of talking, even aspects of appearance. In every sense of the word, they belong to each other from top to toe. And then suddenly they leave each other, they tear apart. How do they do it? How do they bring themselves to it?
—   Alphonse Daudet, Sapho

sometimes friendship comes in the shape of aesthetic road trips, always hanging out together and telling each other secrets about everything

other times, it’s just humming really old songs together and smiling because you both know you’re fucking idiots


we don’t talk much buT WE NEED TO HOLY F uCK !!1! Can we become those super great internet friends that literally tell each other everything and send the spiciest memes and skype every week and just be there for each other??? Also you’re super cute gET OUT !!!